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    Watch Live TV For Free With Your VLC Player :Are you missing your favorite TV channels from march 30th Indian central govt going to stop broadcasting through wired networks (through cables wire) actually there are many reasons behind to stop broadcastin through cable wire
    Watch Live TV For Free With Your VLC Player

    then this tricks is for you NOW indian fovourate IPL-6 gonna start from 6th april every indian eagerly waiting for this IPL moment so now you can watch your best IPL team in your computer or laptop for free with HD clarity for this you just want VLC player i think VLC player is already installed in your pc or laptop if not then just DOWNLOAD it from here
    are you worrying about your internet speed dont't worry then VLC player streams at low band width also to increase your INTERNET SPEED just go through this post below link it's easy no software nothing just change your DNS settings

    Even indian's who are use to stay at other countries probably they miss our india channels so this tricks also for them now they can watch INDIAN'S most IPL cricket matches

    steps to setup tv on your VLC player
    *What you have to do is:
    Open your VLC player what you have installed previously
    After that open Go to "media" Drop Down Menu at the Top of the player Select "streaming"option so you can see new pop up window open(shown in pic.)

    Select Network option and past the streame url of channel

    As Example For B4U Music's streame url is "rtsp://"

    Paste it on Adress bar

    best way to watch tv online free
    4.Now you can observe at the bottom of that window Select "Play" option from Streame Drop down menu

    5.Wait for some moment while let vlc player collect some information what requires and your channel will start streaming.....Enjoy your favorite channel

    (your vidio is on 3gp formate but you got another advantage that you can watch tv on low internet speed)
    now watch free online tv for slow internet speed

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    Facebook Has unveiled a new interface for its newsfeed. No revolution but rather to wait so minor changes to improve the experience of users of the social network.
    facebook news feed
    The most significant change is the left column where different features, pages and groups. Facebook chooses simplicity hiding some sub-menus in a dropdown menu. The news feed is still more beautiful from the picture even more with this new design. Always to give a more refined look, Facebook has opted for the use of two unique fonts, very classic, Helvetica and Arial .

    Another visible change a gray background instead of white. Published content and the right sidebar remain white, which gives a contrast to the overall appearance.
    facebook new interface
    Facebook does not want too so upset its users with a too drastic change. "People do not like to change their habits," said the official in charge of the Facebook news Greg Marra thread. Facebook realizes that users do not want to constantly relearn how to use their Wall topical and therefore opted for changes smoothly.
    Another innovation, the presence of Graph Search for all users instead of the traditional search bar. For the record, the Graph Search is a service only available for the English version of the site that allows users to search for people and things with natural language. For example, you can type "friends who love Game of Thrones "to find all your friends who liked content in connection with the famous TV series.

    Facebook remains as careful about any changes to its social network. We are not falling habits almost a billion users like this. For experimentation, she now prefers to create new applications from scratch as Facebook Paper , which consequently gives a true breath of fresh to your news feed by mixing it with information from known media.

    Finally, note that these changes are not for everyone! As often happens with Facebook, this new interface should be deployed gradually. Patience then!

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    If you are concerned that your Facebook account has been hacked, you should check your account. We will show you the steps that you should follow.
    my facebook account got hacked

    What you can do if your Facebook account has been hacked

    My account was hacked. Suddenly postings appear as "If you want to lose weight, you should try-XXX-drop." or similar spam, guarantees you have not written.
    Are you sure you have not tell anyone your Facebook login? Otherwise, you should first find out whether someone has a joke allowed.

    You can still log into your Facebook account?

    tricks to get your facebook account back how to
    1. Login to your Facebook account.
    2. Click this Facebook link to secure your account and change the password.
    3. Click in the top left click on "Edit Profile". Check in your profile, if only your own or a strange new e-mail address is still associated with your account. If yes, you must delete this necessarily.
    4. The same applies for registered mobile numbers.
    5. Edit your Facebook security settings. First press on the gear icon on the top right. Then select "Settings" -> "Security". You can be informed, for example, about an email if someone else logs into your account.
    6. Here, addition can be ordered releases and Likes check. It also happens that sometimes accepted permissions by mistake and are clicked.

    You do not have access to your Facebook account more?

    1. First, check whether you are still able to login to your email account, which is connected with Facebook and that you have there and email you about a change of password. This includes a link to change your log-ins again.
    2. To change your password, go to the log in page of Facebook. There is the option "Forgot Password?".
    3. If you no longer have access to your mail address, follow the instructions as if you have forgotten your password. You have to enter your account name and a friend.

    If the first steps do not work: Please contact Facebook

    If all else fails, there is still a procedure that Facebook has created to rescue chopped accounts. Follow the instructions on facebook.com /hacked . You can also log in with a former password there.
    Then you should definitely use a virus protection program to check your computer.

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      With Google Docs you can in a few minutes to create large and small surveys. About extensive response options, such as scales, multiple choice and free-text answers, you make the poll according to your wishes.

      To open your Google Docs survey mask

      How To Create Online Surveys In Google Docs
      To create surveys with Google Docs, you need a Google account.
      • Login and go to the menu on "Products" to "Docs". Alternatively, you also get over the short link "Drive" on the top black bar any Google page to the documents.
      • In the left menu block you can now select with the description "Form" by clicking the button "Create" the green leaf. This will open your survey mask

      Question and answer choices to create

      • In the first line, you can give the survey a title, add the following line including a more detailed description.
      • In the third row, you will be prompted to specify a type of question. You can choose between seven different response options: text, paragraph text, multiple choice question, ticking, choose from a list, scale and grid. Depending on the response type you give as the survey participants the opportunity itself or add answer options to formulate a free text.
      • Do you want to add more questions, you can "Add Item" so with the function below to do your last question. You might as well choose the answer choice.

