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  • 05/01/14--02:03: Windows XP users at risk
  • Some time has passed since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and now there is a failure to put "on the spot" to remain using that operating system. Due to a problem with Internet Explorer, Windows PCs can receive very serious attacks that compromise the information owner.
    According to a notice published by the company itself, a flaw in the Internet browser from version 6 to 11 has the potential risk of allowing an attacker to gain full access to the PC, allowing it to change programs installed, view and delete information, among other things.

    To achieve this, the malicious agent would have to give the user click a configured to activate the fault and give the attacker complete control link, so part of the solution to this problem is to use your own common sense and keeps away from sites or "suspicious" emails.

    Meanwhile, those who use Windows XP should be even more cautious, because while those with a more recent version of Windows soon get a patch to repair the vulnerability in question, those using XP will no longer have this benefit.

    This is part of why it is recommended to stop using XP and migrate to a newer platform. If you are in the process of choosing an updated operating system, which can be done in the meantime is to avoid using Internet Explorer and use some alternative like Chrome or Firefox.
    To learn more about the fault can be found in the reference link and this other link that tells more about the concerns of users regarding the end of support for Windows XP

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    There are many programs to pass a photo to any pdf to jpg[tiff to pdf] image format to PDF format, especially some of the programs that generate Adobe PDF files as well as some photo editing programs. Most of these programs are paid, so you need to buy to use on your computer, but there are versions that allow its use to test for a certain time. The cheapest way is through programs developed specifically for convert photos to PDF files and are free distribution.
    convert tiff to pdf online free

    Steps to how to convert pdf to jpg Software for free

    1. Type the URL address into address bar 101panda.com your Internet browser and press the "Enter" key.
    2. Press the "Download now" button on the "PDF Converter" link at the top middle of the screen.
    3. Open the downloaded file, press the "Run" button and then the button "Yes" to allow you make changes to your computer.
    4. Press the "Next" button in the following window to start the download. The process takes seconds and when the program automatically opens.
    5. Press the "Add file" button, or select the images you want to convert to PDF format and press the button "Open". This option allows you to add multiple images in one step.
    6. Select the photos you want to convert to PDF from the photos you added. This is done by placing the cursor over them and pressing the left mouse button. You can select all options using the "Shift" key to scroll to the last photo you want to convert and then pressing the left mouse button.
    7. Press the "Convert to PDF" button at the bottom of the program window. All photos added files will be converted to PDF in one step. The photos will open in the PDF program you have installed on your computer and only need to save them on your computer. The disadvantage may be some mismatch in height and width.
    8. Download other programs to perform this operation, as is the case for Convert image to PDF that you can download Softinterface.com and the Image to PDF software available Softonic.com.
    9. If you have all your photos in the JPEG format can download a specific program to change PDF to JPEG known as PDF and is available for free download in Jpeg-to-pdf.softonic.com following the easy steps that will appear for download on the screen when you press the download button on that page. This converter does not require adjustments in height and width.

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    Google, always trying to innovate in technology, is expanding its wide range of tools available inroads on education aimed at developers. We had already shown the Google Web Designer and now presents Google Web Fundamentals.
    Google Web Fundamentals is a comprehensive resource for web development on multiple devices , or as they often call it, a manual of best practices. Stated this way, is only a guide to good practice in creating web interfaces, whose goal is to help you produce a high quality product that is customizable

    What is a customizable web site

    A customizable website is one that fits the most common screen resolutions in the user environment without the content ceases to be legible or lose shape. Understood environment as all the devices we use on a day to day: the smartphone , the tablet , computer or even a TV.

    The initiative of Google offers lessons on four basic areas: Structures for Multiple Devices; Images, Audio and Video, Forms and User Entries and Performance Optimization.

    Structures for Multiple Devices : This guide focuses on helping you to plan and build your first website for multiple resolutions ( multi-screen ) and work correctly in the wide range of devices from which it is accessible.
    Images, Audio and Video : offers lessons for managing multimedia content in a simple and uniform across different devices.

    Forms and User Inputs : Provides resources to handle input forms on a website without causing headaches for users and avoiding negative impact on visitors.

    Optimizing Performance : presents a series of tips to make your website deliver content as quickly as possible and is always available to respond to user interactions.

    Google wants to end the lessons you've learned enough to build a web application that grants a user experience first class . Although an inexperienced, existing views about its philosophy and product range oven, however time will tell if another winning bets on Google to change the future of the Internet or another failure to his credit.

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    One of the Most Wonderful Things about the Internet Is the Ability It Gives Us to Access Information. This Superpower Left of Us Use for Something Productive. Living in Today's World Begins to Be Indispensable to Learn the Languages Spoken by the Machines. We Have at Our Disposal an Enormous Amount of Technological Wonders That Make Our Life Easier, and We Know How They Work. Learning to Program Is the Future of Education and Should Be Taught since We Were Children .
    where can i learn free coding online
    Whether You Want It to Become a Programmer, or Just Learn a Little More about This World of Brackets, Braces and Parentheses; Internet Offers a Host of Innovative Platforms for Learning. And Best of All, There Is a Growing Movement Promotes Open Course Ware That Advances Human Knowledge, Using the Web as the Main Tool.  Learning to Program on the Internet Is Very Easy These Days, Here's a List of 10 Websites Where You Can Have Free and Open Courses Programming 
    learn coding skills 2014
    Codecademy Is One of the Most Popular Sites Where Currently a Programming Course for Beginners Make. It Is the First Choice of Many and a Truly Friendly Place. Codecademy Is an Educational Company That Thinks the Current System of Education in the Classroom Is Too Old and Outdated.

    All Courses Are Free on Codecademy, including Programming Languages​​That Are Available to Learn Are: JavaScript , HTML , CSS , PHP , Python , and Ruby . We Also Have Programs to Learn How to Use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

     in Codecademy Learn by Doing, the Courses Are Based on Exercises and Take Small Challenges to Advance to the Next. They Have Their Own Text Editor with Built-in Preview and Console. And Although the Courses Are Pretty Basic, They Give You Enough Tools to Continue Your Quest for Self-Education.
    learn programming skills online 2014
    Udacity Is a Platform That Was Born in Stanford University as a Little Experiment. In This They Decided to Offer an Introductory Class on Artificial Intelligence for Free Online. More than 160,000 Students Enrolled Worldwide and Became One Udacity Promoters What They Themselves Call the Democratization of Education.

    In Udacity You Can Not Only Take Courses in Programming, but Also on a Wide Selection of Different Materials. The Course Catalog Is Huge, and Although Many Courses Are Extra, There Is a Huge Amount of Free Material. Udacity Courses Are Taught by Different Specialists in Their Field, from University Professors to Offer Their Classes, to Entrepreneurs Who Share Their Knowledge with the Rest of the World for the Simple Pleasure of Educating Others

    Section Computer Science You Can Get from the Introductory Computer Science Courses , to Advanced Topics of Robotics. A Great Course to Start Would Be to Web Development , Taught by Steve Hufmman (the Co-Creator of Reddit) and Sean Bennet
    3.Khan Academy
    Khan Academy Is a Nonprofit Organization Whose Goal Is to Bring World Class Education to Everyone Openly. All Resources Are Available at No Cost, to Any Person, Whether Student or Educator.

