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    All who have a tablet know what that feels comfortable parking the computer for a while to be able to sit on the couch or lying in bed still enjoy what the web has to offer. There was a time when he had to settle for one or two browsers at most, but in these times, there is a fairly complete list of options offered as the best window to the web.
    For here we decided to take a look at the best browsers for tablets, either because you can improve your browsing experience or directly because perfectly complement what you already have in your traditional computer.
    1.Google Chrome
    11 of the best Android browsers
    With a legion of followers, is one of the most popular browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. Those Chrome users on your PC or Mac will find more useful that also use it as a browser on their tablets. Chrome for Android or iPad has a sync feature that will allow us to continue the sessions that began on the PC, share bookmarks across platforms interchangeably .

    Besides having one of the best rendering engines and offer a rich browsing experience, mobile versions of Chrome include an option that allows us to visualize sites like we were in a traditional computer handy to skip the annoying mobile views that some sites use and do not feel comfortable at a tablet.
    Download Google Chrome for Android , iPad to Windows .
    2.Dolphin Browser
    Which browser is best optimized for the Android tablet
    Dolphin is, if not the best, one of the best browsers for tablets that we can find. It was one of the first to allow browsing windows, and have always been on the tip when implementing new innovations in application.

    Addition of download manager, we will find that you have a complete catalog of extra features such as gestures and voice commands. Moreover, within the respective app stores we will also find a handful of supplements that will allow us to add extra features. Also, if you lose sleep is the synchronization with your desktop browser, you can download the extension Dolphin Connect that lets you do the same with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
    You can Download it from Android and iPad .
    Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Smartphones & Tablets
    One of the most popular browsers on Android before Flash came also became a reference when he made ​​an appearance in the App Store . Skyfire is not the most versatile browser, you have more options, and in general will not say it's the best browser we have ever encountered.

    But Skyfire has a distinctive feature that makes it stand pretty, and to visualize videos easily on any platform without having to use Flash. So, no matter if the video is in Flash format and your iPad or Android tablet can not run this script, Skyfire will play the video for you, as they do that of their servers to convert video and give it to you in a format that yes you can play .

    Available for iPad and although it has long ceased to support Android, anywhere can find the application you're careful.
    Best Free Web Browser for Android
    Firefox has always been one of the most used and popular browsers. On Android, things are not much different from what happens on the desktop, and Firefox is considered by many the best browser for tablets, especially for those who also use it on your computer and take full advantage of its sync options .

    Nevertheless, many still consider Firefox feels like a beta on Android, and it is complicated to use and slow to walk. As for the tablet version of Windows, and includes support for the Metro interface, and is probably the best that we can use in tablets with Windows 8 or higher.

    you can download and  installed on Android and Windows .
    5.Internet Explorer
    Top 5 Best Web Browser for Android Phones & Tablets
    Despised by many, and loved by others recently, Internet Explorer's history is long, complex, and is full of bad reputation. But hey, we all know well that in the latest versions of Internet Explorer browser is much improved (or at least so we are told, and did not want to risk to try it for ourselves).

    Since it can not be otherwise, Internet Explorer is the alternative with the best browser that Mozilla will be able to use one of the tablets with Microsoft operating system. And that is perfectly suited to the platform.

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    If you ever wished you had a portable version of Windows on your USB flash pendrive, you're in luck, today we tell you step by step how.
    If there is a function you have the installation disks for many Linux distributions, which is enviable for any user of  Windows , is the possibility of using a disk Live or "live" operating system, which allows you to try it without to installation. And not only that, but it works as a portable OS that you can carry around and use on any computer without leaving a trace.
    How to create Windows 8.1,8,7 bootable DVD or USB
    Thanks to the tool WinToUSB can create a flash USB with almost any version of Windows, using a portable hard drive that connects through a USB port, or using a simple USB flash drive .


    • Download WinToUSB from the official site, is a. Exe weighing just 2 MB. There is a stable version and beta, both worked well in our tests.
    • You need to be running Windows XP or later version of windows system to use WinToUSB.
    • An image of the version of Windows you're using. 8/8.1 recommend doing with Windows because earlier versions are not completely portable and it is safest to find driver problems and do not work properly. You can use an ISO file or DVD from Windows.
    • A portable hard drive, or a USB flash drive of at least 16GB or more preferably.

    Create portable Pendrive Windows 8

    With the DVD of Windows 8 in the disc tray of your computer, or copy the ISO file to your hard drive, run WinToUSB completes the installation only requires pressing next a few times and go.

    In the first window you will see two icons to select whether you will use an ISO image or a disk. Selecting the ISO image should browse your files and select the path where you have saved your Windows. Then select the version of operating system on the bottom, and click "Next"
    How make/burn/create windows 8.1,8,7 bootable DVD/USb
    The next step is partitioned, select from the menu above the USB drive you will be using and click "Next". A warning about the disk being formatted (and all data will be erased have) appear, accepts and continues to format.
    Install Windows 8, 8.1 or 7 from a USB Flash drive
    Next is to select the partitions with a USB flash drive should only have to choose one for System and one for Boot. Then press "Next" again and wait for the installer completes.
    How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive
    Depending on the speed of your hard drive, and if you use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port speed of the process will be less or faster. And it is always preferable to use a portable hard drive instead of a USB stick, so that Windows will more fluid. The creation of the disk can take some up to an hour or more. The overall process is quite simple, and the end result more than satisfactory.
    How to build bootable Windows To Go USB drive with
    Now you just have to restart the computer and boot from the USB pendrive to test the system, for it should probably access the BIOS settings and enable USB booting. The first time takes a little longer because it installs drivers and you have to go through the initial setup of Windows like a new PC. This process is repeated only if you use your Live USB on another computer.

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    For the last time, WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications for smartphone users. Basically, its popularity is thanks to the ability it gives us to be able to send messages via different platforms for free , with only synchronize with the contacts on our phone. However, many people have said how useful it could be an application of this style in a computer. Fortunately there is a way to install WhatsApp on a Windows computer .
    Before you get excited, you need to make a clarification. Through these methods we will share with you, you may be able to use WhatsApp from your smartphone is disabled, since we created the account from a phone number that can not be shared between devices. So WhatsApp installed inside the PC is something ideal for people who do not have smartphone but want to communicate for free with people who have them. If you already have, it is best to leave the application installed in the phone and now, to avoid problems in the future. Those who really want to have it on both devices, may also find a trick in this article to do so.

    The first step to install WhatsApp in our PC is first installing an application called YouWave . What makes this program is basically emulate Android within our computer , and you may download it for free. YouWave is incompatible with VirtualBox, the Oracle software family that allows us to run other operating systems within your computer through a virtual environment. If we use YouWave'll have to disable VirtualBox. When installing YouWave, we did not find anything out of this world; it is a simple installation. Once completed, run the program and choose the trial version.
    Then our "desktop" Android appears, and we will have successfully installed the emulator.
    To install WhatsApp, interested in it That part at least of alternatives. We can use it to save computer and download it at the following address: C: \ User \ User name \ YouWave \ android.apps. But, we also download Directly from the emulator, it s bad That Easy, Opening the browser and downloading WhatsApp since her official site.
    Once we run the program in the Android emulator, we will need to configure all the details of the account: country telephone provider, phone number, and activation via SMS, through which we receive a message on our phone to confirm . If you do not have a smartphone, you have to wait five minutes to ask that we call the telephone number and we will provide the activation code.
    Must Read: Download WhatsApp For Samsung Mobile Free And Installation
    Once this is done, and we can enter the activation code in the emulator, and now we can use the program. The only difficulty you can have is that you have to enter contacts manually , because WhatsApp not have any phone with which to synchronize. This works the same way as adding contacts from Android, or simply from any mobile device, so it should not present major difficulties.

    However, as mentioned at the beginning of the post, WhatsApp only works with a single phone number in a single device. So if you install on your PC, the application will stop working on our phone . While this is ideal for people who do not have smartphones method, those who want to stay connected to WhatsApp can do so thanks to a service called Fonyou , a website that allows us to generate telephone numbers through a simple registration process.
    Must Read:How To Download & Run/Install WhatsApp On Windows7/8 PC?
    Download WhatsApp For Nokia Free Symbian OS Mobile Phones

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    It is increasingly common to find people reading books using an e-book reader because, in this way, you can travel comfortably with the digital library and take many more books in less space. Today we can find many stores that offer e-books but we can also find on the net free e-books that can be legally downloaded.
    where to find online ebooks to read amazom free ebooks
    Earlier this week, new specifications met Paper white Kindle , the electronic book reader from Amazon with higher performance and range, for example, includes illuminated at night to read screen. Readers ebooks have become very popular among users; devices that allow us, in a very short space, bringing a collection of books and so travel light while entertainment and fantastic time.