      Complete survey, send and publish on Facebook

      Creating an online survey with Google
      • When you have entered all the questions and answers, you can at bottom of page to submit a confirmation message that should get displayed the survey participants after successful participation.
      • You can also select whether the link for sending further responses to be displayed, the survey results should be available to all participants and whether participants are allowed to edit the responses later.
      • Click "Submit Form" button to generate the survey link. This will open a box allowing you to invite Teinehmer by e-mail. Alternatively, the survey can publish on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you want to give colleagues or acquaintances editing rights, you can do that also.

      The analysis of the survey

      What good is a survey if the results are not met? These can be saved in an Excel spreadsheet and can be displayed in a diagram.
      • Specify whether the results should be integrated into a new table or an existing table. Alternatively, you can also save directly in the survey responses.
      • In the menu you can view the poll results under "My File". By "form", see also the section "Summary of responses show". Here you will find a graphical analysis of each question in the form of pie charts.
      Create a free online survey with Google Forms
      For creative user an additional 18 free design template are under "design" ready. For more complex surveys, for example, scientific or statistical work, but portals such as "are SoSci "and" Survey Monkey "more appropriate. There are in addition refined response options and the option to integrate media elements. For appointment scheduling itself "is Doodle ".

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      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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      Online, it is usually the best way to get cheaper premiums while getting the best quality product for your peace of mind. But going with a specialist broker can ensure that you get the very cheapest quotes as a specialist can acquire several things on your account quickly and easily.
      insurance quotes online
      While insurance can not restore memories, it can help you rebuild youryour home and property if the worst should take place and you have to lose everything. So, let a specialist broker shops around on your behalf and you find some home insurance quotes for backup and peace of mind.

      Home insurance quotes does not have to be expensive. You can simply get an affordable quote that will meet your finances and provide you with the insurance coverage you need for your peace of mind. Even if you do not have issues with your existing insurance provider, you can save by shopping.

      Searching the online home affordable insurance quotes, you have access to a greater number of insurance providers. There are many different providers authorized to apply in a range of insurance states, and not all have an observable presence in every town and city.
      The best way to get the best quotes to compare rates from different companies. There may be a huge distinction rate from one company to another, so it pays to spend a few minutes comparing home insurance quotes online. It currently has websites where you can find quotes from several different insurers, and even you can have a discussion with a professional insurance to find answers to you questions.

      Your home may be the biggest investment you will ever where it just makes sense to protect completely done. Fortunately, this is not mean that you have to spend an outrageous amount to do.
      If you want to get some excellent resources on home insurance, please visit my site all about insurance or house insurance quotes

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      There are very many reasons why you might want to be a millionaire. You are very happy in your work and in your life today? But maybe one day you would like to have more free time to spend with your children? Perhaps you would like from pre retire early to devote more time to your business? Maybe you'll be tired of the stress of your professional life? Or do you just want to be more relaxed about your future and you make a comfortable income?
      become a billionarire rich
      All these reasons are good but will not make you a millionaire and unfortunately if you have not made a fortune with your company, if you are not from a bourgeois family or if you have no affinity particular with the underworld, there is little chance that you're a millionaire today!
      Fortunately, I have good news for you! There is another way to become a millionaire. And you too can get there. Need to have very large incomes, a large capital, win the lottery or marry an heiress! You simply need to follow and apply the following five steps.

      1. Expand your income:
      Of course, the higher your income will be higher the faster you will reach your goal. Yet I know people who have annual income 6 digits but possess only consumer credit or a big car whose value depreciates faster than ice in the sun. Needless to have very large incomes to become a millionaire.
      The important thing is what you do with your money. You must prepare for future events in your life (birth, retirement ...) to cope financially.

      You must do everything to try to develop your income. Be proactive and try to improve your situation constantly. You invest in a positive way in your work. Make a difference and take control of your life, think about the changes you can make. Develop other sources of income (business, internet ...).
      Increase your income will take time but if you really want, you can do it.
      2. Save :
      Okay, you have developed your income and now what's happening? Regardless of your income, if you spend all or even more each month, you will not get rich! Maybe eat in great restaurants, dress in designer and roll in the last convertible fashion will make you look millionaire but will not make you become a millionaire, on the contrary!
      Spend less than your income, is the key to your financial success. then save the difference. Obviously the more money saved, the higher you enrich quickly.
      To not fail at this step, you can put your savings into "autopilot". To do this simply set up automatic payments to a savings account as soon as you receive your salary.

      3. Invest :
      This step is very important. Many people manage to save regularly but do not invest their savings. Often by fear and / or ignorance.
      Investing your money is the best way to "spend"! Let compound interest work for you and not against you. Need to be trader Defense or read the financial press every day to be a good investor.
      The best advice for your investments is to invest regularly. If you follow this step, you already do a lot more than most people and develop your capital much faster. But you can increase your results by following step number four.
      4. Diversify Your Investments
      You can become a millionaire by buying monthly shares of the same company for 20 years. You can become a millionaire by buying an apartment and hope that its value is multiplied by 10 in the next 20 years. It's taking a lot of risks with your money.

