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    In this article I will try to gather the solutions to the most common mistakes that we can find in Android tablets and smartphones with wanting to download apps. They are errors that can occur due to poor factory settings because we do not have enough free space, because we have rooted the device bad, or because we have done lio touching things we should not have;) (As in life itself ..)
    solve google playstore error problem installing
    Sometimes the error says it could not be verified Google account, other allows you to download some applications and then longer (especially when wanting to download heavy applications), and other times the application simply closes or leaves a mysterious message leaves us stupid. Android If you already did some of these things we will try to solve it here.

    The errors are treated in this article:

    • "Stopped the Google Play Store"
    • "Package file is invalid" or "Package file is invalid"
    • Error (-101)  of the Play Store to download applications
    • Error 491 of the Play Store to download applications
    • Error 919 of the Play Store to download applications
    • Error "-24 " of Android Play Store: in this link
    • Error [RPC: S-1 : AEC-0]
    • Error [RPC: S-3 : AEC-0] and [RPC: S-7 : AEC-0]
    • Error [RPC: S-5 : AEC-0]
    You may add time solutions to other errors to report me, but these are today the most common by today with Android 4.

    Something must always be available to implement these solutions is WIFI. Or at least 4G. because download applications using the data network is not secure, you cut, you will reach the limit of monthly, etc. If you have 4G at least he has the speed, but ideally would have to use WIFI to be sure that the download is fast and not cut by having bad sign.

    I just ask you to read carefully the recommended steps and leave your comments at the end of the article, either if it will solve the problem for others to know that it works, and if you did them, see if I can lend a hand.

    Solution to error "has stopped implementation of Google Play Store"

    If the error is leaving you a message that " has stopped implementation of Google Play Store " or in English " Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working "... may be because the application that handles the downloads are hung or disabled, and this is solved by going to Settings > ApplicationManager > All , and in that long list should look and touch application "downloads" that appears green Android icon . In there they have to make sure it is not disabled, that is, playing the "Enable" button if present, and then "Force Stop" switch off, then on again, and now, it should work fine.

    Solution to error "Package file is invalid" or "Package file is invalid"

    This error began to appear in August on some computers with Android 4.2 when trying to download apps Store Play Store.

    Arises from an update of the Google Play Application August 2013, apparently 4.3.10. This error occurs randomly and attempt to download or update any application .Some have noticed that if retried during the day, perhaps you this error afternoon but at night no longer appears. And it happens but we are looking to download the application to be fully valid.

    In Google you know the error and figure apparently marked as Solved:  [# 10230007] "Package File Invalid" error when downloading or updating apps , but still no update to fix the problem was launched.

    For now it seems there is no definitive solution to the problem, and what is recommended for those who suffer is to reattempt downloading applications at different times of day to do it. And ALWAYS DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS USING WIFI, no 3G networks / 4G data ,and that I have read that many users in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador have this problem with plans Telefónica, where they say that their plans are "Navigation" and not Downloads. anything else you might try, is that if the home WIFI does not work, go to work, or the bar, to the house of a relative / friend / partner / neighbor or the nearest WIFI place , and if WIFI is a non-public and have to ask for the password, even better , and try to see if that connection can download applications; and discuss if this will solve the problem too;)

    Meanwhile we still only be aware of application updates Google Play, and clear its cache and data and uninstall updates before upgrade to the final version, so correct for erroneous data that could be from the previous version.

    Solution to error "could not be downloaded due to an eror (-101)"

    What we recommend in almost every forum of Android for this error is to go to Applications, and opening one by one, Downloads, Google Play Store and is called Google Services Framework (or Services Platform Google), and 3 cases play " Force Stop ","Clear Data"button and presents if escroleamos down to"Empty Cache". Do this on all three applications, then immediately turn off and on the computer. Then turn it on again, now try the download.

    If that was not resolved, repeat ALL recommend the process but before you restart the computer, go to Settings, Accounts, and delete our Google account settings. After turning on the computer, we must reshape our Google account before attempting to download. But it should work if you follow these step to the letter.

    Error 491 Solution to the Play Store to download applications

    If the error is you leaving 491 to download heavy applications such as some sets which weigh over 50 Megas, chances are you have almost filled the internal memory of the device.

    Sometimes we are confident in knowing that our device has 500 MB or more of free internal memory, but you have one small note: Android applications are downloaded APK files, which are nothing more than ZIP files renamed, and to settle, Android has to unzip its contents to a temporary folder, then copy those files to their final location. And these files can be unzipped quietly occupy 400%, especially if it comes to games. Example:

    If we have 500 MB free and the application we want is a game that weighs 100 MB, it is highly likely that you can not install it ... because when decompressing files the application can safely occupy the triple (300 MB), then you need to install copy the 300 MB to the destination folder, so you would be missing 500-100-300-300 = -200 MB of space needed ... that is at least 700 NASA FREE (500 + 200).

    So the heavier applications work best in top tablets or smartphones, simply because they have the comfort of having more internal memory to work. Furthermore, and to give an example, a smartphone with Android 4 and only 512 MB of RAM is not a good place to run a game of high caliber, because if you think about such a heavy game, will have heavy graphics, and if you already had many applications installed and RAM occupying only would slow your device ... but it is unfortunately still many manufacturers who still cheat RAM and internal memory to lower its price.

    But how to fix the error 491.

