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    Yes We Could Make Money From Online Legit Way Are Here

    Top Money Making Methods Online :If you spend any amount of time online , you know that there is money to be made here in cyberspace ; And many of the pioneers in this still largely unexplored area have hit the rich with little more than their personal computers and an eye for opportunity. Making money online is mostly about customizing a formula utilized for your blog . Depending on skill level , network, and current levels of traffic your blog has a variety of options . Even if you're not looking to work full time at home , the internet offers a viable source of money which can help to supplement your regular income .
    Top Ideas to Easiest Way's to Make Money Online Every one Making
    Notice that ways to make money with a website are different from ways to make more money from it . Methods to increase your traffic or click-through rate will help you make more money , but not a method to earn money . For example , one could suggest that blending AdSense ads with the content is a way to earn money from a website. Actually it is not ; It's just a way to make more money by improving your ad click-through rate . The real monetization method behind it is a PPC ad network .

    PPC Advertising Networks

    Pay Per Click is an advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and get paid whenever your visitors click on the ads . It is the most common method bloggers use to make money online. Includes almost no effort and is so incredibly easy that many blogs have too much advertising on them. Money is maximized as traffic levels increase. The source of the traffic can also affect the overall rate CTR. Organic traffic ( the one that comes from search engines ) tends to perform well because these visitors were already looking for something, and they tend to click on ads more often . Social media traffic , on the other hand, presents terribly low CTRs, because these visitors are tech- savvy and just ignore ads .

    CPM Advertising Networks

    Cost per thousand ("m" is the Roman numeral for thousand) is a system based advertising impression. This means that advertisers place ads on your blog and get paid based on how many times the ad is displayed . This can be profitable for blogs with high traffic and can start to bring money even smaller blogs. All you need is to increase pageviews this monetization method . You can get as low as $ 0.10 and as high as $ 10 per 1,000 impressions ( more in some special cases) . CPM advertising tends to work well on websites with a high page views per visitor ratio ( eg , online forums, magazines and so on ) .

    Text Link Ads

    In Text Advertising is one of the least obtrusive advertising techniques on the internet. Basically, hyperlinks placed within relevant text on the website and to distinguish them from regular links with double underline you. When you place the cursor of your mouse over the text , a small box appears with additional information about the product or service being advertised. There are advertising their services which, when installed, will automatically post the links for you and will even allow you to configure products that allow you to sell through your site .


    Affiliate marketing requires apply for membership in an " affiliate network . " That is , an organization that maintains and monitors accounts for various companies who are willing to pay people for sales generated through their websites . Again , a small piece of code placed on your website to create advertisements ; And when someone clicks on the ad , your unique affiliate number is automatically associated with the IP address of this person . If a person buys a product from the advertiser, you will receive a commission on the sale. Fees can range between 5-20% , or may be a flat fee per sale .

    Direct Banner Advertising

    A banner is simply a graphic ad that you can sell in any size or shape you desire . Banner ads can be animated , can rotate through a series of images , or can be static . Apart from being used with other types of advertising , individual website owners can simply sell the banner space on a flat fee or negotiate their own PPC / CPM with independent advertisers who do not belong to an affiliate network . The most popular banner formats on the web are the 728 × 90 leaderboard, the 120 × 600 skyscraper , the 300 × 250 rectangle and button 125 × 125.

    Monetization Widgets

    A very simple advertising system integrates easily into the sidebar of your blog advertising widget. Just embed the widget in your sidebar and watch the ads begin . The main differentiator , however , is the fact that they work as web widgets , making it easier for the user to plug and play the service on its website.

    RSS Feed Ads

    RSS Feeds are incredibly handy for sites that update content frequently. Foods deliver all new content from websites that the reader agrees with ; Making it possible to stay updated on news and information for multiple websites without having to visit each one. This is great for the reader , but not so much for you , if you rely on fresh eyes for your advertising revenue . Fortunately Ads Feed RSS is now available . These allow you to place both graphics and text ads in your RSS feeds , so they are visible to all subscribers.

    Pop-ups and Pop-under

    Pop-ups are a common yet annoying form of advertising on the Internet . If you're just trying to make a much money as possible from your website , you can experiment with them. If you are trying to grow the traffic and generate loyal visitors , however , maybe you should stay away from them . Just consider the hundreds of pop-up blockers out there : there is a reason they are so popular .

    Paid Surveys and Polls

    You get paid when someone takes a poll put your site on behalf of an advertiser. Polls encourage people to interact with them , and can be much more attractive than regular old advertising banner. Most of these services operate under a standard CPM. In this way the choice to be careful to find a poll or companies that have credible background as this is a source for cheats .


    Placing a " Donate" link or button on a website can be an effective way to earn money, especially if your blog is on a niche where readers learn and gain value from your content . It is an easy and perhaps out-of - date way to try and earn some revenue . Many developers are using this yet, but very little income is earned through the possibility of donation. If you have valuable content in your area that offer free does not hurt to put a donation link and point people to it sometime .
    If you are looking to earn money online and did not find a suitable method or legit then dont loose hope.If have any particular skill, like building Facebook Fanpages, Article Writing etc then contact me.I can help.

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    How to Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile: Have an Android device and love the apps and the freedom it gives you the platform , but on the other hand, you really dig the environment Windows Phone; With the free app , Launcher 8, you can have the best of both worlds - Android functionality and interface Windows Phone.
    Launcher 8 free ( fake WP8)
    Launcher 8 free ( fake WP8) - this is the full name of the launcher - is one of the most interesting ideas I've ever seen on Android so far ( and believe me, I've seen quite a few) . This small launcher allows you to activate your Android smartphone into something that I could swear is a Windows Phone ( at least prima facie ) . More than that , it looks like just a Windows Phone? There are many ways that really feels like Windows Phone.

    Once the installation is complete , you will be asked , in the not -so- plain English , if you want to set as your boot .
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    Then you have to confirm things with the system Android. I suggest clicking the button always after your decision Launcher 8, otherwise you will keep getting the issue.
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    Then you will get a brief lesson on how to play with the tiles. If you have ever used a Windows Phone, the similarity of Launcher 8 is amazing. Tiles can be resized - just long press and select the size of your tiles in the same way as in Windows Phone 8.
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    Dragging your finger right to left brings the list of programs and long pressing one of these allows you to turn it into a tile.
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    It is like having Windows Phone 8 with Android apps, but this is only for the main theme. If you drag your finger left to right, a new set of options appears the same as any other launcher, you can find other threads about this - there are many, but some are in other languages​​. Pressing the Settings menu, you can even edit the subject and save the results.
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    Speaking on other issues, I found one called red, which looks very Nokia style. Curiously, sliding right to left brought a menu, which seemed very Android-ish. I guess it's all in a matter ...
    Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile
    Launcher 8 free (fake WP8) also has a paid version (costs $ 2.58) with more features, but I found the free one lot of fun, too.

    I am really thinking of keeping it for a while, just to fool your friends into thinking that I have managed to install the Windows Phone 8 on my Android smartphone.

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    Facebook Tricks: Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows this. You can spend the day with the greatest hobby in the world and social network to share, or you could learn a few tricks that will take you closer to being a power user.

    These 13 Facebook tricks to help you take charge of your Facebook activity and to gain some points credit experience with other Facebook users. Use them wisely! If Facebook has secrets of his own to share - say and leave a comment!

    Create & Manage Friends’ Lists

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Organize your friends into lists and control who can see what is in your profile. Go to Facebook and see page lists the default lists prepared for you. Click "Create List" to make your own.

    Schedule Posts

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Want to make sure your message will live, even when you're offline? Use the programming tool of Facebook and set up a time for publishing posts. Click the clock icon in the field of the status line and take it from there.

    Create a Secret Group

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Make your own private space on Facebook and invite only the people you wish! Go to Facebook Group page and click "Create Group", then choose the "Secret" option.

    Download Entire Photo Albums

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Want to make sure your photos from Facebook are safe? Save them on your computer! Use Pick'n'Zip to login with your Facebook account and select the album you want to download.

    Choose Who Can See You on Facebook’s Online Chat 

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    No need to apologize. We all have some people in our files that we do not always feel like talking to. All you have to do is click the icon in the 'Settings' at the bottom of the chat section, go to "Advanced Settings" and make your selection.

    Post Upside-Down Texts

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Drive your friends a little crazy with FlipText, a fun trick Facebook that automatically turns everything he writes backwards. Just a simple copy / paste and your post is turning.

    Language/Geo-Target Fan Page Posts

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Did you know you can make your message visible only to the people of your city? Or just people in a country that speaks a particular language? When composing a message, change the status to "Public", according to your wishes and target your specific interest group.

    Edit Your Published Comments

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Typos? Misunderstandings? Acts failed? Luckily, Facebook allows users to edit their comments quite easily. All you need to do is roll over the comment, click the pencil icon and edit away!

    Have Some Laughs with Pirate English

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Regular languages ​​are not nearly as fun as pirate talk! You can see all the terminology to hack Facebook English going to your Account Settings and change the language option. Forget Me Gusta, called "Arrr, This be pleasin me eyes" now

    Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Not many people know that Facebook messages are divided into two folders and other messages. If you have not looked in the Other folder before, you've probably lost some of the messages you will not want to miss.

    Turning Off Notifications from Apps, Users, Etc.

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Too much junk mail that comes from an event, group or page? You can turn off the notifications by clicking the notifications icon (the world), lying on the trouble with the mouse and click X to remove. Faceboook prompted to disable notifications for that user permanently.