      Do not put all your eggs in one basket!
      Diversify your investments, whether in action, bonds, real estate ... Do not invest all your money in one place. You can not run the risk of losing work all your life.
      Diversify your investments not only helps you reduce your risk but also increase your yields and smooth performance. Performance of the stock market, real estate, bonds ... often operate uncorrelated . When a sector is in crisis, another grows.
      Develop a strategy for growth in the long term: Diversify your investments.

      5. Repeat steps 1-4
      Congratulations, you have implemented steps 1-4. Well continue. Simply repeat this process that you will achieve your goal:
      1. Expand your income
      2. Save
      3. Invest
      4. Diversify
      Keep in mind your goal and how to achieve faster: increase your income by playing in your work, changing society or creating your own business, increase your savings to invest more and grow your wealth faster.
      Many external factors will make the task more or less difficult. But follow this process will allow you to achieve your goal , whether it be in 5 years or 50 years. There is no secret to becoming a millionaire and if you apply these rules, you'll get there.

      Must Read: Deadly Tips to Make Money via Blogging Online

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      Enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp On our Pc is one of the most popular options among Internet users, looking for a larger and more functional format when chatting with friends and family.
      Unlike other similar apps like Line, Whatsapp not account today, with an official version for pc, but is expected to soon appear something along these lines if we consider the user demand. However, we can always find interesting alternatives when whatsapp download free PC , and for this we have to surf the net looking for solutions.

      Users who have an Android phone or tablet are you will find it easier to install WhatsApp for pc , and there is the application YouWave a compatible tool for mobile applications on a PC, so then have downloaded this app on our computer, we can enforce the download Whatsapp , very similar to the "mobile" version but has some minor differences. All other users who use other operating systems such as iOS or Windows Phone will have to rely more convoluted and complex alternatives, although the result is successful anyway.

      download whatsapp on laptop
      Obviously use WhatsApp for free on a PC opens a new form of communication that could be seen as the natural replacement of the traditional "messenger", which is that both applications have the common denominator being the major reference of instant messaging, although the Microsoft tool has fallen into oblivion due mainly to the strong impact of social networks, especially Facebook.

      Will it happen the same with WhatsApp? Is he going to lose popularity over time at the expense of other similar applications?. Time will tell and time is advisable to use this instant messaging service for mobile devices .... and equipment table as a computer or Pc.

      For How to Install Whatsapp On pc Watch This Video Tutorial

      Whatsapp installation process

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      WhatsApp One of the most popular smartphone apps in the world today is, without doubt, WhatsApp . The instant messaging application has managed to conquer the hearts of the people and, today, it is common that everyone wear this application installed on your smartphone. Of course, there are those who do not already have WhatsApp, but are usually the same people who do not even have data rate in their devices, which some people call " the dear friends . "
      How to Install WhatsApp on iPad mini without jailbreak
      WhatsApp not only allows us to send text messages to your contacts , it is also possible to send photos, videos, audio notes, contacts and even send our exact location in case your smartphone is capable of geolocation. Definitely a very complete program and interesting sea.

      Is it possible to have WhatsApp on iPad, iPad Mini Air or iPad?

      For iOS, WhatsApp, initially, is only available for iPhone. The developers have not been released to publish a version for iPad App and time is necessary to use certain " tricks "to get to have the IM application on the iPad, something that may not appeal to many people.

      We assume that the reason that WhatsApp has not reached the tablet is that the application is associated with the phone number of the user, so that in many tablet that do not have mobile connectivity could not be configured correctly, at least not using just the telephone number. If he cast a version for these devices, would complicate the system log and request an email address to make it compatible.

      Maybe someday this is a possibility, but today it is not possible to have WhatsApp on iPad. Well, at least not officially, because there is always a way to do this kind of things, but not like the developers of the application ...

      How to Install WhatsApp on iPad (thank WhatsPad)

      Install WhatsApp on iPod or iPad without Jailbreak
      To have WhatsApp on iPad the first step will be applied to the device Jailbreak. This is the only way we can install applications that are not available in the App Store, but you are so in favor of using this method will not have WhatsApp on your iPad or iPad Mini. If you apply the Jailbreak is something you do not worry, in our class on the subject will find the necessary information to complete this process.

      If you have your device with Jailbreak the next step is to download WhatsApp with necessary modifications . Ideally, do it from vShare because this way you can get the latest version available.
      Once installed, the next thing is install the application WhatsPad . You can find it in the BigBoss repo (apt.thebigboss.org /) Cydia. Once installed both applications is to restart the iPad (or iPad Mini). Furthermore, to force the app is displayed full screen (it is important to mention that WhatsApp is shown only as an iPhone app with 2X mode on any iPad), we can also install the tweak  FullForce , available through Cydia.

      Once restarted you can open WhatsApp. At this time you will request a valid phone number. In this area you will have to write an actual phone number, and you'll receive an SMS with a need for the application to function code. It is important to mention that if you put the same phone number you use in WhatsApp on your smartphone, the account will run only on iPad and you can not re-activate the phone until an hour at least .

      Install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer

      If you prefer to install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer is possible. As you're imagining, to install the application need to use some software that can do this. Of course, iTunes will not allow it because it is a modified application, so you should use iFunBox , an interesting tool for installing software on iPad in a convenient way.

      The first step is to download the latest version of WhatsApp to your computer.
      Once downloaded, you must install the iFunBox application is available for both Mac and for Windows .

