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    You can now "download Hay Day for Nokia Lumia" as it reached the special version for Windows Phone that is equal to or better than the original.

    The Hay Day Farm is a game that has become one of the most downloaded and played by users. The furor in Facebook now comes in special version called AE Story Barn so you can enjoy on any device with Windows Phone. With over 1,000 skills undoubtedly is the most current chosen for its resemblance to the original and fun and entertainment awards
    "Download" Hay Day Game for Nokia

    Hay Day for Nokia Lumia

    As I discussed earlier version for Windows Phone devices is called Hay Day Story Barn AE. You must develop your own farm with animals and all natural crops and then sell on the market . You will begin to grow with little food and a few chickens until you start to move. Then over the levels you'll have many species of plants and animals.

    Also, you can build all kinds of places as there are in any field in real life. From spaces for animals and to manufacture food to recreational objects. Make your business grow slowly increasing your green crop to become the king of fruits and vegetables space.

    The game requires internet connection and is in real time, meaning that each action takes time to materialize. Really all those who love animals and harvest this amazing game will love. The graphics and sounds are very real and in time will becoming very addictive and entertaining.

    Download Hay Day for Nokia Lumia

    Start now with your crops entering the following link for free download. There you can download Hay Day for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 7.5 devices and above ..
    DOWNLOAD HEY DAY  For Nokia Lumia
    Download Hey Day for Android Mobiles official site:hey day

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    Talk to all your friends with the comfort and confidence that it generates messenger service to download Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia.

    For several months we have been presenting new applications and games for Windows Phone arriving. In this opportunity and to the delight of many other courier widely used by users adds. To download Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia you will be able to enjoy all functions that provides the company with this application as it does on its own devices. Both use as your download is completely free so do not lose anything with a try.
    Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia

    Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia

    Blackberry Messenger, or as it says abbreviated BBM messaging service is always provided in the company Blackberry mobile devices. But for quite a while were created versions of this application for other operating systems. It's why we can still enjoy even if you change your mobile phone and now that the Windows Phone arrived.

    The service provides the ability to communicate with any contacts that also use it. To connect with other users each with a PIN code consisting of numbers and letters which would be kind of like a friend request on Facebook. Owes Your Code add your friend / ay you yours to appear on the respective contact lists .

    You'll not only be able to send text messages, but also pictures, videos, and voice messages quickly and easily. 'LL also has the ability to edit your profile by adding a photo and brief personal description. Another function that gives you BBM are creating groups of contacts, multiple chats with several users simultaneously broadcasts and private messages to all your contacts at once.

    Download Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia

    To start testing this large courier service now has to enter the following link for free download. There you can download Blackberry Messenger for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone devices with OS 8.0 and above .

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    Joining the quality of a terminal Nokia with the almost infinite possibilities of the applications on the Android platform? That itself is raising the range Nokia X. Few smartphones with a proprietary operating system ready to work with the tools on Nokia and applications originally created for Android. This way you can give the combination of having an agile and fluid terminal as a messaging applicationWhatsApp updated with the latest developments in privacy, with the case of the version of Android. But how to install WhatsApp on a Nokia X?
    Install WhatsApp on Nokia X
    The first thing to consider when purchasing a terminal X Nokia, Nokia or Nokia X + XL is that they have a formal market applications, such as with Google Play or App Store. This is Nokia Store , where you pick a good selection of tools among which are the characteristics of Nokia as seen in Windows Phone. However, at the moment there major absences in this market, as the very WhatsApp. The upside is that it is always possible to install applications Android, even necessary, to use other markets alone applications or third parties.

    That is why Nokia recommends 1Mobile Market or Aptoide. Just visit their website to find a download link for these applications that act as application markets themselves. Of course, you need to enable Unknown Sources feature from the Settings menu of the terminal to install applications that do not reach a secure environment as the office market is Nokia. After downloading and start implementing any of these markets may install automatically and access them as if a copy of Google Play it were.

    Will suffice to move between the different sections of cover to access the category of messages or, faster, WhatsApp search in the search bar at the top. Like any market applications, presents an information display with the application description, screenshots and reviews. Just push the button Install WhatsApp is attached to the terminal.
    Nokia X Whatsapp Tutorial
    Perform a process common configuration is to confirm that the user's phone number to find out if you have a previous account in WhatsApp. This causes it to automatically load profile that was already using. If this is the first time in this application, just record the number, create a new profile and confirm the code that is received via SMS.

    After it is already possible to begin to use this application as if a mobile Android it were, with the latest privacy measures and all the features of this platform, but through a device brand Nokia .

    How to install WhatsApp on my Nokia X

    Although WhatsApp is the most popular application in the area of ​​messaging, not all users can urge on their phones. This is the case of Nokia X users who do not have an official version of Nokia Store Store.

    But fortunately we have two very interesting methods to achieve install WhatsApp on a Nokia terminal X. Maybe the procedure is a bit complicated but you have to follow to the letter the instructions to talk to our contacts without any problem.

    Method 1

    1. Enter the Preference> Security> Enable Developer Mode menu
    2. Open Terminal and type: ssh root @ localhost
    3. Enter the password: room
    4. Write dpkg-i /home/user/MyDocs/ejemplo.deb
    5. Press Enter and the installation of WhatsApp is activated automatically

    Method 2

    1. Visit Settings
    2. Choose Applications> Installation
    3. Choose "Allow installations from non-store sources"
    4. Download File Manager
    5. Copy the installation file to Nokia N9 .deb from your PC
    6. Run the file with File Manager
    7. Install WhatsApp on your mobile
    Remember that the first year of WhatsApp is free, then must pay an annual subscription of $ 0.99.