    The truth is that it is not uncommon to see people with their reader ebooks when traveling by train or plane and more and more users opt for these formats over traditional paper books. Sites like Amazon offer us a wide catalog of titles and in the network, we can also find other sources from which we can obtain books easily adapted to gauge the most appropriate format for your device.

    The first question a newcomer to the world of electronic books is user is where can we download? Increasingly stores that offer e-books and finding them is not a problem; in fact, we can find lots of options and prices, to the best-selling of payment, books that are very low in price and its digital version, of course, free books.

    Indeed, in the network we can find a number of websites that we provide free e-books that also are perfectly legal and therefore your download does not imply that we are committing any act of piracy or anything like that. And Where can we find these free and perfectly legal eBooks? Fortunately, more and more websites, organizations and universities that are committed to publishing their content openly but to get an idea of some of the references, let's learn some of these sites:

    Science, technology and engineering free E-books

    • Microsoft provides through TechNet, a wide range of publications related to their applications and services; reference texts that are distributed free of charge to serve as a reference for developers around the world.
    • The O'Reilly is perhaps one of the publishers of reference for books related to technology and Internet. Within its extensive catalog of titles, we can find a selection of books that are distributed for free and among these are titles like Producing Open Source Software . In addition, from time to time, publish books payment for a limited time, are distributed free of charge and, honestly, worth downloading.
    • If you are passionate about space exploration and aeronautics is important to know that NASA offers a wide collection of ebooks free on their website. We can find books on the history of NASA, books focused on outreach and books on aeronautics and space rockets; an interesting collection available in PDF, ePUB and MOBI format.
    • The Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) of Spain also has a section on its website dedicated to free ezines . In the virtual bookstore CSIC we find about 150 free e-books on some of the research of this organism but, yes, the download requires registration on the website.
    • InTech is an interesting project that offers around 2000 books on engineering, science and technology in open access. We find books on physics, mathematics, nanotechnology, robotics and health sciences and displayed through the web or download for free in PDF format.
    • FreeTechBooks not characterized precisely by the design of their website but, still, it's a good reference place to find free e-books on topics related to the world of technology. The site includes texts by authors who have published their works and therefore are not subject to copyright and can find books from university professors that will serve to introduce us to a specific topic and delving into geographic information systems, oriented programming objects, artificial intelligence and parallel computing, among others.

    Other Themes E-books 

    1. Users of Kindle are referenced to Amazon and of course they will not say anything new. However, if someone does not know, can find books on Amazon both pay and free and the great classics of literature, for example, are available in electronic format for free.
    2. If you like art and architecture , the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York offers us, through their website, around 600 publications in electronic format that can download totally legal and free. In this collection of eBooks we find exhibition catalogs, books on research conducted at the museum or reference books on Art and Architecture in PDF format that we can freely download.
    3. Internet Archive , Wayback Machine makers also offer a large catalog of eBooks free download. Specifically, the contents are published under Creative Commons license and can find a wide range of titles that also can borrow through the initiative Open Library .
    4. Much of the legislation in Spain is available in ePUB format through the website of the Official State Gazette (BOE). BOE anywhere we can find summaries on tax law, intellectual property, universities or autonomy statutes in force in Spain.
    5. We could not miss in the list the Gutenberg Project , an initiative of reference within the repository of freely downloadable eBooks. All material on this website is considered public domain or, alternatively, with the express consent of the owners of the rights to the content that can be distributed freely. On their website we can find more than 42,000 titles in ePUB format varied themes and therefore worth taking a tour of this large digital library.
    6. The National Library of Spain through the Hispanic Digital Library offers access to a number of their digitized resources; works of incalculable historical value that are accessible through the network and can download in PDF format without any restrictions. A great way to access the treasures of the National Library without having to spend for their offices in Madrid.

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    Computer viruses have more than 40 years living among us and our computers. These malicious programs that seek to access our data to harm, steal, or just annoy; have remained an unshakable threat in the world of computing, and become increasingly complex.
    Not only viruses are a threat. The malware is any software that infiltrates malicious computers without our consent, and that can take many forms: viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits , spyware , adware , etc..
    So if there are hundreds of thousands of threats waiting to infect and destroy, is not responding to the question itself that we do in the title of this article?

    Yes, and no.

    We know that the operating system is mostly affected by these threats is Windows , but this is not completely bound by the operating system itself, but to its users. That Windows is the most popular system in computers for decades, has motivated the creators of software to malicious attack strongly and take advantage of its many weaknesses.

    One reason why Windows is so popular is its ease of use and focus on common user who has little or no knowledge of computing. This feature has always been a double-edged sword, since it is precisely one of the reasons why these people are easy victims of malware . When the user takes a minimum of knowledge about the proper use of a computer, this threat can be neutralized almost completely. 's not about closing the bridge, but to prevent people haul it.

    Is it really necessary to use an antivirus?

    The answer depends on the case. And to answer it better, we will identify the possible scenarios.
    In the case of a personal computer that is only used by the owner , and no one else has access to it. Protection antivirus is only necessary if the user's habits warrant. By this I mean that if the user does not know how to use your computer , ie: has habits of irresponsible navigation, open any email without suspecting that the prize of one million pounds may not be true, makes you click on any banner that has the word free written; enjoy the free porn offered by the Internet sites full of advertisements of dubious reputation which is deceived and led through a loop infinite deals nude hiding "something fishy" etc..

    So not only need antivirus, you need someone to teach you to use the computer, and soon.

    In the case of a shared computer , antivirus is almost always the rule, except that all users are fully competent beings with minimal knowledge about computer security, the more users touch a machine, more risks.

    The truth is that if we follow some tips to defend the malware , and while no one else has access to our computer that we use an antivirus running permanently in our system, consuming resources, can turn out to be completely unnecessary.

    Living without antivirus

    In my case, I installed a virus on my computer from about 2009-2010. Why, 'I do not cause. The tools are antivirus software heavy, expensive and consume a lot of system resources, because they remain vigilant all the time running in the background. Following some of these tips I leave then you can also start your new life without antivirus, and use that extra memory for something more productive.

    Do not be "trigger happy" : You do not need to click on everything we see when we surf the Internet. In 99% of cases when a banner ad it says that something is "free", it is not.
    not download as program gives you troubleshoot your computer, improve your internet speed, free space on your hard drive, you free phantom threats, scan your system for errors, add a screensaver with fishes, save a kitten in distress, world peace, etc..

    No, the answer is no. All these "wonderful deals" are just waiting to infect your accept, through misleading strategies, offering lies to access your computer and hurt you.

    Be wary : the email is one of the main gateways for malware . Do not open emails from unknown senders, and less when the email in question is meaningless for you. Banks never, never ask for personal information in this way. No free money in Internet. You are not so lucky, lottery you never participated, you're sure to never send you thousands of dollars. If you do not know, do not click on that link. If not please, nor look.

    If you know the sender and asks that you download email attachments, be sure to check that that person really sent you those files. Many times our acquaintances are infected with malware that sends emails with malicious content to all your contacts, to spread quickly. If you have no idea why Maria and Pedro would be sending you links to marketing courses, ask before opening the mail.

    Promiscuity : if your computer is going to have relationships with others, ideally you do use protection. If you look at the situation from a friend or colleague with you some information on a removable storage media such as a USB flash drive, SD card, or an external hard drive; Bear in mind that these devices may be infected with some type of malware that happen to your computer as soon as you open it.

    These cases have an anti malware tool to scan the device before opening it, it would be ideal. I recommend Spy bot Search & Destroy . But there are tools to scan files online for viruses , as the great Total Virus , so you do not have to install anything on your computer.

    Another incredibly simple way to remove infections of a removable media is to open a Linux distribution. If casually accounts with a boot dual-boot Linux distro or have any installed on your computer, the best you can do is always open external devices from it. Simply deleting suspicious files whose names do not make sense for the owner of the memory stick, just to get rid of them.

    Maintenance : may happen that no matter how much protect ourselves, how good it browsing habits, which we have done as ninjas with tiny time to find the actual download button on a site with 9 different buttons, like our system is infected . The malware has evolved so much that it is sometimes impossible to dodge everything. Therefore, although we can live life without antivirus watching all the time, we can not spend eternity doing maintenance on your computer.

    The preventive maintenance can help in this case. And the combination of anti-malware tools like Spy bot Search & Destroy and Malware bytes can clean your computer from malicious bugs in minutes. Besides offering immunization against thousands of other threats.