    Customize Your “Posted Via” Line

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    Another fun trick you can do to spice up your Facebook messages is to add a custom line "Published Way" with this amazing tool Facebook. You can post your messages from the Air Force One, from a banana phone or via Jedi mind control, to name a few

    Delete your Facebook account 

    Facebook Tricks 2014
    If the day comes when you decide to leave the blue planet and out into the real world, this will be the red pill link to take you there. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

    Top Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know 2014

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    Have a video to watch on youtube and it keeps buffering, stopping every few seconds . Feels like just close the tab because it is so frustrating , but I keep trying , because you just have to watch it. This problem often occurs when using a slow connection, but there is an easy solution that works for me. I have been using a broadband connection in the past two months, but just last weekend , I went out of town and my broadband modem was useless where I was . I had to use a slow dial-up connection and Youtube videos buffering reserved for eternity , as
    Watch Youtube Videos Without Any Buffering Struck On Mobile And Slow Internet Connection
    • You would not want to watch YouTube videos without buffering; 
    • Even a few seconds buffering feels like centuries? 
    • Then this article is just for you. No other video buffering! Lets put an end to it. If it is not an end, let's try to reduce it to the maximum. 
    • In this article, I will share with you some of the interesting tips that will definitely reduce buffering on YouTube and will enhance your viewing experience. 
    • What are these interesting tips? Out

    It Happen's With Buffering With Slow Internet Connection Pc Or Mobile

    Say you're watching a romantic movie . The hero is ready to propose the heroine . This is how it is supposed to look - "Juliet, I would like to say something many days . Loves it! "

    However , because of its buffering to YouTube, the scene will look rather - "Juliet, - buffer - I wanted to - buffer - buffer - to tell you something - buffer - buffer - buffer - many days . - Buffer - buffer - buffer - buffer - I - buffer - buffer - buffer - buffer - buffer ..... "

    Can you imagine that ! How many times have we come across such situations in our daily life while watching videos on YouTube; Just when something terrible is going to happen , the video starts buffering.

    And I know how it feels ! There are no words to express this feeling . I almost feel like banging your laptop in something.

    Well , this will not happen anymore. I have a few smart tips to reduce buffering videos of YouTube.
    For some of you who have an average Internet connection around 1Mbps, these tips should completely eliminate buffering for others who have lower speeds around 256Kbps to 512kbps can expect minimal buffering.

    Here is the trick to watch YouTube videos without Buffering

    1. YouTube Feather

    YouTube is a part of the Internet giant Google, has always looked for ways to improve its services.

    With a striking increase of users over the years, Google wants to ensure that videos load and play quickly. This is the reason why Google introduced a new feature called YouTube Feather (currently an opt-in beta

    Not everyone has a fast connection to the internet. New features such as 1080p HD video have significantly slowed the loading times . Thus , this optimization is clearly an attempt by YouTube to cater to millions of users in ceiling or limit speed Internet connections .

    YouTube Feather makes use of advanced techniques to serve web pages YouTube video to users in a fastest possible way . Restricts various features and the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser make videos stream faster than ever before.

    You can easily notice the difference between the regular YouTube videos and YouTube video Lightning . Not only in terms of faster flow without buffering, but also in terms of the amount of data downloaded by the browser . For example , the browser downloaded 52 kilobytes of data for the video on YouTube Feather, compared with the standard 391 Kilobytes page YouTube.

    Lightning disables most of the AJAX features in YouTube. Therefore can not comment on video (the number of loaded comments are only 10 ) . Just have three basic actions available: a favorite video to highlight a video and subscribe to a channel . It can even rate videos , however , related videos remain limited to 5.

    But if you are just interested in watching the video , none of this will not matter to you, and you can not notice the difference.
    To start using YouTube Feather:

    1. Visit our YouTube Feather Beta here
    2. Click the link that says Join the beta "Feather" and you're done. 
    To return to the default YouTube: 
    1. Click Only this time - to watch this video in normal mode or 
    2. Fixed - to return to normal operation throughout the year, as shown in the screenshot below.
    Watch Youtube Videos Without Any Buffering Struck On Mobile And Slow Internet Connection
    If a quick question popped up in your mind says - Does YouTube Feather reduce the quality of the video?

    Well do not say it directly, but say they Feather reduce waiting times, reducing the available functions and the total byte size downloaded. So, I would go on the assumption that yes, the video quality may suffer slightly and you can not find top quality HD content on the wing.
    2. The Ultra-Low 144p video quality
    Watch Youtube Videos Without Any Buffering Struck On Mobile And Slow Internet Connection
    Recently, YouTube has introduced a new ultra-low bandwidth video quality option to view 144p. The move was largely aimed at users who have a slower Internet connection or those who watch videos on their mobile.

    All these days, there were qualities 1080p HD video between 240p.
    Just click the icon as shown in the screenshot above and select 144p.

    This option is not available on all videos now. But certainly a lot videos have this option image quality.

    The quality of picture and sound is not all that great. But it will definitely serve the purpose of watching YouTube videos without buffering.

    You may want to take a look at this cool video test 144p picture quality.
    3 . Using Public DNS Servers

    Changing DNS server settings on your computer to use OpenDNS or Google Public DNS will definitely reduce buffering YouTube videos while increasing the speed of your browser .

    Google says that using the services of Internet Public DNS can boost the speed of your browsing by optimizing the routes between you and your destination servers .

    Change DNS settings on your computer are different for different versions of Windows. In Windows 7 & 8,
    1.  Open the Control Panel . Under Network and Internet, click on " View network status and tasks " .
    2.  Look for the word " Links " and click on the link next to it.
    3.  In the new window , click "Properties " .
    4. Now again click on " Properties" in the new window .
    5.  Select " Use the following server address DNS:" and enter
    Preferred server DNS:
    Backup server DNS:

    To change the DNS settings in other versions of Windows:
    4. Bypass ISP Throttling

    Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) usually controls the bandwidth and download speeds of connections. We will assist you saved video instead of actual video from YouTube.

    This will reduce the speed at which videos YouTube is served to you and lead to high buffering .

    To overcome this, a guy called Mitch Ribar posted a nice bite . So , all credit to him.

    1. Click Start, type cmd in search , right-click the icon and " Run as administrator" . ( If you have Windows 8, Vista or XP, you may want to Google - " How to open the command prompt as an administrator in Windows [ version ] " ; )

    2 . Enter this command :

    Watch Youtube Videos Without Any Buffering Struck On Mobile And Slow Internet Connection
    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name = "YoutubeBufferTrick" dir = in action = remoteip block =, enable = yes

    3 . Right-click on Command Prompt , click Paste and press Enter.

    It is all done ! There is no longer cached copy of the video can be served . You now have video played directly from the servers of YouTube. So , obviously , less buffering and better viewing experience .

    Well , this block trick wide range of IP addresses and therefore may occasionally run into a website that is blocked by this trick . In such scenarios , you may want to disable the tweak :

    Similar to above , open the command prompt as administrator.

    Type this line and press enter.

    netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name = "YoutubeBufferTrick"
    Note : You must be careful when using these tweaks on the command line . If you are not very computer savvy , better to avoid using this last bite .

    Last Thoughts

    I just hope these tricks will help you to watch YouTube videos without buffering.

    In the world , not everyone has a faster Internet connection and I'm sure these tips will come in handy for those of you.

    Do you have any other tips to upload YouTube videos faster? What do you feel about the tricks mentioned in this article ?

    Let me know about them from the following observations .

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    There are viruses that copy what you type on your keyboard, record audio and video recorded your webcam, even when it seems off. This is the so-called spyware . In this article, we will describe how to recognize and remove and how to avoid infection.
    How to Remove Spyware From Your PC
                                  It sees a cybercriminal when you turn the camera on the infected computer 
    Spyware is a type of computer virus that rather than delete files or display advertising, deals with the theft of information, which can then be used by cyber criminals. To not be detected by antivirus programs, they often give for known and valuable applications. Only later it turns out that they give criminals remote control over our equipment .
    It sees a cyber criminal when you turn the camera on the infected computer ( source ).
    Software that claims to be a useful application - for example, antivirus - in fact secretly working against the user is referred to as rogueware or Trojans . Spyware (called spyware ) is one of its kinds. When spyware is created not by hackers, and by governments and security agencies , it is called govware . According to Edward Snowden , is just such a tool the agency uses the American NSA to spy on Internet users.

    How does spyware?

    Basically, spyware is trying to steal information without the victim's knowledge. Therefore, these programs tend not to pay our attention . Sometimes they do it pretending to be ordinary applications. Depending on the program and its complexity, computer spy can:
    • record what you type on the keyboard (the so-called keyloggers)
    • take pictures or record video webcam,
    • save screenshots
    • built-in microphone to record sound,
    • remote display screen victim,
    • take full control over the computers
    All of these activities require an Internet connection, so the device not connected to it should not be compromised.
    How to Remove Spyware,Trojans, Viruses and Malware fro
                           Fun virus Manager gives you full control over the victim's computer

    How Spyware infects our machines?

    Usually, the infection spyware is used naivety or omissions user attention . Here are the most popular methods used by spyware:
    • pretending to be famous, popular applications
    • mend the virus code in the Annex to email,
    • Spyware adding code to pirated software (eg games)
    • convince the victim to install the program (social engineering).
    • Sometimes these programs use a security flaw of our computers, such as outdated antivirus program or not update Windows .
    How to Remove Spyware Manually (Windows): 20 Steps
                                    Fake virus warning if a user clicks on it, the computer will be infected 

    How to detect spyware?

    Typically, this is a good antivirus program . Unfortunately, the detection of spyware requires a fairly high care and attention. Sometimes anti-virus programs are unable to detect such subtle threats like spyware. Therefore, we should carefully watch the behavior of your computer.
    How to Remove Adware and Spyware - Antivirus Software
                             Unexplained CPU usage may mean that your computer is rife malicious software 
    For example, many Trojans significantly burden the processor , resulting in slow work computer. Other viruses change the look of the system, to facilitate Snooping us via the Internet. If you will notice on your computer more of the following symptoms, it may mean that it is infected
    • programs run very slowly or do not match,
    • the mouse pointer does not move properly,
    • sometimes the LED at kamerce site
    • Windows windows lose their transparency,
    • strange icons appear in the system tray
    • browser slowed down,
    • open new windows or computer seems unexpected sounds.
    Let us remember that although your computer may seem "possessed", this can be a result of the usual technical defects. Do not get so I immediately panicked and consider whether there is another explanation for the suspicious behavior of our PC.
    How can i remove spyware in my computer?
    In some cases, the person who took control of a computer can leave its victim messages, for example, to extort money or have fun at her expense. In such cases, we must take immediate action to deprive the attacker control over our machine.

