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    After a presentation of large pumps developers preview the next version of Google's mobile OS, Android L during the opening keynote of the Google I / O 2014, we decided to offer an overview as complete as can this new version, probably the biggest since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011.

    What are the new features  ? What improvements we expect in terms of user experience. So many questions we will try to answer today.

    The new interface Material Design

    Exposed repeatedly through various leaks, the new interface Material Design aims to unify Android and Chrome OS in order to provide a better convergence to Google products.

    All graphic elements which were the interface of the mobile OS has been redesigned in a spirit flat design with, the program of 3D elements and animation to 60 fps rather convincing. The three touch buttons "Back", "Home" and "Multitasking" also underwent a serious face lift adopting more geometric shapes that enhance their visibility but aesthetics is controversial within the community.

    Not far from limited to software and services from Google, Material Design whose graphic is available on a dedicated section of the official website of Mountain View section also serves as a guide to good practice for developers supposed to integrate into their applications .

    Performance scaled up with ART and 64 Bit

    With ART as the new default compiler, Android L is, by definition, faster and more efficient than KitKat. All types of processors (ARM, x86 and MIPS) are now supported as well as 64 Bit, leaving the choice to the manufacturers to abandon the 32-bit CPU for surboostés and accompanied by at least 4 GB of Ram.

    Along with ART and 64 Bit support the Android Open Extension Pack is performance boost mobile GPU as challenge to provide comparable to those of a high-end PC with a better management of tessellation graphics and texture compression. Of course all this is only theory but the demonstration before yesterday at the Google I / O Android Open Extension Pack with Tegra processor K1 NVIDIA tends to prove these claims.

    Volta Project to improve the autonomy of our smartphones

    Facing the performance gain offered by Android L, the time was more appropriate than ever to propose some optimizations more than welcome on the side of the battery consumption, this is where Project Volta comes into play.

    where and how they can rectify the situation.
    Finally, the power-saving mode reduces the functionality of the device when the charge level of the battery drops below a certain threshold.

    Interactive notifications

    If the notification system Android has always been ahead of what the competition can offer, this is still the case, this time with completely redesigned notifications and more interactive. Android L, notifications are displayed on the lock screen in the form of cards. While a double tap to open the application, a swipe will, meanwhile, remove the notifications you want to zap

    With the main objective of to improve the autonomy of our smartphones changing the way the battery manages system processes, Volta Project analyzes the battery consumption to determine which are the most energy-intensive process to consolidate their execution so to make them less greedy. The same is also made ​​towards applications developers to indicate where and how they can rectify the situation.

    Finally, the power-saving mode reduces the functionality of the device when the charge level of the battery drops below a certain threshold.

    Interactive notifications

    If the notification system Android has always been ahead of what the competition can offer, this is still the case, this time with completely redesigned notifications and more interactive. Android L, notifications are displayed on the lock screen in the form of cards. While a double tap to open the application, a swipe will, meanwhile, remove the notifications you want to zap

    The urgent notifications are displayed, in turn, form of pop-up with two possible options: either go directly to the application itself, or zap the notification and continue what you were doing.

    Hera Project: revision of multitasking and integration of Chrome

    There are a few months, a leak alluding to a mysterious Hera Project reported a better integration of Chrome in Android. Today, we finally know what's going on and is very proud that the responsible Chrome, Avni Shah, has unveiled Wednesday night, which is just the new version of multitasking where web applications and tabs Chrome appear as clickable features in a streamlined interface.

    But new Project Hera does not stop there, so if for example, you have landed on a web page from a link on Google Docs, the two elements are related to each other in the multitasking. Also, if you do a search via Google Search which is itself linked to Chrome, then the results will point well as links to web applications on your phone and then single click will return precisely to the information you are looking for .

    Better management of application permissions

    Although it was not mentioned at Google I / O, Android L changes the permissions on the GPS by applications. Thus, if until now, simply validate permissions when downloading and installing an app and activate the default location sufficient to allow it to find you now, it will validate access to the GPS for each application in a pop-up window like on iOS. A security option that we appreciate.
    Android Root And Its Top 10 Benefits Of Having An Android Rooted Device

    A fashion "Do not disturb"

    Also gone unnoticed at the Google I / O, the user "Do Not Disturb" Android L that hitherto found that some manufacturers such as overlays Samsung, HTC and LG as well as in the CyanogenMod ROM Custom is now natively integrated with the OS.

    As its name suggests, it allows you to cut the notifications, calls and / or messages for a given period, for example, at night.

    The Factory Reset for better security of your data
    Now present in many manufacturers, the Factory Reset  will soon be part of the default security options of Android and allows owners of a stolen erase completely all the data contained in the unit, remote phone.

    Outside the Factory Reset, The Android offers better protection against malware and frequent and automatic distribution of security patches via Google Play Services. The solution Samsung KNOX initially proposed instruments only Korean is also present and can separate their business data from personal data on the same device.

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    Who is relatively new to WhatsApp, probably do not know that you had to buy the app even earlier, but the service of WhatsApp should be life-long free. So you can use WhatsApp for free .

    The subscription model is in WhatsApp still relatively new. In its early days, the app financed by the fact that you had to buy them for a comparatively small amount. Whatever you bought it, was a life long free service. Then the app itself was free and introduced an annual fee of 89 cents. Now the buyer of the first hour of course ask whether they can continue to use WhatsApp lifetime free.
    whatsapp for life time subscrption

    WhatsApp for life for free? Yes, but ...

    The so-called pay status at all in WhatsApp even under "Settings -> Payment Information -> Account" control. In some stands there something of a life term. These are people who have WhatsApp purchased before mid-2013 and thus earned the right to live long to use WhatsApp for free.

    For others, like me, is there a date of expiry of the current payment period. Each year, again 89 cents due. This is obviously a joke amount in relation to what was previously due for an SMS. The problem: I have WhatsApp bought and still have a right to lifelong service. Nevertheless, my service is about to expire. How can that be?
    Read :Download WhatsApp For Samsung Mobile Free And Installation
    Some of you might say I'm to blame. For I have changed my cell phone provider last year, and thus equal to the number. Then I signed up with my usual e-mail address in the AppStore and got me back on the phone Whatsapp. That was free - because I had already bought. But it was also free because WhatsApp had now changed its payment model: the app is free, but you have to pay again for the service each year. So Ichmeldete me new to WhatsApp to - with the new number! And thus I was a new customer. As of now, I could not use my WhatsApp lifetime free but had to pay.

    This is precisely the problem. WhatsApp identifies its user via the mobile phone number. Who WhatsApp has bought once and then always keeps his cell phone number or entrains when changing providers who can use WhatsApp also live long in vain. Anyone who registers with a new number, has forfeited that right - in theory.

    WhatsApp life-long free after number change!

    There are several ways for life to use WhatsApp for free. And even then, if one has changed his phone number. Supposedly works an illegal way, even if you have never paid WhatsApp itself. This one logs in with his number on the phone of a friend with lifelong service. The method is highly doubtful and definitely fraud.

    There are, however, another chance for life to continue to use WhatsApp, even if you are number has changed. Because if you as WhatsApp Support contacted about this issue, then you get a response in which it states "At the moment it is possible on any platform, a" buy lifetime warranty ". If you WhatsApp've bought in the past, please contact us with proof of payment so we can adjust your account accordingly. "

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    You want to use the music on your smartphone to the acoustic accompaniment with showers? Or you look the World Cup live stream with several people view my Android tablet, but the commentator is hard to understand? Then you should definitely check the following apps with which the volume can be increased on the smartphone.

    increase the volume of the android mobile loud
    Although comes with current smartphones already properly sound out of the box, but in many cases, not enough volume, in order to understand everything, or to be in touch with what is heard.

    So you can increase the volume (Android)

    Until Android 4.2.1, you have the option to use the free app Speaker Boost to increase the volume on your Android device and so to strengthen your speakers.

    Also the volume booster + offers you as a volume booster various ways to influence the volume on the Android device. The app provides, inter alia, settings for:
    System volume
    Calls (voice)
    The makers of the app Verprechen however, not to override limits, not to cause hearing damage.

    Last but not least you can have a look at Volume + Free throw, to make you free from the small volume of the headphones or Android speaker. Also the volume of the connected Bluetooth speakers can affect the app and increase. Here, however, the use of Cyanogen Mod is recommended

    With Android app to boost volume

    However, Respect in the use of volume-booster for Android to let the volume button is not too often and not too strong to skyrocket. In case of incorrect application or permanent setting you can otherwise damage the phone speaker. Of course, you should think of your ears. Especially with long-term use of headphones and loud music can cause permanent damage miss her your ear.