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    Connect to the Internet via 3G mobile networks is a feature present in almost all smartphones available in the market and they come with this standard operational role. However, there are cases where you need to manually configure certain settings so that we can connect, it happens with some operators and with some operating systems.

    This is the case of Symbian, the previous mobile platform header in mobile Nokia, which requires our intervention so that we can operate the mobile connection. The Espoo-based manufacturer has a wide catalog with this platform, he found devices like the Nokia N8 or Nokia 808 PureView successor to name a few examples. We explain c how to configure mobile internet connection on Symbian mobile operator Movistar.
    Internet access in a mobile Movistar Nokia Symbian

    First, go into the section of settings, which you access through the main menu. Once inside there is the option to click on connectivity and then Network destinations. After accessing this menu at the bottom left of the screen you have to press on options and a list in which you have to choose unfolds New access point. A small globe with the question: Are you automatically Check for available access points?, we say no and select the Packet data option. Next is to add the name of the access point, which will be "Internet Movistar", press accept and select it in the list of access points. Once we have the access point "Movistar Internet" checked, and click on edit options.

    At this point you have to start going through all the necessary points, the first is the name of the access point, you have to type "movistar.com" and press accept. The following paragraph editing is the user name, in this case you have to put MOVISTAR , then choose "No" in password request and set as password MOVISTAR. Continuing in order list now time to establish the level of authentication to standard and use access point automatically. We press on options (bottom left) and select the entry Advanced Settings. In this new section you must configure several parameters should look like:
    \\configure Internet access in a mobile Movistar Nokia Symbian
    • - Network type: IPv4 
    • - Phone IP Address: Automatic 
    • - DNS Address: Primary / Secondary 
    • - Proxy port number: 8080
    Now we must return to the menu where all access points are created by pressing Back twice, then enter Options - Sort - select Change Priority and Priority 1 Again press the Back button and then Exit until you return to the main menu. Thorn and then walked on the icon Internet. The following is clicked Web and enter the menu Options - Settings-. Generals Within this window we choose the option Access Point and select Internet .We return to the home screen by pressing Back twice and choose Options - Go to, all you have to do now is type the URL of the website you want to visit

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    One set of recreation more fun back to the mobile platform. It is the frantic Crazy Taxi that following a review of its mechanics and graphics, hits smartphones and tablets for crazy races at the wheel of a taxi. Yes, a little different than usual, and the weather also passes through this saga of driving has decided to adopt the fashions of the moment.
     Rush City, racing taxi Download For Android, iPhone,
    This presents Crazy Taxi: Rush City, leaving behind the freedom of other installments of this saga when touring the city to pick up passengers to follow the lines of endless runner. Or what is the same, the game runs on rails as Temple Run . Of course, in this case it is not a title without end, and each mission ends with the consequent arrival at the destination requesting client. Something I have to fight the clock and the large number of obstacles that are in the streets of that city.

    In Crazy Taxi: Rush City does not need speed. The taxi runs at full speed automatically through the streets. However, you do need to hone your skills and reflexes to touch either side of the screen when changing lanes. And the traffic is impossible, even more so considering the jumps, works and other problems that can find the player. But there's more. Thus, it is necessary to be well pending the curves to rotate one time and not stamped. All this without losing sight of the coins loose in the way that increase the player's final score and its rewards.

    And it must take into account both the customer and the final score, as this enough money you get to customize the look of the taxi at will. Logos, colors, different models... Issues, as in every title free -to-play that price, can also be purchased with real money to avoid the effort and time investment.
    Crazy Taxi download game for free android
    However, despite the simplicity of its mechanics, the fun is not compromised thanks to the frenzy of screen elements, jumps, crashes, currencies and alternative ways forward. And is that all these issues together make it an attractive and addictive game, at least for a while. In support must also mention the possibility of comparing scores with friends and challenge that overcome. All in a title that has never had better graphics with fun customizations for the vehicle and with the ability to play songs stored on the terminal of the user during the game.

    In short, a game frantic and fun with a clean clear face for mating with the canons of current mobile titles. But it is best that Crazy Taxi: Rush City is available for free with one-stop shopping for both Android and for iOS. It can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store .

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    "CHECK IRCTC TRAIN TICKET PNR STATUS ONLINE" :Many of us do like to travel by train at point of the time or the other. For all of us, we had a dream of going by a train in the childhood in this biggest rail networking country. Over the years, as the population has increased the complexity in travelling in a train also got complexed. With the evolving technology made it easier for us to reduce this complexity and an easier way to process the travelling in a train. We often hear a word called PNR status but many of us doesn't know what it is and how it is useful for a passenger during the travelling. Here I'll let you know all about this PNR status and what is the use and how to use it.
    pnr status irctc irctc website train ticket

    IRCTC PNR Number :

    PNR status stands for "Passenger Name Record" that is issued only after a particular person who wants to do a journey through train buys a ticket in offline or online. This is the same 10 digit number which you see in the top left corner of the ticket with which one can check his PNR status so as to know whether he got a berth or not for the journey or he has been given any other category berth. PNR status also contains your name, address, mobile number, time and date of journey etc.

    How to check IRCTC PNR status :

    * Use 139 service : 139 service is the oldest and the direct official service from the Indian Railways that is serving the people of this country since many years. This is the 24/7 service especially to help the passengers who use Indian Railways. With this service, one can know the IRCTC PNR status just by sending a short message to it by typing PNR and immediately followed by the 10-digit PNR number and send it to 139 service. For example type PNR 0123456789 and send it to 139. Within minutes after sending you will have the details regarding the PNR status.