    First you would have to check how much free space is left in the internal memory and microSD. In Settings, Storage, we will show how each is free. If you really have less than 50% free (if for example you have 512 MB ​​total and less than 256 MB free), you should try to move apps to external storage: Settings, Applications, see all that you have installed and move all they can to the external storage card (microSD) you play the name of each application to access your data installation view, and whether the system and the application will allow, you'll see a button that says "Move to SD card "; just be aware that according to the weight of applications may take a few seconds to move. Then we will compare internal storage as you had before and after making this move and so you know if it was worth it. The apps run faster in internal memory, but at the cost of staying out of space quickly to continue installing (this is the fine print of Android;)).

    The litmus test to test this is to try to download an application ultralight, weighing less than 1 MB, and you should have no problems with that, because the 491 is when the installation fails because of low free space.

    Error 919 of the Play Store to download applications

    The error 919 is rather arbitrary and there is no official info on what causes it. And it is an error that is happening quite often. I did a big search on all forums in English and Castilian and no consensus on a technical solution.
    In one of the comments I have reported the error 919 happens in some countries (Colombia for example) because the data plans will end just for the download, so you just need to carry a card, buy a plan data and theoretically it disappears Error 919 If someone can confirm it will be great.
    If that does not work them, what they recommend on specialized sites is a mixture of the solutions for the other errors:

    1. Always try to use WIFI for downloads, no 3G, no 4G. And if you get errors with WIFI, try elsewhere, with another WIFI connection; a bar, a square, the house of a friend / relative / partner / neighbor ...
    2. Check Settings, Storage, that free space is AT LEAST DOUBLE what weighs the application you want to download, both internal and external memory, because the management of free space on Android does not always work as one would think. Read a little above these paragraphs, the solution to 491 :)
    3. In another site recommend checking the router settings through which you access the WiFi, and if it is ours and we know how to do, open a firewall exception for UDP port 123 I doubt this side comes the question, since the Most home routers firewall disabled bring the factory, so there should be no restrictions. But if they can review it.
    4. Others recommend go to Applications, and opening one by one, Downloads, Play Store and Google called Google Services Framework (or Google Services Platform), and in 3 cases play " Force Stop "," Clear Data "and the button that shows us if escroleamos down to" Empty Cache ". Do this on all three applications, then immediately turn off and on the computer. Then turn it on again, now try the download. If that was not resolved, recommend repeating the process but before you restart the computer, go to Settings, Accounts, and delete our Google account settings. After turning on the computer, we must reshape our Google account before attempting to download.
    5. Another method that I found in the Android Central forum , is to verify that we are first admitted as users in that was updated in 2013 and renamed to Hangouts Talk application. Then go to Settings, Applications, All and open the Google Play Store, erase data, empty cache and uninstall updates. Out of that and will now implementingGoogle Account Manager (Account Manager Google), and delete data, cache emptied but also touch Force Detention. We turn off the computer, we removed the battery and left it off 5 minutes. Then put the battery back, turn on and go to the Talk application (or Hangouts, as that version have) and check that we are still admitted as users. And now try to do a download, many ran them, especially with teams and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
    6. AND ONLY IF THE ABOVE DOES NOT STEP also recommend making a factory reset (Settings, Privacy, Factory Reset, or re factory- values, leaving the VA-O-CÍ phone as newly purchased, so first make backup all your photos and content factory reset because the BO-RRA-TO-DO ) ... They also know that a factory reset "downgrading" all the applications that came from the factory, and uninstall all that you have installed. So the first thing to do after a factory reset is to reset the Google account, enable backups, go to Play Store and first downloaded all available updates, starting with those that have to Google applications that come pre-installed .
    7. Others say that this error occurs only in devices that have been flashed with a different ROM to factory. And the only solution would be to put back the original ROM ...
    8. And as many 919 error attributed to the presence of a virus which hampers the downloads, so recommend trying several antivirus to see if they detect something clean. Obviously, DO NOT USE THE SAME TIME TWO ANTIVIRUS. Install one if your computer allows, scanned, cleaned or not as if it detects anything. Then uninstalled that. Tested with another. The 5 most recommended antivirus for Android are these . To install applications when downloads do not work, read the following section below for an example of how to install Facebook from an alternative store displays
    The issue is that with these solutions, yet saw more than one has been able to solve it. You can try one or all, and except for the factory reset, the other should not cause problems or data loss. But you know how it is, always make backups because the computer is not an exact science.;)

    Solution to error "Error while retrieving information from server [ RPC: S-1 : AEC-0] "

    Before you continue reading, note the error code red title: just use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code,  BUT NO . And it is seriously different codes represent different errors, and each requiring a different solution.

    It is a mistake that began to run in Android 4 to the end of 2014.

    What I recommend from Android forums is to go to Applications, and opening one by one, Downloads, Play Store and Google called Google Services Framework (or Google Services Platform), and in all 3 cases touch " Force Stop "," Clear Data "button and presents if escroleamos down to" Empty Cache ". Do this on all three applications, then immediately turn off and on the computer. Then turn it on again, now try the download. If that was not resolved, repeat ALL recommend the process but before you restart the computer, go to Settings, Accounts, and delete our Google account settings. After turning on the computer, we must reshape our Google account before attempting to download. But it should work if you follow these step to the letter.

    Solution to error "Error while retrieving information from server [ RPC: S-3 : AEC-0] "and [ RPC: S-7 : AEC-0]

    Before you continue reading, note the error code red title: just use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code, BUT NO . And it is seriously different codes represent different errors, and each requiring a different solution.
    However, the RPC error: S-3 usually occurs after upgrading to a new version of Android and want to install an update to an application it came from the factory, usually happens with Facebook, and this is because the old application was not intended for the brand new features of the new Google Play.