    The use of volume apps suitable, for example, if you have converted a movie for the smartphone and then watching noted that the sound is a lot to play quietly.

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    If every time you install a new application, or take a picture your mobile cries because he has no more space, you may be wasting most, we tell you how to free up a little to continue saving data.

    Mobile phones mostly have a limited storage space , in some cases you can use a micro SD card to add a few extra megabytes of space, but many of the smartphones modern no longer allow memory expansion. It is also important to remember the real space we have, 8GB  8GB never are, are actually 16 or 16, it is always a little less, and the operating system takes up a portion.

    It is therefore important that when buying one, this has sufficient capacity depending on what we will give . We can always use cloud storage as an alternative, but that completely depend on an Internet connection, which can be a problem sometimes. If your phone is running out of space, you can try several methods to clean and eliminate the unnecessary . We tell you some ways to do it.

    The easy way: using an application

    how to empty my android memory space
    There are Android apps for virtually everything you need, so you can use one that allows you to analyze the memory of your device, and also to free space without the user having to do much. Some are very good:

    Clean Master . This app has nearly 5 stars by over 11 million users who have qualified; really is very good, it removes applications that you no longer use, search residual files, empty the cache and temporary files. It also has an antivirus and optimizer memory if you need it.

    The Cleaner is my favorite application of this type is a two in one to clean your memory, both RAM and storage. It has a very nice interface and is super easy to use. In addition it also analyzes the applications you have installed and allows you to clear the cache of each app individually. Sumanente is quick and efficient.

    CCleaner : the same application that is legendary among Windows users have some time available for Android. It is a perfect, quick and easy cleaning. It leaves you free up RAM and storage space, empty temporary files, application cache, and also provides system information.

    The painful method: Hand

    how to make memory space empty in my android mobile
    If you do not want to install any application, you can always check the settings of your Android to see that you can optimize.

    Moving apps to SD card (if any) : Although this happens by default in newer versions of Android, some applications do not move and do it manually. Go to Settings> Storage> Applications , and from the list of apps you can check which have been moved to the SD card.
    Download WhatsApp For PC Free Windows 7/8/XP/MAC
    Clearing the Cache : following the same steps mentioned above, clear the cache for each application, this does not affect your saved data, just next time take a little longer to open. You can also delete the data, but if this will delete all the app-specific settings, including your login information.
    Android Root And Its Top 10 Benefits Of Having An Android Rooted Device

    Uninstall applications : check out the list and see what applications you are not using or use very little. Then go back to the application list and uninstall the previous steps you do not need any more.

    Delete media files : in smartphones store photos and videos and these usually take much space, especially if you have a high resolution. You can get all or at least most, and store them in the cloud , on a computer, or a portable hard drive. To upload to the cloud you can use applications like Dropbox or Copy climbing everything automatically, and if you want to move data to a physical disk, it's about connecting the phone via the USB cable, or use tools like Pushbullet or AirDroid.

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    This time we speak funny free Subway Surfers game and how to download it for free . This video game since its release day has become a successful download, first for its stunning HD graphics and the other hand for the hours of fun that we offer, with lots of levels and adventures. The company responsible for developing the original game has been Kiloo the company , which has risen to fame thanks to this great game. Here we explain what this game as well as its features and how to download free Subways Surfers .
    how to install subway surfers game to PC WINDOWS XP

    What is Subway Surfers?

    Probably the first thing to ask yourself is what this game is or what . We are facing an adventure mobile game where we will in the skin of a young surfer who has to escape the attention of a subway station . To escape them, you have to surf with your skateboard jumping from car to car and dodging obstacles you encounter on your way.

    But that's not all, as you can also collect a few coins at all levels. You wonder, And what they're for currencies? Well thanks to these coins, you can buy upgrades for both the character you have to manage as new objects that allow us to overcome obstacles and escape faster. These coins also serve you to use new characters , not always use it to escape from the guards. For this reason, always remember to grab all the coins you can , yes, always good dodging obstacles without falling off the wagon.

    Advantages game

    The main advantage of the game is that it is totally free . On the other hand, the game is available for multiple platforms, among which version of Android and the iPhone, so most people with a Smartphone can enjoy. In fact, you can also install Windows Subway Surfers and enjoy it on your computer.

    We must also recognize that it has very good graphics in HD , which enjoy particularly in new mobile screens, where we enjoy a high resolution graphics. It isvery easy to use , so from the first time we will be having fun jumping and going on various levels.

    Alternatives to this game

    There are many similar games, although the system has reminded us play Temple Run, which also have to be leaking at a rapid clip , but this time of tombs. For this reason, if you like this game, we recommend that you try Temple Run, which is available for both Android and for iPhone .

    Subway Surfers Download to PC

    Are you looking for how to play this game for PC or Mac? Well here you can download free. This game is available for mobile Iphone and Android but no computer version. But do not worry, because here you can download for PC Subway Surfers and we will explain how to install it.

    First of all, explain what this fun game. In it, we have to go surfing with our character per meter , jumping between cars that go through the station. The protagonist is a young graffiti artist who is escaping from the authorities , so we have to try to escape. In the game you will be improving the character and even buy new items to go faster and surf better, so the hours of play will increase and we can enjoy the game even more. Once explained the basic operation of the game, you probably wonder, how can I have Subway Surfers for Windows ?

    The answer is simple: You'll have to use a PC emulator for Android . Do not worry because Subway Surfers can download and install is a very simple task, as you'll see below. First, you have to download the Android emulator. There are several different, one of the best known is BlueStacks and is the one we recommend you install. You can find it on Google quickly. Once you turn down the installer, just have to run it to start the installer. Installation is very simple and can be installed like any other Windows application .

    BlueStacks Once you have installed on your PC or Mac, you have to run the tool you just installed. On the main screen of the application, go to the search engine , which normally has a magnifying glass as a search engine. Here, you have to put the name of the game and click the search button. When we find the game, just have to put it down and he just installed. Now we just release the game will be missing from the emulator and start to enjoy this fantastic game for mobile on our computer.

    Do not wait a second longer and put down this fun adventure.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Google AdWords includes in its updated guidelines from the application of pornography. The network had announced the change relevant customers in June. No more advertisements are accepted Since this week that "explicit depiction of sexual activities" promote the - and the prohibition is expressly "not limited to hardcore pornography".

    The ban on advertising for explicit sexual content affects all countries, as early as March in Google's advertising policy change log announced. Google explained it as an "effort to improve the user experience with AdWords running". A Google spokesman told CNBC also that there had been for some time limitations on permissive content. We therefore assume that the advertisers have been looking after other advertising channels.

    From the affected industry insiders, however, to hear different. "I was completely surprised," said CEO Theo Sapoutzis example of AVN Media Network. "I was one of the first advertisers in AdWords in 2002., If something has been for 12 years not touched, then expects you not with such a sudden change."

    About AdWords advertisers can turn ads on Google and the Google Network. They appear according to the selected keywords also appear next to search results. The Internet company is still heavily dependent on its advertising revenue, in the fiscal first quarter of 2014 accounted for $ 13.8 billion, which is 90 percent of its total sales. The Internet company continues to invest in other forms of advertising and especially video advertising. Last month, it took over mDialog a start-up that specializes on bringing video advertising in a variety of devices.

    Even before the AdWords amendment forbade Google the users of its Blogger platform any "monetization of content for adults", which also amounts to a ban on advertising in connection with sexually permissive content. Earlier this year, modified it also its developer guidelines for Google Play and passed the rule to "sexually explicit material" close. Minors should be better protected from pornography.

    All these restrictions do not alter the fact that terms such as "porn" and "sex" in the Google search with most frequently are represented. Meanwhile, however, conjectures come to that Google might banish relevant content also from the search. "The question is now: Are they also in their search results to block explicit content" CNBC quoted to a specialist lawyer for the sex industry. A Google spokesman avoided a position on this issue.

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    Google has to its developers Exhibition Google I / O in addition to the 100 dollar smartphone platform Android One also presented the next regular release of its mobile operating system. With Android L of the Internet Group introduces a new user interface that he wants to take over for his future Web applications. In addition, to increase the performance of apps, the change from Dalvik VM on the Android runtime environment (ART).