    Like Udacity, Khan Academy Has Many Subjects on Which to Learn. Although the Course Catalog Is Smaller, worth Checking the Computer Program , Which Gives You Learn How to Build Graphics and Animations, Regardless If You've Never Programmed Anything in Your Life.
    Udemy Is a Fairly Large Company That Offers Courses on Different Subjects for Individuals and Businesses. In Udemy Anyone with Knowledge Can Create a Course and Offer It at a Price to Be Taken by Users.

    While Udemy Is a Platform for E-Learning Fully Commercial, Features Many Free Courses and Permanently Available in Different Languages. Such as This on HTML5 Programming for Beginners .
    edX Is a Nonprofit Organization Created Jointly by MIT and Harvard , with the Goal of Expanding Access to Education Worldwide, and Improved Ways of Teaching through a Platform Open Source and Collaborative.

    With Such Heavyweights Education behind This Project, It Is Expected That the Courses Offered Are First. The Courses Are Organized by Subject and School than Dictates. To Date, 13 Universities Collaborate with edX.
    Department of Computer Science Has 17 Courses at the Time of Publication of This Article
    Lynda Offers a Large Library of Courses in Video Tutorial Format. And Although It Requires a Paid Subscription That Allows Access to All the Content, Each Course Has Sections That Are Available for Free. This Way You Can Listen to Part of a Class and Then Decide If It's worth Paying for It
    Acamica Is a Latin American Project Is Just Beginning but Already Has a Good Selection of Courses. The Site Design Has Great like Me, and Today Began a Course on HTML and CSS , Which Can Register for Free.
    Coursera Is an Educational Organization That Is Associated with Many of the Best Universities in the World, to Provide for Free Online Courses That Anyone Can Take.

    The Courses Are Taught by Professional Educators and Designed to Fully Master a Subject. Different Courses May Vary from Open Sessions given by a Teacher, to the Simple Ratio of Tools to Learn for Yourself.

    The category of Software Engineering has to date, with 30 courses on programming.
    Treehouse is a platform for high-quality technology education, provides programming courses for beginners and promises to take you from zero to ready to work through their various programs. Although the vast majority of courses require a paid subscription, Treehouse has several free, among which worth mentioning how to build a simple website that includes basic knowledge and tips about HTML5 and CSS3 .

    I must confess that I am a fan of Treehouse and took a couple of months taking their courses.
    w3schoools free online html resource oninternet
    Although Not Associated with the W3C, W3Schools Offers a Magnificent Selection of Tutorials, References, Exercises and Quizzes on Web Development, All Totally Free. We Also Offer the Opportunity to Get Certified in a Subject. The Site Is Aimed at Both Beginners and Experts and Professionals.

    Includes material on HTML / CSS, Javascript, servers, ASP.NET, XML, certifications, browsers, hosting, etc.

    As You Can See, the Options Are Many More Excuses, and If You Want to Learn Something New, or Improve Knowledge in Their Area of Work, the Internet Offers a Huge Sea of Possibilities for Education .

    Finally I Leave This YouTube Playlist with the Entire Course of Programming Methodology Stanford University, for If I Want to Feel Something More "Classic"
    Must Read: :Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming Skills/Course through Internet 2014

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    If You're Tired of You Deny That YouTube Content for the Country Where You Are, We Offer Three Simple Solutions to Bypass the Filter and Enjoy Any Video Blocked in Your Region.
    best proxy websites to watch private videos
    If There Truly Annoying Things on the Internet, Are the Filters That Impose Many Regional Services. Depending on Where You Live, Certain Companies Do Not Feel That You Have the Same Rights as Others to Enjoy the Content. You'd Think These Companies Would Get More Benefits Reach More People, and to Have a Larger Audience, or Audiences Have More Customers to Sell To. But the Logic of Dividing the Internet as If It Were Land, Where Walls and Create Borders for Certain Entities Remains The "Right" and a Supposedly Necessary Evil.

    Surely More than Once That Has Happened to You Wanting to Watch a Video on YouTube or Other Site like This, It Shows You a Nice Warning That the Content Is Blocked in Your Region. Skipping These Restrictions Is Fairly Simple (at Least for Now) and We Give Several Alternatives Bitelia so You Can View Any YouTube Video Blocked in Your Country
    how to can i watch blocked youtube videos trick

    Proxy Websites to Watch Bypass or Blocked Videos

    ProxFree Is a Service of Proxy for the Web Free, You Just Need to Enter in the Drawer, the Direction of the YouTube Video You Want to View and Choose a Country for the IP You Want to Use. You Can Use One in the U.S. And 9 Other Countries, including Several in the UK, If You Want to Watch Eg BBC Videos That Are Available Only in British Countries. It Is a Good Choice Because You Do Not Have to Install Anything, nor Keep Any Program Running in the Background, Just Paste the Link to the Video on the Web and Ready.
    ProxMate Is an Application That ProxifíCa the Content of the Pages You Browse, but Promises Not to Reduce Your Internet Speed as Most VPN or Free Proxies. You Can Install the Extension for Google Chrome, or Firefox Addon. And It Works for Free with YouTube, and Various Sites like Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, Etc..
     Hello Is a Proxy Service and Free VPN Popular of Which We Have Spoken Several Times. It Has Applications for Windows, Mac and Android, as Well as Extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just Install It and Choose a Country to Access Any Website like You're At. It Is One of the Best, and Almost 100% Foolproof.

    Any of These 3 Options Is Valid, with No Need to Install Anything First, the Second and Third Yes, and You Get Access to Almost Any Site Blocked by Region, Not Just YouTube. Also Do Not Invade Publicity, and You Can Improve If You Pay a Subscription Service.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Especially for Those Addicted to Change the Desktop[WALLPAPERS] Background of Its Gadgets , We Have Prepared a List Recommending Some of the Best Websites to Download Cool Wallpapers, High Quality and Multiple Resolutions to Fit Any Device.
    desktop wallpapers for free download
    The Wallpaper Is One of Those Things That Everyone Has to Do. Some Certainly Are More Tuned than Others to Find Beautiful Images to Adorn Our Screens, Those Who Placed a Photo Mosaic Family Style for Two and a Half Years without Any Remorse.

    For Digital Vain, the Wallpaper Is One of the Most Important Parts of Their Desktop Computers, or Tablets, or Smartphones ; After All It Is the First Thing You See When You Turn and the Main Motif of Our Work Area.

    On the Internet There Are Plenty of Funds Dedicated to Offering All Sites, but Only a Small Niche Manages to Gather the Best and Not Just Pick Any Image 1024x768 Display There. Since I Have a Computer, I've Been a Fan of Customize or Customizing Desktops, but Once Used to Be a Fairly Exclusive Sect, Gradually More and More Users Are Interested in Leaving Beautiful Their Devices, and the First Step Is to Find a Nice Background. In Today Gudtricks.net We Recommend Some of the Best Sites to Download Wallpapers Online .
    hd wallpapers download free
    Wallbase Is One of the Most Popular Sites out There Today to Download Wallpaper. Wallbase Is Young, Has Little More than Two Years between Us Has Changed Domain Several times, Mainly Because Many of His Images Are Uploaded to the Site without Respecting the Original Source, and That Has Brought Them Some Problems.