      1. Open iFunBox application and select the option "Install App "located on the top bar, toward the center.
      2. In the new window that is displayed, you must choose the WhatsApp application that you downloaded in the first point. The installation process will begin and will last just a few seconds.
      3. Once called WhatsApp appear on the desktop of the iPad, but you should not run it. The next step is to access Cydia and install WhatsPad application and if you want the tweak FullForce to display full size.
      4. Once installed WhatsPad, and can run WhatsApp and follow the steps on screen to activate the application.
      The steps to install WhatsApp on iPad are very simple, although it is important to mention again that in order to do this installation you need to have a device with Jailbreak applied and that the application is not officially supported by the heads of WhatsApp, so nobody could fail and be responsible for it.
      To run WhatsApp on iPad you must have done the Jailbreak process . Therefore, WhatsApp can work on any model of iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 iPad Air , iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina iOS Jailbreak 7 installed and applied).

      Do you have any doubt as to have WhatsApp on your iPad ? Ask in the comments!

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      The application Snapchat lets you send and receive messages with photos and short videos. While this is their most popular feature, and what distinguishes it from other similar, there are many who would like to be able to save some of these images to see them again later. If you are one of them then you will know some tricks and applications save pictures and videos Snapchat .
      Save photos making screenshots
      The fastest way to save a picture received in Snapchat is making a screenshot. In other words, this is taking a picture of what at the time shows the screen of your mobile device.
      To take a screenshot on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you must be seeing that image you want to save. Then for a few seconds then hold the buttons on / off your computer and also the Home or Home , ie, the only button that exists below the screen of your device. For Snapchat, because they are images with limited duration, you must do this quickly, before the picture disappears. Once you have captured the image you'll be able to see her in the gallery of images from your laptop.

      To take a screenshot on an Android device , versions 4.0 or later, you should keep pressed for a few seconds the Volume Down button and the on / off. Then an animation will tell you that the picture has been saved and you can see it in the photo gallery.
      SnapHack Pro

      Application SnapHack Pro, available for devices with IOS operating system, allows you to save pictures and videos Snapchat received. To do this you need to download and install this application and then sign it using your username and password Snapchat.

      then when you receive notification that you have received a new message Snapchat, go to SnapHack Pro and open it from there. So you can save your content to see him again later. If you do not follow these steps and open the message from Snapchat, you can not save these images.
      Later you can forward these photos via email or share them on social networks Twitter and Facebook , as desired. And in case you were wondering, using Pro SnapHack the person I am sending you these pictures will not know that you saved.
      can download SnapHack Pro from the iTunes download store.

      SnapCapture is available for devices with Android operating system. Much like the previous application way, once you've downloaded and installed you will have to enter it with your credentials Snapchat.

      'll also need to open your new messages from her, not from Snapchat order to save. And who sent you those pictures or video also will be notified that you have saved.
      can download SnapCapture from Google Play Store.
      Repeat that last image or video

      A fourth option that accounts for power to see those images and videos Snapchat is activating the call option Replay . This is included in the latest version of Snapchat and, as the name suggests, allows you to return a second time to see images or videos, but on one condition. Guests can repeat only a photo or video every 24 hours

      While this option does not allow you to store these messages at least it allows you to relive those moments without resorting to tricks to memorize or applications. To enable it, check the section Configuring your application Snapchat. Then, select the option and then Adjust Additional Services ( Manage ). This is where you can activate the option Replay , and other filters and effects to Snapchat .

      If you decide to install one of the options above for both iOS or Android, keep in mind that a future update of Snapchat could disable some of its features, so it is important to keep them up to date all these applications. If you have problems, check the official websites or contact them to have created them.

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      Facebook has released his wallet yesterday to buy WhatsApp for $ 16 billion . A huge sum that betrays the importance of the transaction to the social network. Although with 450 million users worldwide and a strong growth, the instant discussion was becoming more used to exchange messages even before the SMS.
      whatsapp for symbian
      Now that WhatsApp is not an independent service, but that belongs to Facebook, at least a portion of its users do not want more. If you too are allergic to social network, you probably are looking for an alternative. Fortunately, similar applications do not fail ... quick overview of six of them.


      Apple offers its users an instant chat with iMessage . This service is not a direct competitor, since it is restricted to Apple products can not be used to send a message to a user of Android smartphone. On the iPhone, the application messages automatically switch to traditional text messages if necessary and if your package integrates as is often the case in France, it is not too inconvenient.
      whatsapp icons
      iMessage is accessed from an iOS device or a Mac. The service is completely free and it offers no additional function, even if Apple allows in audio or video call with FaceTime .


      LINE is one of the most popular services after WhatsApp , perhaps the best candidate to succeed him is. Born in Japan, the application starts to be popular around the world and it stands out from its competitors with an impressive amount of options and associated functions. As everywhere, you can buy virtual stickers to send to your contacts, but you can also change the theme with clear differences. The editor even designing games with a kind of integrated App Store.
      Six Great Messaging Alternatives To WhatsApp
      LINE is free, but supported by in-app purchases. A mobile application is available on all platforms, you can also count on a PC Version and Mac . Besides the cat, the service includes a feature audio and video calls.


      The primary function of Skype is not the exchange of text messages, but the Microsoft also offers this feature and you can also use it as a replacement for WhatsApp . Cat side, however, the more limited: you can send text, photos, and that's about it. In return, the application is very simple to use and it does not overwrite the user dozens of paid options. This for years, the service is widely used.
      Six alternatives to WhatsApp now that Facebook
      Skype is available with all mobile and desktop platforms, including from a simple browser. The free service is funded by credit to call any number and advertisements in the iOS app.