    Other than this one can also use another service number to check the PNR status. For this number too, type the same way like the earlier one and send it to 5676747 and you will receive a message regarding the PNR status. Both these numbers as many as Rs.3 will be charged and can be used from any part of the country.

    * Use of 10-Digit Mobile number :We Indians always look for a cheaper way where we can use no money for a service like this. As above mentioned 139 service needs some charge for function many doesn't opts this unless in emergency cases. For you people there is a number from Google who has introduced a cheaper and simple method. In this method you can send a message by typing just the 10-digit PNR number and you have to send it to "9773300000" and you will be receiving the message in minutes and that too for fress. Only normal SMS charges are applicable.

    * Use GPRS Phones :These days who doesn't have a smart phone in person. Everyone has one and it will be definitely have an internet connection too. With internet connection to it, you can login into the official website of Indian Railways like www.indianrail.gov.in and on the top you will find a "Check PNR" field. Select this and enter your 10-digit PNR number and you will receive the relevant information.

    IRCTC Train  PNR Status :

    Once you get your required PNR status, then you have to know whether the ticket is confirmed or not. If the PNR status code is CNF, then your ticket is confirmed. There are different types of PNR status codes that you will get. There may be a need to recheck the PNR status prior to travelling as your position may change at any minute of time.

    Here is the list of PNR status codes that you may find in the PNR status :
    CNF / Confirmed : Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
    RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation
    WL :Waiting List Number
    GNWL :General Wait List
    RLWL :Remote Location Wait List
    PQWL : Pooled Quota Wait List
    CAN / MOD : Cancelled or Modified Passenger
    REGRET/WL :No More Booking Permitted
    R# #RAC :Coach Number Berth Number
    RELEASED Ticket : Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided

    Hope our information is useful for your journey and have a happy journey in our Indian Railways.
    Indian railway pnr status
    Indian railways pnr status
    pnr status irctc
    Check pnr status
    irctcpnr status
    pnr status

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    This August we have an interesting situation where the phones have lost a lot of money and high-end six months ago, it still is a very affordable price. They have a great price / quality ratio. Downs that reach more than 40%, so you have to take that into account when choosing the phone we want and ask: do we really need what we provide?

    The best high-end Android phones, partly considering the quality / price, but especially their quality, are as follows in our judgment and taste. Note that the phones presented here have high durability, either by using screens Gorilla Glass 2 or 3, or generally being resistant to use and time step. Find more cheap phones with features that will be fluid, but are usually built in low quality materials and poorly finished, and the feel and comfort is not even remotely similar to the high end, and all this is included in its price.

    Since the specifications are very similar, we will try to focus on the "value added" sets these mobile phones. What is important to purchase a new phone is not to be taken by operators and financing plans, as eventually acquire a terminal through them goes always more expensive (in addition to being forced to have a permanent contract which may become unfair).

    HTC One (M8)

    top android mobile phones of this month
    The new HTC phone is the One that virtually everything he already knew a month before presentation. HTC has opted to put it on sale immediately once shown in society, which is the first flagship Snapdragon processor 801 sneaks into the top 5 features that accompany you have nothing to envy others. Among the new features is the inclusion of a MicroSD card, but the same design and aluminum finish that gave him so good reviews at last year's model.

    The weak point in relation to other phones is the camera. HTC wanted to keep their "ultrapíxels" and perhaps is still a big expense for the phone. Yes, takes great pictures, is exceptional when taking pictures in low light (much better than the other), but not the phone that you use to take good photos in any situation. Even so, the accompanying software is interesting, the battery saving mode is great, and the set of specifications, software design and make it the best Android smartphone of the moment.

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    best mobile phone to buy on this month
    Samsung tries to re-ingratiate himself with consumers by selling the Galaxy S5, its new flagship. Hardware features are impressive: it has the best screen you can find in a smartphone today, 16-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM and a brand LPDDR3 801 Snapdragon processor (AC version, the best of all).

    If we join that feature MicroSD card reader and plastic design, although it is not as attractive as the new HTC One, has a new texture that makes it much more pleasant to hold, form the foundation for success. It also includes a fingerprint reader with screen unlock functions and electronic payment, and a heartbeat sensor destined to become a good smartphone for fitness enthusiasts.

    Sony Xperia Z2

    best android os mobile phone to buy on this month
    Sony is making the most of the successful design of Xperia Z and the new flagship Xperia Z2 few changes you are going to find. This new terminal called success has, in almost the same space as the Xperia Z1, a screen 5.2-inch Full HD quality, but suffers from a major flaw: it looks pretty bad on the street in daylight. It continues to be resistance to dust and water.

    The rest of the accompanying hardware, and much to your truly glad to do: 3GB of RAM, 801 Snapdragon processor, 16GB of storage and a 20.7-inch camera capable of recording videos in 4K. While it is of doubtful utility to record 4K (not so widespread these screens to watch the videos and see the differences), has the best camera models presented here although the same software Sony still needs a good look. In addition, the terminal is the second largest in the current high-end Sony have been nice to dispense with both edge and had reduced its overall size.

    However, the extra size makes hosting a 3,200 mAh battery, which will last us 10 hours of heavy use browsing, using WhatsApp and listening to music, and that there is absolutely no problem to reach the end of the day with him. Unfortunately adds nothing to the end user who do not submit Xperia Z1 or Z1 Compact, which can be described as more of the same.

    LG G3

    best configured android mobile phone
    LG has introduced the renewal of G2 and has again surprised. Stresses its 5.5-inch screen with QHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels), but also the rest of the hardware: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, MicroSD card reader, removable 3,000 mAh battery... The back cover has a metallic finish that will differentiate the naked eye (but not touch) terminal with which it competes except HTC One.