    Infection and what next?

    If we have reasonable suspicion or certainty that the victim of computer espionage, immediately odłączmy device from the Internet . As a result, deprive the attacker control over the computer. Top physically disconnect from the Internet, ie, remove the network cable from the computer or turn off or disconnect the wireless router (Wi-Fi).
    What is Spyware and Adware
                            In case of detection of spyware, disconnect the computer from the Internet.
    Then gather information about the burglary. They will be useful if you decide to contact the police. We advise you to collect and save to an external drive all the evidence : emails, messages, screenshots and files left behind by the intruder.
    How to Manually Delete Spyware from My Computer
                              nvestigators are working on a computer disk copies, not the originals.
    If you decide to file a complaint, the police may refer you to a specialist for the electronic crime that will protect the evidence on your computer. Perhaps he will also copy all the data. Not to undermine the evidence, it is on this copy will work specialists. Remember that the police can protect your computer, which will lead to the impossibility of using it for some time.
    Adware and Spyware Removal Freeware
                        The tool such as OSForensics are used for cloning by the data from your PC.
    After copying the data, your computer should pretty quickly be returned intact. It is not a big inconvenience, but many people do not choose to go down this path, which allows criminals to enjoy the freedom and attack the next victim. If you do not want others to find themselves in your situation, necessarily report a burglary .
    Group cybercrime agency Europol coordinates activities across the EU.

    What if the offender is abroad? From the perspective of the victim, there is no difference. After reporting to the police, the investigation is coordinated at European level by Europol .

    How to prevent infection?

    Although spyware infections can be extremely dangerous, it is relatively easy to prevent them taking care of the security of our computer. The following actions will help protect you from cyber criminals:
    • install antivirus and update it frequently,
    • Install a good firewall to block and monitor connections
    • Use the normal user account, not the administrator account
    • Use of mobile antivirus programs as a second line of defense,
    • Do not open suspicious e-mails and attachments,
    • do not install extensions in the browser, if its source is not certain and proven.
    • The users of the system Windows XP gave lots of advice in a separate article . Adhere to them should also newer versions of Windows users. The other common sense behaviors include:
    keeping careful when chatting with strangers and not to accept files from them, not making available files containing private data (or our friends) providing adequate protection Wi-Fi networks to prevent intrusion use two-step verification for all accounts.

    If your computer are extremely sensitive or confidential data, you should consider whether not remove it permanently on the internet. Also, if you are not using a webcam and a microphone, you might want to seal it with tape webcam and microphone disconnect.
    Last advice: do not panic
    If you find that you are a victim of cyberbullying or computer espionage, stay calm . Typically are not interested in taking you physical harm. Remember, too, that the decisions you make in stress may be wrong. If you find evidence of a crime, disconnect the computer from the Internet, secure data and seriously consider contact with the police .

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    WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps on modern smartphones. The short news app replaced with many mobile phone users now the SMS. But what exactly does WhatsApp?
    Since Facebook Owns WhatsApp, Here Are 5 Alternative
    With WhatsApp for iPhone , Android , Blackberry , Windows Phone 7 or Symbian phones smartphone users send short messages over the network. The cost of SMS can save completely - provided a mobile internet flat rate.

    How does Whatsapp?

    4 Free WhatsApp Alternatives
    WhatsApp runs on all popular smartphone systems. After you install WhatsApp software shows using the numbers from the phone book automatically, which have already installed their own contacts WhatsApp. Only with these contacts you can then communicate via WhatsApp.

    Once you create a new message, you choose on your contact list from the WhatsApp receiver. Messages you send then as an SMS, but over the mobile internet connection or wireless. Is not online of the receiver, Whatsapp stores the message, and then sends the text later - much, as it is known for example from the PC software Skype.

    Per tick one recognizes that a message has been sent correctly. Show two check marks next to the message, the text has reached the recipient. However, that does not mean that the recipient has already opened and read the message.

    Smileys, Smileys, Smileys

    Five Alternatives to WhatsApp,
    Trailer of smileys and emoticons will love WhatsApp. In addition to traditional smileys in all colors and shapes Whatsapp offers numerous emoticons, such as animals, buildings, vehicles, flags, signs or hand signs. With individual wallpapers for WhatsApp is revamping the program interface.

    Group chats and photos

    8 WhatsApp alternatives
    In addition to the normal chat function can be texts with Whatsapp with several friends gleichzeitikg - per group chats. In addition, you sent via the Messenger photos, videos, audio messages or communicate its position with. Disadvantage: The messages are not encrypted - state secrets you should Whatsapp so would rather not share with others. Also discussions are not possible with Whatsapp.

    Whatsapp is not free

    The Whatsapp Messenger is initially free. After one year, a compulsory registration falls, which attracts a cost of $ 0.89 per year after themselves. Alternatively, to subscribe WhatsApp same for three or five years.
    Warning: Whatsapp uses the data connection of your smartphone. Here you should have a flat rate, not to be surprised by a high cell phone bill.

    Alternatives to Whatsapp?

    Skype for mobile phones : The veteran of the phone software on the PC for quite some time is already running on mobile phones. Beside chat offers the mobile version of Skype on operating systems such as Android also correct telephone calls.
    LINE : The Messenger enjoys especially in Asia great popularity and provides functionality similar to WhatsApp. In addition, Line comes with many stickers and video chat.
    BlackBerry Messenger : Formerly only on BlackBerry devices, the BBM is now available for Android and iPhone. In particular, the communication via BlackBerry Messenger is considered safer than WhatsApp.
    Nimbuzz : The Freeware Nimbuzz is now available for all major smartphone systems. The app uses the existing contacts from chat accounts such as MSN or ICQ. With Nimbuzz you can also make calls over the Internet.

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    The famous  VLC Media Player Download now features a  touchscreen version for Windows 8 . Our first test of the beta version indicates that VLC is a good alternative to the standard reader, despite some missing features.
    vlc media player free download for Windows 7
    VLC for Windows 8 is the portable version of its desktop version, founded by a  crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter . In the long term, the VideoLAN team provides a complete implementation with advanced functions.

    Nevertheless, the beta version is still very limited. VLC for Windows 8 works  only with Intel x86 CPU and thus not under  Windows RT . In addition, filters, converters, video streaming and audio options are not included.
    On the positive side, VLC for Windows has some major advantages:
    • VLC for Windows 8 support  the same video and audio formats, and the same codecs that VLC Media Player (MKV, Ogg, MOV, FLAC, MPC, MPEG-1, 2,3 bis H.256, WMV3 and VC-1)
    • Supports removable media and DLNA media server
    • Subtitles
    • Audio playback in the background
    • Live Tiles

    Video Playback

    VLC for Windows 8 is ideal for watching videos. Some dedicated functions are missing, but it opens  formats that can open other video applications. This diversity of formats that had already assured the reader its popularity on computer.
    VLC Media Player Beta for Windows 8 | Windows 8
    The controls are also important and you can adjust the playback playback , as was already the case in the beta of VLC.
    Download VLC media player 2.1.3 (Free) for Windows
    You can load subtitles and display via a small button on the right.  So far, options subtitles are not available. developers have promised to add subtitle options in future versions .
    VLC Media Player Beta For Windows 8 Spotted In
    A great advantage of the Windows 8 version is the Snap-Mode, which is already supported for display in split screen. Sometimes VLC automatically adjusts the display, but of course, you can choose the size of your choice .
    Download VLC Media Player (64-Bit) 2.1.3


    On the surface, we greatly appreciate the navigation instructions for VLC for Windows 8. As in other applications, the main screen displays a scrolling view with a swipe gesture. For videos and important music, tiles preview can be displayed with one click.
    VLC Player For Windows 8 / RT Shown Off In Snap
    In addition, you can also switch to sub-menus of the application in a pat.
    The  selection of videos list all videos found by applying alphabetically. VLC for Windows 8  automatically saves videos in a folder . When you find a video, you can place it in the appropriate Windows folder.

    In music, a detail worth mentioning. VLC displays a list of all albums by artists for Windows 8. The data automatically isent the meta-tags provided in the songs . The application automatically displays album covers contained in the tags.  Click on a cover to open the album.
    Watch DVDs in Windows 8 using VLC Media Player
    In view albums, you can tap to play a song individually.  As in a playlist , VLC plays the entire album in this case. still lacking functionality for individual playlists .
    VLC for Windows 8 Beta launches, early promise undermine
    The heart symbol next to the title already lets you select your individual favorite songs. They appear as favorite songs in the overview. However, there is still no  function filters or rankings.
    And yet we find in the application of less important functions, such as a  short biography of groups or  artists similar .


    The only chance to get a clear vision of your music database is to use the search function still very limited. It is possible to search for  artists, tracks or  videos through  keywords. This is not very  practical , but it serves its purpose. Again, developers still have a lot of work


    VLC for Windows 8 works great as standard video player. It supports many formats, as well as the snap-mode, which provides some comfort to the user. For cons, the application is not very clear as regards the musical possibilities. Nevertheless, developers want to add functionality in the future.
    Among the options are severely lacking include: the display options for contrast, color and brightness, an equalizer and better support for subtitles modes. There is still much work to be done in relation to the desktop version ...