      Viber is a VoIP client first competitor to Skype, but it also offers a chat feature. Also widely used, this service was among the first to sell stickers to enrich conversations. For the rest, it does not provide specific functions, but found all the basic ones. Note that the service was recently purchased by Rakuten, business website online Japanese: we do not yet know if this will have an impact.
      Best WhatsApp alternatives for Facebook haters
      Free, Viber is funded through in-app purchases and credit "Viber Out" which allows you to call any number. In addition to the chat, you can call audio only. The service is available on all mobile platforms and on all computers (Windows, Mac and Linux client).


      Provided by Google, Hangouts is a pretty similar service in the spirit in iMessage. On Android devices, it is even now the default application to send messages, SMS or not. It is not however restricted to Android and can be used on the iPhone and send messages to service users. Needless to rely on a plethora of functions, we have the minimum here: you can send only photos with the text and there are no stickers or theme.
      WhatsApp Alternatives: Six instant messaging apps
      Hangouts is for iOS or Android devices, even if they can be accessed from a browser. The service is completely free and includes a function call audio and video.


      BBM is both the oldest in this selection, and the last to be released on the App Store. BlackBerry service is no longer reserved for smartphones manufacturer, we can now use it on iOS and Android devices. The application does not have a standard interface, but it does not lack arguments with even some exclusive features, especially for groups. Still BBM is probably out too late exclusivity and service users and lack of appeal.
      Alternatives for WhatsApp
      Free, BBM works on iOS, Android and BlackBerry products. The service also allows you to call in audio or video.


      We said in the introduction, the alternatives are not lacking. If you are looking for a clone of WhatsApp , with a simple interface and also almost the same functions, WeChat is a service that is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in China. Another option, Kik is used by hundred million users and it has the characteristic to facilitate the transmission of images, meme or videos with an integrated search engine. In both cases, these services are free and funded by in-app purchases and are found on all mobile platforms.

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      He had not listened to talk about Nokia , which is that the Finish company after being one of the major figures in the mobile industry at the beginning of the century, gradually fell into oblivion after getting stuck offering obsolete mobile devices compared other devices offered by other companies.
      how to Download WhatsApp for Nokia Free
      However, and for a while, especially when the cooperation of Microsoft in the operating system of confirmed Nokia phones , it seems that the Finnish brand is back on the ball and an example of this is the Lumia series, mobile phones high end are expecting a blockbuster.

      Thus, surf the Internet or use many applications are feasible options in a Nokia phone, and in this regard it is note worthy to WhatsApp as one of the most popular apps on the market, a factor that does not surprise us if we consider the benefits offered by this IM tool with which we can chat or share files for free and easily.

      whatsapp for nokia mobile
      That is why many people are interested in free download whatsapp for Nokia, a choice can be made ​​from the application store Nokia ( Windows Phone ) via a simple and intuitive process. Moreover, users who have an older version of Nokia and work with the Symbian operating system may also need to know that install, very simple, and of course free download whatsapp for Nokia on your mobile device.

       Definitely time to welcome Nokia in competitive high-end phones, and in this sense, can not miss the most comprehensive app in the market, WhatsApp, a tool designed specifically to allow free communication and real time.

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      Take a Screenshot on a Mac :The Windows PC is distributed well in many parts of the earth. Enjoy, not least because of the exclusive nature and in many parts significantly more favorable user interface and MAC systems from the renowned house of Apple a steadily growing popularity. Many features are incorporated herein by other means to complete, so it can turn out quite as difficult for a former Windows users, if you're upgrading to a Mac.
      taking a screenshot on a mac
      However, one must take a cut in what regards the functions granted herein in any way. Example, those who want to shoot a picture of the current events on the screen, which can benefit from the attractive advantages similar to the Microsoft operating system by means of a button press. For whatever reason it may be advisable to use such a function and how they can avail you find the following lines in the detail!
      Keyboard shortcuts:
      CMD + Shift + 3 (file is created equal)
      CMD + Shift + Ctrl + 3 (screenshot is copied to clipboard)
      CMD + Shift + 4 (area for screenshot can be selected)
      CMD + Shift + 4, then Spacebar (a screenshot of the current window)

      Why even make a screenshot?

      One or the other will perhaps make the quite legitimate question in this context, why you need such a feature at all. The answer to this question is quite versatile. For example, it may be advisable if you fabricated just such a screenshot of a transfer made by Internet, in order to prove in a direct way can that this transfer was initiated.

      If you have been eating for example, a con artist on the World Wide Web, then it may be advantageous, for example, the website through which the fraud was carried out, figuratively hold. Usually selbige web presences will be discarded after a short time, so the evidence would be gone. If you want to show on the Mac users, what features you have to press in order to achieve the desired result, then this possibility is also beneficial. Just creator of so-called tutorials can give expression to a said screenshot in this way.

      The essential procedure on Mac

      First of all it must be mentioned in this context that the same are several shortcut keys for the shooting of a mentioned screenshot on the Mac that can be selected. On the one hand, such a screenshot via CMD + Shift + 3 accomplished this with a screenshot of the screen is created as a file. It is also possible to access the CMD key + Shift + Ctrl + 3, where the snapshot is stored in the clipboard. With CMD + Shift + 4, the area in which the screenshot is to be created, can be precisely selected. Lastly, can be trusted, press the key combination CMD + Shift + 4 + Spacebar then. In this case, a screenshot of the current window is created.

