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    If you are in panic Penguin 2.0, or perhaps even fearing the inevitable future changes, chances are that you are questioning if the SEO is even worth the effort.

    Usually, one would advise that there is nothing to worry about, as long as you do things right. Unfortunately, this does not always seem to be the case, as many web sites are affected despite constantly publish new content, create relevant back links manually, and compliance with strict rules regarding the use of keywords
    Be Ready to Google Penguin Recovery Latest Seo Tricks

    First of all ... breathe!

    Google Updates Algorithm cause panic , even before you know what's going to change . It's exhausting having to worry if all your hard work will be wasted.

    Seriously, do not panic. You can do something you'll regret !

    Most web sites affected by changes in search engine algorithms are affected only because there were some strategies used black hat SEO . It may have been inadvertent , but that does not matter . Maybe you accidentally hired "professional " wrong, and now you are paying for it. That's the risk you take , because black hat strategies work in an aggressive manner , but not a sustainable one .

    Each time a new update is released by Google , you can bet that several " systems Google Penguin Recovery" will be released , and they are designed to take advantage of the desperation of those who were affected . Needless to say , do not give in to temptation ... it'll probably backfire on the road.

    At the same time, do not feel you have to give up any

    Instead, re-evaluate your priorities.

    If you have made ​​a decision that was meant to get on the first page of Google search results quickly , that was his first mistake . Taking shortcuts will not provide real security. It might work today, but if you want peace of mind tomorrow ... do things the right way.

    There are four main components that you should look at:

    • Publish quality content. You must understand that this content is published for the public , not the search engines . If people enjoy your content, the search engines will consider your valuable website . This simply can not be falsified or manipulated to keep it useful, valuable and attractive !
    • Authoritative back links the highest quality . There are some link building services reputable out there, but be very careful when using them. Always make sure you know how you are posting your links, because spam backlinks will hurt more than help .
    • The social marketing. This is not marketing, it is attractive . Be active and effective, because the rewards are huge .
    • Maintain ethical and off-site SEO .

    Finally, store and dispose of wash contractors SEO that have damaging his reputation.

    If you hope to have a successful business on the web, fire anyone who is willing to run their credibility on the ground.

    It's hard, but that simple.

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    A large number of web sites have been affected by the recent Google updates Penguin. The owners and webmasters of websites are posing many questions and doing every bit to recover from the damage. In a few weeks , hundreds of blogs written about Penguin Updates , and some have even shared their experiences and strategies on how their websites were recovered and began to get the same or even better traffic.

    But before going further it is important to understand - What is Google Penguin Update?

    Updates Google penguins were launched to reduce search engine rankings of web sites that use black hat techniques to gain popularity and search violated webmaster guidelines . There have been 39 changes of search quality updates including penguins May 2012 , since it was launched .
    Quick Recovery 25 Penguin Update Recovery Tips
    Now, we will not determine changes in search quality , but focus on recovery tips : -
    1. Spam Links - Remove all unnecessary spam links pointing to your website. Make a list of links, use Google Webmaster tools and scanner site such as Yahoo opensiteexplorer.org search or browser. Learn to recognize the good and bad links and remove them manually . Examples of links are getting spam spam links domain , article and forum spam , paid links sites etc

    2 . During Optimized Anchor Text - Analyze your website anchor texts , check if they are overly optimized or not. Change the name of the page instead of specific keywords. eg Intellectual Property Services Intellegenre.com

    3 . Backlinks - Your website can be affected due largely linked to internal pages . Check these inbound links are a bit of spam or focused on a few relevant pages . Understanding the value of link pages, re -link pages of your website and focus on link quality instead of quantity.

    4 . Footer Links - Does your web site contain lots of footer links point to pages that mainly classification ? If yes, then immediately remove these links , keep main links page in footer. Avoid using a targeted keyword links in the footer of your website.

    5 . Redirects - Stop temporary redirects you have set from the visibility of higher search engine . Penguin Updates have criminalized such website that were Spamming Google with these redirects .

    6. Broken Links - lets not confuse web crawlers and remove broken links on your website. Use online tools such as brokenlinkchecker.com and make a list of broken links. Set as many of them as possible and then use Google webmaster tool to request url removal .

    7. Spam Content - A large number of the web page were affected due to spamming content get link value and search popularity . It can be stuffed with keywords on your web site or use of same content to a large number of websites and web directories. It is highly recommended to make changes to your website by writing relevant content and removing those spam messages with links to your website.

    8. Doorway Pages - Make sure to remove all pages of low quality threshold on its website , is a violation of Google Webmaster Guideline .

    9. Technical SEO - Penguin algorithm looks deeply into the technical aspects of your site that include XML sitemaps , robots.txt and registration Google webmaster.
    10. Pagerank Sculpting - Practice Page Rank sculpture can be one of those reasons why websites harmed than benefited . Google has changed the way no follow link "rel =" nofollow " worked a year ago.