    What do you think, is it possible to live without antivirus?, What other recommended practices to avoid getting infected with software malicious?.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    The union of Microsoft and Nokia already been consummated. Starting On, April 25, Nokia was handed over to the Redmond company. We review what has been experienced with Nokia.
    Oscar Wilde said: "Sometimes we spend years without living at all, and suddenly our whole life is concentrated in a single moment." That had to feel the same template Nokia today. Having wiped out all his rivals for years and pay expensive not to have adapted to the time to the era of iOS and Android, rose . It is not a small matter. In 2006, BenQ-Siemens, the brand that resulted from the purchase of Siemens Mobile by BenQ, broke . So contemporary with Nokia, BlackBerry with BlackBerry 10 is unacceptable. No public for them. Its market share is less than 1% in some countries like Spain stood below 0.1%. Not knowing it takes up.

    I'm not the oldest place. Precisely for this reason stuck with me deeper Nokia footprint during my adolescence, when models like the Nokia N95 , the 6600 or 7610 for me was completely aspirational products. And so I see that especially hurt the quality of their products down irretrievably when I also came time to sell during a time that I spent in Telstra.

    The end of the last decade and the beginning of this was for Nokia, in a word, disastrous . In 2007, Apple put a sheet over the N95 as who cover the parrot cage and all Nokia was made ​​at night. They started hard for those who had been in the industry all times. With the advance of the iPhone and the first throes of Android that hatched in 2010, Nokia's response was first Symbian and MeeGo later, which I personally liked but it was not to throw him to the lions. Paradoxically, had greater continuity Symbian. And Nokia, once again, paid for expensive.

    Leakage of public interest in other brands such as Samsung, HTC or Apple (at that time, to be gunning for
    BlackBerry Party), loss of confidence of the operators, falling profits up 90% year ... In less than five years of gourmet snack mutated to rude flatulence. everything Home Nokia was bad news and worst predictions . So I had to look a couple dancing with that clenching together and strive for better times. That couple was, since 2011, Microsoft , who would end forever mark the history of Nokia.

    Just start dancing, the choreography was diluted. 2011 was tough, but 2012 was worse. Nokia gained to a demand for its investors, and the feeling that Microsoft's hand were only groping a worse than uncertain end. And suddenly, 2013 . At Mobile World Congress this year, Nokia they conjured the best low-end which would take a year and one of the best mid-range market. A few months ago also managed to be a shy high-end niche in the Lumia 920. Sauce soon flirt, but Nokia and smelled done

    And in September 2013, clubbed. He announced that Microsoft would buy Nokia by more than 7,000 million. The early omens were in pain. I was among them. Microsoft buying Nokia. Blasphemed as when I tried the first Huawei who came to Spain, and I felt like my previous girlfriend told me "we need to talk" or when I first saw the icons of iOS 7: defeated .
    In the end, we fell into melodrama with Nokia and Microsoft. And should not be.
    however, little time has shown that the situation had more ingredients of genuine epic melodrama. If you wanted to ensure the longevity of Nokia, the logical thing was to look favorably on the financial support of a technology giant . Displaying results for Nokia with Windows Phone and the Android market is monopolized by Samsung, was the perfect combination. And Microsoft is not the devious enemy of yesteryears.

    The Nokia World 2013 was a good test. It was perhaps the most summery Nokia World is remembered , at 45 º C in the shade of Abu Dhabi, with low voltage, touristy street and up to six Elop pilgrimages to the cabinet where they kept their news. Nokia read the proclamation of the parties and ultimately was the magical feeling of a dip in the light of the moon. But as there is no perfect summer, we run high-end 5-inch, and above all, with the feeling that we were at the last Nokia World history, and that "guilt" was Microsoft.

    All that was six months ago. Now it's time to give a chance to Microsoft . There are plenty of reasons. Beginning with the entire staff of Nokia remains with moving to Redmond (and template equals talent), and ending with the responsible hardware Microsoft Stephen Elop will.

    Of course, there is also the possibility that we know Nokia last bit, but at the same time is the only thing that will last forever. Also in our memory. But for now, we can continue to enjoy the Nokia ambition and casual style . And now I have Windows Phone 8.1 even more eager to see their news. Nevertheless, I also feel that we lose something, something to be . Even taking good expectations. I feel there is irremediable farewell environment , if only a new cycle. So as I consider that goodbyes are always better with a smile and a thank you for everything lived, here's a picture in tribute to an icon for those who love this world. Some say it's a humorous montage, which is not true. But do not believe them.

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    Tired of disfluency and slow Google Chrome for Android on occasion? Try this simple trick and increases both the speed and fluidity of this browser.
    tips to increase android browser speed
    Although each new Android version is more streamlined and polished than the last and each generation of smartphones with Android incorporates increasingly powerful internal components remain small tasks where performance is not as good as we might hope . One of them, for example, browsing websites with Google Chrome, the Android browser series (and obviously the most popular within the platform). Depending on the device that we use and the pages you read in our daily lives, we will have noticed a greater or lesser extent this lack of speed and fluidity , but certainly we have done on occasion. This makes it clear that the problem lies in the application and not on the devices or the operating system.

    Must Read:The Best Browsers For Tablets/Android/Iphone Mobile
    Simple Tricks To Improve WiFi Signal Strength/Ways To Maximize
    Luckily, as Google solves this problem (present since the first version of Chrome for Android), fellow Bitelia showed us a little trick with which significantly improve the loading speed and fluidity in the scroll of Google Chrome for Android . It's easy, fast and improve the experience that Google Chrome is capable of providing on Google's mobile platform.
    tricks to improve android google chrome speed
    The trick is basically to make use of one of the hidden features of Google Chrome , in which we find some "experimental" parameters. To do this, simply open Google Chrome and enter in the address bar the following:
    Once there, in "Max mosaics area of interest", change the "Default" by 512. Thereafter, press restart (located at the bottom of the screen). After that, restart Google Chrome and it's ready ; Now everything should be faster and more fluid than before (although that will depend on the device you have)
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    Google docs[documents], as its name suggests, is part of the wide variety of services that the famous Google search engine offers its for there users without any cost with unlimited space. It is based on the current and future trend of cloud computing or cloud computing. I mean, run applications and create and save documents directly online. In this case, these applications consist of an office suite that enables complete management of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, from its creation to its file structure completely customized folders that can create the user.
    google doc tips and tricks

    1. The key, as always when it comes to Google, is to have an account with them. If you do not, go to www.google.com/accounts/ and click the button "Create Account". Follow the steps you indicate and fill out the data that is required. If you already have a Google account, or in other words, an email from GMail, you can skip this step without problem.
    2. Once the account is created, Google often automatically enter it. If not, access it from the same Internet address where you created with your new email address in GMail and password you provided when creating it.
    3. Once you are inside your account, there are several ways to access each of the services it offers. As you become familiar with each of them, if you are not already, go to Google docs over whether Internet address: drive.google.com. Now you're in your own Google docs!
    4. The first time you access may be misleading in terms of interface and visualization you have of it. A few guidelines will solve it immediately: it shows Google docs on your home screen is nothing more than the equivalent of a file browser. It has a series of buttons that will facilitate common tasks, such as creating a new folder, change the display order of your files according to your preferences or upload files from your computer.
    5. Start by creating your first file. Click the red button to the left that says "Create". You will get a drop down menu with all the options you can create a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation or a folder.
    6. Click "Document". It will open a new tab in the browser. Notice that has the appearance of any text editor and as such you can use it, for that is what it is. If you had clicked "Worksheet" is you have opened the appropriate manager spreadsheets and so if you have clicked on "Presentation".
    7. Explore leisurely menus and options and do not worry about your job. Every change you make is automatically saved! No more worrying about the failures of light. This is another advantage of using Google Docs!
    8. Return to the previous tab, the file browser. You will see the document you just created where before there was any. From here, everything is based practice to use Google docs. You will see in a little while you use it for everything!
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      Learn to know how to do business on the Internet is a really simple thing and why you can expect to earn a lot of money. You have to have a basic understanding of the Internet and a little patience to get to make money. In addition, we must be willing to work and to pull forward with any project. Importantly, not all steps to make certain that there is anyone can make money. It is important to choose the right niche and future customers.
      Find the niche. It is very important to choose the niche market for how to make money online. The market is the group of people who will buy the products and the niche is the amount of people who are unhappy with the competition. So in that niche is where potential future customers can make money the creator of the internet business are.
      Know that you have to offer on how to do business online. On the Internet it is essential that you appear on search engines everything we sell, so reading forums and tutorials Google AdWords is a good choice. Through forums, each consumer complaints expose about the products out there and they do not satisfy you, so in these products is where the business and the money is.