    There is a version with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that will be available in the same colors: white, black and gold (classic and high end). The camera, with its laser autofocus, placing it among the fastest and good color accuracy, remaining on par with others such as the Xperia Z2. In low light situations the camera stands alone as well as the sharpness of the photos shows.

    Since QHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels) provides no improvement to the user regarding the Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), brings a couple of drawbacks with respect to other high-end Android phones. On the one hand, increased consumption, which could have been intended for a longer battery life (the processor has to move 3.5 million pixels instead of 2.07 million). This screen also has trouble seeing in direct sunlight. Also warming issues over whether to play 3D games or watching video, which makes the self-limiting brightness to 90% after an operating time to avoid inconvenience to the user and other problems. Finally, move more pixels means less graphics performance in games, losing almost 10 fps in both Egypt HD GFXBench tests as T-Rex HD. If you seek the best performance, the S5 Galaxy, HTC or Xperia One M8 Z2 are clearly better.

    The "problems" screen will not affect most users, but you need to take them into account when buying. If we had the same design and hardware in a more compact size (4.3 to 4.7 inches) would bring him many accolades LG. I hope that they get their "G3 Compact" to the Z1 Compact, not a "G3 mini" decaf. Its launch price of 599 euros is the lowest of all the high end.

    OPPO Find 7 and 7a

    top android mobile phone to buy on this month
    The OPPO Chinese company continues to provide European users the ability to purchase its products through its online store . Its latest product is a 5.5 inch tablet with a great price: 399 euros for the 7th version Find. In return we will get all the latest hardware, like a snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a screen with resolution 1920x1080 pixels.

    The "worst" section is the camera that, while it is 13 megapixels, fortunately, consumers are realizing that more megapixels does not mean better quality if the camera sensor is not suitable. At least in this case is capable of recording video at a resolution of 4K at 30 fps. Another point in its favor is the stereo speakers. Still, this camera is much better than the OPPO N1, and performs well in low light.

    The Find 7 has the same design but with superior features, as you can see in the summaries below, for a price of 479 euros.

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    Let Flappy Bird Download For Android apk here, free. After his abrupt departure from the app stores of both Android and iOS people who did not arrive in time for the download of the game that has crazy friends could not remain helpless and began to look for the game at least in the version. APK

    At the time of this publication has been obtained, stored in a cloud of MEGA version, tested on two terminals and it worked. Flappy Bird became just two weeks in one of the most downloaded games for Android world, only under Candy Crush
    Flappy Bird APK Download For Android
    If you do not know it's Flappy Bird, but once everyone around you speak of him, I anticipate it's a game that surely will not find the great science, it is a bird which you have to give touches on the screen to flapping, the problem is that the bird must cross through identical to those of the Mario Bros pipe, if you touch any of these tubes you lose, you counted the number of tubes you spent and you can try as many times as you want and of course, share circles with your friends on Google+.
    As I said earlier " IDENTICAL TO MARIO BROS "this is what is speculated about the unexpected exit game app stores, they are avoiding a lawsuit by the people at Nintendo for patent rights, if so, to creator he removed more than $ 50,000 to be won daily during the two weeks that the game was available on the App Store and Google Play.

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    We have to "Download Android APK Cover App". What's this about? Surely for those who lived the experience with Aviate and remain there even feel proud that their smartphone are "different" look different, are easier to use and are "intuitive" (with a reasonable internet connection of course). Today we present what I think is a wonderful complement to the Launcher. If you come in search is only Cover
    Download Android Cover App
    Cover for screen Android is a sensitive, intuitive, elegant and functional blocking , which can be used to access the applications you need according to the site where you are, work, car, home, outdoors and more. The screen has a line of icons on the left that when pressed, and slide to the right (in the style of an iPhone) will go directly to the application you want without having to search menu.

    Besides this, the front or backgrounds are customizable , interchangeable and includes some to put the appropriate tone. Meanwhile icons only if the slide is activated, you can configure them according to your needs, the cover is set according to what he believes appropriate, but... Seen above the time and date to be cool well by the way? Well there you can configure the litters of icons you want on your screens.
    Android Customization? The conbinacion Aviate + Cover makes your team the best. Thoroughly recommended to all.
    free download android cover screen locker free

    IMPORTANT : The first link will be the who presents the Play Store, however, even Cover is a Beta so it is only available to Canada and the United States in the Play Store. But do not worry, the link below this is the direct APK, downloaded directly from the official website of cover. For more information: https://www.coverscreen.com/

    From above links you can download and install the Android Cover Lock Screen (beta) app For free

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  • 08/17/14--10:30: Download Whatsapp For Iphone
  • "Download WhatsApp iPhone" is available on the App Store, the official store of Apple applications and games. Download the latest version and start enjoying the advantages of sending free messages to all your friends, even if they have other mobile phone platforms.
    download whatsapp for iphone 2014

    WhatsApp iPhone features.

    With WhatsApp iPhone no longer having to send expensive SMS, send text messages, photos, videos, your location, create groups, chat and more, taking advantage of your mobile data plan or WiFi connection.