      Search terms:
      take a screenshot on mac
      take screenshot mac
      how to take a screenshot on a mac

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      'Earn Money Online ': The Internet is becoming again as a medium of infinite possibilities presented. And so it is not surprising that you are using different versions your income a little fatten up on the internet can.
       Unfortunately, this has in practice often a slightly bitter because unscrupulous, aftertaste. On the web, of course, the galaxy with many dubious providers of services and services of all kinds
      best ways to make money online on web
      But it need not be. There are countless ways a completely honest and without much effort on the web nice extra income to achieve. Here we want you to base a helpful infographic to introduce some of them and thereby give valuable advice. And who knows, maybe even one of the variants works for you so well that you will make money with it properly soon.
      Quick Tips For Making Money on the Web:
      • Do not give up a fixed income. Please try first your web work to perform at your actual job and then see you on how things develop.
      • Try not to overuse it. Everyone needs a little free time. Even social contacts you should not neglect thereby.
      • Make only jobs that you be fun. Only if you really have joy in your new job, you will also be long-term and initially motivated to perform well for smaller amounts.
      • Be careful when playing for money. While it may sound like a simple method, playful way to earn money, the financial risk as well as the addictive potential is there but with so many people far greater than one might think.
      • The tips below are intended to represent only some suggestions. The Web provides in fact an innumerable wealth of opportunities to earn money.

      10 ways to seriously make money on the Web:

      Certainly, in the following 10 tips for you the right approach here:

      1 .Sell ​​Stock Photos

      Stock Photo deals are huge Bildatenbanken , from which one can relate photos, images and graphics for further use. Of course, the provider must fill their database constantly with fresh material. Here you come into play. Have you already acquired photography skills and Have an a halfway decent photo equipment, so you can sell the stock photo providers your snapshots. In general, check the commercial supplier in advance some of your photographs and then you get - assuming sufficient quality - your release. Known Stock Photo-providers would be, for example, Shutterstock or iStockPhoto .

      2 .Auction are no longer needed stuff on eBay

      In your attic, it is teeming with stuff that you no longer need can? Things are still in good condition, but you simply have no more use for it? These are the perfect conditions for a successful career as an eBay seller . Take pictures of your inventory, and write insightful articles descriptions. With a little luck and good promotion you can achieve considerable sums for used items. Pay attention to good communication with your buyers and quick handling of orders. So you'll achieve good reviews, so for great trust and still provide better prices.

      3. As a freelancer, writing articles

      If writing has always been your passion, but you have no idea how you could make money, then here we have some tips for you. There are article directories where you can contribute your written contributions and will subsequently rewarded for it. Besides, you can contact with bloggers, small businesses and marketing agencies. These are always looking for quality content. That way you can earn as a freelancer soon coal, if you bring the necessary talent and the necessary Ehrgeit.

      4. Paid Reviews

      This is especially recommended if you already have a well-functioning website or blog writing. Here you can set up and this gradually with good, honest and an area for product reviews critical reviews fill. If your platform has been established website owners and product managers will be happy to be willing to pay for placed reviews on your money page.

      5. Read emails and get paid

      The principle of Paid-mail services is simple: You regisitrierst you get more or less content-relevant advertising messages in your Inbox and you have to confirm it by clicking on a tracking link 'read' as. For each read mail you get a small dime amount. Do you do this regularly, so can add that soon and you earn every month a little extra pocket money on the web.

      6. Write an article for the manual pages

      Good writing style, expertise and the joy to let people participate in their own ability. These are the perfect basic requirements in order to be active as an author for a counselor or experts' portal. Supplies - Here you can earn very nice buzz if you high-quality content - ideally with pictures or videos.
      promo ended at this point we would like to point to the possibility asklubo expert to be on your specialty. Find out now!

      7. Money Games

      In many games there is the possibility to exchange virtual currency for real money and vice versa. Are you especially good at an Internet game, so you can achieve a considerable extra income here quite. Enjoys great popularity as the online poker . There are countless providers and profitable bonus programs. Important here is discipline and the necessary tactical understanding.

      8 .Affiliate Marketing

      By Affilliate Marketing you can bring to the product pages of other providers, visitors to your site. With so-called affiliate links these users are tracked and in the case of a purchase you get a premium accounts. Depending on what it is thematically at your website, are, for example eBooks or related services for affiliate marketing.

      9 .Be paid for Search

      The search engine market is dominated by large search engines, especially those from Google, dominates. Many do not know that there are countless small search provider, but can only be correspondingly difficult to enforce compete with the corporate giants themselves. Therefore, this part of their users pay for the making of searches with their service and you participate in proportion to the advertising revenue.

      10. Help SMEs from the region with the Web presence

      You know the web as your pocket? You know already what to do to have success online? Great! Certainly there are in your area, many small and medium enterprises that do not have either do not have a website, or do not know how to use this to their advantage. You should these establishments offer advice and ask for this money. Everything what to do, the decision makers of the importance of the site (which is the case definitely) to convince in our modern society. Online shops, lead generation, search engine optimization or email marketing ... the possibilities are almost endless here!