      Close a good marketing strategy advertising to know how to make money online is a complete process. We must promote the advertising business in any way to gain more customers. In these cases, it is advisable to perform a sales letter. A sales letter is to write a note which explains in which all customers the services they will offer and the prices at which they will offer.

      Close business deals. It is important to close all agreements which users in the future as if closed properly, users can gain loyal customers for years. In short, if a strategy is well chosen and succeeds with products to sell, the option to make money online is a very interesting to make money, since discovering the niche market potential customers will go option.

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      The wireless[wifi]data transmission is one of the most valuable technological advances of recent times. With this type of transmission we can send data from one device to another wireless at a distance that may eventually include kms. Data travels through the waves so this type of signal is very vulnerable to interference, which can limit the transmission or cancel it altogether. Learn how to increase wifi signal will enable the transmission quality is better, increase the speed and data are transmitted in an integrated manner. Learn here how to improve wifi signal.
      First you have to monitor the area where we have the router device or select the most appropriate place to do it. There must be no obstructions between the transmitter and the receiver must avoid the two walls, windows or tabs. The correct place to install is the central position on the devices that will connect to it.

      Avoid operating other devices that may interfere with the transmission. Some of these devices include microwaves, cell phones, cordless phones, TVs and other devices especially working wirelessly, as can also be a keyboard or mouse.

      Pay attention to the router to be used. Must have a high transmission power and depends largely on your antenna. This ability is measured in dBi, the larger the number of this measurement in its antenna, the greater the possibility of transmission. If the current antenna offers few possibilities, replace it with a higher capacity and if that is not possible, consider changing router to a model that has multiple antennas.

      Select at the transmitting device and the appropriate channel transmitter. Given that the transmitted waves travel through a given frequency channel, adjust the device to the channel that we believe may be less saturated. If you know what may be the only solution is to go channel by channel trying to locate the less saturated, where the signal is clean and powerful.

      If the above solutions have not worked, the market offers another solution that delivers excellent results for wifi signal transmission. This solution is called "PLC adapter" and two units are needed to establish the connection. The first will be plugged into the mains and the router and the second to the device you want to get the signal and power.

      Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
      Your IP : - Country : - City:
      Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
      PROTECT YOURSELF & SUPPORT US! Purchase a VPN Today!
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      The launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PS3 and Xbox 360 has caused a great acceptance in loving public to this saga. Sometimes you want to improve your gaming experience with extra features to apply certain tricks and codes to gain more satisfaction. Each user is free to use or not, this game offers great attractions which can be satisfied, but if you want to experiment with different emotions, then we present a collection of cheats and codes for GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360.
      So you can use the codes or find below, you must enter them through the gamepad, like other titles in GTA . You can use the right directional pad to enter commands such as up, down, left or right. Try entering the code with fast, on top of the map you appear a little confirmation. It is noteworthy that when you enter the codes and tricks, achievements and trophies are disabled on your current game session. To rehabilitate you have to restart the game

      Cheat Codes and Tricks for GTA V on PS3 

      Tip invincible
      Right, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left, X, Triangle
      Maximum health and shield 
      Circle, L1, Triangle, R2, X, Square, Circle, Right, Square, L1, L1, L1
      Catching weapons 
      Triangle, R2, Left, L1, X, Right, Triangle, Down, Square, L1, L1, L1.
      Super jump 
      Left, Left, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, R1, R2.
      Lunar Gravity
       Left, Left, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left..
      Leveling search 
      R1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, right, right.
      Lower level search
       R1, R1, C, R2, right, left, right, left, right, left.
      Run Faster 
      Triangle, Left, Right, Right, L2, L1, Square
      Swim faster 
      Left, Left, L1, Right, Right, R2, Left, L2, Right.
      Recharge skill
      X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Right, Left, X
      Give parachute 
      Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Left, Left, Right, L1.
       L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right.
      Body explosive body 
      Right, Left, X, Triangle, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L2.
      Explosive bullets 
      Right, Square, X, Left, R1, R2, Left, Right, Right, L1, L1, L1
      Flaming bullets 
      L1, R1, Square, R1, Left, R2, R1, left, square, right d, L1, L1.
      Joined slow motion 
      Square, L2, T1, Triangle, Left, Square, L2, Right, X.
      How drunk 
      Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left..
      Change of weather (rain, clouds, rain and snow) 
      R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, square.
      Sliding Cars Triangle, 
      R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1.
      Slow Motion Triangle, 
      Left, Right, Right, Square, R2, R1..
      Attack Helicopter 
      Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle..
      Request Comet 
      R1, Circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1.
      Request Sanchez 
      Circle, X, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1.
      Request Trashmaster 
      Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right.
      Request Limo 
      R2, Right, L2, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right..
      Request aerobatic airplane 
      Circle, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle.
      Request golf cart
       Circle, L1, Left, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X.
      Request Rapid GT
       R2, L1, Circle, Right, L1, R1, Right, Left, Circle, R2..
      Request Duster 
      Right, Left, R1, R1, R1, Left, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, L1, L1.
      Request PCJ-600 motorcycle 
      R1, Right, Left, Right, R2, Left, Right, Square, Right, L2, L1, L1.

      Cheat Codes and Tricks for GTA V on Xbox 360.

      Invincible Right,
       A, Right, Left, RB Right, Right, Left, A, Y.   
      Maximum health and shield 
      B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, Right, X, LB, LB, LB.   
      Catch weapons 
      Y, RT, Left, LB, A, Right, Y, Down, X, LB, LB, LB.   
      Super jump 
      Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT. 
       Lunar Gravity 
      Left, Left, LB, RB, LB, Left Right, LB, left.   
      Top level search 
      RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.   
      Lower level search 
      RB, RB, B, RT, right, left, right, left, right, left.   
      Run Faster 
      Y, Left, Right, Right, LT, LB, X.   
      Swim faster 
      Left, Left, LB, Right, Right, RT.
      Reload this skill
       A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A.   
      Give parachute 
      Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left, Left, Right, LB.   
      LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right.   
      Body explosive body 
      Right, Left, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT.   
      Explosive bullets 
      Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, Right, LB, LB, LB.   
      Flaming bullets 
      LB, RB, X, RB, Left, RT, RB, Left, X, Right, LB, LB.   
      Joined slow motion 
      X, LT, RB, Y, Left, X, LT, right, A.  
       How drunk 
      Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left.   
      Changing weather (rain, clouds, rain and snow) 
      RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X.   
      Sliding Cars 
      And, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB.   
      Slow Motion
       Y, Left, Right, Right, X, RT, RB.   
      Attack Helicopter 
      B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y.   
      Request Comet 
      RB, B, RT, right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB.  
       Request Sanchez 
      B, A, LB B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB.  
       Request Limo 
      RT, right, LT, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right.   
      Request aerobatic airplane 
      B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, Left, A, Y.  
       Request golf cart 
      B, L, left, R, LT, A, R B, L, B, A.   
      Request Duster 
      Right, Left, RB, RB, RB, Left, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB.   
      Request PCJ-600 motorcycle 
      RB, right, left, right, RT, Left, Right, X, Right, LT, LB, LB.   

      GTA V Cheats Codes tricks :

      Apart from all the above tips will give you some tips you can follow to make your experience in the game very funny. For example, when you find yourself landing in a tailspin, to do it safely can use the trick sunrise, is very useful when making long trips around the map.

      GTA V Cheats Codes tricks :1.Make Money in a faster way 

      So you can have an infinite reservoir of money, you must first get two characters that are at your disposal. Send one of your characters to the west coast, to the point on the map marked as Cash Exploit . Your other character must submit to the ocean floor to collect the hidden package in the vicinity of the sunken plane. When you have collected the money, you must change the character immediately to replenish oxygen bar of your characters and avoid choking. Also take the money reappears and check again.
      For a quick profit, you can place your second character of the neighborhood Paleto Bay in the northwest section near the crashed plane. Make the change of character of a fast, otherwise one of your characters can die drowning in the ocean. It may take some time to complete your million dollars changing between characters approximately eighty times.

      GTA V Cheats Code tricks :2.Shoot through the glass 

      This trick can help lower the level of stars and perform driving as fast as you can until the facilities of a hairdresser in the city of Los Santos , block the door on your car and shoot the police. Your shots will come to impact agents shots but they can not pass through the glass.

      GTA V Cheat Code tricks :3.Easy money early 

       If you want to get good money shortly after starting the game, you must steal an armored that appear as flashing dots on your minimap vehicle. Shoot the rear doors where the lock is opened and when collecting money, which can be over $ 5000 and escapes from the police.

      GTA V Cheat Codes tricks :4.Fix your car quickly 

      To rapidly fix any problems with your car at any time during the development of your game, you must be at least two characters to play with. You can switch characters and quickly return to the first, so your car will be fixed in a very fast way.