    The new uniform interface for Android called Google Webapps and material design . "Surface and shadow form a physical structure that explains what touched and what can be postponed. Content in the center and use principles of modern print designs, "writes Google designer Nicholas Jitkoff in Google Developers Blog.
    Android L design new features
    Developers can create custom color themes according to Jitkoff for their apps. In addition, material design offers the opportunity to highlight spatially by shadow single elements of the surface. Also new are elements whose size is dynamically adjusted, larger white space between the elements and additional animations, for example, when switching between displays or touch feedback. For more details, Google in a video .

    The user interface toolkit polymer in turn is aimed at web developers who want to integrate material design in their apps. According to Google polymer supports the latest versions of all major browsers. "We wanted, a uniform appearance for mobile, desktop and above, something clear, simple, the people understand intuitively," said Matias Duarte, vice president of design at Google. "You can bring the same liquid material design on all screens."

    With a uniform design Google users can facilitate access to its services, regardless of whether it via browser, Chrome OS, and access or with an Android device to it. According to Duarte, the material design should be included in the summer in Googles own apps and services.
    new android version 5 l
    In addition to the new interface Android L adds even more new features. This includes a power saving mode, which is aimed at users who will not be over a longer period within reach of a charger. The lock screen will in future contain more information about missed messages or upcoming appointments. Google also operates a "do not disturb" mode and provides developers new tools at their disposal with which they can reduce the power consumption of their applications. "You can with Android L a significantly higher battery life expect," said Dave Burke, Director of Engineering for Android.

    In addition, Google confirmed that the Android runtime will replace the current Dalvik software . According to Burke thereby the performance of apps will almost double. A first prototype of ART is already included in Android 4.4 KitKat - but from the factory it is not enabled. Initially, he still caused compatibility problems that should be but now fixed. Burke has also asserted that developers need to make any changes to their apps. "Your entire app code gets the performance in vain."

    Furthermore, ART also works with 64-bit chips. However, the runtime environment supports not only the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, but also the 64-bit architecture from Intel and AMD, and even the MIPS64 MIPS chip developer.

    Apple has already made ​​the transition to iOS with 64-bit, so it has access to new easing functions and more than 4 GB of RAM. However, Apple has built only one GB of Ram in the current top model iPhone 5S.

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    One of the most attractive features sought by users of a mobile device, it is precisely the camera, both in number of megapixels, as tools that can be used to exploit these capabilities and get the most interesting images possible. In this case, the quality of the camera can also be a determining factor when deciding to purchase a terminal or other factor
    online image or photo editing apps
    On the other hand, a great camera with enough megapixels is almost nothing without software that can take advantage of these features, especially talking about applications to capture, edit or add filters to photos where there is a great variety in the main stores of the platforms, specifically talking about Google Play for Android . This time we present a collection of our top 5 apps for editing your photos , clarifying that tastes may be differences; so also we offer you the comment area so that you can give us your expectations

    VSCO Cam 

    VSCO Cam is a popular photo editing application from the App Store for iOS , Android where his arrival was not disappointed at all. This application includes a set of highly advanced tools compared to most apps in this category, not only offering a variety of interesting filters that are applied with a single tap, but also allows you to adjust the levels of each filter individually as well as different parameters to customize your photos to the fullest.
    top android apps for image editing android
    VSCO Cam is a great tool for photo editing, including also your use of camera as well as the ability to import stored in the termi memory pictures. Besides all this, the application allows you to create an online photo album with an excellent and sophisticated design, it can share your creations with your friends on social networks. Even the application[apps] is free, but also can enjoy some premium payment capabilities and is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher devices


    This is one of the most advanced tools for photo retouching Google Play, available for your mobile devices on the Android platform. Snapseed  has basic adjustments such as cropping, auto-correction, frames and filters to more advanced effects like tilt-shift adjustments white balance, contrast, saturation and other aspects. This application has become one of the most popular of its kind, is for many the only tool needed for editing photographs.
    photo editing applications 2014

    Pixlr Express 

    This is a photo editing tool worked by people of Autodesk, the same involved in Pixlr-o-matic , with great popularity in its web version where you can add filters, frames, and special effects to your pictures and favorite photographs, and all in a very easy way.

    Applying Pixlr Express  can take it to another level image editing, and in addition to the wide range in functionality Pixlr-o-matic, also has extra more advanced tools. In addition, it gives you the ability to add multiple pictures to a composition, that within several default layouts, especially if you enjoy creating your own collages. There is even a version of the application for tablets, is free and compatible with Android 2.2 or higher devices.


    If what you want is not only edit your photos but also take a look at the creations of others, there is no better place than the photographic community known as 500px . The Android app is well maintained, where you can maneuver between high quality photos, in addition to join and share your images. This is a great source of inspiration and viewing pleasure for many people, specifically for those who enjoy the art of photography.
    online android photo editing mobile apps

    Resize Me!

    Last but not least, is this interesting application (although it can seem very simple and silly), but it does something useful in different circumstances. Resize Me!  that is simply a tool to resize images. Its main attraction is the inclusion of predetermined sizes and resolutions that are quite low, useful for sharing a photo from the web quickly, especially if you use your mobile network..
    Android L Brings New Design And Enhances App Performance

    Resize me! handles cut and reduce the size of an image, giving you a little help in any situation of urgency, when you want to upload a photo, but you realize that the file has an important weight. Definitely a very useful application for sharing your pictures on Twitter or Facebook , for example.
    As we have always said, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds ever appear more and 'better' ons for smartphones, useful tools in different areas of daily life. Here are some of the applications we consider deserve a place in your phone, where you have the option to try them, and if they do not meet your needs, you may try other tools, remembering that they are totally free application and you can uninstall at any time

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    The introduction of VoIP (Voice over IP) is possible in all stages of a company, even at birth. Has many benefits, including a considerable cost reduction. From the point of view of the manager who has to make decisions offers possibilities of "business intelligence" that control and manage the entire telecommunications network company. Any company can make the change at any time. Is it time for your business to go he was the VoIP?
    Business Voip Solutions phone answering service
    The answer is a matter of appreciation, media and expectations.
    Then from Numintec company specializing in VoIP solutions in cloud computing gives you the top 10 reasons that indicate whether your business would benefit from the implementation of VoIP.

    1. Your Business Need It featuring VoIP

    Besides saving money, VoIP brings other important benefits, including a lot of interesting features and therefore more power communication. VoIP also enables companies to get the most out of corporate unified communications.

    2. Communications costs are too high

    One of the main reasons to switch to VoIP is to save money, because the use of the data network is more efficient than the telephone network. Some companies have cut costs by up to 90 percent. Why not yours?

    3. Your business has expanded and the traditional telephone system simply can not manage growth

    An IP PBX in the cloud is more prepared to deal with managing complex than a traditional PBX communication. In addition, workers increasingly perform their work tasks with greater mobility, and when the phone system has to break down physical and geographical barriers, the innovation of VoIP is imposed. It is easier and faster.

    4. Habits are changing in calls

    Innovate or disappear. If part of the process of change in the business communications includes a free or commercial phone number, 900, 901, 902, 800 ... or making international calls, improving customer service and the need to record or audit calls The characteristics of the ... VoIP cloud extensions allow you to create easily record and listen to calls and have a real-time control.

    5. Traditional telephony is overwhelmed and needs to be  replaced

    Do not invest in something that will be obsolete tomorrow. Bet on a telephone system for the future.

     6. None of the drawbacks of VoIP can affect my business

    If your company stays out of the drawbacks associated with using VoIP, then you have nothing to lose but to pass the time and opportunity to innovate and reduce costs.
    VoIP has been steadily gaining users. Millions of people and businesses in the United States and Europe rely on VoIP for the many benefits it provides. The disadvantages usually attributed to VoIP are: voice quality, dependence on bandwidth, dependence power or the ability to make emergency calls in case of power failure.

    a company is a recognized operator with different awards for innovation and business excellence and our success stories with major companies tested daily by our robust system robustness and reliability.

    7. My company is starting and it's time to invest in VoIP

    No need to make any changes if the most innovative system is implemented from the start. What is gained in change telephone system within a time? We offer VoIP technological, organizational and overall cost benefits in the long run.

     8. My company has already invested in bandwidth

    It's time. Do not hesitate, a good channel bandwidth is a necessary quality for the VoIP service is higher guarantees.
    With VoIP, or not, the company has to invest in a network, to operate Internet connectivity, data, mobile devices, smart phones, etc., then do not invest in VoIP is a strategic mistake , a missed opportunity.

     9. a worker, do you have personal experience in VoIP?