    The error  RPC error: S-7  is appearing while too but it is unclear the reason why it is generated.

    There are two widespread methods to solve both errors ...

    Method 1 Level: Easy

    First we have to eliminate our Google account settings on this device. We are going to:Settings> Accounts> Google> Delete Account.

    Then, we will:
    • Settings> Applications > All> Downloads > delete data.
    • Settings> Applications > All> Play Store > delete data.
    • Settings>  Apps  > All>  Google Services Framework (or if they have it in English: Google Service Framework)> delete data.
    • We turn off the device. Turn it on again. We go to Settings>Accounts> Add Account, and checked again. Then we go to the Play Store and it should work.

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    Amazon Diwali Dhamaka week Offer with couponDeals Discounts Amazon Deals,Coupon Codes Diwali Dhamaka Offers – Huge Sale on October, yes This time amazon going to do a big deal on their website, the have three category Amazon Diwali Offers & Deals – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras Upto 55% OFF & More Offers Amazon Diwali Offers 2014 Dhamaka Sale 10th-16th October- Huge Discounts Coupons [India]


    How to get:- all this deals and offer 

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    amazon india diwali dhamaka offer sale deals
    Amazon India, the online shopping hub is now showcasing an amazing offer where you get to enjoy buying Amazon Diwali Offers & Deals – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras Upto 55% OFF & More Offers. Bag this offer by following the steps below.

    Gone are the days of visiting crowded city markets for Diwali shopping. True it's now time to go click and click. The e-commerce sites are gearing up for the festive season. As the Hindu’s biggest festival of Diwali is coming near, the e-commerce business in India is seemingly increasing a bit interesting by offering low-price deals to online buyers/shoppers. While Flipkart and Snapdeal boast of huge sales through these flash sales; it has to be seen how rival Amazon manages to satisfy some of these disgruntled customer with its Diwali Dhamaka Week (October 10-16). Amazon also launched a sale from October 4-6, calling it the "Mission to Mars" weekend. However, the company has not announced any sales figures as yet. It is also offering 10 percent cash back on state Bank credit and debit cards.

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    The much awaited Diwali sale ( Diwali Dhamaka Week ) depavali  is up at and this year its bigger than last year sale . Amazon India Diwali Sale starts on 10th October and ends on 16th October 2014 . During this period you will get 40% or more discount on millions of products from Mobiles, Computers, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Electronics, Clothing, Books, Shoes, Diwali Gifts & many more categories .
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    In addition all SBI (State Bank of India) Debit/Credit card customers can enjoy 10% extra cash back sitewide till 9th October 2014 . This week is also coming with more cashback offers for AXIS, ICICI, CitiBank, HDFC, Kotak & Standard Chartered bank customers .

    List of all Amazon India Diwali 2014 Offers & Deals to grab more than 40% discount on millions of items on till 16th October 2014 .

    During Offer period daily you will get great deals on 1000 + products and additional discount on following 25+ Categories :

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    That’s It ! Enjoy Shopping with great discount . icon smile Amazon India Diwali 2014 Offers & Deals 
    amazon diwali dhamaka offers on smartphones lowest price offers
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    Amazon Diwali Dhamaka from 10th Oct – 16th Oct 2014
    [Latest*] Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Offers, Discount Coupon
    [Latest*] Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Offers Amazon .

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    Software companies that do not know: all finished product is by definition obsolete. And while everyone knows that when you program puts an end to a program, it could have a number of new options that were not made for all sorts of reasons, always leave it for the next version. According to the nature of software has been written, revisions and improvements to a program can probably be six months or perhaps a year. Because, as the software moves, cycles of improvements and new versions seem to be doing less and less time.
    And this seems to be happening with Microsoft and its Windows product. A few years ago left Windows 7, which seemed to be a better version of Windows Vista, which was widely criticized, though in my opinion, version 7 was a slightly modified Vista. In fact, no company begins any version from scratch, but that takes the best of the above and modified it does not seem to serve. And version 7 has been quite stable, but it was Microsoft with Windows 8 and its Metro GUI (which ceased to be so called because of problems with copyright, I think). Anyway, I started out with Windows 8 computers and lo and behold, the start button was missing. Bad idea because it is difficult to change the habits of users so many years. Microsoft finally had to concede that they could not easily get rid of this famous "start button" and rejoined in version 8.1.

    Windows 8 is in fact no different to version 7 If it were not for the interface with mosaic "tiles", seem to have the old operating interface. In a Microsoft event I got to see how they did certain apps to Windows 8 using the idea of ​​"tiles" and it was really surprising, because in a few lines of code were very nice things, but ... this was a sufficient argument to be made in Windows 8? Many people thought no, and kept in version 7 In fact, some people still use Windows XP, which for the needs and capabilities of the current hardware and looks really insufficient and should be thinking about migrating but hey, that's up to each who migrate because the first effect is that many programs do not work or have difficulty functioning as they once did.

    Now Microsoft is releasing the Windows version 9 and say they will announce it on September 30. What will be the reaction of the consumer on this platform? Hard to tell, especially since there are opinions that fall radically between two poles: very good and very bad product. Is there a need to remove version 9 and when in fact 8 has not been as successful in adopting the new system because in general, it takes longer to adopt a new version of the operating system that the adoption of a new version of any other program? How much more you can do to convince version 9?