      GTA V Cheats Code tricks :5.Regain your health immediately 

      The process for this trick is similar to the above with the car, ie you must also have two characters to play with and make the change from one to another, then undertake immediately the following change of characters back to the first so that the health this character is fully restored. But you can not perform this trick when a mission is started..

      GTA V Cheat Codes tricks :6.Upgrade your equipment for free 

      When in the middle of a mission, you must visit Ammu-Nation and buy the gun you want with all its improvements, then you must make the mission fail taking your life and so you'll get the money back and when you visit again Ammu- Nation all improvements will be marked as if you already had bought.

      GTA V Cheat Code tricks :7.Saluda making combs

       It is one of the most curious tricks posing GTA V , when you drive a car or motorbike can greet with a comb all types that you cross on the way. You should only choose to disarm weapons at roulette and press L1 on PS3 or LB on Xbox 360 . was best appreciated when you're in a convertible or a motorcycle.

      GTA V Cheat Code tricks :8.Throw yourself on board On Xbox 360 

      I can do it after the X button to jump and press B to throw header. On PS3 the same way after jumping with square symbol button, you can press circle to throw header. The higher you get to do it much better result.

      GTA V Cheats Code tricks :8.Extra Personalization 

      To give your characters extra customization, please go to the social network Lifeinvader . Login and start harassing people to unlock new ways of customization to your characters. You can for example harass Kurtz Barber if you want to purchase a new haircut, among others.

      Space vehicle.. 

      To achieve get your space ship, you must complete all parts of the spacecraft and thus terminates Space Docker , a buggy with modifications that deploys a highly interstellar appearance and even their own sound effects..

      GTA V Cheat Code tricks :9.Slow down time driving with all your characters 

      Franklin has a special ability to slow down time, if you want to use this skill with all your characters should only hold the wheel to the radio while you're driving. All driving controls still work perfectly but go slower than when using the character of Franklin .

      GTA V Cheat Code tricks :10.Get a discount on Ammu-Nation 

      When you complete all the challenges of shooting, receive discounts at different stores. For example if you are bronze or better receive 10% off, if you are silver or better receive 15% off gold and if you then receive up to 25% off..

      GTA V Cheats Code tricks :11.Quickly loses the search level 

      To get lose wanted level there are two ways to do this, the first is by a Mod Shop . As you do not have to view an officer chasing you, you must enter one of these Mod Shop as salts have the level of clean search. The other way is to change your car, that is when the star level rises and persecute you, that you take the car is searched. To lose wanted level get changed car or you can drive across the railroad tracks to the patrols do not follow

      GTA V Cheat Codes tricks :12.How to Steal a Jet P-996 Lazer 

      With the character of Franklin in use, go to the military base and looking for a fast vehicle with special bar completely full. Go to full speed towards the main gate and active driving skills before going through the door. Take the first door on the right and then left to the runway Jet, try to keep the maximum amount of time the ability to Franklin ... 

      Finishing with the count tricks for GTA V , we recommend that you enter junkeenergydrink.com/page5 to find all spots where you can find stunt jumps. Remember that the tricks are at your disposal and depends solely on you if you want to use them to advance faster in the game or if you wish not to use them and move completing each phase with all its difficulties.

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      The Microsoft operating system has always been known for allowing a customization that can cater to the tastes of users. However, in the version of Windows 8 , this has changed in a way, because surely notice a very different without the colorful details and Interface Windows 7 to your Aero style and glossy effects, among others.
      Themes - Microsoft Windows
      Thus, if you are from the people who are content to not only change the wallpaper, we must say that there are excellent possibilities as to install unofficial themes to completely change the look of windows, wallpaper and more. Thus, as in this article I will provide a series of options for Windows 8 themes , where to download and how to install those themes on windows 8.

      Free Themes for Windows 8 

      1.Retrofukation 8 
      With Retrofukation 8 , you can get a collection of songs in retro style, originally created for the version of Windows XP , then to Windows 7 and 8 . On this occasion, has 4 variations, with very bright colors in brown and blue manicured tone. Even when you install this item, you can access a set of extras, including icons, backgrounds, themes for Winamp skins for CD Art Display , among others
      windows 8 3d desktop theme free download -
      2.Area 4.8 
      Area 4.8  is one of the interesting topics that are available to help you change the look of your desktop with Windows 8. This is a topic containing a beige background and details in blue. It is also an adaptation of a theme for Windows XP very popular in his time, but now in Windows 8 and 8.1 , the package also includes customizing icons of folders, among others.
      Download Free Windows 7 and 8 Themes For Your Desktop
      It is a new subject that also was available for the version of Windows 7 with excellent performance. In this case, the developer has also adapted to the new image which has Windows 8 , where Work  becomes a topic of APPOWS suite styles.
      4.Blueberries Space 4.8
       If you are one of those users who like simple and elegant decorations, Space Blueberries 4.8  surely can meet your high demands, especially in the aspect of your windows. Although also the taskbar you get an excellent presentation, especially if you should once combined with monochrome icons. This is definitely one of the issues that you must try in Windows 8 and 8.1 , as you also includes 4 minimalist but very elegant wallpapers which rotate automatically.
      25 Best Windows 8 Themes & Visual Styles
      This is the default style of an interesting project that promises great things, dealing specifically with Nimbus OS . At the same time, the Nimbus theme  is very complete, where you can observe white tones and even supports Windows 8 the effect of replacing the color of the window decorations depending on the color that holds your desktop wallpaper. In addition, you have a pack of official icons for you to combine, also with attractive pictures to use as wallpapers.
      Beauty Of Nature Windows 8 Theme Free Download

      How to install themes in Windows 8 

      Although a wide variety of official themes for Windows, this usually only include some wallpapers and a package of new sounds for the system. But if you are one of those who want maximum customization of the desktop Windows 8, you have the option to apply a patch to your system to enjoy great topics like for this listing.
      1. Download the patch 

      The patch or program that you download UltraUx Theme , it is responsible for enabling Windows to accept the inclusion of various subjects. The patch is compatible with Windows XP , Vista , 7 , 8 and 8.1 in both 32 and 64 bits. In this case, the file weighs only 160 KB.
      2.Install the patch 

      After the corresponding download, you can proceed to install the software. Here, you just need to run the downloaded file and then you can follow the wizard that takes care of all the work. Also, for the installation of your favorite themes to work properly, it is necessary to restart the computer after the installation completes.
      3.Download theme 

      When you restart your PC, you can install the theme you want to use. This time you must unzip the file you downloaded and you must copy it into the folder containing Windows themes. The folder path is: 'C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes'.
      4.Applies topic 
      Then you can apply a theme and for this you can just double click on the theme file that you copied to the folder of Themes for Windows. Although you can also head to the desktop and right click to open the options menu, from there, you should put the option to Customize .

      When in the customization window, you can see all the default Windows themes, where unofficial themes you've copied to that folder will also appear. Just clicking on one of the topics, you can see the change in the appearance of Windows, this immediately.
      As you can see, from now on you will have no reason to ever get bored of watching the same design and colors of your windows in Windows 8 and 8.1. Remember that if you spend much time in front of the computer, you must find a way that every experience is different, so you have a wide variety of options such as those we have presented in this article.

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      Snapchat is a popular application that lets you send and receive messages with multimedia content, whether images or videos, but short lived. That is, that after a few seconds of opening a message, the content will be destroyed automatically, depending on the time that the other user has assigned.
      news about latest snapchat tricks 2014
      However despite these self-destruct messages are the essence of the application, there are some tricks you can use to save these files and then observe . For this, find below a list of the best tricks to Snapchat and the most recommended applications for these purposes

      Save images to capture the screen 

      The easiest and fastest way to save a picture you share by way Snapchat , is just take a screenshot of the screen of your device, either iOS or Android . In other words, you just take a picture of what is happening on the screen of your computer to save it and watch it later, or share it with someone else in social media or any other means.

      1. Contents screenshots on iOS 

      If you have a iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch , it is possible to make a screenshot of your device. For this you just have to hold the button on / off at the same time you must press the button Home or Home (the single button below the screen). However, you must consider that in Snapchat messages usually last long, so you must do this as quickly as possible.

      2. Contents screenshots on Android

       On your device Android 4.0 or later, only sufficient to hold down one of the volume control buttons while pressing the off / on to make a screenshot from the same system. After doing this, an animation will indicate that the catch has been stored to view it from your gallery.

      Apps to save Snapchat content

      1. Snap Hack Pro 

      This is an application to find available for your devices iOS and gives you the option to save images or videos that you receive via Snapchat . So you can use this feature, you must download and install the application and then log in with your account details in Snapchat.