    Download VLC Media Player for Windows 8
    Download VLC Media Player for Windows 7
    Download VLC Media Player for Mac
    Download VLC Media Player for Android
    Download VLC Media Player for iOS

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    Hotspot Shield Download Free (hot spot shield) is a software very useful protection of data, access to a Web site that can not be displayed in their own country, Web search can be anonymous. This software can be used for free in Mac or Windows, you block connections from the monitoring of online activities of hackers and other, allowing encrypted access and safety. In this article, to set the Hotspot Shield on Windows and I would like to describe how to, to the connection of secret and high speed.
    hotspot shield free download for windows 8

    Installation of Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield installation will start after downloading, double-click the executable file. The default language setting is English, but I can also be changed to other languages.
    hotspot shield download
    Confirmation of whether or not to change is displayed for other settings and home page. If you do not want to change, or clear the check box, and then click "No, thanks" to.
    hotspot shield free download for windows 7
    Speed ​​of installation depends on the performance of the computer, but it will take a few minutes. If you are using FireFox, it is recommended that you turn off all the check boxes before the installation is complete. In this way, you can see the crab and want to close which application.
    download hotspot shield for windows 7
    After installing the software, open the Start menu from the Hotspot Shield. Icon of red crescent will appear near the icon and the system clock. If you do not see the icon, a menu is displayed when you click the arrow. Let's click on the Hotspot Shield icon.

    Option settings

    hotspot shield download
    By default, Hotspot Shield is turned off. " Connect connection by encryption will start when you click the "but this operation is recommended that you hold once. Please note that the ad is posted on the free version of Hotspot Shield, all functions are not provided. It is substantial enough also a feature of the free version, but, Elite version that you get more features to upgrade to is also possible.
    free hotspot shield
    First of all, it is recommended that you change to that of the personal preference of Hotspot Shield. Gear icon If you click on the "Options Network Detection "tab will be displayed. As an option reliable safe, of the items in the center " Always On It is recommended that you turn on the ".
    hotspot shield download
    " General In "tab, display the status icon or display, on restart of Hotspot Shield, you can select the time you want to pause. It is recommended that you leave the default settings. If you want a change, " Apply to return to the original display screen when you click the ".

    Enabling protection

    Now that you have specified all option settings, and then start the execution of protection. " Connect to set up a VPN connection by clicking the green button labeled ".
    free hotspot shield download for windows 7
    It takes a few minutes to connect. The center of the display screen will change from green to yellow during this process. If you want to stop the connection, " Cancel and then click the "button.

    Select country of VPN

    Setting is almost done, but because of the additional protection, you can change to either the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the setting of the country and the IP address.
    hotspot shield free download for windows 7
    Click the drop-down menu, and then select the country to be recognized as a place of connection source. Thus, even at the site where access is prohibited, access is possible at home. If you have completed this process, the new IP address and the region will be displayed.
    hotspot shield free
    To ensure that the change has worked , Findipinfo You can check the IP address. In tests at gudtricks, it has been recognized location as being the United Kingdom. Such as local sporting events overseas, can not access the site will also be able to view from the country of residence in this.
    Download  Download Free Premium Version of  Hotspot Shield  free

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    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money :Get Rich Quick in Los Santos? GTA 5 has a number of easy ways to get money. Mr. Franklin, Michael and Trevor rap
    Yes, bank robberies bring in money, but take time and effort to prepare and perform. Why would you risk your life much easier if you have any risk and may earn a few extra dollars Here are a few handy tricks to generate quickly. Extra income

    Random events

    Walk, drive or fly you around Los Santos, you'll find out soon enough against these random events. They are marked with a blue or red dot on the map (depending on whether you need someone offers advice or presents a danger) when you're around.
    You can find many of these dots in GTA 5, so it is impossible to mention all of them. We hold, therefore, at a few examples.
    Armored transport attacks
    They are easy to spot: cash in transit vans. Logically, these necessary dollars on board. Than the guards out of the way, grab a vehicle and ram the van down ... and escape from the police. The large amount of money you earn with this mini-raids are worth the risk.
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money
    Robbers robbery

    Franklin, Michael and Trevor are not the only criminals in Los Santos. If you see someone robbed an old granny, you can chase the criminals and 'm trying to make the cheated. Bring the stolen wallet back to the owner and you will receive a reward of about $ 50. Keep the loot for yourself and you'll get about ten times!

    The same applies to the larger work. Do you see a brutal criminal local supermarket robbery, then you calculate - totally hypocritical Samaritan who you are - it in and bring the loot back nicely. Whether you put it in their own pockets. Are you right away $ 2000 richer!
    Sect members recruit

    In the shoes of Trevor you'll occasionally meet people who ask for a lift from place A to B. Take them to the Altruist sect and you earn $ 1000! Not bad for a short ride, right?
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money

    Do you not have the patience to wait for random event? Do you need quick cash Then there is still the good old street crime. Save a passerby down and grabs his or her wallet along. That provides one times more money than the other, depending on the person you let down.
    Another quick (and immoral) way to get money is to rob people who are pins. You can find ATMs anywhere in the city.
    And then there are the small shops and supermarkets. Robbery this for a little loot, escape from the police is usually not too difficult.
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money

    Take a "real" job

    Earn money, which can also in Los Santos.

    To start your career as a driver you should try to arrange a taxi. With the push of a button, then you get all sorts of jobs to pick up passengers and deliver them to their destination. It does not deliver much more than a nice pocket money, but still.

    Do you have enough money, then you have the option to buy. Throughout taxi That makes money, plus additional missions that give even more money.
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money


    Taxi driver is classic GTA games, hunting is not. To get some extra wages go into the wilderness with Trevor (after you've met Cletus) to shoot off. Animals

    Each animal has a price, so the more you shoot it the more you earn. Please note: animals you kill off the hunt do not count.
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money

    Strangers and Freaks missions

    Do you have time? Then look for the different Strangers and Freaks missions. These are indicated on the map with a question mark.
    Most of these missions consist of several phases and freaks you encounter often have multiple jobs for you. In total you will find 16 of these freaks, divided into three different main characters.
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money
    Most notable of the 16's Maude, a woman who lives near Trevor. They give you the assignment to tackle, often with a reward of 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. Certain criminals

    Some of these missions count towards your 100% Completion Rating in GTA 5. Even more so motivation to search! Foreigners and as many idiots on

    Long-term Investments

    After completing a number of missions you have quite a bit of money in your bank account standing. Time to multiply. Your balance
    Go to the fair

    GTA 5 has its own stock exchange, on which you act on your mobile phone. Look at the price performance of companies and buy at the right time to share in the long run to be. Wildly rich The rates are related to what happens in the game world, so you stand at the point the boss of a big company to explain it is useful here to keep. Equally note
    GTA 5: easily and quickly earn money
    Of course the money is not flowing right in, but with a little patience you have quickly built up a considerable fortune.

    Become a trader

    GTA 5 is so extensive that you can buy in Los Santos., Even whole companies With enough capital, you take over a company and you have a new cash cow for. You will earn money because without even having to do anything for It also provides, as we have just quoted by the taxi company, additional missions for a quick pocket money.

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    How to Recover Deleted Files:In fact, if you use the appropriate software, restore deleted photos, music, videos, and documents are available. Find the file USB flash drive, memory card, from the hard drive and restore as much as possible a special program like this. As software that can restore the lost data, I will introduce the following program. Free software

    Undelete 360 : batch processing and filter

    recovering deleted files
    Free software Undelete 360 (undelete 360) is a program to restore by detecting file hard drive, USB flash memory, floppy disk, from the memory card. Preview feature extraction is useful to sort the search results. Batch processing is also possible, I can organize the task of restoring a lot. Unfortunately, the validation of software Nick, did not have a file that you can be restored by using the Undelete 360.
    The following files Undelete 360 can be restored in.

    • Undelete 360 is, the following types of data can be restored from the file storage.
    • SD memory card hard drive, from a digital camera, USB drive
    • Undelete 360 is, the following files are compatible with the system.
    • NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32

     Recuva software feature-rich

    recover deleted files
    Recuva (Rekyuba) is the software that a very high reputation among the free program of data recovery. This freeware, you can restore the file, such as a Word document formatted file, the disk that was accidentally deleted, delete the e-mail, was not saved. In addition, Recuva also permits processing of the contrary, it is intended to permanently delete the data the user wants to delete is also possible. This easy-to-use restoration software, operating result is also good. Recuva Portable (Le Cuba portable) is also compatible to the USB flash drive.

    Recuva is compatible with the following file formats:.
    JPG, PNG, RAW, GIF, JPEG, BMP, MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, M4A, DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT, ODS, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, FLV, WMV, ZIP, 7Z, RAR, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, WIM, XZ, and UDF. Thunderbird , Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail is also possible to recover deleted emails from.
    Recuva is, the following data storage is possible to restore files that have been deleted from the type.
    • Hard drive, USB stick, SD memory card
    • Recuva is, the following files are compatible with the system.
    • NTFS, FAT, exFAT
    • Paid Tools

    7-Data Recovery Suite : Freeware corresponding to many file formats

    recover deleted files free
    7-Data Recovery Suite - If you use the free version / paid version of (7 data recovery suite), you can restore the file from a PC photos, videos, music files, such as Office documents. Processing speed is fast this soft, and easy to use. Use the free version of ,7-Data Recovery Suite is a test of Softonic, I was able to detect and restore all deleted files. The free version can only file detection. If you want to try to restore the actual files from a hard disk that is in a critical condition, you will need to purchase a full version.
    7-Data Recovery Suite is compatible with the following file formats:.

    7-Data Recovery Suite is, the following data storage is possible to restore files that have been deleted from the type.