      The tips mentioned here, we have based on the following infographic formulated:
      best way to make money online

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      If you want to have success with his own website, you should in addition to good content, also can prove some backlinks. It is to link partners or articles that inform through its own website and link back to this. All the show more good backlinks you can, the more attention you get from the search engines. The are of the opinion, if you are often linked, the content of the page must also be good. The will be rewarded, that you climb in the search engine index (Pagerank) upwards.
      Please note
      • It makes little sense, if you look partnered with webmasters who are wandering itself on nondescript places. 
      • It is better to seek to partner with sites that linger already high in the search engines. 
      • Also, one should avoid to make your own website in article directories. 
      • This can partially ensure that you will be assessed at the end worse. It is not important how many backlinks you have, but whether they are good or bad.
      1.  Initially, when the site is still quite new, hardly anyone will voluntarily put a link to the page.
      2. That is, one finds a few topics relevant pages and writes to the respective webmasters. Many have an understanding of a partnership.
      3. In return, you must also install a back link to the partner site generally.
      4. Backlinks need not be necessarily link partner. Provides you the link, for example, on one's own or a foreign Facebook profile, this will be counted as a back link.
      5. Of course, one may it with such backlinks do not overdo it. A certain routine shows the search engines that you sought for their own success. For this you will be rewarded in the end with good seats.
      6. Search engines make periodically a backlink update. This means that all your own backlinks are counted.
      7. Only when this is completed, you will be able to notice a difference.
      8. When these updates take place, unfortunately, no one can say. But it should be expected every few weeks with it.
      9. Until then, everyone should diligently collect good backlinks to get a good seat at the next update.

      Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
      Your IP : - Country : - City:
      Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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      Using SEO to business success via Internet
      Search engine optimization (SEO) is nowadays often used to increase the company's success. The most important element to optimize your site is the right use of so-called keywords or key words. Online users search mostly by specific keywords for information or products on the Internet. The better you therefore define your keywords, the more often search engines and thus readers and potential customers will come to your website.
      Other factors that can help to achieve a good ranking in the search results, for example, linking to other web sites or even the use of metatags. Metatags are brief descriptions of your site, the search engines help the themes and content on your website as soon as possible to detect. In addition, of course, text plays a major role and the use of images on your site, there are also some things to consider.
      • Most desperate mistake is choosing a wrong keywords or the keyword seems too little, too often or at the wrong place on the website. 
      • Also, one should note that all search engines can find the desired page, a sitemap allows search robots work and is therefore of great importance.
      • In addition, small links to other sites and the lack of dynamic content looks bad on the search engine ranking of your website.
      • In addition, images are important in order to make the page interesting, but for search engines, each image a non-aufzufindende so useless information is supplied 
      • Therefore, images should only for illustration and decoration but not be used to navigate through your site.
      • It must also be mentioned that while SEO is a hot topic, but no one can say with 100% certainty which of the points raised is the most important for search engines. It is the totality of the technical implementation of a web page, the content (content) of the page, the number of links and the popularity of the website, which will eventually lead to success.

      SEO measures Overview: How is it done right now?

      1. In the first step you need to define your key words correctly. You could well about it, describe what terms your website's content and best use what keywords Internet users thinking. This includes a possible synonyms with. In the next step, check your Keywortdichte. We recommend a 3 to 7 percent density for the two or three main keywords and a 1 to 2 percent for less important keywords.
      2. Finally, make sure your keywords not only in body text, but also in headlines are included. 
      3. In the next step, check the links to other websites. Preferably, these sites should similar issues like yours.
      4. Remember, however, the more pages linked to your site, the more popular it is and the higher your search engine ranking.
      5. Do you now this aspect of your SEO checked off so it goes next to the setting of meta tags.
      6. Although the importance of meta tags in SEO has decreased, looking for specific expert search engines still looking information contained in meta tags. 
      7. Finally, double-check your websites content. This should be dynamic - with only static text is namely the so-called "Spider" by search engines is not as fast over.
      8. Always try to update your news section and generally to keep the content of your site user-relevant. 

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      'WhatsApp does not work' - this spell, most users of intelligence certainly have often heard or said yourself. WhatsApp can not function properly in different ways. Here you can find out what you need to do, if the intelligence service to a specific type problems has
      WhatsApp FAQ - I cannot connect to WhatsApp
      Fact Box:
      • Check the connection to the Internet
      • Turn your smartphone, wait 30 seconds and start it again
      • Make updates by WhatsApp
      • Turn off the internet connection off and on again
      • Find out when your Internet provider for the correct settings for WhatsApp
      • You have not yet completed the verification process
      • WhatsApp only works on a number per Smartphone

      The connection is not established

      1. WhatsApp does not work if your phone can not connect to WhatsApp can build. The problem solution becomes very easy in this case. Check first if you ever access to the Internet have. Open your Internet browser, for example. Also this does not work, so you have no connection to the Internet, which also WhatsApp unable to connect.
      2. Can you, however, other features of the Internet and only use WhatsApp can not connect to the Internet, you have to proceed differently. Start your new smartphone first and check whether your installed version of WhatsApp is up to date. If an update is available, so this lead out. Turn then your connection to the Internet and then on again.
      3. Should WhatsApp still does not connect, you have in your settings smartphone check if the app is configured correctly. If you are not sure how you do this, sit down with your Internet provider. This can help you to make the correct settings for your smartphone, as these vary from provider to provider.