    WhatsApp iPhone gives you the ability to:

    1. Posts without costs. Once you and your friends download the application, they can use it to chat as they wish. Send your friends a million messages per day absolutely free! WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G / EDGE or Wi-Fi when possible.
    2. Send Video, Images, and Voice note to your friends and contacts.
    3. Chat with your contacts in group conversations. Add or remove group participants, change the subject and put a group icon.
    4. Set a profile photo that will be displayed to all your contacts.
    5. Chat with your friends all over the world who have WhatsApp Messenger installed and save you shipping costs those pesky international SMS.
    6. WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates seamlessly with current contact list of your mobile phone.
    7. No more confusion to disconnect the application from another computer or device. With push notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS ACTIVE.
    8. Your contact list is used to automatically connect you with your friends. Those contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger will automatically appear in the Favorites list.
    9. Even if you do not see the push notifications or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you get to them the next time you use the application.
    10. Share location and places, exchanging contacts, custom background image, custom notification sounds, message timestamps accurate, chat history sending mail, broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once.
    All the latest news, updates and other news about WhatsApp iPhone are available for you from our BLOG . You also have all the information about the latest applications, games and latest in iPhone Applications iPhone .
    Download the latest version of WhatsApp iPhone and enjoy the free service for 1 year. During or after free trial period you can purchase service for $1 / year. If you have already paid for the service, you will not be asked to pay again.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Unlock your iPhone and iPad with complimentary tweak blowing  BlowToUnlock
    There are plenty of tweaks for iPhone and iPad that allow unlock the device without touching a button and now we must add one more to the list. His name is BlowToUnlock and through it is possible to unlock an iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak simply blowing into the microphone of the iDevice .
    tricks to open iphone lock
    BlowToUnlock is available completely free of charge on Cydia and, as we mentioned, is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Jailbreak iOS implemented and 7.

    The chances of being able to unlock an IOS device without touching the screen are many and now, this new option is added based on a solid single. Once installed the tweak we can configure some of its operations, but the list is not too big.

    Features BlowToUnlock tweak for iPhone and iPad

    When we installed BlowToUnlock have a new menu with options within Settings. These options are:
    • Ability to enable or disable the tweak whenever we want .
    • Possibility to adjust the sensitivity of breath (needed to blow more or less strong to work).
    • Blow to unlock.
    • Blow to turn on the screen (not unlock).
    Definitely BlowToUnlock is a different and very useful to unlock an iPhone or iPad without touching any button on the device method or device.

    The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository completely free and is compatible with any device with iOS Jailbreak 7 and applied. If you have questions about how to do the Jailbreak not hesitate to take a look at around google there are hell of  guide to Jailbreak with iPhone or iPad on Pangu .

    How about BlowToUnlock? Have you tried on occasion?

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    Finally Windows 8.1 available for download the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.From this point you can already upgrade to Windows 8.1 and enjoy all these innovations.

    Yesterday we mentioned the details of Windows 8.1, an update to the Microsoft operating system that many users have been waiting for. To download it you must simply go to Windows Store, where a notification that you can already download the latest version of the OS you should appear.
    download free windows8.1 ios
    In an entry in welcome on his blog, Microsoft just announced that it is now available awaited update to Windows 8.1, which introduces a great list of features. Should not be any problems when doing this operation, but as always they say in these cases: better safe than sorry, so it is always advisable to make a backup.

    Cost and Installation

    To refresh your memory, we should remember the cost that may lead to want to have the latest operating system from Microsoft. Those users who may have installed Windows 8 must not worry, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is totally free and just have to download it from the Windows Store.

    If, however, we come from previous versions of Windows , not surprisingly touch pay a corresponding amount. Updates to the basic version will cost $ 119.99, while the Pro version will cost $ 199.99. Users of Windows XP or Vista, will have to do a clean install, there is no convenient way to migrate everything. Instead, those who have Windows 7 can transfer the profile data in an automated manner, although applications must be installed manually after upgrading.

    If you are wondering whether or not to upgrade to Windows 8.1, I recommend you to go back to read the article published yesterday that collects news introduced in the latest version of the operating system in which the best way to proceed when installing explained. A very useful guide especially for those users who currently have a version prior to Windows 8.

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    Here I bring you the new version of the Samsung drivers for Windows include support for the latest handsets launched among which are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    Downloading the new update to the original Samsung package we will avoid the hassle of having to download Kies and install.

    Why do I need Samsung drivers?

    The drivers or original Samsung drives are necessary for your computer operating system for Windows to properly recognize our terminal Samsung . Thus we can copy files to both internal or external memory modules or connect to external programs as grabbers or use our Samsung as a router for connection to the Internet to your computer.

    How do I install on my computer?

    To install them correctly in our PC with Windows we first access the Control Panel and uninstall any previous version we had installed.

    Then you can simply install the executable of this new version and reboot after complete installation.

    If you do not know very well what I'm talking about or need more help, you can go through this tutorial in which I explain in detail with screenshots and step by step.

    Why install the drivers without installing Kies?

    In my personal opinion Kies is an absolute nuisance that only makes our computers consume resources. A program that I personally do not need it for anything because Android allows us to synchronize all our photos, videos, documents and multimedia files as if it were a flash drive to the method of drag and drop .

    Furthermore, and in relation to the synchronization of contacts , calendar events and we need only realize our Google to get this automatically without major complications or downloading programs like alternative Kies .

    Download - Latest original drivers Samsung mobile devices

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    "Use Dual whatsapp accounts In single Phone" :If you own a cell with two chips, perhaps you've wondered if there is any way to make the two have active accounts in WhatsApp. Until today, there was no simple way to do this, but fortunately the story is changing. Independently able to make the cell have two accounts simultaneously on active WhatsApp app has been created.
    run two whatsapp accounts same mobile phone
    Sounds good? Then you need to check the tips that we brought today. They came there from XDA Developers, the same forum in which the main application for this story possible. Stay tuned for our tips and equip your mobile now. Remember that these tips are only for those with devices, Android  with support for two simultaneous chips.