    DE HDD, SATA HDD, SCSI HDD, FireWire HDD, SSD, USB HDD, external HDD, hardware RAID, floppy drive, USB flash drive, compact flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory Card / Memory Stick, Micro card, Zip drive , iPod
    7-Data Recovery Suite is, the following files are compatible with the system.

    exFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12

    RS FAT Recovery : advanced search function

    deleted file recovery
    RS FAT Recovery can be used to (RS FAT recovery), you can be able to detect the deleted files of many advanced search function to check the disk image. File is found, the restore list is created, restoring the file is ready. In a test of Softonic, almost any file has been successfully restored, but the file that has been damaged was also found in the image file of some. Demo version has all the features of the full version, but the restoration of deleted data does not take place. If you want to use the restore function, users need to use the purchased version.
    • RS FAT Recovery is compatible with the following file formats:.
    • No information provided by the manufacturer company.
    • RS FAT Recovery following data storage is possible to restore files that have been deleted from the type.
    • No information provided by the manufacturer company.
    • RS FAT Recovery The following files are based on the system.
    • FAT, FAT 32

    Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro : SD card and camera

    how to recover deleted file
    Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro In (SD card format recovery professional), SD card, mobile phone, you can restore deleted files from hard drive. This software is compatible (Nikon, Canon, and Kodak) to common file types, all SD card manufacturers, camera manufacturers. In Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro, including system files and Office documents, other file types can not be restored. Also, you can not restore the data files of a relatively large size. In the trial, deleted files that have been restored are displayed. In order to restore the actual files, you will need to purchase a full version of Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro.
    Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro is compatible with the following file formats:.
    PNG, TIFF, INDD, JP2, PSD, Paint Shop Pro Image File (PSP), Mamiya (MOS), Picture File (PCT), DV, M4V, 3G2, M4B, AVCHD Video File (MTS), Divx Encoded Movie File ( DIVX), Matroska video files (MKV), MOI video files, OGG Media Player (OGM), Video Object File (VOB), 3G2, ASX, M4P, RPS, AIFF, MIDI, M4A, AU, OGG, WMA, RM, Real Audio (RA), SR2, ARW, SRF, NEF, NRW, CR2, CRW, ORF, MRW, K25, KDC, DCR, RAF, PEF, X3f, ERF, RAW, MEF, MOS.

    Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro The following data storage is possible to restore files that have been deleted from the type.
    SD card, SDHC card, microSD card, MMC card, xD card, miniSD card, CF card, hard drive, mobile phone, MP3 player
    Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro The following files are based on the system.
    FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, exFAT, BeFS, BSD disklabel, CramFS, HFS, HFS +, HFSX, JFS, btrfs, LUKS, RAID, LVM, LVM2, Linux Swap, Mac partition map, NSS, ReiserFS, Sun Solaris i386 diskabel, UFS, UFS2, XFS, SGI.

    Restore all the tools, validated by Softonic editorial team. File format, storage of information media, the manufacturer's Web are browsing the site

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      Cheat Codes for GTA5 : Cheats belong GTA. Therefore, we have good news for you: the first GTA 5 cheats have been announced! With the following codes unlock your car, a parachute, aircraft and much more. 4 cheats where you had to type in your in-game mobile phone, just enter your GTA GTA 5 buttons below combinations while you play.
      Cheat Codes for GTA5 hacks

      GTA 5 cheats for Xbox 360

      Exploding bullets : Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, LB, LB, LB

      Exploding melee attack : Right, Left, A, Y, R, B, B, B, LT

      Drunk mode : Y, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left (Repeat the code to disable the mode)

      Recharge the special ability meter of your character : A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A

      Faster run : Y, Left, Right, LT, LB, X

      Characters with parachute : Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left, Right, LB

      Increase your Wanted Level : RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

      Lower your Wanted Level : RB, RB, B, RT, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

      Slipping cars : Y, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB

      Slow motion at level 1, 2 and 3 : Y, Left, Right, X, RT, RB (Repeat the code for level 2, repeat him again for level 3 To undo this run. 'm still a fourth time.)


      Stunt Plane : B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, A, Y

      Duster (classic plane) : Right, Left, RB, RB, RB, Left, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB

      Buzzard (police helicopter) : B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y

      Comet (sports) : RB, B, RT, Right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB

      Rapid GT (sports) : RT, LT, B, Right, LB, RB, Right, Left, B, RT

      Sanchez (dirt bike) : B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB

      Garbage truck : B, R, B, R, Left, RB, LB, B, Right

      Limousine : RT, Right, LT, Left, RB, LB, B, Right

      Golf caddy : B, LB, Left, RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, A

      Change the weather

      RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X

      (With this code you trigger different weather from sunny to snow)
      Cheat Codes for GTA5

      GTA 5 cheats for PS3


      Exploding bullets : Right, Square, X, Left, R1, R2, Left, Right, L1, L1, L1

      Exploding melee attack : Right, Left, X, Triangle, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L2

      Drunk mode : Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left (Repeat the code to disable the mode)

      Recharge the special ability meter of your character : X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Right, Left, X

      Faster run : Triangle, Left, Right, L2, L1, Square

      Characters with parachute : Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, L1

      Increase your Wanted Level : R1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right

      Lower your Wanted Level : R1, R1, Circle, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

      Slipping cars : Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1

      Slow motion at level 1, 2 and 3 : Triangle, Left, Right, Square, R2, R1 (Repeat the code for level 2, repeat him again for level 3 To undo this run. 'm still a fourth time.)


      Stunt Plane : Circle, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle

      Duster (classic plane) : Right, Left, R1, R1, R1, Left, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, L1, L1

      Buzzard (police helicopter) : Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

      Comet (sports) : R1, Circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1

      Rapid GT (sports) : R2, L2, Circle, Right, L1, R1, Right, Left, Circle, R2

      Sanchez (dirt bike) : Circle, X, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1

      Garbage truck : Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right

      Limousine : Right, L2, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right

      Golf caddy : Circle, L1, Left, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X
      Change the weather
      R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square

      (With this code you trigger different weather from sunny to snow)
      Income search terms
      cheat codes for gta 5 xbox 360 
      gta v xbox 360
      gta 5 cheat codes for xbox 360

      gta 5 cheat codes

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      Smartphones are on the rise and they continue to attract new followers. However, if you are one of those who still have not broke down and bought a smartphone, here are 10 reasons that you will strengthen (perhaps) in your choice not to buy one and resist the temptation to send your old Phone forgotten.
      Reasons not to Buy a Smartphone Must Read

      # 1 Have a smartphone, really necessary?

      Do you need all the technology in your life? Considering you already have a computer and a phone , a smartphone will bring any new functionality to what you already offer these two devices. Your computer is already more than a smartphone and call your environment you can always rely on your old phone.

      # 2 A new addiction

      The smartphone causes a new compulsion that even has a name: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It involves continually visit his smartphone and its messages for fear of missing the new century (or not). You surely have noticed the attitude of some of your loved smartphone owners who can not help him out at every turn. Also referred nomophobie (never its my phone) when it becomes impossible for the person to spend not even a day without their smartphone. Type "smartphone addiction" in your search engine, you will be surprised at the number of articles dealing with the subject.

      # 3 Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Call of Duty ... are also available for your old mobile!

      Regarding the catalog of applications and games, we must admit that our old phones are soundly defeated by the proposed offers OS smartphones. But do you need such a choice? If this is to install a ton of apps and games and never use it, no interest. Also, be aware that you can find a bunch of apps and very popular games that can be installed on your phone running Java. Here are some (s) of them / download them

      # 4 Play on a computer or console, this is so much better

      Smartphones are often qualified new handheld. It is true that the quality of games they offer is to go over the old snake that inhabits your phone for years. But playing on a phone that is in transport or in a waiting room but outside ... Unless you are completely addicted to video games, your computer or your console does the job much better than smartphone .

      # 5 Time Battery

      A heavyweight reasons not to buy a smartphone: the duration of battery life ! If you are used to recharge your old phone only once or twice per week (even several years after purchase), note that for a smartphone, charging will be much more regularly and up to once per day for s' sure not to be stranded at the end of the day ... All depends on the use that is made ​​of course, but what good is a smartphone if it is not to enjoy it to the fullest?

      # 6 smartphone, this sissy

      After the battery, another defect of smartphones is that they hate being bullied . There has to see the video stress test posted on the Internet that shows the extreme fragility of many smartphone models. It is a beautiful object, of course, but handled with utmost caution at the risk of seeing break in less time than it takes to say. Your old phone has probably survived countless falls down the stairs ... A smartphone him, the live probably very wrong.

      # 7 A smartphone chase another

      The speed at which new models of smartphones is emerging as the model on which you are drooling already be completely overwhelmed and has-beens in a year.

      # 8 Vintage is trendy

      What is old is fashionable . What better accessory for an old phone in the era of vintage fashion this time. You've heard 's Instagram ? The application which was acquired by Facebook for 1 billion ... Its role is precisely to apply a vintage effect to photos taken with a smartphone. What good is having an integrated 8MP if it is to add an old-fashioned effect. Camera Your old phone needs no application to apply a vintage effect because it is vintage !

      # 9 No one wants to steal your old phone

      The flights of smartphones are exploding and represent up to half of robberies in the transit of large cities (before the classic wallet theft). If these new generation objects attract lust and are subject to a real market theft and resale, an old phone no longer having any market value will have no chance to attract a thief .

      # 10 A smartphone is expensive

      If you opt for a smartphone subscription without subscription, it will cost at least € 629 for an iPhone 4S on the Apple site, € 599 for a Samsung Galaxy SII, about 500 € for a BlackBerry Bold 9900 ... There are obviously the subscription packages that reduce tariffs but compared to prices for computers that are coming out on the market, as you look to purchase a computer and opt for the free phone offered by operators ...

      And you, have you ever fallen for a smartphone?

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      Unlock or unlock your iPhone you scared? Yet it is legally possible. Here's the trick to make free and painless. There always comes a time when for various reasons (sale, purchase, change of operator ...) you want to unlock your iPhone to use it with a new mobile operator. The arrival of low-cost offers with increased competition and portability, this is useful.
      How to Factory Unlock iPhone At&t 4S,5s,5S and Jailbreak ios 7.0.5, ios 7.0.6 Untethered Jailbreak Unlock iPhone
      In fact, if you bought your iPhone or iPad by subscribing to a mobile plan with a telephone operator, there is a good chance that your favorite smartphone is locked and can only be used for the operator in question. Your phone is locked or simlock. It works only on the network of the operator.

      Before we begin, know that the release is free if you have your iPhone for 3 months. Otherwise, your operator may charge you for this. Also note that the manipulation is possible on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S, 5, 5S or 5C.