    The Good Thing Is That the Site Recently Included Links to the Authors of Each Wallpaper, Although This Is Rarely True Because Who Upload the Image Can Be Any User and Knowing the Author or Care Increasingly Is Becoming a Little More Respectable Way to Share Wallpapers on the Site. Either Way the Collection Is Huge and Well worth the Visit.
    hd Wallpapers for android mobile
    Deviant Art Is the Perfect Place for Lovers of Customization. Although the Community Is Huge and Currently Collects Art of All Kinds, a Fact Little Known to Most People Is That in the Beginning Was a Deviant Art Site Dedicated Solely to Customize in Only Picking Themes for Windows , Icons and Backgrounds Screen, Eventually Evolved and Became a Community of Graphic Artists of All Kinds.

    Deviant Art Still Has a Huge Selection of Wallpapers Divided into Categories in Huge Sections That Collected Nearly a Decade Ago, and Are Offered Directly by Their Creators.
    3.Simple Desktops
    hd wallpapers for free download
    Imple Desktops Is a Great Site and Met Some Time Ago, Which Was Created by a Guy Named Tom Watson Lover Minimalist That Handles Personally Choose Each Wallpaper.

    Over Time It Has Grown to Have a Fairly Large Collection, but Always with the Assumption That the Images Are Free of Shadows, Gradients, and Realism. Anyone Can Submit Their Work and Will Be Published with Attribution for Others to Download.
    4.Minimal Wall
    hd wallpapers where to download
    The Slogan of Minimal Wall Is "A Simplified Desktop." the Site Is Responsible for Publishing Wallpapers Really Minimalist, with Only Very Basic Colors and Sometimes Graphics by Adding a Message or a Motivational Word Relations as Minimalism, Personal Development, Simplicity and Productivity.

    Hey Are so Simple You Can Make Your Own, but Minimal Wall Offers a Fairly Large Collection, and Each Fund Has a Beautiful Color Palette of All the Wallpapers Together Is Fabulous.
    Dribbble Is an Exclusive Community for Talented Designers. We Had Talked When We Suggest the Site Where to Download Free Resources for Design .

    If We Look at Dribbble under The "Wallpapers" Label We Will Get Many Interesting and Cool Stuff. Many Users Create Free Resources for Anyone to Download and among These Are Also a Good Amount of Funds for Various Devices, and of Excellent Quality.
    Vladstudio Is Another Fairly Old but Good Site Is a Project of Russian Digital Artist Vlad Gerasimov, Who Began Creating Wallpaper in Their Spare Time, and with Its Growing Popularity Ended up Turning the Hobby into a Business. Today He Works Full Time Creating Wallpapers for Computers and Mobile Devices.

    Vlad studio Offers Hundreds of Wallpapers, Completely Free and Many Other Limited to Certain Resolutions. If You Purchase an Account Premium You Can Download Absolutely Everything and Dozens of Orders to a Large Number of Devices.
    Desktopography Is a Project Born in 2005 in Order to Bring Nature to Your Desktop. Each Year Desktopography Launching a New Collection, Several Highly Talented and Recognized Artists Working with Their Graphics Work to Offer Some of the Best Examples of Art That We See on the Web.

    All Wallpapers Are Available in Multiple Resolutions to Download for Free, and Sample Quality Is Impressive.
    hd wallpapers where do i download
    Art core Is the Blog of a Very Talented Illustrator, Quite Popular for Its Icons of the Same Name. Although We Are Not Talking about a Site Wallpapers as Such, and the Collection Does Not Have Tens or Hundreds of Funds, Which Have Are Great and Each Time They Add New.

    It Is One of My Favorite Graphic Artists, so He Is worth a Mention in This Post. In Addition, His Talent Is Undeniable and Many of His Works Can Finish Decorating Your Desk for a Good Time If You Fall for Their Artwork as I Did.
    Must Read:Windows 8 Free Themes, Where to Download and Install Guide.

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    Windows 8 Tricks: Few Days Ago It Has Released the New Windows Update: Windows 8.1, It Includes a Number of Improvements and Innovations. Today Gudtricks.net Bring You Four Tips to Help You Improve Your Experience with Windows 8.1.
    Among the Improvements That Have Been Incorporated in This New Version Can Be Found: More Tiles Sizes, Connection Applications to the Sides of the Screen, New Global Search Engine, Sky Drive Integration, among Others.

    Please Find below Four Tricks You Perform on Windows 8.1 and Thus You Achieve Improve Your Experience.

    I Nitiate Directly to the Desktop: One of the Innovations Incorporated in the New Version Is the Ability to Boot Directly to the Desktop. The Key to This Is in the 'Navigation' Tab in the Configuration of the Desktop Task bar.  Here We See a Number of Check boxes That Allow Us Some Functions Such as Displaying the Wallpaper at the Home Screen, or When Session Will Agree Initiate Direct Way to the Desktop.

    2.Lost Libraries: Starting the Browser We Can See a View of Multiple Folders and Drives. This Option Can Be Activated from the Configuration File Browser, following These Steps: Open the Browser, Go to the 'View' Tab on the Ribbon, Click 'Options', and Finally Activate the Check box Labeled 'Display Libraries' .  a Faster Option Is from the 'Navigation Pane' and Selecting 'Show Libraries'.

    3.Use the Computer as a Digital Picture Frame:  This Means That Having the Computer Turned on, We Get the Lock Screen Is a Slide Show. To Do This: Open Charms Bar, Press Setup, Then 'Change PC Settings', Select in the Big Picture, Activate 'Show a Presentation on the Lock Screen', and Finally Select the Folder Where the Images You Want to See in the Presentation.

    4.Making Reading List Sync between Devices: It Is a New Application That Has Been Incorporated into Windows 8.1 That Allows You to Add Links to Access Them. It Is Recommended to Enable Synchronization of Data and Application Settings with Sky Drive, Accessing System Setup, Select Sky Drive, Then 'Configure Synchronization', and Click 'Application Data'.  Thus Achieve Synchronize Information between Computers Connected to the Same Microsoft.
    These are my Recent tricks of windows 8 we will update more and more on this page keep on update with this page 

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  • 05/02/14--21:37: 10 Tricks for Nokia Lumia
  • Tricks for Nokia Lumia: If you have a Nokia Lumia Here we present an overview of the smart features that have these phones and you know and you probably will not be of much use.
    best tips and 10 Tricks for Nokia Lumia

    These 10 Tricks , you will enhance your experience with the phone :

    • Photographing without unlocking the phone : How the Nokia Lumia darkens screen freezes, if you want to take a picture quickly, you will only have your phone locked and holding the camera button, instantly applying rise and you'll be able to tap photos. It is important that you do not have this option.
    • Scanning a QR code without special application: It is very simple and is done through the Bing search engine, you just have to press the search button and select the icon that appears in red. Done this, you'll be able to scan a bar code or QR code.
    • Make a video call using Tango or Skype: This will be possible to have the front camera Lumia as Nokia Lumia 900.
    • Using the integrated FM receiver to listen to music through the radio : This possibility find music application, while you got the headphones can listen FM online. 
    • Using the battery saver when you need to extend the duration of the same: For this you will need to activate the battery saving mode. This option will find it in Settings, and help in some situations. In addition, you can set to activate automatically when the Battery is low
    • Groups have about what's important : In the Contacts application, you can create groups of your closest users. With this update you will see messages from Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Use voice feature while driving:  It will be possible using the Bluetooth hands free. You can send text messages and make calls , all through your voice.
    • Quickly find applications in the Marketplace without having to open it : You'll have to go to the downloaded apps list, and click on the search screen, and write the name of the application you want to install. You the option Automatically Search Marketplace and there will be available to download appears.
    • New experiences with local search: From the home screen is to click on Start Search, and click the button that appears at the bottom. These are local search and show you where to eat, sleep, among us.
    • Retrieve phone number of a company by its name : When looking for the number one company on the map, the name is stored in the local history of calls and so will be very easy to find it again.