    Surely if you have, you know that helps you in improving productivity, collaboration and enterprise mobility.
    Why not apply the VoIP if we trust her other most professional fields?
    Imagine a Skype , Google Voice , one of Yahoo Messenger or  Microsoft  ....  with the characteristics of a business communication needs.  Ie a Skype PBX with extensions, call recording, detours, locutions voice, interactive menus with customers , integration of tools calls with company management, ERP, CRM ... Would not it be a great innovation and a significant organizational advantage?

    10. With cloud solutions companies increase their competitiveness

    There are things that can not be ignored. If your company is in a metropolitan urban area, where access to information highways are easy and your competition may already installing VoIP or other solutions in the cloud, you can not stay behind, because you ceased to be competitive

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    Windows 8 will be a big change in the way consumers use their PCs, tablets and other devices. Although most of the changes can be seen in the user interface-the tiled appearance or apps-adapted to other changes, really important settings are not visible; especially those that are designed to protect and make the online environment safer.
    So, today, I offer 8 quick tips for using Windows 8 safely:

    1.Active Child Protection. 

    This feature allows parents to set up separate accounts for each child. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to receive reports on the online activity of children; create lists of sites suitable for younger; browsing time limit or block web sites you do not want to visit.

    2.Use automatic updates. 

    This is  one of the first things you should do with your new Windows 8. use automatic updates and forget patches. Just set Windows to download and install new updates as they become available.

    3.Act with caution.

     Microsoft has added a new anti phishing feature called Smart Screen, which protects the user from fraudulent sites and apps. This function checks the applications that we downloaded and compared with a record of malicious applications. Internet Explorer also offers this service; the browser warns us when we surf a potentially dangerous page. Always do ignore these warnings!
    Windows 8 Free Themes, Where To Download And Install Guide.

    4.Encrypts your data.

     Math is hard, even for hackers. So make the most of the numbers and use BitLocker encryption functionality integrated database of Windows 8. Once activated, the system automatically encode any file or data stored on the drive, making them useless for hackers.

    5.Use anti-malware software. 

    At this point we should not repeat this advice ... your professional teams need anti malware software. Includes Windows 8, Windows Defender application provides basic protection against viruses and other threats. However, we recommend installing a product like Kaspersky anti malware Premium Internet Security or Kaspersky PURE , designed to work with Windows 8. Such software will defend your PC against a wide range of threats, including unknown malware.

    6.Use passwords image.  

    Typical alphanumeric passwords are an easy prey to hackers, so Microsoft has added a new feature that allows users to choose a photo from your gallery and draw gestures on the picture (right finger on the touch screen or using the mouse). Through this method, the forms become drawn passwords that unlock your computer.

     7.Activate the firewall. 

    Windows includes an integrated firewall that helps prevent malicious traffic on your PC. It is enabled by default, so unless you have a "good" reason, leave it as is.
    How To Create A Live Bootable/Flash/Bootable USB Pendrive Of Windows 8

    8.Remove Java.  

    exists no reason to have Java installed on your PC. However, there are many reasons not to have it. Why? Hackers target their attacks on Java more than any other software. Presents many vulnerabilities is the perfect tool for hackers to access your computer. If you have Java installed on your Windows 8 PC, disable or remove it.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    In the video below we can see an interesting concept design iOS 8 wherein Jay Machalani, a specialist in interface design and UX (usability and user experience) shows us his idea of ​​what would be desirable to around widgets. They are called these small applications that open on the desktop icons without taking up all available space and offer quick information without having to open an app to get it.

    The truth is that it looks great. In practice it seems to try to zoom in on an icon finished may be too difficult in the current iPhone screens, but maybe in a model that has a screen of, say, 4.7 inches , with larger icons, could be possible.
    ios 8 features and its new concept behind it
    We leave you with another video after the jump in which Machalani explains in detail, in English, its design concept iOs 8.

    IOS Concept 8 expandable icons that display useful information

    Less than 24 hours to take place the opening keynote of WWDC 14 , we continue dreaming and speculating on developments that could bring iOS 8 which has even already own banner at Moscone Center. This time we show a concept that aims to show how it would be a home screen more "useful" than we have now, which is just icons and, as far the number of notifications .

    The idea is called Block , and is nothing more than the simple idea (quite well applied) using expandable icons showing various information according to the application . For example, see the weather, calendar appointments or messages received without having to enter each of the applications. Each one may have different sizes, and will be placed according to them one way or another on the screen.
    How To Install IOS 8 Beta On Your IPhone, IPad Or IPod Touch

    Its author, Jay Machalani created the video that you see on these lines, so we can get an idea of ​​how it would work. What do you think? We hope that tomorrow we see something similar in iOS 8, as the current system has become quite outdated, especially considering the size of the screens we have

    0 0

    Increase Battery Life: With the arrival of iOS 7 and all their news also appeared some problems like battery disminuación in many cases. So we created these little tricks to get as much as possible to stretch.

    There is no magic trick here. iOS 7 has many features that are great but only if we use them. The key is to disable options that we will not use often. The most common are these.
    iphone 5 battery life
    And although there are some who say they have noticed the decrease (even claim that it has increased them), most have noticed as in the final version of iOS 7 is not gold that glitters.

    To start the battery is good to have the maximum calibrated . Does not it ever happened that you turn off the device before it reaches 0%? It turns off when it reaches 10%, 15% or even 40% as we happened to us a few weeks ago is not normal, so the first thing is to assure that the device squeezes the battery well. To do this we link this guide you already wrote some time ago but still works perfectly:

    Here the other tricks we suggest:

    • The dynamic backgrounds are very nice, but it is clear that everything moves consumes the battery, so the first step must be to a static background of a lifetime.
    • The Parallax effect is also very resultón, but as in the previous point, the battery notices. So it is best to turn it off in Settings / General / Accessibility / Reduce movement.
    • AirDrop can be very useful, but should activate only when we need it, so make sure you will not stay lit after use. I can enabled or disabled from the Control Center.
    • Related to the previous point we find that the location is another big "battery eaters", so first make sure you close them once finished use. This acceded to the multitasking screen (double click the home button), and closing the application "throwing them" up.
    • Of course, with the new true multitasking is also desirable to close all applications that do not use, so from time to time do not forget. Unfortunately it can not be done automatically, so you will have to follow the process from above one by one.
    • Returning to the location , iOS 7 allows us to configure which applications make use of it, so it's important to understand which are using it. To us often happens that we settled thousand apps to test but then do not delete or use, but continue to use your services. So either the borráis or from Settings / Privacy / Location, desactiváis you not to want to use it.
    • We all like to receive emails instantly, but it is possible that you have some that do not need the constant connection. It is therefore advisable to take a look at paragraph Settings / Mail, Contacts, calend. / Get Data. From there we will see the frequency with which each account looking for new mails. If you configure it as "Push", the download will be instantaneous, making is constantly looking for new mails. If they put as "Manual", only emails are downloaded when the app will agree to eachother. If set to "Fetch" seek new mail every X time configurable from the bottom "Get".
    • Another new feature of iOS 7 is the possibility that some applications actualizen in the background , resulting in battery drain. Here again it is important that we ensure that apps marked so. So should review the Settings / General / Update section in the background, disabling all what we consider essential.
    • If you have activated LED notifications, note also spend quite battery. You can disable them from Ajutes / Accessibility / blink for alerts.
    • If we disable the automatic time update also win something. It can be disabled from Settings / General / Date and Time.

    1) Disable the effect Parallax

    Besides we sometimes do not realize is, the parallax makes the wallpaper change its angle to move the phone is a nice way to waste energy unnecessarily. Is turned off in Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom movement .

    2) Disable Airdrop

    Airdrop is like Bluetooth. It is useful while you use it to transfer a file to another iOS device 7. The rest of the time only consumes energy. I disable it by clicking its icon from the Control Center and selecting the Off option.
    iphone 4s battery life

    3) Controls the WiFi networks

    This applies to the iPhone or any other phone. If you keep the WiFi active, iOS 7 is devoted to knocking all WiFi networks it finds, and there are plenty of them out there. The best way to proceed is to go to Settings> WiFi and turn off Ask to Join . In doing so, the iPhone will connect to known networks but fail to explore on your own unless we say it.

    Concept Of Design IOS 8: Widgets Icons From Apps IOS 8 Features

    4) Disable the location of applications

    Maps that Google wants to know your location is logical, but iMovie? Instagram?? Snapseed?? Really IOS 7? Login to Settings> Privacy> Location and find a list of all applications that ask you to use GPS. Disables all necessary that you do not think should know where you are.
    iphone battery life increase

    5) Disable Automatic Updates

    You'll have to manually update applications, but your battery will thank you. To do this go to Settings> Store and iTunes App Store and disables updates listed under the heading Automatic downloads.