      Check IMEI number of your iPhone

      The IMEI number is the registration number of your iPhone. To achieve this, please type * # 06 # on your phone keypad. The IMEI will then be displayed automatically.
      Unlock iOS 7 iPhone 5 5s 5c 4s & iPhone 4 via IMEI Code

      Contact your network operator

      With your IMEI number, you must contact customer service with your operator (that to which the phone can work) and apply for release / free désimlockage. It will itself demand from Apple. A valid email you will be asked . Apple will send you an email when effect has processed the request.

      On average, you will need to wait 15 days before you can unlock your iPhone. This may seem long. Be aware that companies are offering services to accelerate the process, but beware of scams.

      Save and restore your iPhone

      Once received the Apple email or sometimes before, please connect your iPhone to iTunes . Click on Restore .
      How to Unlock iPhone 2G 3G 3GS 4 4S 5 5S 5C
      A message appears. If you want to save your data. Click Save .
      How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, on iOS 7

      Message unlocking

      At the end of restoring your iPhone will display a message confirming that the operation is successful you. Your iPhone is now unlocked and can run on any operator.
      Unlock iPhone 5S/C/5/4S/4 | iPhone Unlock Free

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      WordPress is a very popular platform for publishing content on the Internet and this makes sites hosted on this a regular target of brute force login attempts . Insecure WordPress installations is also commonly used to attack other sites through attacks DDOS. These automated attacks on all hosting platforms and try to find writers using default usernames, passwords weak and outdated facilities WordPress.

      Make Your Wordpress Blog More Secure From Hackers With Tips/Tricks
      Most content publishers who are unaware of the threat from hackers and may not even know that a successful attack took place before it is too late and lose visitors and search engines . Do not let this happen to you . These are simple safety measures that any blogger can implement today to make their sites more secure and help prevent hacking attacks .

      1. Create a new user account

      It is more difficult for a hacker to break into your wordpress site, when both the username and password will be cracked. That is why you need to create a new user and delete the WordPress default "admin" user. This is one of those things I do as soon as I can setup a new site. You can create a user by going to " users " then " Add New " menu in WordPress. When creating a new user , make sure to give him the role of "manager" .

      This will ensure that you have full power over the site. Now , simply disconnect from the default account "admin" and log in with the new user information . In " Users " delete the default administrator name . Make sure to select the option to transfer your old posts to a new user name when deleting the account "admin". Do this first before proceeding to the next step.

      2 . Use a strong password

      Do not use simple passwords for your WordPress . Weak passwords could be easy for you to remember , but it is also easier for a hacker to crack . Use more powerful and more secure passwords instead. Your password must be at least eight characters , should include numbers , should contain special characters and upper and lowercase letters . Change your password before going to the next step.

      3 . Define a new alias

      You do not want the new user name to be the name of the author who appears in all positions . Set the alias uses WordPress as author name to something other than your username . You can do this in the "Users" in the " Your Profile " in the Nickname field . Select a new alias and set " Display name publicly as " the new nickname.

      4. Disabling connections from specific IP addresses

      Sign Lockdown plugin records the IP address and timestamps of each failed connection attempt to access your WordPress . If more than a certain number of login attempts are detected within a short period from the same area IP, then the connection function is disabled for all requests from that range IP. An alternative to this is Limit Login Attempts plugins and do the same .

      5. Blacklist all IP addresses other than your own

      A better solution for some is to blacklist all connect to the administrator, except yourself . You can do this by going to wp-admin folder of your WordPress installation and to open the file htaccess. . Add this code anywhere in the file and make sure to add your IP numbers there ( such as " what is my IP " in Google to find your IP address ) :
      [ Source ]

      to refuse to allow
      deny from all
      # Whitelist home IP address
      permit from YOURIPNUMBER
      # IP address whitelist work
      permit from YOURIPNUMBER
      # Whitelist vacation IP address
      permit from YOURIPNUMBER

      [/ Sourcecode]

      You can put different IP addresses if you move there quite a lot, but if someone is not enough for you , that is fine as well. Now , when someone tries to access the login page of your site will get this message :

      Forbidden . You are not authorized to access / wp-admin on this server .

      The only downside of doing something like this is that if your IP address changes should go to your FTP and update the document with your new IP . This can be a boring thing to do especially if your IP address changes frequently . Another negative is if you travel a lot using the Internet from different locations . Basically every time you need to connect to FTP, find your IP address and put it in htaccess.

      6. Block bots

      This is actually simple to do and it means that if and when a bot stumbles your site will be blocked and will not be able to do any damage . To prevent bots just need to locate your htaccess file . In your server to your main list (not in / wp-admin / folder , as in the step above ) and paste this list at the top of your file .

      7. Do not leave matches user ratings

      If you do not have a membership , then there is no reason to allow visitors to register for a guest account on your website. To make sure you got disabled registration , click " Settings " and make sure " Anyone can register " option is not selected.

      8. Do not allow pings

      WordPress sites have pingback enabled option can be used in DDOS attacks against other sites. This option is enabled by default, so it is important to turn it off . In the " Settings " go to " debate " and " Default Rule Settings" tick " Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks ) ."

      9. Activate the plugin Box

      There are many plugins security can help protect your site and to prevent any attempts at hacking. Two of the best options is Wordfence Security and improving WP security . Both do quite a few things to make your site more secure , including forcing you to use stronger passwords , making you delete the administrator user name and also do not hinder traffic bot and help you make regular security scans .

      10. Keep an eye on Tools for Webmasters

      The Google Webmaster Tools is a valuable resource , even for the safety of your site . The section " Security Issues " profile notify you if Google has detected malware or any other security issues with your site . Keep an eye on it and act quickly .

      11. always upgrade

      Always upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, the latest version of your subject and the latest version of plugins you can use . One of the reasons developers upgrade the software and plugins are the security vulnerability found in earlier versions . WordPress with all these upgrades are simple , automated processes with one click through the environment WordPress.

      When there is a new upgrade available , WordPress, we will send you a notification at the top of your dashboard . It will say "WordPress X is available! Please update now" . Click this and upgrading is a simple one click away . There are no excuses for not upgrading.

      If you are afraid to upgrade because of some old WordPress theme that you are using is not compatible with the new WordPress, then please move on to something more modern and something that you know is a developer and a community behind it.

      12. Backup automatically

      Taking regular backups of content and databases is important. In case something happens to your site, you can always use the backup to recover your files . There are many plugins that make it simple to backup your files automatically. One of them is BackWPup. Activate the plugin and set it to automatically back up your site and send the backup file to your email. Two minutes work to install , activate, and set it so that it sends you a new email with a new backup automatically every day, every week or whenever you decide.
      No more problems hackingThese simple steps can be performed fairly quickly and will make your site much more difficult to break . This means that you would never have a hacking problem , they will feel safer and will be able to focus your time on creating compelling content and building an audience . Happy blogging!

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      As the days are passing by, the Blogger engineers are focusing on continuous and regular updates to blogger by Google. Since years, the competition lies only between WordPress and Blogger and in most of the cases stated by pro bloggers, blogger is loser. We all are aware that blogger lacks many features in coding and development as compared to Wordpress but there is other side of coin also. In the way blogger team is updating CMS platform, I guess it is becoming a powerful opponent to WordPress giant.

      Blogger-Features and Giant Leaps

      best Blogging Platform-Blogger or Wordpress
      What Is Blogger? Blogger, a platform owned by Google is a CMS software or platform which allows you to host your free domain at their sub domain in the form of * where * is your domain name. You can further buy yourself a domain and easily link it with your blogger blog to give out a professional look. Blogger Vs WordPress: War Of Millennia........ If you will look at the history of both platforms, then you will find that both, in some way or other, outstand each of them and other available platforms. With 500 Million blogs, blogger stands out to be the most used CMS platform but actually, 43% of the blogs are waste or unused or are just sucking the server bandwidth. WordPress, whereas, comes with 2 versions. and

      Features of Blogger Blogspot.!

      Full Access To Page Template
      Awesome HTML Editor *new!!
      Embedded Google+ Commenting System *new!!
      Used by Professionals like MBT! And More!

      Recent Changes In Blogger:

      Complete Change In Dashboard
      Complete Change In HTML Editor
      Embedded Google+ Commenting System.
      To Be Announced! :P

      Wordpress-Features and Giant Leaps 

      most secure Blogging Platform-Blogger or Wordpress is somewhat similar to blogger. It allows you to create free blogs and host them on internet on their own dedicated servers. But the problem is that forcefully shows ads on the blogs with no revenue share., on other case, is a software which is to be installed on a custom domain. It is free to download but actually, it will cost you hosting price. You can use free hosts but they are simply nightmare as you know why!!

      Features of WordPress (.org):

      Custom Control
      Paid Themes.
      Plugin control
      Almost all server side script languages supported.
      Automatic Platform (SEO, Pinging, Updates, Sitemap, etc.)
      4 Positions of users for registration.
      Import any file database from any CMS platform.
      And More!
      Recent Changes In WordPress:
      Database Updated To WordPress Version 3.5

      Blogger vs Wordpress-Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

      Is Blogger Winner? How? I will say that currently, WordPress flourishes over blogger. And that's 100% true. But looking at Blogger's progress, I am afraid that WordPress has to work hard to keep up the pace with Blogger. Blogger is now following WordPress policy of regular updates to their customers. We never know what is the upcoming change in Blogger. So, it is not an issue of surprise if Blogger introduces PHP and MySQL also in upcoming days!!! So, I will say that Blogger wins the game as we are looking on Blogger recent updates.

      We hope that Blogger would continue to keep its updates going on and on and the day will come when people from will start migrating to Blogger! What are your opinions about this post? Should you think anything better can be added to it which I missed? Don't forget to share that through commenting system!!