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    The most common is that users share our movies without carrying out any editing process, but on occasion will arise the need to want to give a "push" your movie to unite various sections of video, to set to music or a voice over or simply to remove the boring parts of your home recordings and share them with friends or family. To make matters worse, some users itches curious and want to try to emulate the effects seen in movies or even videos music as spectacular as the Hungarian singer Boggie .
    download best video editing software download
    However, to take your first steps in video editing, it is sometimes complicated what is the most appropriate software, especially if you want to invest in an advanced application and face. Well, in this summary you will find eight applications easy, simple (and mostly free) that you can use to edit your movies.
    1.Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker is a free Software tool for editing video for Windows, with which users can create Own movies with a simple drag and drop. This program has features that allow you to add video effects, video transitions, titles / credits, audio track, story timeline, and Auto Movie. In addition, you can add new effects and transitions and existing can be modified using XML code.
    Note:Movie Maker already installed on your computer. To find out, click the Start button Picture of the Start button, type machine movie in the search box, and see if it appears in the results list.


    VirtualDub is a free and powerful video editing program for Windows, it has amazing features like compression capability, video splitting and ability to add video tracks. As a free program for video editing also has batch processing capability for handling a large number of files, and if this were not enough, the program can be improved and extend its functionality through the use of video filters third.

    Wax is a program for video editing flexible, high-performance, useful for private and professional users. It can be used as a standalone application or as a complement to other video editors.
    4 Avidemux

    Avidemux is a free video editor designed for editing simple video cutting, filtering, coding, etc. Supports multiple file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.

    Ffmpeg is NOT a payment tool for video editing for Windows, but a collection of free software that can record, convert and stream audio and digital video, including library codec (a library of audio codecs / video leader) and libarary format (one leading library containing multiplexers / de-multiplexers for multimedia container files).
    6 Blender

    Blender is a free open source program for creating 3D content code which is compatible with all major operating systems, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Blender has many advanced features such as modeling tools based on modifiers, powerful character animation tools, a node based material, etc. and is one of the best video editors for both Windows and Mac
    7 ZS4 Video Editor

    ZS4 Video Editor is another great for video editing and composing that provides multimedia experts could combine photos, videos, audio files into one or more output files program.
    8 CineFX Jahshaka

    Jahshaka was formerly known as Cine-FX and was intended to be a publisher, and composition effects engine that runs on various platforms such as Mac, Linux and Windows. Better compare with Adobe After Effects in their aspirations but has been a long time between version 2.0 and the long awaited 3.0 version which has questioned the future of the project.

    Clearly there is still much work to do but it's nice to see an attempt to cross-platform font in a truly open market dominated by Adobe. There seems to be some hungry new version judging by the comments that have been made in the news users, which luckily spur offer the update sometime this year.
    9 Zwei-Stein

    Zwei-Stein is a great video editor that has many video effects. Also you can edit up to 256 video, audio, still images and movies. Because the interface is quite technical, many people find it difficult to use though.
    10 Movica

    Movica used some good editing your movies programs, also has very good reviews. The keyboard shortcuts make video editing easier than ever. It is one of the best free video editors for Windows and is fully compatible with WMV MPG FLV, and.
    If you are using an Apple computer, you're probably not wondering what software you use, since all computers of this manufacturer come standard with the iMovie program. iMovie is a video editor with many possibilities, and you can also carry out projects not only on your computer but also on an iPad or an iPhone, so you can start your project on an iPhone and finish it on your computer. problem of iMovie is that its user interface leaves much to be desired, especially if you've seen as a conventional video editor is handled.

    For some reason, thought his old Apple iMovie program, which became very popular a decade ago among video enthusiasts around the world, it was not simple enough and decided to completely remodel its looks and handling. Still, with a little research you can learn to use the program in a morning without a problem, and although it has some important limitations, it also has very striking features to make your videos look like a trailer for a movie, or add music and titles with ease.
    12.VideoLAN Movie Creator VLMC

    You probably know the program open source or Video LAN VLC used to play movies in multiple formats. Well, Video LAN Movie Creator is a video editor based in bookstores this program that runs on Windows, Linux and Macs As with other open source applications, it is not a program that is highly finished, and fact web developers warns that there is still a version that can be considered end. However, the interface is quite clear and intuitive, so that, if you can afford a "bug" than another, it's worth taking a look at this editor.

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    If you want to see videos of YouTube we can not just do it from our computers, but we also have the possibility to do on other computers as smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and consoles intelligent.
    connect smartphone to tv
    Today a smartphone or tablet it is very common utililizar while watching TV , but YouTube offers the ability to synchronize these devices and can send video from your mobile phone or tablet directly to the TV. This function can always make it and connection  to WiFi .

    The steps to establish the connection between the devices and the TV are:

    The first thing we must do is ensure that all devices are connected to the same network WiFi . Then we have to download the YouTube applications in both (smartphone or tablet, and smart tv) ​​devices. Finally you must create an account at Google.
    Once we completed the steps anterior  and will be able to synchronize the devices as follows:

    Turn on the TV and go to www.youtube.com/tv , then go to the Settings menu and press Pairing devices . Once a code selected these options appear on the screen. Then we get to YouTube from the device or web browser. Press in the three horizontal stripes and a guide, where you can access the Settings menu and select Pair with be displayed YouTube TV, then you are prompted for the above named and will code option to establish a name for the connection between the devices.

    Ultimately we must select the option Add this TV and so end the process and it will be available for your use.
    This is the simple procedure to watch your favourite Moives and videos on Big screen i mean Tv 
    Must Read: Watch Youtube Videos without Any Buffering Struck on Mobile and Slow Internet Connection

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    On this day in GudTricks.net would like to you want to know an application called WhatsApp Sniffer that will allow us to read other people's conversations in instant messaging platform WhatsApp . It's totally free and easy to download and use.
    tricks to read other whatsapp messages how to
    Many users looked on the existence of an application that would allow you to access other people's conversations in WhatsApp . WhatsApp Sniffer gives you that possibility.

    What it does is timely application is to allow the user to access the user's chat history you want the other person even necessarily need to use WhatsApp , of course. In addition to talks, we can access any file that the contacts are on that platform.

    We recommend that you do not use this application if it is not strictly necessary, it would be good to use WhatsApp Sniffer positive purposes and not for the mere fact meddle in the lives of others.

    The application works through internet , and I can get it for free.

    To download a WhatsApp Sniffer of completely free, you must enter the link that we will leave you then.

    Free Download WhatsApp Sniffer.
    Must Read:1.How To Install Whatsapp On Windows/Mac Pc
                      2.Use WhatsApp From Your Internet Browser Trick Using Android Emulator Manymo
                      3.Download WhatsApp For IPhone For Free And Install

    0 0

    The messaging service WhatsApp counts in the world with over 500 million users, has become a Fundamental tool to our devices when it comes to communicating, especially now with the novelty of being able to voice chat. From a new button that was on voice chat with WhatsApp because it was added a button shaped microphone with that if you want you can record and send voice messages.

    whatsapp new service push to talk
    Since WhatsApp is renewed to keep up to threats from other messaging services such as WeChat , already finding a strip in the communications market. Since WhatsApp decided to launch this new service, a tool to truly innovative voice chat , but still is available only on some platforms it is possible that rapidly be available for all platforms.