    6) Disable background refresh

    This function is the part that makes multitasking applications you have open update content in the background. Is turned off in Settings> General> Update in the background . If you prefer, you can control this application by application.

    7) Turn off the automatic brightness

    Sounds weird, but this function is supposed to save battery is oriented tend to consume too much in iOS 7. Disable it in Settings> Wallpaper and shine . iOS 7 integrates a bar brightness control on the Control Center, so you will not miss that phone do it for you.

    8) Modera notifications

    Let's be serious. No need to Plants Vs Zombies 2 send you notifications. Go to Settings> Notifications Center> Include and review the list of applications to send messages right. A good screen greatly improve your battery.

    9) Organize how your emails arrive

    If it is crucial for you to receive an email to second, better not touch this, but if your mail can wait a few minutes, this option is very interesting. What it does, basically, is not to inform each and every email you when they arrive, but groups them every so often. To enable this feature go to Settings> Mail, Contacts and Calendar> Fetch New Data and, ultimately, select how often you want to receive notifications of the latest received mails.

    10) Chaired Siri

    Disable the option to speak Raise Settings> General> Siri , and the wizard will not eat so much battery. Of course you can also disable it completely.

    0 0

    I had already spoken several times of Alexa Ranking , a ranking of the web pages based on the traffic they receive. Is a factor to be taken with great care, especially for the classified pages beyond the 100,000 position, but it can give you some information, such as knowledge of web visitors (very roughly).
    boost my alexa ranking traffic

    How can you tell the ALEXA ranking of your website?

    The easiest way to monitor your rank is settle your navigation bar . Thus, each time you visit a page, have their position in Alexa almost instantaneously. At the same time, you will enter a part of the people who provide data from visitors to Alexa stats . Another option is to go to the website and enter the website whose classification you want to see, but it takes too.

    How reliable is the Alexa ranking?

    It is not always very reliable for two reasons. On the one hand, the construction of the classification has its limits: Alexa takes into account only the views of the users who have their toolbar , and although they are still tens of millions partial data. On the other hand, some unscrupulous few pages exploit this flaw to artificially improve the ranking obtained with false views of computers equipped with the navigation bar .

    However, usually, when you climb in the rankings, is more reliable . For example the first two are Google and Facebook, and that's proven in other studies. The reason is simple: the more hits a page has, the more likely you have a large number of visits to the Alexa toolbar users.

    On the contrary, for pages with few visitors, despite having two pages similar traffic can have very different Alexa ranking . Assuming for example that has within its first 200 daily visits to 4 users Alexa and the second only one, the difference in terms of classification will be tremendous.

    If you are not very reliable, what interested you can improve it then?

    Despite its limits, the Alexa ranking gives some idea of the volume of page visit. Note that only the first 30 million of the world come into the classification, and therefore many of the pages you visit will not even ranking. If so your page, you can give the feeling that no one sees , but it is not true and you have the misfortune of not having Toolbar users within your visitors.

    Not as important as Google PageRank or other items (true followers on social networks, subscribers to your newsletter, for example) data, but many people do not take into account, even knowing that it is a system that has its loopholes.

    What elements come into account when calculating the ranking?

    From what I have observed, Alexa takes into account two elements: the page views and the number of unique visitors . As I understand, also has the country they receive visits. If there are few users of the Alexa toolbar in that country, it is likely that the algorithm greater weight to those views that in countries where there are many. For example, I think in India there is much more to Alexa users in IndiA.

    How to improve your Alexa ranking without spam?

    The first thing to do is settle the navigation bar , and put your site as the default site in your browser. Thus, every time you open Internet you will receive a visit and you will improve (to some extent) your Alexa ranking.

    Second, you can recommend to your readers to install the Alexa toolbar . If you are interested in eg Internet thematic them can come in handy to instantly know the ranking of a page or another and therefore have an idea of whether a site is relevant or not. How are your readers, every time I come to your site will improve your ranking.

    There are other techniques that I personally disapprove and fully consider spam such as posting links to your site in forums on SEO and Internet: This technique assumes that users interested in that subject will possibly the Alexa toolbar, and therefore if they visit your site will improve your ranking. Another worst thing is to participate in pages artificial exchange visits (auto navigation programs) or mounting systems to get more visits redirects in Alexa.

    Finally out and apart from the first two things I told you and they are quite innocent and little impact, you have to do is forget about the Alexa ranking and work on your content , your positioning and your presence in Google social networks. If you do a great content, it really adds value to the reader, and have minimal care to take advantage of SEO and Facebook and Twitter, then grow your visits (eventually), which will ultimately improve your Alexa ranking. to know more about alexa rankings

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    How do I get links? 's one of the most frequent questions I hear regarding the SEO and in this post I'll show you nine ways to achieve this.
    Since the arrival of Google Penguin several methods to get links have become less effective and some even dangerous. Fortunately there are still several ways to get them valid. Whew! Why not links is more difficult position in search engines and get visitors.Here's a list of some techniques to get links .

    high quality backlinks ways
    High PR Backlinks For SEO
    Create Great ContentThis is the first thing to do to get links. After all ... what will motivate someone to link you? What is to be attached? Your content and your content.

    They say content is king ... I do not think so. For me creativity is king
    Creativity to Get Quality Backlinks
    You can have great content but if you play the same issues that all the blogs and from the same angle ... What's the difference? Why will link you to you and not any of the other blogs? In marketing this is known as USP, Unique Selling Proposition. Although not really matter what you call it, only ensures that your website offers something that others do not.

    Link to other blogs

    This is one of the techniques to get links that almost no one uses ... Why is it effective? These days there are few bloggers who do not constantly reviewed (at least occasionally) a scheme of chosen web analytics (usually Google Analytics.) If you suddenly notice that there are a referral has been sending them visits is likely to go and chequen site.

    And this is where all the good quality content you've created can help you, because once they see not hesitate to link you (or at least leave a comment ... but that will have already entered their radar which can help you in the future ) It's not just assumptions ... this will go through something called reciprocation , and according to  Robert Cialdini is one of the six principles of persuasion. Basically it is the tendency of people to feel "indebted" to someone who has done something for them.

    Cultivate relationships with other bloggers

    This is perhaps one of the most effective techniques to get links! (You can even win contests so ...) And it is also the most time-consuming: contact bloggers and build relationships with them.

    You can find them in various ways ... two of them are looking for in Google or using a tool such as Followerwonk . Comment on the posts on your blog (or those who write for other blogs), but please do not comment "Good Post". really read it and try to bring something to your comment. If you think you can not contribute anything think twice before deciding to comment.

    Follow him on twitter, retwittealo a few times, answers your questions and slowly start to notice you. And as Jon Cooper would say: "Give a crap" . Show them you're not a robot but also a human being and you really have a genuine interest in them. And what good is all this? If you have a new post on your blog and want to make it known, who do you think they share:
    1. A certain blogger who just found you on Twitter and you never heard about you
    2. Someone you're familiar, your name "sounds". I have read on your blog, saw you on Twitter, has been receiving even several visits from your blog!
    Obviously option 2

    Participate in forums

    While links from the signing of the forums will not do that overnight're in 1st place on the search engines for the keywords that you have selected ... yes you can take tours. Find forums related to your topic, obviously you want to be active forums ... if your last post was 2012 and you can forget watching it, just register and start participating.

    Solve doubts, become someone recognized within the forum and a link in your signature may suffice to bring lots of visitors. But please do not register in a lot of forums, leave a link in your signature and do not come back ... that's going to help you little to rank your site and will bring 0 visitors.

    Leave comments on blogs

    Here the goal is to get new visitors. Find blogs related to your niche and comment on their posts. Simple eh! However there are some things to consider:
    1. The more readers and comments blog articles are better, because your goal is to win visits.
    2. Get rave reviews. This does not mean you have to agree with the author of the post. If you have a contrary opinion can express it tactfully, in a comment and there is no problem ... The goal is to leave a comment so that people read it and think: "O_O I have to visit the site of this person"

    Analyze your competitors backlinks

    You can use one of the many tools available:
    The goal is not to copy your backlinks but to see how and where to get them to give you an idea of ​​what is working and that might work. • Also used to grab inspiration: P
    One thing you can do is get all the backlinks that you 3-4 of your competitors and use this tool to generate Venn diagrams . With this you will find pages that link to 2 or more of them. And if and linking them is much more likely that you can get a link from that page.