      Then, upon receiving a message from Snapchat must run the application Snap Hack Pro to open the message and so you can store content they have sent you. Conversely, if you open the message from the application of Snapchat rather Snap Hack Pro, you will not have any backup of the images or videos you receive.

      In addition, with this application there is no possibility that the person you send the message to learn that you saved your content. To download Snap Hack Pro , you can do it from the iTunes download store for your device with iOS 6.0 or higher and for the price of USD $ 1.99.
      tips and tricks of snapchat

      2. SnapChat Save Pics 

      Save SnapChat Pics  is an application available for your devices Android . Just as the previous application, when you receive a message you must open it from Snapchat SnapChat Save Pics to have option to save your content, where be sides using debieses have entered your login details Your account on Snapchat . Similarly, users who send messages not know you use this app to save the contents.

      Repeat the last picture or video 

      It is also important to mention an excellent alternative that offers the same application Snapchat. It is an option to re-look at the pictures or videos you have sent through the function called Replay . This excellent functionality is included in the latest version of Snapchat and as its name indicates, you can see a second time a photo or video with the only condition to do it once every 24 hours.

      Although, this option allows you to store videos or pictures sent to you in Snapchat, is a very good alternative to relive those contents that have received without the need to install applications or use some tricks. To enable this feature, you must go to section Configuration of Snapchat and choose the option Additional Services and then select Set to activate Replay or other functions.

      Final Words 

      If you choose to install one of the applications listed in this article, keep in mind that different applications and in this case Snapchat always being updated, so it could be that soon you can not use the features that you provide such tools to save the content you receive. Likewise, there are some Android devices which have different methods to make a screenshot, so we suggest you investigate the model of computer you have.

      snapchat tricks 2014 you might know 2014

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      In the game Clash of Clans can get four resources: gold, elixir, elixir dark and gems. With Gemstone is possible to obtain almost everything, since you can buy gems with other resources, however with gold or elixir is not possible to buy many of them.

      First trick to get free gems in Clash of Clans 

      Although not a trick, usually goes unnoticed, an easy trick to get 450 free gems in Clash of Clans is to get an achievement (pretty easy to do), which is pay 450 gems (enough to build an extra hut builder ). The sweet victory achievement requires you to win trophies in multiplayer 1250. This is easy to achieve if you want and attack those villages with the municipalities within easy reach, away from walls and towers, up to 1250 trophies (it's easier than you think)

      Second trick to get free gems in Clash of Clans 

      Although it is not a trick, an interesting tip is to remove shrubs, trees, rocks and other things you can find on the ground. With several builders pudes quickly get many gems, and trees, rocks, and shrubs are reborn!

      Third trick to get free gems in Clash of Clans 

      A third trick is to use the App Bounty application is a free application that gives you money to use in the Appstore and soon on Google Play Store, which you can redeem for gems. App bounty tells you to try certain applications, you perform certain tasks on Facebook (likes) in exchange for a reward (money to use in the store you want). Often not easy to achieve, but not impossible
      Do you have a trick to get free gems that you recommend us? To comment!

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      Everyone knows Facebook, but not everyone knows enough Facebook tricks. You can spend your hole days in the largest social network in the world and like to share content, or you could learn a few tricks that will take you closer to being a power user.
      facebook tricks 2015
      These top 20 tricks to help you get Facebook to post your activity on the social network as well as to gain some credit points with other users. Use them wisely! If you have your own secrets of Facebook, share them - comment away!

      Facebook Tricks and Hacks 2014 from Gudtricks.net

      1.Disable email notifications Facebook

      Disable email notifications Facebook With the configuration that brings Facebook Default you will be notified by each of the news associated with your account, including status updates or notices of invitations sent by friends for events of all kinds. exists a quick and easy way to turn off notifications arriving in your mailbox. Just go to Account Settings and then Notifications.

      There you can disable this setting. After disabling all mail notifications you see as the amount of new mail in your inbox is greatly reduced. If accessing your account more or less frequently it is best to disable disable most of the email notifications.
      You can do it from this link: https://register.facebook.com/editaccount.php?notifications
      top facebook tricks 2013

      2.How to configure privacy Facebook profile

      How to configure privacy Facebook profile Facebook allows you to set the privacy of your profile, wall, news, applications and also gives you the ability to block your name as a result of searches. In the section on privacy settings you can also block people who do not want to locate you through Facebook
      facebook secrets 2014
      The privacy setting is changed from this link: http://facebook.com/privacy/

      All privacy settings chosen for your profile can be modified at a later time. If you are unsure about any special configuration can test for a few weeks and decide according to the results.

      3.Putting a Facebook profile picture larger 

      For the format have profile pictures on Facebook there is a trick which adds a larger picture in your personal profile. The secret is to upload an image that is narrow and long. The Facebook system is ready for certain types of photo sizes in particular. The recommended size is 600 pixels by 200 (height and width, respectively). Before uploading the image you can optimize it with a graphics editing program (some, like GIMP, are free and come with a host of features).

      4.Remove applications[APPS] From Facebook  

      By changing the privacy settings of your account you can also cancel friend requests already delivered. The system operates in the same manner as that used to end a friendship on Facebook (with the difference that have to do with someone who is not yet part of your personal list of friends). To do this, first, you must place you in the Privacy section:
      most popular facebook tips
      Privacy Settings You can write the name of the person who you sent the request in the "Block Person". If you regret your decision you can resume the relationship with that person deleting his name from the "Block List".

      5.Search Facebook application by categories 

      If you fans of accounts between Facebook applications better idea what to look for the best applications available from bookshops Facebook. You no longer have to keep waiting for others to invite contacts to recommend you or use other applications. Here are all Facebook applications sorted by categories ( games , applications, using your friends, etc..).
      free facebook tricks
      Discover dozens of interesting applications for Facebook. Try them without compromise and stay only with you more useful or fun. Now you can be the first to have a new application and share it with all your friends list

      6.How to create your own test (quiz) on Facebook

      Nothing more fun than a test completed via the Internet. With any Facebook user can create their own test or quiz. To do not need more than one application of existing Facebook. One of the most recommended by users is Make a Quiz! In this link you can start using it: Make a Quiz!
      facebook,com latest tricks
      Create as many applications as you want. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about your friends and see their opinions on all sorts of subjects

      7.Hide Friends list from Facebook 

      Many Facebook users know that they can hide the Friends list, so that only you can view. Few, however, know that you can set the privacy of your list to be blocked only some people. To do this you have to use the Personalization option that gives you Facebook
      First you have to enter the Privacy section and Profile: http://facebook.com/privacy/?view=profile

      There you have to go with friends, Customize and select people who do not want them to see your list in the box named "Except these people". Remember that to use this option previously must create a list of all your friends. You can do this in: http://facebook.com/friends/

      8.Use Facebook from the Mobilephone

       Start Using Facebook from the phone is very easy. Just enter the address m.facebook.com configured from the web browser on your mobile device. For additional information about using mobile Facebook go to:
      Configure Facebook to use in the phone is the best idea you can have all that travel quite a long time or have died away. Adding Facebook to your mobile device you can check all the updates remotely, leveraging your time much better

      9.See all invitations sent Facebook 

      Facebook automatically saves a history of all the invitations sent to date. Registration is sorted by date, so you can do a search according to different periods

      If you have questions regarding any invitation or do not remember exactly if already sent a request to that particular person, you just have to check this section of Facebook.
      To visit go to: http://www.facebook.com/invite_history.php

      10.How to report a Facebook group 

      Facebook does not allow any kind of content on your pages and groups. Therefore, if a user detects any of the prohibited content can make your complaint. To do this you should go to the section located at the bottom left of the page group.

      Some of the allegations are supported by Facebook groups that promote: Violence, Spam / Advertising, Violation of Intellectual Property, Drugs, Pornography / Nudity, group or personal attacks.

      Remember that this complaint is anonymous (no one will know that you have been the author of the complaint, but neither will inform you of the outcome thereof).

      11.How to download Facebook photo albums to PC

      With a simple add-on for Google Chrome can now download Facebook photo albums to your PC, without having to save each photo separately. Save group, events and more albums.
      The Add-on called Download FB Album and can be downloaded from the following link: FB Album . This program saves you the need to go saving each photo separately, with the advantage of ordering all the files in the folders you've designated in advance. It is also an excellent alternative to create backup copies of all your photos on Facebook.

      12.How to Remove Facebook advertising 

      If you're tired of so much advertising on Facebook is nothing like the Facebook application: Cleaner. A simple script that automatically removes most ads in Facebook. To install it follow this link: Facebook Cleaner . It is a totally safe application with no risk to your PC. You can set it at ease and eventually uninstall the system.