    Thus the new tool , via a small button on the toolbar writing allows us to send recorded voice messages ostensibly improving its messaging service to users to send voice notes. With the name of Push to Talk is now available on some platforms this tool will result very useful. Furthermore, as is necessary to know if who sent the message heard, the blue will micro fonito when they heard the message.

    0 0

    When it comes to engage your audience, reduce bounce rate on your blog is crucial The reason is simple: the longer a visitor stays on your blog, the more likely it is to come into the top of your sales funnel. But what really is bounce rate and how to reduce it? Come and see ...

    2-14 theegeek rap dominate
    What is bounce rate and why is it important?

    There are many myths about what is bounce rate. Some think that this metric is based on the duration of visits, but it is not.

    The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your blog after visiting one page . It's that simple.

    Therefore the lower the bounce rate, the better the quality of your visits, and therefore more likely to have conversion .

    Stay with this idea: if your blog is a tool to help guide them to generate leads for your sales funnel to your product or service, reduce bounce rate will be essential.

    There is no standard amount, although there are some reference values ​​according to the sector in which you move or the type of page that you analyze

    How to reduce the bounce rate of your blog?

    Several factors must be taken into account to reduce the bounce rate of your blog:
    • The design of your blog.
    • The quality of your content.
    • The content type.
    • The consistency of the navigation menu.
    • Excess distractions.
    As a blog grows you will usually also increase the dropout rate. All this you can measure in Google Analytics without complicate your life with bloggers mathematics.

    Well, arrived at this point but want to know what you have to do to keep your audience more and better, right? Well the mess

    7 Ways to Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate

    No dropouts!

    Come Tickle coconut you too, I'll give you some clues, but surely you can think of something.

    #.1. Related posts: Find yourself a plugin to put some items right at the end of each of you post. These plugins processed data items have in common (categories, tags, etc..) And place just fine for each article a few others with some relationship, so that visitors are encouraged to continue to read what you have already read
    # 2 quality of Contents: If you write shit will fuck your visits. I can say it louder, but not clearer.
    Before you write anything, think about your ideal reader and ask yourself what are you going to write this new article resolverle problem. Do not write anything that is not connected to your niche or your visitors will flee from your blog.

    # 3 In appealing format: The text is fine, but the picture is better.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. Think about it.

    Alternate text with images, and if your field allows it includes a demonstration video in your articles .

    # 4 Link Yourself: Do not hesitate to include internal links to your articles on every post you write. A couple of them at least, and relevant to what you're writing.

    This way you can reduce the bounce rate of your blog while you help your readers to supplement the information they consume.

    # 5 Improving the design of your blog: If your visitors do not find pleasant surroundings, leave. If your blog is not suited to mobile devices, you will not achieve reduce bounce rate of your blog.

    Hire a basic restyling service so that at least your blog is healthy inside and out.

    Make the navigation of your blog is consistent and simple, so that if someone searches not cost anything to find it.

    Intelligently distributes the widgets in the sidebar, so that you achieve a click on your start page  About , or you can insert a menu of categories or recent articles. If it is with a photo or attractive, better picture.

    # 6 Reduce load time:  If your blog was slow to load, your visits will largar you.

    Not cool that you kept waiting, and less on the internet, you have a few seconds to make a good first impression.

    To reduce the load time WordPress can do many things, but one of the most effective is to install a plugin to cache your blog.

    In my case I use WP Super Cache , to set its simplicity and effectiveness.

    # 7 links to your landing page: If I look closely, below each of my items have a subscription form to my email.
    I have also created a landing page so that you can subscribe to my free video course of 5 lessons .

    What I propose is that instead of a subscription form put a banner to lead to your own landing page. This way you will achieve reduce bounce rate of your articles, you are giving value to your audience and get new subscribers.

    What do you think? Can you think of anything else to reduce the bounce rate of your blog and retain your visitors? You in the comments.

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    As you know if you do this, work from home online may require a lot of preparation or very little , depending on the resources available to accounts and planning work you've done.
    To work from home online you must have minimum resources that allow you to move forward with certain guarantees work without having to stop because you lack something.

    Are you going to work from home online?

    If, as in my case, part of your job (or everything) develop in your house, you know that you can do with limited resources even if they involve a significant investment of money .

    In the event that you do online jobs to supplement your income and improve your finances , you will also need minimum components inevitably

    In the event that you do online jobs to supplement your income and improve your finances , you will also need minimum components inevitably

    Despite this, to work from home on the internet you do not need much capital to risk other type of business, and also many of the elements are common in any home today.

    The following checklist will talk about the basics of the physical, as I have already talked about the importance of having a blog and the reasons for doing so on other occasions


    Of course, you need a computer (you knew that, right?) And usually each type of work will require a computer with specific characteristics .

    Your team to work from home online will be your workhorse, so you should not skimp. Minimum is to be present, it has enough RAM and a sufficient number of USB ports that allow expansion.

    Tip: if you know other people who work from home, ask them what equipment they use and why. You can also ask them if they would choose a different team if they were to do it again.

    Sure if you ask to work from home online is better a laptop or desktop computer, right? Most professionals who perform all or part of their work from home recommend both:
    • A desktop computer for everyday tasks (usually less expensive and more powerful).
    • A laptop for certain projects and support, especially if you have to go out and visit customers.
    I'd rather have a team to not only disperse information , and implement a good backup strategy to not stay hung disaster, which is something that can happen to anyone.

    For me to work from home on the internet I have a Mac Book Pro 13 ", a wireless router, another 22" display (optional, but to me it makes me much at work), a mono laser printer and a hard drive for store backups.

    Perhaps a good approach would be to have a powerful PC to work from home online desktop, laptop and "light" to make presentations and little else. Thus optimizar investment. But all this depends on the type of work that you develop , your circumstances and how you feel most comfortable.

    Broadband connection to the Internet

    It is almost impossible to work from home online if you have internet, and I dare say that to do this effectively it is essential to have a good broadband connection or high speed. Today all operators provide good connections at relatively affordable prices.

    If you have to do online presentations or hold meetings via video conference, low quality connection will not allow good streaming. Or if you have a video display that will happen the same.

    Try your supplier is quality and has good coverage in your area , because sometimes there are certain locations and suppliers whose signal is weak and you are exposed to continuous cuts in the connection, which results in interruptions in your work.

    Family and Childcare

    Many people opt to work from home on the internet in order to be closer to family. However, the care of children, if you have children, it is necessary during work hours that match their hours to be home .

    This can pose a dilemma because you have to earn enough to pay someone to take care of children money. In my case I am lucky that I can come to terms with my wife, and I also have the support of family members in case of need

    Try to organize your work from home in the hours that children are in school , so you can get more time with your family. I assure you it is one of the advantages of working from home on the internet that allows you to lead a more balanced life .

    Work space

    Some people are happy with a work space in a corner of the kitchen, while others prefer to have a fully equipped office.

    Anyway, to work from home on the internet it is important to have some quiet to Curran and you activate the "work mode" space  as you arrive, since being in this space is associated with your work time, and sends a signal to the rest of the family that indicates you are working.

    Well, this is my basic checklist to work from home online, but sure you can tell your case and what items you bills, right?

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    Most SEOs and people in general do not REALLY know who is the Page Rank ...
    Many believe that you can find tools that will show a green bar with values ​​ranging from 0 to 10!