    Reasons for Microsoft and releases a new version of its Windows speaks of what some have called planned obsolescence, but in the case of Windows 8, does anyone think it's an outdated version? It seems to me that no. It is a fact that a company like Microsoft, who lives to generate a lot of money with the sales of its software products, find that users continue to acquire new versions. They know that in this industry because no one can sit still but they eat the competitors. And Microsoft, in all these years, has never shown to be resting on its laurels and it shows newer versions of Office, or its Windows operating system, with less and less time between release and version. However, I do not know if they are approaching the limit of the users that own reasons, decide that Windows 9 is coming too soon.

    But you, the reader / binary / a, what do you think?

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    Amazon Diwali Dhamaka week Offer with couponDeals Discounts Amazon Deals,Coupon Codes Diwali Dhamaka Offers – Huge Sale on October, yes This time amazon going to do a big deal on their website, the have three category Amazon Diwali Offers & Deals – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras Upto 55% OFF & More Offers Amazon Diwali Offers 2014 Dhamaka Sale 10th-16th October- Huge Discounts Coupons [India]


    How to get:- all this deals and offer 

    1.     Visit Diwali Dhamaka Week (10th Oct to 17th Oct)  | Deals from Amazon 
    2.     Add products to cart
    3.     Login or register
    4.     Update or select shipping details
    5.     Pay the amount
    amazon india diwali dhamaka offer sale deals
    Amazon India, the online shopping hub is now showcasing an amazing offer where you get to enjoy buying Amazon Diwali Offers & Deals – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Cameras Upto 55% OFF & More Offers. Bag this offer by following the steps below.

    Gone are the days of visiting crowded city markets for Diwali shopping. True it's now time to go click and click. The e-commerce sites are gearing up for the festive season. As the Hindu’s biggest festival of Diwali is coming near, the e-commerce business in India is seemingly increasing a bit interesting by offering low-price deals to online buyers/shoppers. While Flipkart and Snapdeal boast of huge sales through these flash sales; it has to be seen how rival Amazon manages to satisfy some of these disgruntled customer with its Diwali Dhamaka Week (October 10-16). Amazon also launched a sale from October 4-6, calling it the "Mission to Mars" weekend. However, the company has not announced any sales figures as yet. It is also offering 10 percent cash back on state Bank credit and debit cards.

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    Just a few days for Google to present new products. Not just talking about the Nexus 6 or rumored Nexus May 2014 but the final version of Android L or version 2.0 of Android to Wear smartwatches should lead to a new level as far as software is concerned.
    download and instapp playstore apk 5.0 file
    Besides Google's own applications are updated to include more aspects of the desired and Material Design, a new design language that will be the usual Android in a few months. Even Samsung has adopted in its TouchWiz interface as I have recently.

    This time the protagonist is Google Play Store as version 5.0.31 has been leaked, revealing the complete redesign of the application beyond the minor touches that we had seen so far. We had already seen in previous leaks would show, but so far we have been unable to access the functional APK.

    We can see how a included new flatter icon, a minimalist sidebar section and new animations in addition to changes in paragraphs application profiles within each. Now the area is more important news , which I appreciate because we are many who look at this section whenever you update an application.

    However, the operation of the application remains the same and we will have to get used to new areas, so keeping the features of Google apps side flap and are slowly meeting nearly all android applications.

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    From Cyanogen comes this ROM version 11.0 for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, if you want to install on your computer, you must be root and have installed the Recovery on your device , for sure we think it's a good jump because some devices have only reached 4.3 but now you can go one step further
    install android kitkat 4.0 on samsung galaxy s3 mini mobile

    Steps for installation Of CyanogenMod 11 For Galaxy S3 Mini:

    First of all should support your Imei copying your EFS folder (where the IMEI is stored) in case
    1. Put the downloaded to your SD both the ROM and the Gapps files
    2. Turn off your device and go into Recovery mode using the following key combination  volume up button + home + power button.
    3. You have to give the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option
    4. In the Advanced Options choose Dalvik Cahe
    5. Now looking Install from Sd and choose the file you passed to the SD
    6. Repeat the above process to install the Gapps
    7. Once the process you give Go Back and reboot the system
    Once your computer starts you will enjoy this ROM on your device CM11 so we welcome your feedback
    Download the ROM | Download the Gapps

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    Indian Super league Opening Match Live Streaming In HD [1st Match] Indian Super league Opening Match Live Streaming In HD: the first match of the ISL kicks offswith in few hours. Everyone is excited about the upcoming event. ticketsof the first match has been sold out & the response that the ISL is receiving from the public is also very high. This is the first time in India a proper famous & International football league running in the nation. As the league is involving the famous personality from Bollywood & Cricket so it’s been very easy for the promotion of the teams.
    ISL 1st Match live Streaming In HD USA, UK


    As the tournament is involving international players from the globe. The ISL would be watched all around the world so we bring you the exact figure how the things are going to go at the ISL. There are total 8 teams in the ISL each on the them representing a specific zones, where the football is famous in India. The Indian Super League opening match live streaming is available on Indian super league live steaming. The links of the match would be made available to you soon. The match is going to start after the opening ceremony of the tournament. The opening  ceremony of the tournament is going to involve all the teamsowner& all teams. Then the match will being after that.

    Indian Super league Opening Match Live Streaming In HD Online

    The game is going to very intense as the sides which are favorites to win the tournament are going to meet on the opening day. The next match of the ISL is between Kerala & North East. The first 5 match is going decide the tune of the whole tournament. The referee for the first match is specially called from Europe. Well the referring of the tournament should be of top class to make the ISL fare & simple.