    How to Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts on the Same Mobile Phone

    There are several steps you have to follow the installation of the system, but can be assured that they are all very simple and should be performed quickly. The first is to perform a backup of your posts - if you want to keep them.
    how can i use 2 whatsapp accounts on single mobile
    To do this, access the settings of WhatsApp and then select "Options conversation" and then "Save conversations." Then go to the application settings window, find WhatsApp and click "Clear data".
    2 whatsapp accounts on single phone android

    Download the OGWhatsApp at XDA and install the software. Now rename the "WhatsApp" folder on your phone to "OGWhatsApp".
    use two 2 whatsapp account with uninstalling first account delete
    Image credits:QDtricks
    Open OGWhatsApp and verify your account with the old number (which was used in the WhatsApp). Then register the new number of the original application. Ready! Already using WhatsApp two accounts on the same device.

    The development of new application ensure that there are several advantages in using it. In addition to allowing a second account is registered on the device, it was also revealed that he allows backup and quick restoration of the talks, choosing icons for software and preview images without saving the device - with more resources may be on the way.
    For More Informations Read this:click here

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    Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver: driver package for Realtek sound chip

    The Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver is designed to take full advantage of the features of a sound chip from Realtek. So he allows, for example, the reproduction of sound in 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Digital Live streaming. Tools such as the soundman or the Sound Effect Manager are also included.
    Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver

    The software can be downloaded here 

    The "Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver" brings the driver for Realtek sound chips to date, allowing the use of gemstone functionality. These include the sound in 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Digital Live streaming. Various tools included (Soundman and Sound Effect Manager) simplify configuring and optimizing the connected hardware. At that include microphones, recorders or reproducers.

    The "Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver" is available in all languages

    Installation and Configuration Tips

    The "Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver" is freeware available for free.

    It is important that the correct version is selected, depending on which operating system is processor combination available in the PC with the sound chip is Realtek.

    This means the net world-editors to Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver

    Realtek sound cards are very widely used. Not worth much without the appropriate driver however. Make sure that your driver versions are always up to date. The download of the latest version ensures the maximum sound enjoyment - provided playback devices.

    System configuration

    System requirements for the "Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver" is a sound chip from Realtek and one of the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows 2000 / Windows XP (32/64) / Windows Vista (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64) or Windows 8th

    Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver :  Data Sheet
    Author www.realtek.com.tw
    Updated 05/23/2014
    Downloads 539336
    Current Version R2.75 (Vista, 7, 8-32 & 64 bit)
    File size 118.91 MB
    License Freeware (free of charge)
    Operating system Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows XP
    Language English / German
    Category Drivers & Patches
    Editorial rating
    User Rating
    3 of 5 with 272 reviews
    Download »

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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Finally Search engine giant Google opened their domain registration service: a field in which they had not gotten before, but even saw it coming. As you know, Google Domains is closed in beta and you can only start using with an invitation, but we have done with telling you how to buy and transfer domains to the search giant.
    By accessing the website, the first thing we ask is to enter the invitation code that we should have in our mail. We introduce as is, and let us in unrestricted service (and the invitation is tied to your Google account), but upon entering we find the first catch: you can not buy domains if we are not in the USA. Still, we can explore the entire process until the last step.

    How to buy a domain to Google

    Buy a new domain is as simple as sought in the search bar. If available, we will give free way to buy it, as it will give us a few alternatives if you want is not free. We may want to add to cart, and pay for them all at once via Google Wallet with the data we already have, or new data.

    Moreover, if you have a domain and want to pass under registration Google, transfer is also a fairly simple act : verify that we have all the required steps, gives us the opportunity to transfer as is the domain characteristics (configuration the website, email ...), and with the touch of a button you will be done.
    The only fault we can find the service are two. On the one hand, does not allow any payment card that is not registered in the United States, which does not allow us to use it in any country until it opens to the world. And, moreover, it supports TLDs are rather few, and no support or a domains like.com, which hopefully also change over time.

    In short, Google Domains is a very simple tool that wants to access all the possible domains. Since your beta invitation status is normal that we are lacking, but we hope in the face of a stable release are resolved. There is still much room for improvement, and certainly in Mountain View do a good job.

    More information | Google Domains

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    This article talks about the steps to take when your Google account has been hacked and how to recover from the losses arising from the episode.

    There may not be any comprehensive method to know if your Google account has been hacked. There are many ways how a hacker can use your Google account. The most common of them all is to send messages on your behalf.
    how to recover hacked gmail account
    If you see emails in the sent folder of your Gmail account, you should know that the account has been hacked. In simple words, keep reviewing the account settings every few weeks. If you find any abnormality, consider the steps mentioned in this article.

    Can you access your Google account?

    tricks or process to recover the hacked gmail account
    In most cases hacked, leaving the account credentials without changes so does the account of suspicious transactions. In rare cases, however, the hacker can change the login credentials of Google and also remove the phone and alternate e-mail address associated with the account.

    In this case, it becomes very difficult to regain control of the account, as Google will ask the exact date of creation of the account, this information is hard to remember unless the email is sent back up to another address e-mail to which you have access.

    In simple that the hacker has changed the password case, you can  notify Google of the hacked account . You will be prompted for alternate email ID you previously provided to Google and if it matches your records, the new password will be sent to this ID.

    In the case where the hacker has removed the alternate email ID associated with the account, it is almost impossible to regain control of the account. If you've tried the link above and have not yet received the new password (after trying two or three times), you can be sure that the alternate email ID has been deleted by the hacker.

    In this case, visit the Google Help Center and tell them you have other problems accessing your account (see figure below).