      13.Login to Facebook Chat from your desktop 

      Did you know you can use Facebook Chat from your desktop? Sign into Facebook just to use the chat can be annoying (especially if you do it more than once a day). But now you do not need more than a program like Gabtastik. With it you can access the Facebook chat from your desk you the same operating system. Download it for free here: Gabtastik

      14.Hide status in Facebook Chat 

      Thanks to the lists of Facebook friends you can now hide your status in Facebook Chat only for some people. After you create a friends list by category in the Chat you just have to activate automatic setup for each of the lists (online or offline appear at the beginning of each chat session

      15.How to deactivate your Facebook account.

      There are dozens of reasons why a user would want to deactivate your Facebook account. Lack of time, loss of interest in social network or disagree with any of the policies implemented by the company are just some of the most common. Luckily Facebook gives you the option to deactivate your account temporarily or permanently. To do this you have to go to the Settings section of your account (top right of your Facebook account turnover)

      Remember to reactivate your Facebook account simply login with your username and password. If you do not want to reactivate a suspended account, therefore, prevents re-enter your personal Facebook (that ends the deactivation.)

      16.View photos full screen on Facebook 

      If you want to view a gallery in full screen you can use the following trick. After clicking on the first image in the gallery you must place the pointer over the photo. In the lower section of the image a menu will appear. You must go to options and Full Screen. Now you can view a gallery of images with just a black background. To exit Full Screen mode simply press the Escape key or click the X on the right side of the screen

      17.Hide what you read on Facebook 

      If you are one of those who prefer to keep their privacy regarding information reading applications and the like why not hide the automatic notifications? In Account Settings you must go to the Applications tab. In the Edit tab you must go to the section Who can see posts by your own applications. There I selected only. Remember you can always use this trick when subscribing to a new application.

      18.Create a list based on Facebook interests 

      To make it much easier to check for updates and information on Facebook is nothing like the lists based on interests. If you want to create your first personal list please go to Interest section in your main menu. There you must then go to Add More Interests. Finally, Create List.

      Best of lists based on interests that Facebook offers is that they give us the opportunity to add friends, acquaintances or other type of subscriptions you're participating

      19.How to create a Facebook group secret 

      Facebook has a special option to create groups in secret mode. These groups will not be viewed by anyone that has not been previously authorized to do so. Create a secret group on Facebook is easy. The area sees Groups Create Group. After naming the group choose an icon that identifies you and this is most important, it activates the "secret" option. You can invite all the friends you want, with the peace of mind that the content published is not available for the curious always

      20.Upload images to Facebook in high quality

       Although the system image upload Facebook photos default login intermediate quality, this network also provides the option to upload images in high quality. If you want to make sure your images are always up to the platform with the highest quality do not forget to tick the box marked "High Quality". It is true that upload images in high quality usually takes a little longer, but the results are excellent. Do it only with the images really worthwhile
      Must Read :Top Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know 2014.

      Must Check Facebook 10 Years Journey Infographic 2014

      Click on the image to enlarge 

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      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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      Instagram is a social network dedicated to the world of photography , where you can share different photos anytime, anywhere using only your smartphone. But sometimes it can happen that a comment appears on one of your pictures in an unpleasant way and all you want is how to get rid of that comment.
      simple trick to delete the ugly comments on istagram
      If at any time, without wanting to have commented on a photo on Instagram from your device Android , or conversely, someone has said something more than your liking in one of your photos in this social network, your best alternative is the clear comment and save you any inconvenience. This time we present a very simple way to delete a comment in Instagram and from your mobile device platform Android

      Steps to delete a comment on Instagram 

      1. Delete a comment, you must first log in to Instagram photography where you've commented unintentionally or if your membership, you also have it at your disposal. Then click the button to comment
      how to delete istagram comments
      2. When you have entered mode commentary , you must press the icon with pencil in the upper right of your screen as if you were to edit a comment
      best way to delete the comments of istagram friends
      3.Immediately when you press the button pencil, appear X red next to the comments you have left in the photograph. Should be one of your photos, you can see the same X red next to every comment there

      4.To proceed to delete the comment, you must press the red X next to the comment you want to delete. And then you must press the button Delete that appear on the right side of the comment
      5.Uploaded with these simple steps, you can delete any comments you have left by mistake in a picture of one of your contacts on Instagram , or if one of your images, you can regulate which comments you want it to appear and what must delete . But above all, using only your mobile device operating system Android , which is especially useful in situations where you need to perform these tasks anywhere and anytime

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      Microsoft Points are the points in the virtual world that are purchased Xbox Live for free, for example, to buy related such as the Xbox console, games, accessories, and even acquired when playing certain games or meet certain requirements in promotions items of Microsoft. Microsoft Points are like a currency and are used to download content from online games from the modem to the Xbox console. Get Free Microsoft Points is easy and there are several ways to purchase them.

      How to get free microsoft points 

      1.Buy Xbox games including free Microsoft Points: For example, from November 2013 in the purchase of Halo 4 can earn up to 800 Microsoft Points just by playing this game in multi player mode (online). To do this, you need to have an Xbox Live Gold account. There are many other games that are given away Microsoft Points to unlock achievements, find secrets or just play the game in multi player mode.

      2.Having an entry in the program Microsoft Xbox Live Rewards: Sign in rewardsxbox.com site and register in this rewards program Microsoft. This rewards program is free and gives Microsoft Points when you publish promotions and contests.

      3.Acquiring membership account type of Xbox Live Gold: By buying this membership include free 1500 Microsoft Points you may redeem download game content and articles on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Membership is acquired online from Xbox.com page. To access the Xbox Live gamer profile to enter and look for the "Marketplace" section.

      4.Watch for advertisements and promotions from Facebook and Twitter on Xbox and Xbox Live Rewards: During different days of the week and at different times, Microsoft Points are given away by these media, so you should watch for announcements and the steps to follow to get free Microsoft Points. 

      Tips and Warnings

      • To redeem (used) Microsoft Points, you must enter the game store (from the Xbox console), select the game or content that you want to download, and finally the code on the Microsoft Points.
      • Promotions posted on Twitter and Facebook do not last long, so you have to constantly be aware to know when promotions gift Microsoft Points.
      • The Xbox Live Rewards program does not apply in all countries, it is necessary to verify that it is available in the country that the player is.

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      Most bloggers aware of that the posts should be published as often as possible, but there are other principles of success in this business, which determine some of the main aspects that must be present in each record. About five years ago, blogs firmly in our lives, and I am grateful that it happened. For all of us, they serve as an opportunity to express their thoughts and dissent, to share with the world their triumph is a unique way. Also, thanks to his "diary" each of us can learn from the mistakes of others, moving towards his goal to learn something new and useful.
      how to do blogging tips
      Above all, every blog owner is endowed with certain responsibilities, including records concerning him. They are mirrors by some of our abilities, so it's important to show itself in the best light. In fact, all the advice that I would like to share with you, are not something too complicated, however, their performance may entail significant changes in the number of your subscribers and comments accompanying each of your record. Use what I'll tell you in his every post and you will be surprised that success and attendance, "piled up" to you from heaven, literally.

       Useful Tips/Tricks for Bloggers 2014

      1. Be honest

      When you start to run your own blog , one of the most important rules that you should follow is your absolute sincerity. Only write about their thoughts, express their opinion only, do not steal other people's words. We all feel when we are deceived, and even if it is in a virtual format. All of your readers want to know only your opinion on your blog, and not what in your opinion, it would be more interesting, let it not your own words.

      2. Check spelling

      And here I do not mean checking through some programs on your computer. It is important to check each individual message yourself, let it for you already made a function of a service. It also happens that in the opinion of the machine there is no error, since it does not penetrate into the essence of the text, it simply accepts or rejects the generally accepted standards of writing. For example, take the pronoun "this". I can accidentally make a mistake and miss the last letter "t" in his writing. From the perspective of machine pronoun "it" also has a right to exist, so for such an omission error program this case was not counted. But the meaning of the proposal would have a bit mangled! Be sure to check your texts, you'd be surprised how small, seemingly glaring errors readers. Always check spelling at least twice after writing.

      3. Dilute text pictures

      While writing his article, try not to overload the text unnecessary number of words, try a little information dilute some images. They create a visual break for readers so they do not get bored reading and simply do not become bored. It is best to use your own photos.

      4. Do not steal other people's photos

      If we talk with you about photography, I, of course, mean just your pictures and not strangers, albeit downloaded through the service of Google Images. It is best to use your pictures or even ask permission of those who are their true owners. Also there are various stock photo sites where you can buy specifically a particular image. However, I'm sure you can find in their own collections much more interesting specimens than there.