    Indian Super League Opening Match Odds

    Well as the home side is Kolkata so they would be under some pressure to win the match. while on the other hand the Mumbai side will have to face the away Crowd.  According to the match odds 2/6 
    for Kolkata  4/13 Mumbai.

    article source and information taken from:click here

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    Lately have been several people who have asked me why could not download android apps from Google Play, and how they could solve the problem.
    In fact, it is nothing strange, and may be due to several reasons. First, you should verify that the problem is not related to the WiFi or data line phone, browsing or using other applications that require Internet access.
     Downloading Android Apps From Google Playstore Fix It

    Then I leave you with four possible solutions:

    1- Cancels any download you have started and restarted the phone.

    2- Clear the cache of Google Play. To do this go to Settings / Applications / Manage applications, select the appropriate application and click "Clear data" and "Clear Cache".

    3 -Access Google Talk. If you get access to this service, it is virtually impossible for Google Play does not work.

    4 -If the problem persists, I recommend you delete all the phone data restoring factory data. To do this you just have to go to Settings / Privacy / Factory data reset.

    When the device restarts, you'll have to connect to Google Play again, entering data in your Google account . Remember that if you activate two-step verification, you must create a specific password for your device here , otherwise it will indicate that the password is invalid .

    Note: If problems appear only to want to buy an application, go to this address and check that your payment information is valid. Maybe your card has expired or your information has been misconfigured.

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    Here is the Big Discount Sales of the Online ShopingPorta In indiaSnapdeal Diwali bumper Sale offers is already doing very well and lots of offers, and deals are available at discounted price. Also Snapdeal is running currently a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE On Electronics, Home Products, Fashion & Lifestyle Store​. In this you can buy 2 products at price of 1. This time Sanpdeal have come witanew offer in which they are providing Free Diwali Gift Hamper Worth Rs. 5000. Check Out the details below


    snapdeal diwali bumper sale offers

    Diwali Preparation :Fromfew days, India's largest store Snapdeal is running an amazing BOGO Offer on Electronics, Home Products, Fashion & Lifestyle Stores from where you can purchase lots of products at deep discounted price. In this sale millions of products are available, Have a look for Top Category deals. At this time, we have listed all the offers from different sections at one place. Check Out Below :
    Snapdeal Coupons – Snapdeal Diwali Offers on Mobiles, Tablets & Discount Coupons and 2014 October Snapdeal Promo Code : In India, hundreds of festivals celebrated and on each festival, sales can be seen around everywhere in the market. People post some catchy offers to gain your attention and it indirectly forces you to buy the product. But as the generation is becoming lazy day by day, they don’t want to go to the mall or market to buy goods. Instead, they use online shopping platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. India’s one of the leading business is Snapdeal, which offers very good discount rates and sometimes ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offers. Snapdeal Mobiles, Snapdeal Shopping Coupons.

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    New Iphone6 And Iphone6 Plus Pre-Order:The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can now be booked in India , where they arrived on 17 October.
    Users can pre-order at any retailer official distributor .
    Known and first data on the price that will have the iPhone 6 in that market.

    Indian users can now pre-order the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus



     A few days ago we went along that Apple would open a period of pre-booking of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in India for a week and a half before his arrival in that market . Early booking This period began yesterday and has us served for a few details that we did not know, as the price will have two models in its different versions of storage.

    The smartphone market in India is booming and is growing very fast, so the American company would not take much the arrival of the new iPhone. 's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will go on sale in India on Friday 17 October , but Apple already allows pre users who want to ensure they will not be left without it.

    As in other markets on both iPhone models will be available in three colors: Space Grey, silver and gold , as well as three versions depending on storage, which are 16, 64 and 128GB.

    Price will be the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in India

    The other day, when we announced that there would be a period of pre-booking in India to win the new iPhone 6 also we told that even the price for which hit the market was unknown. But today we know that they will have different prices depending on model (4.7 or 5.5 inch) internal storage .

    So the iPhone 6 16GB would be priced at $ 868, while the 64GB will cost $ 1014 and $ 1160 128GB. On the other hand, the price of the iPhone 6 Plus would be 1,014, 1,160 and $ 1,305 models 16, 64 and 128GB respectively.

    The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can be booked in the dealers

    Those users who are interested in taking any of the models of the new flagship Apple have only to go to one of the official retailers and make pre-reservation there. This pre-booking is no additional cost as register with a distributor provides the user a form attesting them to pick up the device from next Friday.

    That yes, iMore note that pre-booking guarantee delivery the same device on launch day , as from the next day Apple says availability is subject to the inventory of the store in which it was made.

    Currently do pre-book through retailers like Amazon, Flipkart or Infibeam , the latter being the only one who sell online in India. Every time there is less for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come to India, when we can check that will host between users that important for large manufacturers emerging market.

    Do you think it will be well received or that its price will back to users?

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    The OnePlus headphones were announced a few days ago have been exhausted in a matter of minutes, thanks, above all, they have a very low sale price of only $ 15, what change are about 11 euros), but the few days after the announcement, strangely OnePlus announced another set of headphones, but this time in partnership with another company, the industry giant JBL. These are the X OnePlus JBL.
    OnePlus x JBL Earphones

    Consider these headphones in more detail. First, the full name of them are JBL headphones OnePlus X E1 , a rather long name, but it's likely to be the same to simplify the user's name to simply "JBL headphones OnePlus" primarily to meet the easier form. Here, although we are not experts in this type of gadgets we leave you with the same specifications.
    • Driver: 9mm
    • Frequency: 10-22 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 ohms
    • Maximum SPL: 105 dB at 5mW
    • Rated input power: 5mW
    • Connection: 3.5 mm
    • Cable length: 1.2 m
    • Weight: 0.1 kg
    According OnePlus these headphones have been designed to take advantage of the "powerful audio sector and its current top of range OnePlus One". The headphones are equipped with classic buttons to control and / or select the song you want to play or to adjust the volume. In addition, these commands have an additional function as can also be used to take pictures with the device.