    Introduction to Page Rank

    The Page Rank (PR) is the main component of the original Google algorithm according to the  original patent that issued Sergey Brin and Larry Page .
    how you would get better page rank in next PR update

    + = Page Rank, where Page is the name of Larry (although it can also be interpreted as "page), and Rank means" rank "or" position. "
    This PR is calculated on inbound links, which considered "helpful" and protrusions having a specific page (not even from the original version of PR was given the same weight to all links, much less now !).

    It is a floating number, that is, a number containing decimals.  'not in any way an integer between 0 and 10.  People who believe this is because they confuse PR with TBPR

    In fact, the PR is not only not a decimal number, but is also believed to be calculated on a logarithmic scale. At what scale? It is speculated that a 6 or an 8, but for starters it is not known if all the PageRanks are calculated with the same scale

    To explain this, suppose that a bit is on a logarithmic scale of base 10 and take integer values ​​from 0 to 10 showing TBPR.

    A page with a Page Rank 2 has  10 times more  "units" of PR to a page with Page Rank 1. Likewise, a page with a PR 8 has 10 ^ 5 more "units" of a PR with PR 3 ... 10 ^ 5 = 100,000.
    's why it's much easier to reach a PR PR 2 to 6 for example.

    Here's a picture that may be easier to understand than my explanation lol
    how page rank is determind it's factors to get good pr
    Search Engine Land
    Many people believe that Page Rank "updated" every 3 or 4 months, but IT'S NOT. There are machines to continuously calculate the Page Rank and continuously  24/7. This Page Rank is calculated iteratively several times a day, through all the pages Google indexes again and again.

    What is the Page Rank?

    The "real" PR is useful for various things, such as Google, to track the pages of the entire network, beginning with the pages that have the highest Page Rank .

    There is also an interesting concept known as "crawl budget", which means that Google is willing to "crawl" (crawl) up to a certain number of pages on your site, and according to Matt Cutts:
    The number of pages we crawl is roughly proportional to your Page Rank
    See  Eric Enge interview with Matt Cutts for more information

    (Of course, if your server takes too long to answer the Google bot will go to track other pages and may not tracked your site completely, but that is another issue)

    There's something important to note regarding Page Rank: 

    Your original implementation had some flaws as was easily manipulated , they themselves gave rise to the spam that until now have been unable to fully control. When Google began to take hold people realized that just a bunch of links pointing to your site could be positioned in the first place they wanted to search.

    Since then Google has been updating and improving their algorithms every day to try to end this situation, two of their most recent updates that address this problem, among others, are: Payday Loan Update and the famous Penguin .
    how to get PR in page rank update
    Today it is no longer as easy as before, there are many factors other than Page Rank that are taken into account to position a site in a certain position, some are:

    • El “factor Panda”
    • Authorship
    • Customizing results based on past searches, location, etc..
    The Page Rank  NO GREEN BAR  that many believe is (in fact, you may never know the "real" value of your Page Rank, just know that Google and its algorithms). Actually this bar has another name:  TBPR  (Tool Bar Page Rank).

    Someone might think:
    Well, What cares if the PR is confused with TBPR?

    For the average user really does not matter ... But the problem comes when the confusion is between "SEOs" or among people who are interested in improving the ranking of your site, MAINLY BETWEEN "SEOs".

    Unfortunately there is no standard or certification "for SEO" so that anyone can say it is and sell their services, and this is good in a way ... unless such person has no idea that he is doing:  If SEO is said someone but can not tell the difference between PR and TBPR, or less tell you are different ... How can SEO be called?

    What is TBPR?

    Matt Cutts quote again:
    Sometime we take our internal Page Rank values, were spent on a scale from 0 to 10 and exported to be visible to users of the Google toolbar
     This "some time" is usually every 3 or 4 months and the rounded value between 0 and 10 that you can check with several tools  IS TBPR.

    When the PR is confused with TBPR

    So that does not work TBPR
    Confusing the Toolbar Page Rank with Page Rank and build on that to make some choices, or have some theories, presents several problems. 3 questions / theories I see more recurring TBPR are related to:

    1.My PageRank up, why have not gained a position / had more visits?

    There are two main reasons:
    • PageRank is only one factor of many that help Google decide which pages and position that "places"
    • When you turn the "new value" of that green bar, you're looking at an approximation of the "real" value depl PageRank actually already been incorporated into the way they evaluate / sort the search results from BEFORE the value were exported to TBPR! 
    • Hmm that prayer was very long, try to summarize: When you see a change in TBPR, actually that PageRank was already calculated and incorporated into their algorithms before.

    2.Yay! It used Page Rank 1 and now I'm Page Rank 3 

    or otherwise " :(was Page Rank 3 before and now I'm Page Rank 1 "
    Neither is technically correct, the data provided Google are not the most recent ... In fact, SOMETIMES GOOGLE RETURN VALUES FOR THAT RANDOM TBPR!
    As one of the measures to implement this so that people do not compulsively checking the PR of any page, or massively by using some software,  Google sometimes returns random values ​​of Page Rank .

    3.And finally, I think it is most common that I see every day regarding the Page Rank:  ?

     want to buy a link / review, what Page Rank does your site : The
    really surprised to see still to SEOs to determine whether buy (or solicit) any link or review on the basis of that green bar ... Seriously, there are so many more important things to look, just do not understand! Maybe you're wondering ! But then what else is there need to look? Well, me a couple of things come to mind:
    • The relationship of the site to your topic.  If you get a link from a site that talks about volleyball to a site that talks about bats ... Do not expect visitors to send you regular readers or customers you again.
    • The number of visits you can send.  prefer a link within a blog article related to the theme of the site with a TBPR 1, a link in the footer of a site with TBPR 5 to make on a completely different topic (Pssst This does not mean ... that the various thematic links "are useless")
    Going back a 1. little point, I add: There is no direct relationship between TBPR a site and its position in Google for a particular search . We now show three examples of searches where NOT HAPPEN:

    So you can serve TBPR

    Now, after all that does NOT work or should not be based on TBPR, a couple of things for which YES can work:

    Usually when there is suddenly an unexplained drop in TBPR a site, for example you have ripped from 5-2 MAY be because Google suspects, or be sure, that the site in question sells bonds WITHOUT TAG NOFOLLOW is say, selling links that pass Page Rank. A real case of this can be read in the  blog of Matt Cutts .

    If you take a record of your competition TBPR either monthly, bimonthly or another, have some fun facts you can use COMPARATIVELY to determine who may be doing something and do not want SEO. Eye, you have a 3 and a TBPR one of TBPR 2 is a fact that by itself says nothing ... But if your competition in a month had a TBPR 1, then 3 and then had had 5 So something is happening !

    Many people who know the difference between TBPR and PR PR to keep calling TBPR (hope I have not confused :P) for convenience, by consensus, because, really do not know.

    What I do know is that if you suddenly start talking about TBPR few will understand you je, you can call PR or call as you want, it is important to understand the difference between the Toolbar PageRank and PageRank and stop make important decisions based ONLY on that green bar

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
    0 0

    For those who often hesitate to make purchases on the internet and being scammed, there are always some very interesting methods to feel calm and everything is nice and legal , we recommend PayPal above with two different styles, using a credit card or without it .

    If you are someone who still have some doubts to use the service, we will give some advice on sitting still and your shopping experience is ideal at any time .

    Tips for using PayPal

    To start, we must be very accurate with our data , from the name to our physical address because it is a very secure account and for any claim will always be ideal to have the right data to support and confirm identity.