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      Losing a phone hurts, but losing your iPhone means a significant cost to buy a new one, and a loss - even a possible release - your personal data from your iTunes account, your photos, and all the hours you 've spent configure it the way you like. Maybe all is not lost! If your iPhone has not been stolen - you just lost - your chances of finding him are excellent, and we'll show you how.
      What To Do When iPhone Is Stolen - iPhone
      Step 1:Open the "Find my iPhone" application on an iOS device or iCloud on Mac. If you do not have the application you can download from the App Store.
      • You will be asked to identify yourself, for safety reasons. Do it, you will be redirected to another screen. By default the application loads a map of Cupertino, otherwise a map showing the location of your phone will be displayed.
      If your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac goes missing, iCloud can help you find
      Step 2:Click the Devices button. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen, and give you the option to choose from your enabled devices.
      • Your iPhone will appear in the list. Click it, and Find My iPhone will search for the location of your phone.
      • Note: If the phone has been turned off or the battery is empty, the application will show the last known location, but can not show you the current position.
      • Send a notification. Since the information of your iPhone window, you can send an alert. If your phone is slid between two pillows or if you forgot your jacket, it makes it easier to find. For two minutes, a loud alarm will sound - even in silent mode.
      10 Useful Apps to Recover a Lost or Stolen iPhone
      • Track your phone. If you are using iOS 6 or later, click Lock in the information window of your phone.

      What To Do When Your iPhone is Stolen
      • You will be asked to enter a code to unlock the phone. Use a group of unrelated numbers yourself: no Social Security number, no birth date, number of driver's license, nothing personal.
      • You can also enter a message and a phone number to contact.
      • If your iPhone is turned on, it will be immediately locked and you can see the current location of your phone, and any change of position. If your iPhone is off, it will automatically lock the ignition, you will be notified by email and you can track the position of your phone.
      How To Find Your Lost iPhone
      Step 3:Delete all your data. If you were unable to find your phone, and you suspect to have lost, click Delete in the information window of the phone. This will erase all data, and once clicked you can not use Find My iPhone to locate your phone. This is better, though, than having all your personal data compromised.
      • Should you find your phone later, you can restore your data through iTunes backup

      Method 2 out of 5: Use other programs

      Step 1:Install the application "If Found" on your iPhone. If Found lets you create a wallpaper that displays your information in case an honest person find your phone and would like to contact you by other means (such as your phone number landline)
      • Of course, you must install it before the misfortune of losing your phone, but it makes it very easy even for someone who does not use iPhone and yours is to find a way to contact you without to browse all your data, perhaps never guess who you are.
      • (Please note that you must buy If Found, but the cost is minimal.)
      Step 2: Use iHound. This free program alerts you when your iPhone is connected to a computer. That means you receive an email informing you that your lost iPhone was located and a detailed where it is used report.
      • It is an interesting to know where the iPhone is off and plugged in later edit or online program additional measures, etc..
      • iHound sounds an alarm to help you find your iPhone if it had slipped behind the couch, etc..
      • iHound allows you to use geofencing alerts. These are alerts and records that work automatically with Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare when you arrive at your destination.
      Step 3: Use iLocalis. You can connect to the website to find your iPhone. You can also log in and send yourself a message. If the SIM card has been changed, you can also get the new phone number of the thief.
      Note: This program requires a jailbroken iPhone

      Method 3 out of 5: Use social networks

      Step 1: Use social networking You never know - in letting people know via Twitter or Facebook that you lost your phone can pay big dividends if someone follows your pages or a friendship with you online falls over.
      • This is unlikely to succeed but friends of friends of friends are sometimes a good way to find what you have lost.
      • You can use Twitter to keep an eye on your iPhone. Only create an account for your iPhone and email address separated.
      • Protect your Twitter account so that only you or a limited number of people, such as your spouse or partner work to see. Then configure your iPhone to tweet regularly.
      • Install "FindMe" program, it will use the tweets of the Twitter account to give you the id of the GSM and relay the latitude and longitude using Google Maps

      Method 4 out of 5: Go to the authorities

      Pictorial Guide to Track and Find Lost iPhone
      Step 1: Check with the local police. stations and police offices found around the place where you lost your iPhone can produce positive results. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that someone currently filed your phone, or in any case, leave your contact information because there may be a delay of procedural and object return.
      • The amount of lost items that are never recovered police stations is huge - make a visit to the sales of the police auction!
      • Think wide. Although you have lost your iPhone in a neighborhood or suburb, someone who could end up using a police station in a neighborhood or a suburb near their home, especially if it is pressed or not happen not find the police station where he found the phone. Also ask how you can check police stations outside your area.

      Method 5 out of 5: Preventive Measures

      How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate a Lost or Stolen iPhone
      Stpe: 1 Take good care of your iPhone and try not to lose it again. Losing iPhone and never find is a costly experience and can potentially expose your privacy. Do your best not to lose again the following these suggestions:
      • Always double-check that you have your iPhone on you well when you leave a place - cafes, restaurants, meetings, other than your own houses, museums, opera, etc.. Take only used to make sure you have well before leaving.
      • Put your iPhone in a safe place at all times. Losing iPhone is much easier if you're not careful where you put it. Bags that allow their content easily fall, pockets that flips when you move, and leave it unattended when you swim or do laps, etc.. are ways to get the stick to be beaten. Put your iPhone safe in a trust object to transport or lock it somewhere when you practice outdoor or sports activities, so you do not have to worry.
      For Find My iPhone to work, you must enable it. To do this go to the iCloud tab in Settings, and turn the knob to Find My iPhone on It .


      When you delete data from your iPhone, this erases all data like contacts, emails, applications and everything else.

      What you need

      • An iCloud account
      • IPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or other
      • An Apple ID
      • Computer

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      In this tutorial you will learn how to add Beautiful email subscription box below blogger post.Subscribers are one of the important factor that affect the existence of the blog.If you don't have any subscribers ,it means you don't have any loyal readers.You don't have people waiting for your posts.It will indeed make your blog less lively and least engaged.So the best way to increase subscribers and thereby traffic is to add the cool email subscription widget powered by feed burner
      responsive Email Subscription Widget for blogger
      This email subscription widget is pretty beautiful and is Highly customized by Css which make it elegant and cool.You can add this widget any where  in your blogger blog or Wordpress blog.Bu the recommended option would be to choose the below post area as that is where visitors click are concentrated.
      Live demo-Subscribe Us widget for blogger

      How to add subscribe us widget below post blogger?

      Find the below code on your blogger template
      Add this Css before the searched code
      h4{font-size:24px;border-bottom:1px solid #746E6E;padding:10px;letter-spacing:2px}#emailsub input[type=&quot;email&quot;],.sl_in_mail{margin-right:-6px;padding:16px
      0 16px 40px;width:50%;border:none}#emailsub
      90px}#emailsub input[type=submit]{border-radius:0;box-shadow:none;padding:18px
      24px 16px;letter-spacing:2px;border:none;background:#E06;cursor:pointer;color:#FFF}#emailsub
      0 25px}#emailsub.efooter{background:none}#emailsub.efooter
      form{text-align:left;padding:0}#emailsub.efooter input[type=&quot;submit&quot;],#emailsub.efooter input[type=&quot;email&quot;],.wg_in_mail{padding:10px;letter-spacing:0px}#emailsub.efooter.sidebar{background:#3C3C33;padding:20px}#emailsub.efooter.sidebar
      Now we have completed adding we need to postion thi swidget acording to our needs.You can add this email subscribtion widget any where but here we will be adding at the bottom of the page.Hence we need to look for the footer code of the template
      Find the below code [You can press CTRL+F]
       <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
      Immediately after the code add the below code
       <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
      <div id='emailsub'><form action='' method='post' onsubmit=';;, &apos;popupwindow&apos;, &apos;scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520&apos;);return true' target='popupwindow'><h4>Email Newsletter</h4><div class='counter'><b>Join with 549 Subscribers ! </b> Get Our Latest Articles Delivered to Your email Inbox and <b>Get Giveaways, Tips to Become a GEEK!</b></div><input class='sl_in_mail' name='email' placeholder='Enter Your Email Address' type='email'/><input name='uri' type='hidden' value='GudTricksz'/><input name='loc' type='hidden' value='en_US'/><input type='submit' value='SUBSCRIBE'/><p/><p/><p><small>When signing up you will initially receive a confirmation email requiring your approval to complete the Subscribtion.</small></p></form></div></b:if>
      The text in red color can be replaced by your feed burner id.
      Tags:Subscription widget for blogger,email subscription blogger,subscribe us,subscribe us widget footer,beautiful subscription widget,elegant cool subscribe feed burner:Tag end

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      "God my Adsense account is disabled.I don't know what the #### happened.!"This was the question that i was hearing for about a month now.Yes it's true.A lot of people are loosing adsense account due to invalid clicks and click bombing by adsense bots.It' s pretty disheartening to know that the hard put efforts are lost due to somebodies unacceptable wishes.So what to do.How to prevent click bombing? How to Stop invalid clicks by adsense bots.And finally i figured out an answer to this question.
      how to prevent Google Adsense Click bombing

      Adsense Click Bombing- What & How

      Adsense click bombing arise when Google ads are clicked many time within a given time gap by either a human or a bot.Google adsense TOS is strictly against invalid clicks and Google have advanced infrastructure to identify any type of invalid click risen.It is almost impossible to evade the eyes of Google  According to Adsense TOS the publisher is responsible for preventing Invalids click and if any invalid clicks are generator,the whole fault is dumped into the shoulders of the helpless publishers.

      Google is strict and they have explicitly told that invalid clicks could get your account banned.And if some ####ing people start to click bomb on your site ,there is nothing much you could do rather than to helplessly see the Hard earned Adsense account slipping away from your hands.
      adsense click bombing script
      There have been a lot of people who has lost their Adsense account due to this terrible vex.And when you know that they are the topmost bloggers,you will realise how hard the situation has become.
      Some of them are..
      Spencer Haw
      Zac Johnson
      Eric Gatti
      Gauher Chaudhry
      Theodore Nwangene

      How to Prevent Adsense Click Bombing using Php Script?