    As expected, the price of the JBL headphones OnePlus X E1 is greater than the other, namely $ 40. The availability of these headphones for purchase, possibly in the coming days, as in the store OnePlus officer can see them but not giving the option to buy. Then we leave you with a video posted by OnePlus to promote headphones. Source: Oneplus one headphone

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    Want to download WhatsApp Beta for your new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?, pay much attention to what we tell you then. The Beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now you can download without Developer A few days ago we told you about all we knew about the future version of WhatsApp optimized for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and today we learned a little "trick" that allows us to download WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus without developer and to be fully optimized for the new screens of smartphones Apple great.
    download whatsapp for iphone6 and 6plus
    As you know, history WhatsApp  regarding updates and optimizations is not too positive, because as some have experienced in its day, it seems that the guys at the most famous application of the world are in no hurry to launch updates optimized to their App Store app. However, after the criticism above, it seems that the guys from the company recently acquired by Facebook have been put to work in the new version of the application to launch it as soon as possible.

    Until today we had already seen the first images of those "lucky" users who were licensed to test WhatsApp on your new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however, the good news is that you can now be your one of the privileged because it has been found a great way to download and install WhatsApp Beta for New Apple iPhone (both 4.7-inch version as version 5.5 in).

    Download WhatsApp Beta for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

    To install WhatsApp Beta fully optimized for your devices simply you should follow a series of steps, really simple, and in little more than a few minutes and have the popular instant messaging application running at 100% on your beloved smartphone.

    Before explaining step by step process, it is important to notice that this is a beta version of the application, so you can, you suffer some unexpected behavior (although I have to say it works perfectly) and not only that, but we learned that the Beta does not allow backups of conversations, so if at some point you have to restore the device or application elimináis your device, you will lose all the talks.
    • If you want WhatsApp optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you just have to go to Settings> General> Date & Time and change the date to September 20.
    • Once this is done, and keep out the Springboard. Subsequently, we open the Safari browser and head to the next address
    • We will open a web page in Chinese, do not worry, you will have to just look for the green button and click on it.
    • We waited a few minutes and WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will begin to download and install on your device.
    • Once installed, return to Settings> General> Date & Time and date changes to the current.
    • I Enjoy your new iPhone with "What's up!" Optimized!!
    That's all, hope you enjoyed this little trick to download WhatsApp on your iPhone Beta 6 and Plus and you can enjoy once and for all the spectacular display of the new devices. Do you have any questions?, would not have been able to install the app correctly? Tell us!!

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      Happy Diwali Hd wallpaper help you to spread the joy and excitement of the festive season. Diwali is a time for fun, meeting, greeting, fireworks and festivity.

      It is an occasion to bond with friends, family and dear ones. It is a time for Rangoli, sweets, crackers to brighten up lives and homes. As homes get lit and decorated, as new clothes are donned, as homemade delicacies hit the tables, as cheerful greetings are exchanged, as laughter and music fills up the air, old bonds are rekindled and new relationships are made.

      Happy Diwali Greetings 2014 

      Diwali means forgetting all the negatives and any stress in relationships. It means praying for joy and prosperity all the year round for all. Diwali  is celebrated with passion to create memories that are cherished with fervor. Happy Diwali wallpapers 2014 bring the merriment, gaiety and colors to your screen.
      Download Wallpapers Diwali, Happy Deepvali, Shubh

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      Have a Happy Diwali - Diwali Ecard | American Greetings

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      Do you want to install Windows 10 on your own PC? Let's see step by step instructions to install the version Technical Preview, although it is like installing any other version of Windows.
      My recommendation is that for now do not install Windows 10 on your main PC. Use a test kit or a virtual machine.
      Download and Install Windows 10

      How to install Windows 10 Step by Step - technical preview

      Step 1: Join the Windows program Insider and download the ISO image of Windows 10 or if you prefer, you can download the image from this other server

      Step 2: If you are installing on a normal PC, Burn the ISO image to DVD or create a USB flash drive bootable. Otherwise, simply connect the ISO image using the virtual machine software such as VirtualBox or vmware.

      Step 3: Then follow the installation steps as shown in video.La most steps are next, next.

      Step 4: Once the PC restarts again, you can select the settings as a new PC or use the settings from your previous computer.
      And finally, we are on the screen!

      Requirements for installing Windows 10 Preview 2014:

      • Processor : 1 GHz or more
      • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
      • Disk space: 16 GB
      • Graphics Card: graphics device with Microsoft DirectX 9 and WDDM driver
      •  A Microsoft account and internet
      Product key to activate windows 10
        Serial: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR
        For additional information, check out this 

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        Android 5.0 Lollipop apart and cut it almost in the items. Then fall because, of course, various changes to KitKat on which Google isn't applying, but just has easily integrated. And since there are already a few particularly interesting details and implemented user requirements. We tell you that so far the most interesting innovations that could make the colleagues and users already find in Android Lollipop. If you are already on the way with 5.0, then you can send us your highlights in the comments, of course, tell.
        android new version of androidkitat amdroid 5.0

        Recent Tasks remain after reboot exist and provide access to the search

        Properly read, the new Recent tasks that jump above all by their new look in the eye, remain even after a reboot made Although the apps are probably not even more open, but in the Recent Tasks I find then all last and therefore most frequently used processes even after a reboot again. I think that's great, because I personally often grab it back. In addition, the Recent Tasks now have an integrated search bar.