    Make a collaborative interview

    best way to get backlinks for your blog or website SEO
    Interview Is the Best Way to High PR Links
    Do you know influential people in your same subject or market? You can then try to make a collaborative interview.

    There are several ways to do it but the most common (and simple) is to contact via email or through a social network and ask if they would participate. If accepted send them the list of questions (try more than 5, but can be tedious and in the end you might not respond at all).

    When you already have all the answers compílalas in an article, publish it and let him know your interviewees is now online. Surely they share and, depending on the quality of your article, can you link too.

    Do not limit your article is pure text! can add interactive graphics, infographics or do everything the same item is interactive. The more striking is the more likely you are to generate links.

    There are two important things can exponentially increase your chances of getting views and links:

    1. The type of questions you ask. In fact, quality matters more than quantity, so that a single question can create excellent articles and get many links.
    2. The people you interview. The more reputable more successful, links and visits will your article.
    Here's an example of an article that meets these two points, just two questions and several heavyweights of respondents SEO:  SEO Experts discuss your link building for affiliates

    TOP XX Create a list

    A great way to get traffic is by creating lists of blogs TOP XX, companies or websites in your niche. ROYAL The key is to create lists where you freely on some specific criteria for choosing the winners.

    For example, if you have a place to sell supplements for weight loss and / or gain muscle mass could create an article titled "Top 20 bloggers you should follow if you want to lose weight." And to add and choose which sites you can go places them several criteria , including:
    • What bloggers have more followers on twitter, facebook fans, pinterest pins on and so forth.
    • Blogs that you have more subscribers, either via RSS or email.
    • Who have published the most popular posts, I mean those that have been shared more often on social networking and / or commented
    • Those with a good Domain Authority , or mozRank , or PageRank, or Citation Flow , etc.
    • Those with the largest number of linking domains
    Generate the article (you can even make them interactive if you have the resources or knowledge) and as a final step that you contact the bloggers were "winners" and comment on them that were in position X in your ranking. And presto!

    The better your article is actually the more likely that some of the bloggers link to you from their blogs. At least you can earn some mentions on his twitter / facebook / pinterest / etc. and receive lots of visitors.

    Partner with other bloggers

    This technique can be very useful and is very simple to do! It simply involves contacting bloggers who are in a similar theme to yours, but which do not fall directly, and working together to get links.

    If your blog is specifically about laptops you could partner with another blogger whose blog talk specifically tablets. Or if your blog is focused on learning Ruby could partner with another blog whose subject is to learn Python.

    We must clarify something ... I'm not talking about a link exchange, is not "put a link to my site on your blogroll and put one on your site on mine." Do not! This is COLLABORATION. incidental notices within your articles to yours and vice versa , for example.

    Or you can mix both feeds and create a single feed with all entries. There are several ways to mutually benefit when associated with another blogger, be creative

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    No argument on the fact that a large portion of users with mobile phones use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. What happens though when you accidentally text messages, photos or videos of the application are removed?, Nothing really serious, as all messages can be retrieved without the need for additional software and through the service itself.
    how to recover deleted whatsapp message and pictures
    This application lets you share images, audio, video and text messaging only have an Internet connection. It is therefore one of the messaging applications most used in the world, which is why today we want to show how to retrieve messages, pictures and videos deleted WhatsApp .

    To begin we must know that the application creates a backup of all the data that the user shares via the service every 24 hours. Then this backup stores it in the microSD memory card from our smartphone.

    So if we want to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages we can make it through this backup. To this end, if the data out of the application are less than seven days time they were deleted, all you have to do is uninstall and re-install WhatsApp on your mobile phone .

    By doing this, the service will automatically download all data stored in the backup the microSD card, including text messages, chats, photos and videos, provided they have not spent more than seven days .
    whatsapp for samsung download
    When reinstalling the application we will display a message which indicates if we restore WhatsApp message history. Then we click on the "option Restore "to retrieve all the lost data.

    Now if what you want is to retrieve messages, photos and videos WhatsApp more than 7 days, then it is necessary to use Recover Messages a web service using the backup application to recover deleted information.
    how to get back my whatsapp messages
    In this case we have to locate the place where saved WhatsApp backup in the memory card. This file is usually stored under the name " msgstore.db.crypt ".

    If you use an Android Smartphone , then WhatsApp save this file in directory
    sdcard / WhatsApp / Database / msgstore.db.crypt.

    In case of using an iPhone , the file is in the location:
    WhatsApp.net/ Documents / Chat Storage.sqlite

    A time we have access to this file so we store on your computer or simply connect your phone to your computer and access the official website RecoverMessages . Then from the home simply has to click on the "button SQLite Select File "and then select the file.

    Finally we have to enable the checkbox "I accept the terms of use" and then click the button " Scan ". The process to recover deleted WhatsApp messages may take some time, depending mainly on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection.

    Final Thoughts

    • It is important to understand that when you restore or retrieve deleted WhatsApp data through these methods all current chat history data will be lost.
    • All new messages, both incoming and envoys, after you have used the backup will also be lost.
    • Use a backup application manually overwrites the last backup security automatically.
    • If you know other methods for retrieving messages, photos or videos deleted WhatsApp, feel free to share with us.
    Update : For all those users who have lost pictures and videos on your phone, I invite you to watch our tutorial to recover deleted photos from a smartphone , using the Recuva software. In may also recover videos, audio files, emails, etc..

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    The  Jailbreak is a relatively simple process however, if we do as we can cause some problems. Today we will see some of the best tips to avoid problems to Jailbreak our iDevice.

    Jailbreak and our iDevice

    problems with jailbreak tips
    First of all we must know what the Jailbreak. Basically it's a method that will allow us to install applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without having to go through the App Store, which does not imply necessarily a fraudulent use, just to have applications that are not in the app store apple . Similarly, the great advantage is that we can Jailbreak to fully customize our device, which, as you know, not too like for Cupertino.

    But obviously not all advantages. If you want to know more about what the Jailbreak do not miss the special section on Cydia

    Tips to avoid problems when you Jailbreak

    1. Though it is somewhat obvious,  we must follow to the letter the instructions,  do not skip any steps and above all patience; some phases of the process takes a few minutes and, although it seems that the process has stopped, it is not. To  Jailbreak your iOS device to 7.1.1 or 7.1.2  is our tutorial .

    2. If you have updated via OTA,  restore your device before starting the process and makes a  backup .

    3. Disables the unlock code and PIN or Nanosim MicroSIM.

    4. Installs always  trusted sources and official repositories . It is easy to see how a simple "walk through internet" but here we leave the best Cydia tweaks and respositorios to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.x .

    5. Seeks to use an original Apple cable.

    6. never try to restore your device from the Settings menu  of the system because the Jailbreak will cause the process to fail and your device will be disabled. You also can not update via OTA; other through iTunes but obviously you will lose the jailbreak .

    7. install only what you need , or in addition to possible failures and incompatibilities, your battery will "fly".

    8. Tweak If installing a device becomes unstable,  comes into Safe Mode  and uninstall Cydia and the last thing you installed it causes problems.
    iphone jailbreak avoid tips
    From  Gudtricks hope that if you decide to finally do  Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , these tips will be helpful. Remember it is an "unofficial" method and therefore, you alone are responsible for what happens.

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    When Candy Crush Saga can be played on mobile, on Facebook and online, but today we want to show download Candy Crush on the PC , to play in Windows in the same way you do from a device with Android or iOS.
    how to install candy crush saga game on pc
    You know you Candy Crush Saga is one of the games for all the most successful in recent years public. This is a match 3 type brain training , or a game like puzzle very enjoyable in which the objective is to collect 3 or more candies of the same color by moving the pieces of the panels to make them disappear and earn points.

    That said, it is difficult to explain how Candy Crush Saga has become a successful game on Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , having swept literally on Facebook, becoming the game that more revenue generated in the social network to date.

    Sometimes it's a little casual, but perhaps the secret of Candy Crush is its endless number of levels, the originality of their sets, the mesmerizing music, many tricks and surprises to discover, the fact of being a game for children and adults etc..

    As you will see, there are many ways of playing Candy Crush Saga , and a is through online play or no internet connection on the computer in tablet, mobile phone, etc.. Then we will explain all before stay up the secret on how to download free Candy Crush for PC

    How to play Candy Crush online

    Many people wonder if Candy Crush to play you need to have an account on Facebook. The answer is no, because there are many other possibilities. Also, once downloaded to your PC or device can play Candy Crush no internet connection.