    We are aware that PayPal is an account that manages money and that is why we do not recommend at any time that we pay because if we tied one bank card, someone could give appear misuse and unwanted expenses, plus make an account is free, but if they seek to share, recommend that all money is through bank transfers only to count money, before buying something.

    Each time you receive a questionable email from PayPal, we must verify the information indicated and usually the best way of knowing that everything is in order, it is entered directly into our account, without opening email links.

    Having a good password and check different sites

    Always remember the password, preferably it is a new, has no relation to their emails or social networks and always have it written somewhere for an emergency, a good option is always to mix uppercase to lowercase, adding a numbers and symbols.

    When we walk browsing in a store is very important that the site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) used to encode highly sensitive information, to realize this we should look closed at the bottom of our browser padlock, although others may show in the address bar.

    Think twice before buying

    We are safe and comfortable with our own, we now comes the most important step to know where and how to buy our product desired.

    If we plan to purchase something in a e-commerce site must ensure a reputable seller, for it most with comments from buyers and qualifications you have to know that going to the safe.

    We see a great product at a good price, before buying make a couple of questions for clarification, that speak well of the seller , also we verify return policies of our money or product in some cases where the results were not the same that we offered.

    If the product takes a little longer than usual we must remain vigilant and contact, so look for stores that know and accept this type of payment, examples like Walmart can give us peace of mind that everything is in order .

    But the greatest detail is that PayPal takes care of our purchase , if we do not receive the product at the agreed time and our salesman us the necessary information we can not we open a dispute in the resolution center of our account within 45 days after shipping payment and thus could be reimbursed by the company.

    So remember, do not share our own, do not spend more, verify where and what to buy and keep us informed of any extraneous detail.

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    Attending college in another country other than yours is an important decision because it will mean a change in many aspects of your life. Not only you will be away from your family and friends for long periods of time, but also have to get used and interact with a new culture, and climate change may experience hitherto unknown. Below you'll find a dozen questions that anyone interested in moving abroad to pursue university studies must be done before taking the big step:
    how to choose best university abroad

    1.Do I Really Need to Go Abroad?

     Here the fundamental question: is it necessary to study a particular course abroad, when you can do so at any educational institution in your home country for less than half the price? What are the benefits you think you get, considering that local universities provide high quality academic programs? Your parents will finance your studies outside? If your answer is yes, it means you're ready to take the challenge to bring your student life "overseas". The challenges you will face and the knowledge you will acquire will help you become a citizen of the world.

    2.When Do I Start the Process? 

    There Is a Saying: "If You Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail." after the Decision to Study Abroad, Make Plans Thoroughly. If You Are an Undergraduate Student and Your Desire Is to Make a Relevant Postgraduate, Strive to Get Good Grades throughout the Course. If You Go to Work a Couple of Years before Opting for an MBA , Save Enough Money and Accumulate Work Experience Related to Your Career, so Then You Can Focus Only on Specialization.

    3.Which course choose?

     In essence, this is the question of the "million dollar", as it will determine your future career. So take your time, analyze the options available and note those areas or areas in which you have excelled in all your student stages]

    4.What will it cost?

    The amount of investment in university study abroad varies according to the type of course selected, the duration, the reputation of the institution and the country where you are. However, you can check online each of the above aspects, and make a kind of cost-benefit analysis to make the final decision.

    5.When should I apply?

    Most houses worldwide study conducted two annual admissions process, one in spring and one in winter or autumn. These procedures are usually well structured and stated in their Web pages, each candidate must enter and complete your online application. There is an interval of two months between the current offer of admission and the start of classes, while the deadline for receipt of applications is four to five months before the start of the academic term, though it varies from one institution to another.

    6.Do you need to make special examinations?

    You must be sure that you meet all the academic requirements to be eligible to do the course you want, especially those related to language. Universities usually require scores on English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS . On the other hand, there are tests like the GRE or GMAT , to be submitted if you want to pursue graduate studies.

    7.Can I apply?

    Each country, institution and even curriculum has a number of scholarships or financial aid for international students; which are awarded by the university, the government, private organizations and philanthropists. Some of the most popular are the Commonwealth Scholarships, Fulbright Scholarships and Rhodes Scholarships.

    8.Will I have the opportunity to live on campus?

    Most educational institutions around the world offer accommodation to foreign students within its facilities during the first year of the race. Similarly, universities in the United States also include a meal plan for foreign students, allowing them to pay in advance for all your meals. Check the Web site of the house of study of your choice carefully.

    9.Can I work part time?

    This aspect is one of the fundamental reasons why a student accepts or rejects certain university offer. Countries like the United States require special written permission from the institutions to allow foreign students to work part-time off-campus; while in the United Kingdom , New Zealand and Australia can only accept weekly jobs for a number of pre-defined times when they are in classes, and full-time when they are on vacation or at the end of each semester.'

    10.Will I get used to living in another country?

    One of the main challenges that international students face is the nostalgia, because they miss the love and affection of family and friends. However, it is a unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable experience that gives strength, a way of thinking more free and independent, and lifelong friendships.

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    If you're using Evernote, I teach 10 cool ways to use this great application that might even change your life and make you a more productive and happy person.

    Evenote is a great tool for the organization that has many features to help the user to put all his affairs in order , and if we make the most, we have our hands full extension to our brains . Most people I know use
    Evernote mostly for note taking, storing documents or links, and have some information at hand; and, although very few will take some extra juice inventing new ways to use it, there is always more than one who comes up with a simple but brilliant idea, which further elevates the level of what we can do with this great application.
    Although there are many other similar applications , Evernote is a favorite of many due to its complete integration across multiple platforms, that has always been based in the cloud, and never to add new features; ranging from writing freehand until OCR technology to edit scanned documents. Blog reading in Michael Hyatt I ran 12 Evenorte interesting uses for the truth seemed great, so I took some of those ideas and others own and have mixed in this article. Are all welcome to add theirs to further enhance this listing.

    Organize your move

    Well say that the value of an idea lies in that 50% so timely is the moment you can think of. I've moved 6 times in the last 4 years, and just today that I can think of this, I hope to apply for the next. The more organized you are passing by my removals write very big in the boxes rays within.

    With Evernote you can take a picture of each box and write a list of everything they have inside , no more ask yourself where is the lamp?, Where are the wires?, where's the cat dish?. Imagine the feeling of arriving at the new house and know exactly where everything is saved only by opening a note of Evernote, you can even do a search within the app instead of opening 10 boxes to find your swimming cap.

    Organize a garage sale

    This idea of ​​the first, or was it the other way around?. If one of these gives you sell a lot of useless things, or just want to get rid of things because you're moving, organizing a garage sale is a good idea. Depending on how much stuff you have, the issue price can be a problem. Evernote to the rescue: take a photo of each item and add a price. It's a good idea to sit down the day before and set a minimum and maximum value, because we know that people always ask sales, and you better be prepared with your notes at hand.

    Backing up your personal documents

    Taking pictures of your passport, identity card, driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.. never know when you can burn your house . Although they have the same value of the actual documents, having a digital backup of this type of paper can be very useful, even to the time you go to an office to request them again.

    Keep your own medical history

    If there are things that cause headaches for doctors is to ask patients what medications they sent her previous doctor, and that people have no idea, unless it was a "blue pill". Most people do not remember your own medical history, past diseases, including allergies!. Carrying a medical record Evernote is an excellent practice, since it can store your vaccines and x-ray photos.