        Icons on the Home Screen will be restored

        My personal home screen is not great complicated set up, but home to all of my unused apps. I have to manually pull in a new device all from the drawer to the home screen, which is annoying when there is a new test device every two weeks. But this is finally history, because from Lollipop icons from a backup on the Home Screen will be restored. The even before an app is installed, but as a gray icon (placeholder), which leads you into the Play Store.

        We already have the completely new backup / restore system reported yesterday .

        Use of the device can be quickly limited to an app before it changes hands

        Oh yes, Android 5.0 can be limited to an app. That sounds weird times, but makes perfect sense. If you want to give your smartphone to another person, such as a child, then it should remain the best in an open app. This is now possible thanks to "screen pinning". You have to pay only open the respective app, jump in the Recent Tasks, and then pinning there over the pinning button the app after activation.
        Share menu now comfortable

        Is extremely important for me to function in Android, about which one can forward content to other apps / share from almost any app. This parts menu gets finally factory missed a significant improvement and shows all the apps in an order, which is based on your usage. Part I therefore content to Twitter app, then very often is in this menu always on top.

        Notifications can be down to the smallest details to adapt their own wishes

        A really big step, Google has made in the notifications, because the land is now not only on the lockscreen, but can be configured to the smallest detail to the own desires. Notifications an app you can not only disable, but also classified as sensitive, so that content does not land on the lockscreen, which is certainly very useful in Messenger apps. Furthermore, notifications of Apps can be prioritized, so they are in the list of new updates always appearing at the top. This function goes with another hand in hand, because alerts can be on the Quick Settings for the volume of the unit (accessible via volume button) off for a desired period of time (for example, meetings), but it can exceptions for important apps are set (higher priority).

        Consumption data is displayed in the Quick Settings

        Who lives constantly on the limit and must have their own data consumption of the mobile Internet in the view, but times are certainly happy with Android Lollipop. From now on you can quickly see the most consumed data on the Quick Settings. Small but important detail, which Google has since improved.


        That was only part of the change, which introduces Google with lollipop. In my view, the most important, but the changes we wanted to have necessarily mentioned. In any case, the developers have time to system features thoughtfully improved and new, so far it was possible. Lollipop brings not only a great visual update, but improves many functions of the system and based on the adaptations of various manufacturers. But why not take a positive example is still great.

        source:android police

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        "Android Antivirus Apps 2014:"Security is a particularly sensitive issue when it comes to the latest generation of devices, since the movement of sensitive information along with the presence of other fully private files and we want to keep materials safely. All these things lead us to have to be more careful and check more carefully what relates to our privacy. Here, for a set of tools that allow you to ignore the problem and sleep soundly, with the top 10 best antivirus Android.
        top antivirus android apps 2014

        1.Security Antivirus (AVG)

        AVG is a firm belief in the antivirus market for PC and this should be reassured as to their effectiveness, even on mobile devices. Its function allows you to perform a full scan, and monitor all activities present.

        Download it from here

        2.Mobile Security & Antivirus (AVAST)

        As in the case of AVG, Avast has also succeeded in creating a reputation in recent years. In addition to classic functions of analysis, AVAST allows us to back up your files and information, and check the suspicious messages.
        Download it from here

        3.Norton Antivirus and Security

        If you want to depend on another historic icon in the fight against the virus firm Norton is sufficient to remove all doubt. From the PC to the phone program quality remains unchanged, adding particular value, such as the ability to remotely delete all data if the device falls into the hands of someone or lost functions.
        Download it from Here

        4.Kaspersky Mobile

        In the first row when it comes to security for PC users, Kaspersky comes to smartphone to help in the fight against malware and its allies. With its filters you can open any file without worrying received, in addition to block or remove any information in case of loss. You can trust Karpesky Mobile.
        Download it from here

        5.Comodo Antivirus Security

        After collecting several programs that are really known for computers, which we present as landed in the mobile phone market with great acceptance. A great resource, reliable and a little less known, but certainly good enough to keep you safe from any threat.
        Download it from here

        6.Bitdefender Antivirus

        The name may be new to you, but since it is present in the sector has sounded pretty name, value that has also won several awards in recent years. It does not occupy much space and is an additional guarantee for your device.
        Download it from here

        7.Dr. Web Anti-Virus

        If you want a fairly reliable alternative to each android antivirus quoted earlier this may be a viable option. Dr.Web, an application that allows to keep quiet in case of a threat, but it also has additional functions that help optimize inter alia your device autonomy.
        Download it from here

        8.McAfee Antivirus and Security

        Having served millions of PC users, re McAfee, even for the most loyal in the Android environment, highlighting the features that have made him famous in the world. In addition to tools for exploration and threat prevention / detection, can possibly delete data, find your smartphone if it is lost, and more.
        Download it here

        9.NQ Mobile Security

        If you want to experience something new, NQ could be the answer you've been looking for. Do not have a fancy name like most of those mentioned so far, but will definitely experience a different way, and you'll be amazed like few could.
        Download it from here

        10.Avira Free Android

        Your reputation precedes you, and it is rare not to have used, or even not to have heard. Avira is one of the symbols of the defense that knows how to satisfy even the most paranoid, offering a range of good and equally effective options. A historical pillar on which to base warranty for all viruses that may have addition to other security and cleaning.
        Download it here

        And with that, we ended the compilation of the best android antivirus, and hope you find the antivirus that best suits your needs, but will continue to update this list of alternatives that become available.