    But if you just want to enjoy a game of Candy Crush online, there are several platforms that give that option, as the very game's official website , where you can play games on a trial basis. Given the furor aroused by this game, there are several sites where no official can play online Candy Crush unlimited.

    How to play Candy Crush on Facebook

    The game was the most popular social network in the world its launch pad to stardom, and even today, you can play Candy Crush Saga from Facebook . Sure, they must have a user account active.

    Otherwise, the game, the tricks and the other features of the game remain intact regardless of the place. If you play through Facebook, you have the option to do so via a smartphone, a tablet, or you can even play Candy Crush on PC using your social network account without downloading anything.

    But perhaps the option that has been imposed in recent months, given the convenience and ease of access to online and offline games from anywhere, is playing Candy Crush Saga from mobile devices. As if you have not already, I also leave the link to download Candy Crush for iPhone , and of course, with the same options and free, corresponding to Candy Crush download for Android .

    How to download for PC Candy Crush Saga

    candy crush game install on bluestack
    As explained in the article "Whatsapp for PC "whenever an app does not have downloadable versions compatible with Windows, there is an option to make it work on any PC through the use of an emulator for Android PC, or failing that, iPhone.

    Therefore, if you want to play Candy Crush Saga from the PC without having to resort to the alternative of heading through Internet-either from Facebook, or from one of said pages offering playing Candy Crush online-the steps you have to take are these:

    1. free download and install on your PC emulator BlueStacks (suitable for any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards. Even from the author's website, you can download a version for Mac).

    2. Then download Candy Crush Saga for Android , and install the APK file using emulator.

    3. Done, you can already start and play this match 3 from your PC factly, as if a version of Candy Crush for Windows is involved.

    To download Candy Crush Saga Free PC, follow our tips and you can play like you do on Facebook and from Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

    However, without taking away one iota of merit Candy Crush, the fact is that the supply of PC games is literally riddled with intelligence and skill sets to match 3 similar style to the successful Candy Crush Saga. The five that follow are just a small example of what you can find a little buceéis market:

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    One of the most dramatic moments in anyone's life comes when you lose your personal files by mistake or accident. Although these misfortunes have always been associated with desktops, smartphones and mass storage capabilities are increasingly likely to go through it. But do not lose heart, because although in many cases it is an impossible task, there are ways to recover photos and videos that we have lost our phone .

    How to Recover Deleted Photos
    What is file recovery?

    It's about magic. When we delete a file on a storage system we are not really deleting such content, but we marked the area of ​​the disc that was as empty for the system to write over (at least in certain systems re files as FAT32)

    Therefore, if no information is overwritten in these sectors, there are chances redial such information as available. Or what is the same, if we lose information, do not perform any writing on the drive where this is located and perform recovery tasks as soon as possible. This procedure will vary depending on the phone's storage system and if we are root (or jailbreak if iOS) on your terminal.

    Case 1 - The files are in a MicroSD card

    If we store our videos and pictures on an SD card are in luck as there are many more hope of recovery to be able to work externally to the phone and isolate the affected unit. The first thing to do as soon as we lost the pictures is off the card and connect it to a PC using a card reader. In this way, the system will recognize it as an external drive.
    The flagship program for Windows that recover deleted files by mistake is Recuva , a tool developed by Piriform, parents also of known CCleaner. In a previous post  we talked at length about the program, but its operation has no mystery: We open the program, we choose the unit in question, the type of file you're looking for and after a short search we will list all files that have been recently deleted. If there is a green circle next to it, it can be recovered; if it's red, it will have lost forever.

    There are many other programs that perform similar tasks as Wise Data Recovery  or more complete alternatives  Jihosoft Photo Recovery , but in most cases they are trial versions that require purchase the application to perform the recovery, because if not, what All it does is to detect any files that can be restored.

    Case 2 - The files are in the internal memory

    The problems come when your smartphone does not have removable storage system and stores all the information in the internal memory. It is much more difficult to use tools like Recuva in this case because when connected to the PC is detected by the protocol MTP  instead of a mass storage system, so it can not be treated as a standard drive and most programs of this type are not able to detect the phone by using a USB cable. This is because most smartphones use internal storage in file systems or F2FS EXT4 , in which it is almost impossible to retrieve deleted

    Ask our Android root device is to perform some modification level software for certain privileges and functionalities that are not accessible by default. Some applications have the requirement for use, as is the case Hexabomb Recovery , one of the few able to recover my files from EXT4 units.

    If we are not the work of 'rooting' the phone, we can still sell out our latest cartridges using certain recovery programs from the PC. Dr. Fone is one of them, whose assistant is able to retrieve pictures, chat conversations and other temporary stored documents can not be located easily .
    recover deleted photos
    If all else fails and you still want to try something crazy, we can try to create an accurate picture of our external drive, virtualize our PC and restore it with Recuva or similar. In XNA-Developers forums there a tutorial interesting about the process to follow.

    Life experience

    Indeed, this whole journey has lived the undersigned having accidentally deleted all the pictures of your terminal. Being a Nexus 4 I tried to retrieve files from the internal memory, but because of poor management on my part I ended up recovering a fraction of the lost images. Here are some  additional recommendations to maximize the result :
    • Disable WiFi and 3G at the time along with any file syncing service or performing backups to avoid writing in the unit.
    • No root the phone after the accident to use my recovery, because although seals Android system files, it is more than possible that writing tasks are performed in the rest of the unit.
    • If we connect the smartphone to the PC, use quality USB cable (preferably including the device), and use a USB 2.0 connection up trying to avoid hubs and extension. Programs like Dr. Fone install their own drivers, and in the case of Windows, we know what it is thankless when detect external hardware.
    • If we use WhatsApp, in the folder / WhatsApp / Media Phone can find a stash of images that can save our lives, and hence all the videos and photos sent to other users are stored, so if we are of those who share much material, possibly there have lost much of our gallery.
    • PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, so it's a good idea to use some form of backup file storage service in the cloud with automatic synchronization as Google Drive or DropBox.

    0 0

    Want to start creating your blog with WordPress.org or your website and you get stuck when you hear that you need to install wordpress.org create a database? Think it is a task that is complicated and is not really for wordpress.org you? Nothing is further from reality. You see, today I'm going to explain step by step how you can successfully create a database for your wordpress blog from cpanel along with the corresponding user you must assign all privileges to the database. wikipedia about hostgator

    Focus on what you will then have time and do not invest more time searching videos on youtube, to seek a tutorial on Google+ or ask for someone to east. Let me orient you with this task. Let's see it!
    if your looking for a HOSTGATOR COUPON GET FROM THAT LINK

    How to create a database from cpanel?

    I'll explain in five easy steps. I hope you understand me well. The screenshots you will see are taken from Hostgator control panel, ie cpanel of hostgator , so if you have contracted this hosting , you'll have chupao. With this I do not mean that if you do not have another easy. You'll see the same thing.
    Let the point.
    • Step 1. Accesses the control panel of your hosting, that is, to your cpanel
    • Step 2. Locate the shortcut mysql data bases
    • Step 3. Now is when you create your first database. All right!
    • Step 4. Now is when you create a user. Easy!
    • Step 5. Now it relate to the user database. That is, assign the user all privileges on the database. This step is necessary.
    • Step 6. Finally, and not least on, all data points and keep them should you ever need. If you have questions about where and how to store this data, I get easy. 
     I have created a template in Excel-download it free by subscribing to the blog, where you can collect and centralize all technical data that you just created.

    1. Accessing cpanel 

    2. Locate the shortcut mysql databases

    This step has no mystery. Access your account and locate the direct access to MySQL Databases

    As I show in the picture.
    hostgator coupn codes for free 2014

    3. Creating a database with cpanel

    What you have to do here is fill in a field and give an order to create a mysql database. Presumably this is intended to make it as simple as possible. What would you think? Leave me a comment.

    Put a name to your database (make it up) for example: "mibbdd" and click to create. There, overtaken task. Easy, no?

    Idea. Put your database on your domain name or an abbreviation of it.

    3.1. This is the field
    create a database with cpanel for my blog with WordPress coupon

    3.2. Fill out the field and make database
    3.3. Voila! You've created your database successfully
    hostgator cpannel for my blog wordpress
    3.4. Aha! Here is a newly created data base. Which will you need now? A user. Let the point 4

    4. Creating a user with all privileges on the database you created

    Is this how and where is it performed?

    If you still have the option of MySQL users. Add new user .

    As in the previous step, now you get to invent a username. What if we as username " mibbdd "? For that, how I complicate life!