    Make a list with dates surgical procedures, drug allergies (important for you never to resend), chronic diseases, medications currently, takes names and contact information of all other doctors visits, etc.. Even keep a temporary record of your lab tests to compare the evolution of your values, something that will help you take better care of your health, and you certainly any new doctor you visit to help assess and take better care of you.

    Scan your notes on paper

    Thanks to Evernote's OCR technology, you can take photos or scan and edit documents within the application . It is a good practice to keep your physical notes in digital notes, instead of leaving loose pieces of paper on the desk that the wind can wear anytime.

    Save web pages and links

    With the wonderful Evernote Web Clipper you can add any link or web page you have full open in your browser and save it as a note in Evernote. One of the features that I like, and indispensable if you work on the Internet if you do a research and you need to keep many sources of information, or even if you want to save recipes to prepare for dinner.

    Taking pictures of the license plates of your vehicles

    evernote app+evernote app+evernote app+evernote app
    There are people who have a hard time learning the license plate number of your car, and if there is more than one vehicle in the family, is a good idea to take a picture of every car in the house to have all enrollments in same place. A simple but very useful idea.

    Taking pictures of people you just met

    This can be somewhat rare, but I think a great idea for people like me who costs a lot to learn the names of people, then you are too in the awkward position of asking "how is it that your name was?". Perhaps most difficult is take someone you just met without seeming strange and a photo creepy , and not always have to take your photo, people now have a great willingness to put pictures of her on the Internet by tonnage. Anyway you can apply in various situations (meetings, social events, festivals??), Where you must interact with many people and need information "on demand" of each. Information is power.

    Subscribe to newsletters

    Many websites offer the option to subscribe by email to receive new content directly to your inbox. A good option is to use the e-mail that gives you Evernote @ m.evernote.com , and you can get under your account settings. Thus, newsletters reach direct as a note to your Evernote tray instead of stacked in your email.

    Take a photo of your printer cartridges

    If something is easy to forget in this life, is the model number of your printer. One thing that fewer people use, or changes frequently. Take a photo of these supplies and bring in Evernote is ideal if one day you go through it and remember that the store no longer have ink, no more "but not to use my printer model."

    0 0

    The PDF is one of the most popular formats documents exist, they are used in many industries to handle all kinds of information, but edit them tend to be quite difficult and complex because they are not designed for that, but to provide information in a format text and rich images.
    how to convert pdf to image
    A few weeks ago we mentioned them as PDFs convert to different formats , mainly editable documents in Word for example, or remove tables to XLS format, so you can then edit, and extract information that copying and pasting is a terrible headache.

    Also discussed are the easiest way to convert a PDF to Kindle format because PDF not get along very well with this great reader ebooks and many books that we have read in our device but they are wrong.

    Convert PDF to image

    If it is difficult to extract text, extract images from a PDF is just as painful. There are several reasons why you might be interested to convert a PDF image format, you might want to share just a few pages but prevent someone edit it, or just want to take an image. It is also useful to know to do this if for example you have a comic book or graphic novel in PDF format and want to extract all pages as images to create a. CBR or. CBZ.
    With Adobe Reader you can take a screenshot of any page of a PDF and save it as an image, it is a simple way. You just have to click on Tools> Capture Tool within the page you want.

    If the file is very large and you want many or all pages, this method is a terrible choice. For those cases I recommend using the web tool Cometdocs that lets you convert PDFs to JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF .
    You just need to upload your file to the uploader and choose the output format. Then you can download a ZIP file archive, or send it directly via email, you will have to extract each of the pages of your PDF as a
    how to convert the image to pdf file online
    single high quality image.
    You just need to upload your file to the uploader and choose the output format. Then you can download a ZIP file archive, or send it directly via email, you will have to extract each of the pages of your PDF as a single high quality image.

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    Anonymous Email is the essential foundation of anonymity on the web. Internet is not a secure storage but you have the choice of who has access to your data and who is not. If you are looking for privacy, anonymous emails are a way to ensure that your emails are not tracked online.

    Encryption and anonymous email

    Here are some of the services that lets you send and receive emails anonymously online. Some of these have characteristics of encryption or other disposable self-destruct after a specified time period. Here are 5.
    1.Anonymous Email - TorGuard - This service provides anonymous input tray with lots of privacy and cryptographic functions. Has the ability Store 10 MB, and end-to-end security using SSL encryption.

    2.Tor Mail - Mail Tor Tor is a service that provides truly anonymous email. It runs on Tor Project's network, so you should use Tor to access and use the mail service.

    3.Guerrilla Mail-Guerrilla Mail is self-destructible, disposable and temporary addresses to send and receive email messages anonymously in Internet mail. The email is deleted after an hour and no personal information is required.

    4.Secure Email - This service encrypts the email with the key 4096 bits, which makes it unreadable to anyone except you. No requests your personal information or IP address to register. They also have a policy of zero tolerance spam.

    5.The Anonymous Email- Create an account to send and receive emails by signing up with your real email address. None of your other personal information is required.

    Send e-mail messages without registration

    Sometimes you just have to send emails without prior registration. If this is the case, here are 8 services is mainly to send emails, but note that there is no way for the receiver to communicate with you.
    6.Anonymous Email.us - Here is a easy way to fill in the receiver's address, subject and content of email (you can also attach a file to email if necessary).

    6.5ymail - Send and receive messages using the plain text editor Rich anonymously. There is also a paid version for more features.

    7.Cyber Atlantis -Provides a simple interface to provide the email address of the recipient, subject and message. No stores the IP address of your mail, so it can be easily traced.

    8.W3 Anonymous remailer  - Send anonymous emails to anyone. Simply enter the email address of the recipient, subject and message.

    9.Send Anonymous Email- It operates with a simple interface for sender and recipient address, subject and message.

    10.Send Anonymous Email - Just enter the email address of the recipient, subject and message. More than 100,000 anonymous email messages are sent every day for free.

    11.Venom Pen - Provides a simple interface to enter your message and details.

    12.Anon Email - You have the opportunity to send anonymous e-mail messages without disclosing any information about your identity.

    Receive emails anonymously

    If you only need a disposable email to confirm registrations and do not want to deal with newsletters or other offers that can be sent in the future, try these 7 email service.

    13.Anonymous Email - Hide My Ass! - Offers a free email account anonymous, can be used to receive (but not send) emails. You can opt to receive notifications sent to your real email address.

    14.my Trash Mail - Create email accounts to receive emails of private and password protected to receive mail . The accounts are temporary and are automatically deleted after some time .

    15.Not Sharing My.Info - It provides a permanent address to receive anonymous emails without providing any information for location identification or email. It only requires your real email address so that all anonymous email messages to be forwarded to your real email address .

    16.Mail nesia - Besides inboxes automatically generated upon receipt of an email, Mailnesia even has an automatic confirmation . It is useful if you have a lot of inscriptions web services.

    17.Mai linator - Here's one that lets you create mailboxes quickly and even automatically. You can only receive emails .

    18.Spam bog - provides a disposable account (7 days), inbox temporary anonymous email. You can receive, reply and forward emails but not send an original.

    19.Temp inbox - Here's another, service inbox email automatically self-temporary.

    Note: If you also send an anonymous email, does not trace anywhere on your location, you need to hide your IP address, so you should use Tor or any other proxy or VPN service before using the following services for Internet anonymity.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!

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