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        Download Gmail Inbox apk app free. Google just launched a new e-mail system, but can only get an invitation sent by a friend. This is a new system for inbox mail Google, an alternative to Gmail and a new way of looking at electronic messaging in general.
        We've highlighted the new system before its official release, but now you can get for yourself. If you are not lucky enough to get through the invitation system, and you can download the application from Gmail Inbox apk free on the link below.

        In the new system, the messages are in a to-do list. Some packages may be ignored or discarded, so it is easier to manage your messages. The system also includes reminders and functionality "remember" along with more standard stuff like a search box.

        The APK is signed by Google and recently updated. The cryptographic signature ensures that the file is safe to install and has not been altered in any way. Instead of waiting for Google to push this download to their devices, which can take days, weeks or months to download and install.

        This app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and the more modern versions.

        APK Free

        Download the application for Gmail Inbox apk

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        If you are one of the few to have graced a OnePlus One, we have great news for you. They are that the computer is receiving an OTA update which fixes many bugs found in the last update of Android 4.4.4. Most reported errors are more battery power, freezing equipment to open several applications and sometimes unresponsive touch screen. This update is XNPH33R and contains the following improvements / additions:

        • New radio image
        • Improvements to the touchscreen
        • Decrease in battery consumption when the computer is idle
        • Bug fixes in the audio
        • Update Securities

        This update is coming OTA as I mentioned, but as invitations could take to reach many users. So here's download link for those who do not want to wait.
        Update XNPH33R
        Download it from here
        Remember to set this up must have ADB installed on your computer and place your device to "sideload" to install this update.

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        WhatsApp provides a practical alternative to expensive smartphone SMS. The Android version of this app offers messaging for free text messages  a year. Here are how you can use this popular whatsapp on your PC.

        We have explained how to run WhatsApp on your computer through YouWave In this tutorial we indicate how to run WhatsApp on your PC via BlueStacks App Player. Your advantage: BlueStacks, unlike YouWave is complimentary.

        Installation Process Of Whatsap On PC/Laptop

        1. Install BlueStacks App Player

        With BlueStacks (download) you can run Android apps on your PC. Install and start the software.

        BlueStacks works like the classic Android interface. Instead of using touch gestures, this virtual cell is controlled by the mouse and keyboard. Obviously, you can not just run WhatsApp also allows you to enjoy the classic games of Android, such as Talking Tom Cat or  Angry Birds Space.

        2. Start the Android browser on BlueStacks

        After  BlueStacks run, go to the upper right corner and click on the icon  All Apps to access the  applications.
        Download WhatsApp For PC – Windows 7/8/8.1 Install

        There you will find the browser default. Click to run the app.
        Download WhatsApp For Windows 8.1/8/7 PC Laptop

        3. Download WhatsApp from the official site

        Navigate to and press the button Download Now.
        Download WhatsApp Free Download – Start Using WhatsApp on Your Smartphone and PC
        BlueStacks automatically shows you  two options for downloading . Select  1Mobile Market .This way you will not need to log in with a Google account.
        How to Use WhatsApp on a PC | NDTV Gadgets
        Like Google Play, 1Mobile Market presents a page with general information and screenshots of Whatsapp. Press the blue button  Download on the corner top left.

        4. Install in BlueStacks App Player WhatsApp

        Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP) Computer
        After completing the download, BlueStacks shows the same  installation screen WhatsApp seen in a smartphone. Click  Install.
        whatsapp for pc free download windows xp
        The green icon appears between applications Whatsapp BlueStacks. Clicking on it you begin the courier.

        Whatsapp Configuration On pc/laptop

        When you first start WhatsApp, you must add your phone number. However, because BlueStacks Player can not receive SMS because it lacks a SIM card, this process undergoes certain changes.

        1. Enter the phone number

        Normally,WhatsApp sends an SMS to activate access on your smartphone. You should do a trick to run on BlueStacks App Player, because your virtual phone can not receive messages.

        First enter your phone number and confirm.
        WhatsApp for PC Download Windows 7/8 Computer witho

        How to Install WHATSAPP on PC [2014] - YouTube

        Then wait until the yellow status bar completes.
        How to Install Whatsapp on PC without Bluestacks

        2. To request a call with a verification code

        WhatsApp will inform you that  the SMS verification failed . Then select the option  Call me . Shortly thereafter you will receive a phone call from a computer with a metallic tinkling voice, you will communicate a  three digit code . Enter the code in the white field BlueStacks interface.
        WhatsApp For Pc - Download WhatsApp for Pc Free
        Finally, WhatsApp will prompt you to enter a username. After doing so, click  Next to finish.

        WhatsApp chat from PC

        BlueStacks WhatsApp works in the same way as in a mobile. You can add your known contacts and chat until the cows. You also have at your disposal all the popular emoticons without any restrictions.
        How To Download WhatsApp for PC - Tutorial - Storychimes
        Use WhatsApp via BlueStacks App Player is very convenient. Undoubtedly, with a real keyboard you type faster. The only negative: the activation code, since you can not use WhatsApp simultaneously on multiple devices with one phone number is always necessary.

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