      Also can serve as an excellent option this trick as attribution of the picture under each photo as a reference to its holder. If you decide to use an image found on the service Pinterest, here you do not quite free to use it. Simple indication of the name of the site will not be correct, as it does not lead to its true owner.

      Stealing other people's photos is not only a violation of copyright, but also can lead to pay astronomical fees or even a lawsuit if it comes before the owner of the photo. And in the end, it gradually destroys your reputation blogger that is not very good, as you yourself probably realize.

      5. Grammatically correct sentence structure

      Proper use of grammar also has a huge impact on your reputation as a blogger. It shows your professionalism and helps to stay educated in the eyes of your readers. Nobody wants to read a blog with huge amounts of grammatical errors. Before publish your article, be sure to check out all at least twice, and certainly jog eyes and the text at least twice again after publication. Often you notice an error after the final publication, so be sure to check everything and then it, too.

      6. Be tolerant and respectful towards other

      Despite the fact that this blog is really technically belongs to you and you can write their thoughts, yet observe at least some limits of decency. Do not use unnecessarily offensive phrases, do not scold over some group of people or an idea, be respectful to your readers and casual visitors your blog. I am not telling you that you should close your opinion somewhere under lock and be hypocritical positive character, but still advise to be careful and tolerant towards others.

      Yes, be honest, but remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to condemn it only in the context of its conclusions, at least discourteously. Do not offend your readers, people are different and have every right to be themselves. Remember that people come to your page not to yell and complain to someone, and to learn something new and interesting.

      7. Maintain a dialogue with your readers

      When you have a blog, be aware that it is very important to maintain with their readers at least the illusion of a dialogue. That is, try to write as if you are talking not only himself, but also expect some response from others. When you share your life and how to talk about everything with their readers, a blog is much more interesting. This is one of the key moments blogger success - to be able to share their thoughts and not simply state certain facts of his biography.

      How to do it? Yes, in fact, is not so difficult. Ask them to share with you my opinion on a particular bill, write in the manner of referring to his guest, often uses the pronoun "you" and write as little as possible about yourself, referring pronoun "I" and "and I have." Through such simple tricks you allow your reader to feel part of your blog, which will make it much more interesting and popular.

      And, of course, first of all remember that the blog you created in the first place for himself. Do not write about something and, of course, do not do something just because you feel that way and want to do the rest. Be sincere and honest - be yourself! So you come to as many fans that undoubtedly very nice.

      Maybe you have in your arsenal some blogging tips? Leave your comments below! We would be very interested to hear your opinion!

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      The advent of the smartphone market caused a change in the photographic model as we knew it until recently. Since the appearance of the first phones with a camera, a love for capturing images has been increased and the way in which photographs are taken has totally changed , to the point where we do not need to leave the house with a heavy collar device for hanging to capture our experiences.
      free way to get more and more instagram follwers and likes 2014
      This transformation was introduced and compact digital cameras but mobile phones have taken this kind of practice to another level even changing the type of things that people used to portray in the past. But not only the appearance touch terminals is the cause of this revolution, so are the existence of applications for Internet and hang pictures.

      People would like to share with others the places you visit during your holiday, dessert, takes after eating or just teach your new haircut. To show that part of his life turning to tools to show to friends and even strangers on the network. Instagram One is a curious application that perfectly defines the new photographic model, but strangely intended to emulate shooting that performed in the 60's with the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid , at least the aesthetic part, thanks to the ability to capture images and apply square filters that give a retro look. Users of this photographic social network amounted to 32 million smartphones only.

      Many of them see only Instagram a way to tell his life, also see it as a form of promotion. You're the type of user you are sure that you want more social positioning. From here are some tips to get more followers on one of the more popular social networks.

      How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram 

      1.Learn to use hashtags:

      Nobody likes to see a post with a lot of tags because it considered annoying. We agree that the use of these resources gives more visibility and increases the chances of increasing your list of followers but must be used to measure. Nor can is suitable to associate words to an image that has nothing to do as it hinders search content . Not nice searching New York and appearing images of the Egyptian pyramids.

      2.Use the most popular hashtag:

      Although its use is questioned if they have nothing to do with the image, it is a good technique to gain followers .

      3.Uses Instagram at the right time:

      Make sure you post content at times when there are more users online. Also, if something like users of social networks is to visit them at specific times to comment or share what's happening at that moment. advantage events may generate much network traffic as sports or social events and get more notoriety .

      4.Says photos from other users:

      Sure there are pictures that you have drawn attention while browsing the database. Snapshots that for one reason or another inspire you but have not commented. Leaving footprint is a good technique to get more followers and more if you leave reviews that match the thinking of others.

      5.Import  followers of other social networks:

      Another option is to sync your Instagram account with the Twitter , Facebook or even your list of contacts from your mobile phone. Not everyone has a presence in all social networks so you may not be able to import them, but suggest that an account be made ​​can also be a good advice for your purpose. Among options there is a tab called "find people" you allowed to do so .

      6 .Bring your mind visible to everyone.:

      Instagram allows strangers can not access the photos you choose to stay in the network. It's a perfectly respectable option but that does not ensure you a lot of popularity. Make sure that within the tab "edit your profile" , the "private photos" is unchecked.

      7.Indicates that place has been taken photography:

      Instagram allows the user to indicate the city where the snapshot was made. Before sharing the image press on "to name this place" and the geo location tool will help you to select the location that is closest to where you are.

      8.Follow celebrities and companies:

      A good option is to befriend celebrities and comment on your photos. Who knows, maybe you manage to keep their fans and even the celebrity you own or company may choose to do so.

      9.Share your photos on other social networks:

      Please link your account with Facebook, Instagram or Foursquare for your publications reach a wider audience and thus more people see what photographs. From the options menu can enable this option .

      Still 10 and stops following accounts from time to time:

      If you make this kind of tricks on pages with many followers will always appear at the top of the lists of followers and your account you will be more visible for other people. remember that this technique is contrary to the policy of Instagram and may cause temporary cessation or definitive account.

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      simple trick to boost my wifi router signal strength more
      Change the channel of your wifi The channel of a wireless network is the frequency at which it is spread through the air. If your connection does not work as it should perhaps several neighbors ye using the same channel causing interference, a formidable enemy to the quality of your connection. Through a program like in SSIDer for Home (Free) we can see in a simple channel our wifi and which are the least used in the area. To change the channel have to access your router settings. By default this is done by inserting ""in your browser preferences. Once there the steps to set vary depending on the model.
      tips to increase the wifi singal

      Change your WI-FI router site

      One of the simplest possible solution is to change your router site. It does not require advanced technical knowledge and the results can be quite spectacular. If you have a large home try placing it in a place close to where to be broad attempt to connect your devices or, in the case of several at a point equidistant to them. If your house has several floors (like maybe a house) tries to place it in an intermediate one. Nor should you place it near wireless devices (mice, keyboards, phones, etc.) as these can cause interference.

      Change the firmware Of your wifi 

      You've probably never updated your router from the company that gives you internet access to what you sent. If you have not done so should find the make and model name (normally visible on the device itself) and get the latest firmware update and instructions needed to install. If you're lucky you might have a router that supports DD-WRT special firmware developed by the community that greatly improves compatible devices. You are operations should be following to the letter the instructions, since a failed update can turn your router into a lovely paper weight.
      tricks to improve the wifi signal strength

      Check for intruders in your network

      If you notice sudden changes in the available bandwidth may have some changes connected neighbor.
      To control it you can use programs like Who is on my WiFi? , and see if you recognize them as their own to all connected devices. To resolve this awkward situation you should change your password as soon as possible. Either way, the passwords that come by default on most networks can be easily broken using the right programs. Therefore we recommend that intruders have or not, change them anyway.

      Limits the number of devices connected to your network

      Among tablets, phones, PCs, game consoles, smart TVs, e-readers ... Today it is easy to have many devices connected to our network once. connected simultaneously Try to have only limited and necessary in all automatic updates these. Save battery and avoid sudden drops in the available bandwidth.

      Buy a new Wifi router to improve the signal and its reception

      I know many of you will be reluctant to perform this last step, but let's face it: routers that provide telephone companies are not very good (quite the opposite). If all the above steps you still get smooth navigation and have a download speed or insufficient rise. With moderate payout (50 $ or less) without having to resort to routers top of the range, we can achieve a substantial improvement our wifi signal. Another option would be to buy and use a PLC, which allow you to connect using the mains of your house. However this may be considered a separate issue that will be addressed in a future in a separate holder.
      Must Read: Simple Tricks to Improve WiFi Signal Strength/Ways to Maximize

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