      WhatsApp receives and does not send messages

      • If the message service does not send or receive messages , then problem solving designed also simple. In most cases, the cause of this problem is that you have an bad internet connection.
      • A poor internet connection you realize, for example, the fact that it takes an extraordinarily long time to a website has fully opened. WhatsApp When you realize this fact directly, since an incorrect connection is always the status "Connecting ..." appears at the top of the app. Have you but ensure that it certainly has nothing to do with the connection, turn your phone off, wait 30 seconds and start it again.
      • It may also be that the other user you by blocked WhatsApp . This you recognize the fact that you "Last Online" no longer can view its status, ie "online" or. In addition, you will not able to see if the user should change his profile picture. A message that you send to this user, will always have only one hook. It is accordingly never read by the other users.
      • Furthermore, it may be that you have the verification process have not yet been completed. Connect it off completely and the problem will be quickly forgotten. If you have swapped your SIM card recently, so this is the cause of the problem. The news service will only work on a number per smartphone.
      • It often happens that the number of contact incorrectly entered. Check the number again and the same they are best directly to the person from.

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      Are you new to Facebook and want to know some tips and tricks so that you pass any stupid mistake? Here are two Facebook tricks are explained.
      updated facebook tricks and tips 2014

      Important Facebook Tricks - Declarations:

      Friends Lists visible to everyone
      • Sometimes it comes in handy when you are looking for friends, look through the friends list of your friends.
      • If you know someone, you can ask him quite easily. But it can also be embarrassing when your friend list still many ex-girlfriends are inside, or eg erotic model.
      • If you do not want that someone can see who you're friends everything, even the friends with each other not, you should change your settings quickly.

      Here's how it Trick works:

      • Go into your chronicle to "friends", then click "Edit".
      • Facebook has "public" set, ie everyone, even those who are not friends with you can view your list of friends. So at least on "Friends" Change!
      • You can you a little more privacy gain by you "just me" selecting. Now, only friends who are friends with each other, look at your friends list.

      Sort your friends into lists

      • Thus, not all your Facebook friends all posts or photos can see of yourself, it makes sense to sort them into different lists.
      • You can distinguish eg between real friends, family, work colleagues or school contacts.

      Here's how it tricks works:

      • You go into your chronicle, then friends.
      • You are now viewing the profile pictures and names of your friends. In addition is a box with a check mark and the word "friends". If you click the box with the mouse, a tab opens where you can "add to another list" button.
      • In the tab that opens, there are already lists "family" and "limited" are available. You can also designate a new list and add them by clicking "+ New List".
      • Now, when you posting something, you can in the box, which next to the left "post" is, select the list to see the post.
      If you plan to post a private picture of you want, what your boss should not see, so you can limit access to your best friends.

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      In general, the operation of PowerPoint is very clear and simple, so not as experienced cyclists after a short training period can easily create a custom and beautiful presentation.
      how to make powerpoint presentation

      Make Your Powrpoint Presentation More Awesome with this tips

      1. In preparation, it may be helpful to paper already the first ideas which will contain the presentation, and how it should be built content to hold. You can also invest directly in PowerPoint slides all provisionally with a headline and only then make the exact design that facilitates when it comes to smaller detail work to keep track. 
      2. First, you should decide on a slide design, and there are simple or more showy backgrounds to choose from depending on the occasion and audience. Make sure the foil color to choose so that you can also in poor light conditions the font (possibly in white on a dark background) even from a distance can not read. 
      3. Next, select the slide layout and indicate how headline, text boxes or images are to be placed on the side. With "Insert" However, you can re-integrate in retrospect always text boxes, images or the like in the films. 
      4. Now you can set the transitions between slides (eg, a film will be shown directly from and the next, or the two sides merge seamlessly into each other). 
      5. Write now your texts and underline targeted with images. Make sure that the audience will listen to you primarily on the presentation, and are therefore more likely to look at the pictures as texts on your presentation. The texts of your film are more your orientation and therefore should be kept short and only in brief. 
      6. It is not recommended to perform more than seven lines and more than two core messages per page. 
      7. For good readability even in larger rooms you choose a font size that you can read even if you remove 1.5 to 2 meters away from their screen. You should be chosen not less than 20 pt, 24 pt is better or greater. The Schrifart should contain little serif; suitable are Arial or Univers. 
      8. To insert a picture, click on "Insert" and "Picture" and select the desired image from your files. Now you can specify the exact position and size. 
      9. PowerPoint allows many animations, but these take time and distract from the actual content. So You Think specifically whether and where you are using such means.

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      Surely one of the most sought doubts among users is to know if it is possible to download whatsapp for iPhone , and the operating system of Apple (iOs) is the only one that does not allow a free download of one of the most popular mobile applications market which can chat in real time with your contacts and will also have an ideal format to send and receive pictures, videos or audio files.
      how to download whatsapp iphone
      After much searching the net in order to find a free solution in this sense, it seems clear that it is not possible to install WhatsApp free of charge, however if you consider the price of the download WhatsApp for iPhone ( $ 0.99) and benefits offered us, it seems clear that this is a highly recommended investment for users.

      install whatsapp for iphone
      Also keep in mind that WhatsApp has become a tool of payment, so that users of any other operating system than iOS, Android, Blackberry , Nokia (Windows Phone ...) will have to annually renew license WhatsApp, which also has a cost of $ 0.99, while those who have an iPhone will only have to make the payment at the time of installation, since the service is unlimited license . Ie what at first seemed a disadvantage for iPhone users think it is the opposite and a way to save.

      Download WhatsApp for Nokia Free Symbian OS Mobile Phones

      Anyway WhatsApp and smartphone are concepts that must go hand in hand, precisely because of the great popularity that counts the instant messaging app, so the vast majority of contacts we have saved in our phone contacts have WhatsApp Free or paid, this being a convenient route, functional and inexpensive communication.

      Download WhatsApp for PC Free Windows 7/8/XP/MAC

      Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
      Your IP : - Country : - City:
      Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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