    The following screens will ask a few more questions and then try to provide login credentials.

    If the information on your phone is still with Google, you may be lucky. However, I do not think a hacker you remove the alternate email ID would leave the phone information.

    Your last resort is to visit the  password recovery page of Google and start a wizard that will guide you through various questions to help you recover your account credentials.

    Keep in mind that it may not be possible to recover the account when the hacked has withdrawn his email ID and your account information alternative to Google and do not remember the alphanumeric code sent you when you created the Google account in question .

    If you can access your Google account

    -  Change the password  to something that is new and has never been used.

    -  If the same password is used with other accounts,  change them as soon as possible so that the hacker can not have control over them.

    Check the Sent Items folder  to see if the hacker has contacted anyone. Doing so contact these people and tell them that their Google account was hacked and that the message was sent by the hacker.

    Check the settings of the Google account  to see the changes. Very often, hackers added forwarding email messages to another Gmail account.

    Check the CHAT  area to find out if the hacker uses the chat feature under their identity.

    Scan your computer for malware

    One of the possible causes of a blocked account or a compromised account is the presence of malware on your computer. Use Microsoft Security Essentials or any other anti malware trusted to scan your computer and remove any possibility of any type of malware.

    Turn on 2-Step Verification

    The  2-Step Verification   adds an additional layer of security to your Google account, which drastically reduces the chances of having your personal information stolen account.

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    Nokia X and Nokia XL are an android smartphone vendor production of the famous Nokia. Both of these phones are the first generation smartphones that carry the Android OS. Although initially shy and anti Nokia with android, android market, but see the development of a very dominant Nokia finally joined in the competition by launching the Nokia X series.
    now you can install google playstore on nokia X mobile here is the process
    Though it was launched Nokia X and XL, Nokia (in this case Microsoft) still shy away as android phone. This was reflected in the decision of the Nokia / Microsoft are not fully adopt the Android operating system on the Nokia X, XL, or X2. Nokia was just taking the foundation and the base kernel, without using google API. the result is quite disappointing because users, because in the Nokia X and XL are not Google Mobile services such as Gmail, GMaps, and the most vital is the lack of Google Play Store to shop applications.

    How To Install Google Play Store on Nokia X and Nokia XL

    With a Google Play Store absence, of course,difficult for the user to choose and shop applications. Although Nokia provides its own application store, but still lack the Play Store google make Android Nokia was bland. But take it easy, for you who have a Nokia handset X, actually there is a way to install Google Play store in Nokia X and Nokia XL with slight modifications. Well, in this post Arrend will give the tutorial for you.


    How to install Google Play Store on Nokia X and Nokia XL

    Before performing the installation process applications that have been prepared in the above, make sure your Nokia X and Nokia XL you are already in a state of root. (Find the tutorial on Google).
    1. After Nokia Nokia X or XL root, then we have just install the application Root Explorer
    2. Ensure root access permission on SuperUser set Allow
    3. The next step is to use Root Explorer, copy the APK of Google services into the system.
    4. Put Internal GPS APK files to the following system directory   / system / apps
    5. Remember, just move the files just not be allowed to be installed
    6. Next, Install Apps google apps
    7. After Google Apps installed, do reboot HH.
    8. After the restart X Nokia phones then there will be a Google account registration form as other new Android phone.
    Install WhatsApp on Nokia X and Nokia XL : Nokia X
    Data input the Google account, and now Nokia X you have installed Google Play Store
    That's how to install Google Play Store on Nokia X and Nokia XL, this way is only a success if the phone is really rooted in the state. Currently Nokia also has  new generation of Android phones named Nokia X2 , with a similar move, the Google Play Store app is also likely to be installed.

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    The dreaded "blue screen of death" is the worst nightmare of the computer user. You can not do anything else until you fix it, because when you try, this message appears: "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to the equipment." This is the kind of thing that can ruin your week.
    Since you're here, you've probably noticed that there are a million "quick fixes" on the web, recommending plenty of tools to help you fix blue screen of death, which really only further confuse. Keep your shirt, because after studying all the solutions, we are here to give you the baby steps to fix your blue screen follows.

    Quick ways how to fix blue screen of death

    1 Fix the blue screen of death in safe mode

    This way is fast and works about 50% of the time, but it depends on how much the team can start and your version of Windows. First, access to safe mode by pressing F8 during startup. Then go to My Computer and right click on the disk (C :) to select Properties from the popup menu. On the Tools tab, perform error checking and Disk Cleanup. If this works, consider yourself lucky if it does not move in Method 2.

    2 Fix blue screen of death with a boot disk

    If safe mode is a dead end, try a boot disk. We humbly suggest Wondershare Live Boot Boot CD that will totally remove the blue screen of death in no time with a CD or USB.
    live boot cd download

    Step 1: Burn a CD or USB with Live Boot
    Get Wondershare Live Boot CD / USB here (Note: This type of software does not have a free trial)

    You must install and run the program in a team, and then insert a CD or USB stick to the computer where you installed the Live Boot. With just one click to burn a CD or USB memory interface follows.
    now fix windows blue screen problem
    Step 2: Boot your computer from LiveBoot CD / USB
    Insert the CD or USB LiveBootLiveBoot on the computer, then start the computer. When the system begins to load, press F12 to go to boot device menu. select the CD-ROM Drive option to enter, then you will be in front of the start menu as follows. Select the "Boot from LiveBoot" option.
    way to solve the windows blue screen problem on windows
    Step 3 Fix blue screen of death quickly and easily
    After starting the computer, go to "Windows Recovery" and choose "Crash Loading Solution" tab, option that can help you solve your blue screen problem easily. This tab contains four methods. Try them one by one until you can open Windows successfully.
    live boot cd to fix windows blue screen problem
    Method 1. Run Microsoft System Restore to restore the computer to the latter work.