    Now enter a password. Twice
    Please enter a strong password, ie, one containing a handful of letters, possibly have no less than 8!, Combine upper and lower case and then mix it with numbers. Use the password generator if you have no head for so much trouble today.
    Yeah, but if I use the password generator will create a password that I then see who is the friendliest I agreed. You're right, no human memory to keep that random password.
    Do not worry, that's why I created an Excel template where you can centralize and manage all these technical data so that you only have to worry about filling in the password field (twice) and then store it in Excel. Done.
    Here are the corresponding screen capture
    When do you need the password, you know where you are. Needless to say, that Excel will try gently.

    5. Which're not done yet! Now it relate the user you just created "mibbdd" the database "mibbdd" also just created

    How do I do this? Chupao, look.

    5.1. Select the drop-down your options. User (1) database (2), add (3) and finally click the user (4). Ready
    5.2. On this screen select all privileges
    5.3. Click to make changes
    5.4. Voila! Completed.
    5.5. Look at this line you frame. In your case, all right?
    create database for cpannel
    for more information about hostgator hosting click here 

    0 0

    Security involves not only protection from malicious programs. In general, the security of mobile devices should include features to protect privacy, possibility of more intrusive restrictions on applications, creating backups in case of breakage of the device and blacklisting unwanted calls and systems of encryption and parental control features . Android is a flexible operating system and you can get all the features you have mentioned downloading of Google Play adequate security applications. There are many applications to choose from, but we threw a hand creating a short list just for you:

    1.Lock ( App Lock )

    Password Security for apps and multimedia content
    Free / Premium

    Almost all applications assume that the person using the device is the rightful owner. But a friend can take your phone "just to see what it contains," your children use to play and colleagues or relatives want to take a look to see if you have common interests. In the latter two cases, a security code done with a pattern or PIN code can help, but when you give your child a mobile or a friend, you have to unlock them anyway. In these cases, it is likely that all your data is available in a couple of clicks. Lock (App Lock) solves this problem by creating a list of protected applications. At launch one of these applications, you have to enter a security code. Also, you can store photos and personal videos in a password protected gallery, and leave the rest in the normal folders. For more "paranoid" users, Lock (App Lock) can hide everything and in this case the app settings are enabled only through a secret code sent per call.

    2.App Ops

    To revoke the authorization of an application
    When installing an application, Android notifies you of the authorizations that are necessary. If you've noticed that this new screensaver requires access to your list of SMS registration contacts (this is a very bad sign , it would be better not to install it), you can accept (with all the negative consequences) or cancel the installation. In any case, there are more and more applications that require "extra" released. Google has a tool to selectively revoke authorizations already installed some applications. This functionality was available for Android 4.3 and App called Ops, but unfortunately removed in version 4.4.2. App Ops simply provides access to the settings screen where Google can apply a set of constraints, since each application to access the contact list to the user's geolocation. For Android version 4.4.2 and following, App Ops requires root access . For versions below 4.3, Ops App is not available, but the LBR Privacy Guard app provides similar functionality.
    Functionality hidden # Android: revoke authorizations for existing applications. It can, for example, disable the geolocation of a given app.


    Encrypting data on your smartphone
    To those who keep confidential documents on your mobile device, applications such as Lock (App Lock) or PIN codes are not sufficient. For Android 3.0 or later versions, the operating system provides some functionality to encrypt all data stored on the smartphone. This serves to protect the information but, for the system to be effective it is necessary to introduce a rather complicated password every time you want to use the phone. And admittedly it is quite uncomfortable entering a long password 50 times a day; why there is an alternative: encrypt important data. Applications eats EDS represent a good solution. Store files on these "containers" makes them inaccessible to anyone but the user. EDS offers two modes: there is a simpler, with which you have to manually do all the operations in the container. The most advanced mode requires root access : in this case, if an encrypted container is active, functions as a memory stick. When you save a file there, is encrypted automatically. Another important detail: EDS containers are compatible with TrueCrypt application for computers, for exchanging data between systems easier.

    We recommend this application for home users, but businesses and corporate users should install a special MDM solution , which provides a holistic security approach for mobile devices.
    data protection apps for android mobile

    4.Funamo Parental Control

    Parental control over teenage users
    $ 20 per device
    A parental control application should operate differently depending on the age of the child. For teenagers, the situation should be: the guy or the girl constantly using the device and their parents set specific limitations, such as denying access to pornographic websites or define a maximum time to play with the phone. Play Google offers different applications of this type, but many are not very functional for several reasons. Funamo Parental Control goes beyond expectations: Blocks web pages based on some keywords, places restrictions on the purchase of upgrades or added elements of games installed, provides safe navigation in Google, Bing or Yahoo or limit the use of some applications (based on time of day, the duration of the game etc..). A father or mother can use a control functionalities remotely (GPS location, read messages, browsing history etc..) Through the website. The main shortcoming of the application is that there is no filter results by category (violence, politics, porn etc.) Option available in the Windows version of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Safe Browser .
    latest and free android mobile apps for data protection
    In fact, this application is not possible to monitor the activity of mobile discreetly, since the application sends notifications. So parents should talk to their children about it together and establish rules for use of the phone.

    5.Gallery Lock

    To hide from the media gallery
    Free / Premium
    Note: This application and its likes are not stable Android 4.4 (KitKat). Users of version 4.4 is recommended to back up your photos, but the functionalities Show / Hide function properly.

    In almost half of the galleries of photos are stored smartphones that users do not want the whole world to see. A simple way to hide them without deleting is Gallery Lock. The selected images are deleted from the traditional gallery to be stored in a special password protected gallery. Most discrete users can enable a feature that allows you to delete the icon Gallery Lock mobile then you must enter a PIN to access the application.
    Gallery Lock for data protection
    For those who want to hide the contact list, call log and messages, there is a specific option in

    6.Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

    Antitheft and antivirus options to protect your smartphone from fraud and indiscreet friends
    Free / Premium

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an application designed to protect you from mobile viruses and dangerous web pages (such as phishing , for example). But it does just this. Even the free version offers different functionalities burglar. You can find your lost smartphone launching a beep, you can lock the device or erase data remotely, find the phone via GPS or take a picture of the person who found (or rather stolen).

    Also, you can hide some contacts record calls or messages, so no one can access them. There is also a facility to create black lists of contacts to not receive calls or message from these people
    antivirus options to protect your smartphone from fraud and indiscreet friends
    As regards the malware, according to recent independent tests, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides maximum security against malware attacks ( more than 100,000 Android devices run only in the first quarter of 2014).

    7.Kids Place

    Device safe area for your children

    The application name also refers to parental control, but it is not just this. It would be better to speak of a safe area for children in the smartphone. When this "zone" is activated, the smartphone allows you to launch applications only included on a list of allowed programs; the child can not make or receive calls, and no restrictions on the purchase and installation of applications. That is, the child can use the phone just to play. Big plus!


    Password Manager
    Free / $ 12 per year

    A password manager for various platforms that enables a single database in the cloud to computers and smartphones to disable advertising and access to certain additional features have to buy an annual license. With LastPass, you can access each web page using a unique and complex password , without overstretching the capacities of memory. Compared with other applications, LastPass is attractive because of its double verification system that runs on application startup.

    9.My Backup

    Backup for Smartphone
    Free / Premium

    The ability to perform backups on Android is partly enabled by default, and if you drive all the settings correctly, not loose contact or application, whatever happens. However, when starting a new phone, you would have to go through a tedious process of re-configuring everything, for example, place the necessary icons on the screen. In addition, some data, including call logging and conversation history, are not included in a backup. The MyBackup application is trying to save (and restore) all the components of your system: playlists, names of WiFi access points, glossaries Auto Correct a keyboard, application settings, etc.. The copy can be saved to an SD card or in the cloud or MyBackup. A number of features require root access . Compared to the famous Titanium Backup, this app provides enhanced functionality in "non-root" mode.


    Tor project for Android

    Thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden, the Tor Project and other tools to anonymize one's presence on the Internet gained much popularity last year. The flexibility of the implemented Android allows Tor proxy on a smartphone, and that's exactly what Orbot. After a simple setup, any application installed on a smartphone can connect to the Internet through a chain of "onion routers", making communication very difficult owner to trace. The only requirement is the ability of an application to operate through a proxy server. In addition, developers der Orbot arise a number of applications optimized for privacy and Tor: the private browser Orweb, DuckDuckGo search application, etc..
    Mobile security Official android recommendation tips 

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!

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