      I was damn afraid of loosing my adsense account.It was a necessity to develop a script that could prevent Adsense click bombing. Hence i came up with the below php script to stop adsense invalid clciks.

      Step 1:Register an Account at Statuscounter
      Status counter will ensure that the ip of the visitors reaching your sites are notes.And you can check from which IP you are getting More frequent hits [ 25+ or so-be logical]
      Note down the Ip.Now look at the script below.
      Step 2:Add this at the top of your Wordpress with all the IPs you have taken from the stat counter.
      $ip = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];
      $ip_array = array("", "", "", "", "");
      Then on all the Adsense codes replace with the following:
      if (in_array($ip, $ip_array)) {
      echo 'Blocked Adsense';
      else {
      echo '<Here comes the adsense code>';

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      Today I'm here with a tutorial on adding a professional price Table to blogger and Wordpress.Price tables have become common these days s they are widely used to exhibit data.WE have also used such type of price tables in our Premium services area.This Css price table completely works on pure Css hence you don't want to worry about the loading time of your page.
      price tag for bloggers and wordpress
      Also it's elegant design is quite catchy.Previously only Wordpress had the feature of adding a price tables and blogger didn't have even got a chance to taste it.But now I'm proud to announce Professional Css price table for both a blogger and wordpress.Hope you would enjoy this widget.
      How to add Professional Pricetable to blogger?
      Fins the below code
      Paste the following code below the searched code
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="all"/>

      Version 1 Code

       <div class="gw-go gw-go-clearfix gw-go-enlarge-current gw-go-4cols" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"><div class="gw-go-col-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue7 gw-go-shadow5">
      <div class="gw-go-header">
      <img alt="" class="gw-go-responsive-img" height="144" src="" title="" width="229" /></div><ul class="gw-go-body">
      <li><span class="gw-go-icon-green-ok gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">$9 / pcs</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even"><span class="gw-go-icon-green-star gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">Cum at probo / minimum</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li><li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even gw-go-has-tooltip">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <li>Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      </ul><div class="gw-go-footer"><a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-medium" href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a></div></div></div>
      <div class="gw-go-col-wrap gw-go-current"><div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue7 gw-go-shadow4"><div class="gw-go-ribbon-left gw-go-ribbon-left-red-top">
      </div><div class="gw-go-header">
      <img alt="" class="gw-go-responsive-img" height="144" src="" title="" width="229" /></div><ul class="gw-go-body">
      <li><span class="gw-go-icon-green-ok gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">$13 / pcs</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even"><span class="gw-go-icon-green-star gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">Cum at probo / minimum</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li><li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even gw-go-has-tooltip">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <li>Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      </ul><div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-large" href="" target="_blank"><span class="gw-go-btn-icon-large-white-basket gw-go-icon-left"></span>Purchase</a></div>
      </div></div><div class="gw-go-col-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue7 gw-go-shadow5">
      <div class="gw-go-header"><img alt="" class="gw-go-responsive-img" height="144" src="" title="" width="229" /></div><ul class="gw-go-body"><li><span class="gw-go-icon-green-ok gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">$26 / pcs</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li><li class="gw-go-even"><span class="gw-go-icon-green-star gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">Cum at probo / minimum</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even gw-go-has-tooltip">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <li>Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-medium" href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a></div>
      <div class="gw-go-col-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue7 gw-go-shadow4">
      <div class="gw-go-header">
      <img alt="" class="gw-go-responsive-img" height="144" src="" title="" width="229" /></div>
      <ul class="gw-go-body">
      <li><span class="gw-go-icon-green-ok gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">$44 / pcs</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even"><span class="gw-go-icon-green-star gw-go-icon-left"></span><span style="color: #333333;">Cum at probo / minimum</span><span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even gw-go-has-tooltip">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <li>Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #FFFFFF; border-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-medium" href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a></div>

      Widget Code -Version 2

       <div class="gw-go gw-go-clearfix gw-go-enlarge-current gw-go-3cols" style="margin-bottom: 20px;"><div class="gw-go-col-wrap"><div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue14">
      <div class="gw-go-header"><div class="gw-go-header-top">
      <h3>Column 1</h3><div class="gw-go-coin-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-coinf"><div>$9<small>1 month</small></div>
      </div><div class="gw-go-coinb">
      <div>$9<small>1 month</small></div>
      <div class="gw-go-header-bottom">
      </div></div><ul class="gw-go-body">
      <li>20 Splendide philosophia et<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Cum at probo / minimum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-has-tooltip">Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-medium" href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a></div>
      <div class="gw-go-col-wrap gw-go-current"><div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue14 gw-go-shadow2">
      <div class="gw-go-header"><div class="gw-go-header-top">
      Column 2</h3><div class="gw-go-coin-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-coinf"><div>
      $13<small>2 months</small></div>
      </div><div class="gw-go-coinb">
      <div>$13<small>2 months</small></div>
      </div></div></div><div class="gw-go-header-bottom">
      </div></div><ul class="gw-go-body">
      <li>30 Splendide philosophia et<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Cum at probo / minimum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-has-tooltip">Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-large" href="" target="_blank"><span class="gw-go-btn-icon-large-white-basket gw-go-icon-left"></span>Purchase</a></div>
      <div class="gw-go-col-wrap">
      <div class="gw-go-col gw-go-blue14"><div class="gw-go-header"><div class="gw-go-header-top">
      <h3>Column 3</h3><div class="gw-go-coin-wrap"><div class="gw-go-coinf"><div>
      $26<small>3 months</small></div>
      <div class="gw-go-coinb"><div>$26<small>3 months</small></div>
      </div></div></div><div class="gw-go-header-bottom">
      </div></div><ul class="gw-go-body"><li>40 Splendide philosophia et<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Cum at probo / minimum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li>Falli libris has id facer<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-even">Pertinax vel eum ne molestie<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;"></span></li>
      <li class="gw-go-has-tooltip">Taleni noluisse signiferum<span class="gw-go-tooltip" style="background: #3879c1; border-color: #3879c1; color: white; width: 130px;">Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.</span></li>
      <div class="gw-go-footer">
      <a class="gw-go-btn gw-go-btn-medium" href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a></div>

      From the Editors Desk

      It's my privilege to present to you before the Price table for blogger.We have put the maximum Efforts to bring up such a widget,If you respect our hard work,don't redistribute this widget without proper credits.Also Please comment down your experience with our new widget.Got any Question plz let us know via 

      0 0

      If you are a Blogger or a Webmaster,you should have surely come across the word called Alexa rank.There are a lot of misconceptions that the people has about Alexa.It is just that they don't exactly know what Alexa actually is or how does Alexa perform?And they are a millions question that you would be having in mind about why people blindly believes in Alexa rank,or so they provide significantly accurate information about Traffic.In this post we will discuss all that stuff.
      how to boost alexa rank fast

      Introduction to Alexa.

      Alexa is know as "Traffic Measure" to almost all newbie blogger.But indeed Alexa is a web information Company started by Amazon inc  founded and running live since 1996.Alexa is currently the best choice of almost all the webmasters for estimating the traffic of there site and it ranks almost 30 million websites in the world.Alexa do provide an estimate of your traffic and it combine data's that included the source if the traffic,the geographic area of the traffic,the global spread of the visits ,keywords that were you to discover you sites etc.Also they provide in depth services to those who are the premium subscribers of Alexa.

      What Alexa actually is? 

      how to boost alexa ranking
      All that stated above is the clear description of Alexa.  But there are a lot of widespread rumors in the field of blogging about Alexa.We will discuss the most unknown facts about Alexa below

      Alexa Rank is just an estimate !

      Alexa can never provide you the exact statistical data about your traffic.Alexa is just a rough estimate of your global traffic.This is mainly because Alexa don't have individual crawlers for each websites like Google analytics does.Alexa traffic crawlers doesn't take in account of visits that last for few seconds and does take into account of artificial traffic created by traffic bots and software's.This makes the Alexa Rank Just an estimate of the actual traffic that your site makes.

      Installing Alexa Toolbar Doesn't Increase your Alexa

      I have heard lot of people suggesting that installing Alexa toolbar will help you increase you Alexa rank.It is just a dozens of stupidity.Alexa completely works on generation of traffic and it has got nothing to do with toolbars .If you have ever fallen into the words of such idiotic craziness,then it is high time that you "Double think".

      Writing A review About Alexa is not gong to Help.

      And this is another crazy suggestion that i have got from one of my fellow newbie blogger.He said "Just write a  review about Alexa on your Blog and they will surely increase you Alexa rank".:(.At first i got a feeling that he had a point.Who wouldn't  love someone promoting  him for free??But indeed this was an insane suggestion.Alexa is a organization providing free services like Google does and they make the best of efforts they could to make the ranking as accurate as possible.Hence any individual favor will surely affect the ranking system and Alexa would hate to take a risk with their ever trusted traffic rank.

      Why you should never bother too much about Alexa..?

      Alexa  is just another estimate of your traffic behind the screens.As a blogger you must first focus on delivering quality content.When your content is unique ,there would be people to read your posts.They will be glad to like it and share if they find that the post helped them.And hen the readers list increases ,the traffic to increase .And this is the base to Blogging success.And when you have a lively traffic,the Alexa rank will follow you.So never worry about Alexa.It is just a measure.You do posses far better potential than What Alexa limits it to..

      Google Analytics | Best alternative to Alexa.

      Now that i have said almost all that about Alexa,who wouldn't mind asking another alternative for Alexa?In fact there is only one thing that could compete with Alexa's efficiency and that is Google analytics.In deed,google analytic have got a lot of features that distinguishes itself from Alexa.They are free and more accurate so why don't you give google analytics a try???
      • More Accurate and precise
      • Individual crawlers collecting data
      • Must requirement if you plan to sell your websites in future.
      • Features such as visiting time, hot posts,most viewed content,targeted traffic and keyword analysis
      Did i miss something?? Or do you agree to the points stated? Please give your valuable feedback.I would love to hear them .A simple comment  means a lot to me.

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