    Method 2 . Run Recovery Registry to restore the registry to its initial state, which will set the accidents caused by the conflict in the system, software, hardware or very serious.

    Method3 . Run a registry editor to resolve conflicts or remove individual registration key virus.

    Method4 .This is the final solution, if the above does not work. Run Windows Key Finder and Finder Office Key to recover your CD key and Windows key Office and then reinstall Windows and Office. You can also back up your data at first here.
    Resource from: Wondershare.com

    If your problem not yet resolved with this tutorial here is the video tutorial that actually resolve your windows blue screen problem Now Enjoy it.

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    Having discussed in detail the characteristics of the Xiaomi Redmi Note, today we bring you a short analysis of other smartphone Xiaomi, Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi the 1S, a device that has a hardware very similar to G and other Moto phones based 400 Snapdragon chipset in a price, more interesting than most of their 'rivals'. In China we can buy at a price of around 100 euros, while in Spain, guaranteed is located at a price of approximately 175 euros. Let's see how is the Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S.
    Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S mobile phone features

    Materials and Ergonomics

    Despite having an extremely aggressive price, we have a very attractive product quality. Made of plastic, provides a good grip and a convincing structural soundness. Size is important, but it's still 4.7 inches so we can manage quite well, even with one hand.

    Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is based on the platform Snapdragon MSM8228 400 Quad Core 1.6 GHz with Adreno 305 GPU and 1GB of RAM. A hardware more than enough to meet all the needs that we have such as the use of social networks, or the use of multimedia content. In addition and as almost all Chinese phones have dual SIM support, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, 8 GB of internal storage and high-definition screen.

    Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S Specifications

    Size and dimensions 137 x 69 x 9.9 mm and 158 grams
    Screen 4.7-inch IPS LCD, 720 x 1280 pixels, 312 ppi
    Memory 1 GB of RAM
    Camera 8 MPx rear and 1.6 megapixel front
    Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8228 Processor 400
    1.6 GHz Quad Core, Adreno 305 GPU
    System MIUI Android 4.3 Jelly Bean v5
    Battery 2,000 mAh Battery
    Capacity 8 GB microSD card with the possibility of
    WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS,
    2G GSM 900/1800/1900
    3G HSDPA 1900/2100

    Screen Specifications of Xiaomi 1S

    new mobile Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S features and price

    As mentioned have a 4.7 inch panel with a pixel density of 312 ppi per inch, so the image quality is secured, also by a high-definition panel. Another fact or appearance that can convince us, especially considering the price at which we buy Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, is the screen, which has excellent color calibration and a light sensor that works perfectly.

    The range of colors is well reproduced, the viewing angles are good, plus that touch is responsive and smooth. Ultimately Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S features a display that is similar to many other of the best known models but sold at a higher price. Unfortunately the navigation keys, located below the screen are not backlit. A shame, since it is not a particularly difficult feature to implement in the terminal.

    Battery, Audio and Connectivity

    Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is equipped with a removable 2,000 mAh battery, so it's not particularly big, but enough to get to the night with a little remaining. The Cortex-A7 processor, HD display and good optimization software allows us to have a good autonomy, even on days when we give intensive.

    Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, also has good connectivity as it has dual SIM support, and GPS, which has no problems of any kind, as well as Wi-Fi. We also have Bluetooth 4.0, which allows us to connect without problems (with Android 4.4. Improves compatibility).

    The management of the two SIM is decent but is not similar to other MediaTek. Indeed lack the ability to change the 3G connection as only one slot for HSDPA connection is enabled. Generally have fewer options than other tested MTK chipset products.

    When making a phone call audio quality good, but the speaker is not known for its high volume.

    Software Specifications

    The phone is based on the MIUI interface based on Android 4.3 waiting for KitKat. The interface is a type of union between Android and iOS, but with a characterization that makes the whole interface is unique in appearance but never forgetting good fluidity.

    The pre installed programs are all Xiaomi. We have configuration, as is normal, an application that allows us to change the launcher.

    As we have seen in other analyzes Terminal Xiaomi, in point of SMS have the ability to respond to messages quickly through pop-ups but also lots of other options, settings, menus and / or possible customizations.

    Obviously there full tracks available for download online that allow you to completely transform the smartphone. The system moves very well thanks to the Snapdragon 400 Internet Web browsing is very smooth, even on heavy sites.

    Multimedia and Camera

    The camera of the device is an 8 megapixel camera that defends very well, with sound quality overall very good. We have two ways that allow us to enable or disable the advanced options, and a series of menus that make the software is even more complete.

    As for games, we have a full compatibility with even recent titles in the Play Store, a nice audio playback (however, the volume is not very high) and a series of applications for playback of music and video that enhance that comes by default in Android.

    Buy Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S

    We can buy Xiaomi 1S Hongmi Redmi flipkart at a price of -------usd, which corresponds to the change about 127 euros. If you are interested in buying, just down I leave a link to purchase the product in a store is as reliable as Focalprice.


    Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is a product that confirms the quality of the Xiaomi device, and although it is dedicated to the Chinese market and is designed for the Asian world, can be used without any problems in Spain. The value for money is excellent, even if we are able to buy directly from China without paying customs.

    Given that we do not have the latest version of Android and the speed with which you move the smartphone is good, it is natural to consider whether to buy a top-end device for triple or opt for Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, at last After offering more or less the same, of course with some obvious limitations.

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