    11. During Optimization - Most webmasters are aware of the term called "Over Optimization" or " excessively SEOed " . For several years, Google has been working on penalizing websites that were overly optimized and finally came out with a tool called penguin update. Make changes in your website , such as reducing keyword anchor text , footer, keyword stuffing , etc.

    12. Quick & Easy Link - Link Building has been one of the crucial aspects of SEO for over a decade makes . The link popularity of your website depends on a number of relevant links pointing to your websites . Many webmasters practice primitive techniques of link building to get quick and easy access. These techniques include the submission of links to directories of low quality, spam comments , article spamming, forum signature spam , etc. Google has focused on all the websites that have participated in this kind of spam activities .

    13 . Moving to a new domain - If your website is banned by Google after upgrade penguins , we suggest a fresh start and transfer the contents to a new domain .

    14 . Website Audit - Perform SEO Audit on your website that includes analysis of indexed pages , content, landing pages, keyword term orientation , format, duplicate content check , page URL , internal links, redirects, texts anchor , footer links and meta tags, etc.

    15 . Sale Link - Buying or selling links means the manipulation of search results is against Google 's webmaster guidelines . If you have done any way , take quick action and remove these links to recover your website worth penguin update .

    16 . Make user friendly content - content websites user friendly quality has given greater importance in updating penguins. These websites not only improved their search positioning , but also received more visitors. If your site was affected because of the keyword stuffed content of low quality, it's time to make the necessary changes .

    17 . Article Spinning - unwanted mail web team Google had already announced that the machine made content would be the main objective. Websites that have " Spun Content" usually generated by article spinning software were penalized in updating penguins. If you have content you generated with these tools, give them a human touch or change completely. Stop using these tools.

    18 . Dead Links - links dead can be damage to your website if it is above the average (over 20 %). If it is more than 40 % of their web site no longer be displayed on the second page of Google for a search query .

    19 . Request for Reconsideration - sure to go through Webmaster Quality Guidelines , understand what might be the real reason for it. Make every guideline changes violate Google and submit a request for reconsideration. However, if your site is affected by the algorithm ; send review does not do anything. Google search results are not manually updated.

    20 . Canonical URLs - Check Error canonical URL , and better remove and clean unnecessary links on your site.

    21 . Duplicate Title - Title Duplicate confuses search engines , but should be set to lift the ban . Create unique title for each web page , select keywords carefully and quotes no title search to avoid duplicate publication .

    22 . Build natural links - Try to gain natural links to the websites of the authorities that can improve your link popularity . Establish natural links for visitors seeking information rather than search engines . Some of the best examples of natural link building are contextual link , creating good content and viral videos . Avoid low quality directories , link farming , article link spam , etc.

    23 . Scheme - A lot of penguins have treated victims of this complicated HTML layout , you could be one of them .

    24 . Link Warnings - What links these warnings ? Ignored ! Many websites ranking crossing ignored these warnings sent unnatural links to their accounts by Google Webmaster . Retrieve these messages and fix the problem .

    25 . Negative SEO - Some people believe that the practice of negative SEO can retrieve it. But the reality is different and you should not keep anything beyond webmaster guideline

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    There are literally thousands of different magic tricks performed daily , and many magicians work very hard to create new ones. Although it would be a challenge to list all of these individual tricks , almost all of them share some common mechanisms or techniques. By studying these basic forms of magic , one might be able to figure out how a great illusion or escape achieved . Many times , the secret of a trick is not the mechanism or technique in itself , but the artistry of the performer and the manipulation of his or her audience .
    Some magic tricks are considered self - employment . Anyone privy to the secret or the science behind the trick can perform successfully every time . Passing quarter through a dime-sized hole is an example of a self - working trick . The magician bend a piece of paper with a dime-sized hole in the middle , then placing fourth in the divided hole . By bending both sides of the hole , the quarter will have to fall through without tearing the paper. Some tricks involving mathematics or cards are also considered self - employment , because the order of the cards or numbers will not change.

    Others work with gimmicks. The objects used in some magic tricks altered in some way to guarantee a successful outcome. A gimmicked card may have two different uniforms depending on which half the magician chooses to reveal. A gimmicked coin can be rigged to bend in half and reassemble the same "magic".

    Some magicians use fake thumbs or other accessories to keep the data disappeared . An elastic band or complex system hook-and-string can pull objects from the eyes quickly . Objects break through psychic powers may actually suffer from tension -filled spring loaded in the table. These types of magic tricks are based on concealment and misdirection to function as planned .

    Magic tricks performed close-up often rely on misdirection and superior handling skills . Magicians make coins appear to disappear with the use of controlled drops or throws . An experienced magician can place an object in one hand and use misdirection to convince the public transfer has occurred . Meanwhile , the magician has plenty of time to hide the coin in the palm or pocket.

    The same principle of misdirection and manipulation also powers many card tricks . A card can be shown to the public, but will not necessarily be the same unseen card is placed back in the deck . Magic on misdirection and manipulation often require months of practice before it can be performed in front of a live audience .
    Another type of magic trick popular with the public is the illusion stage . These are often performed on a large scale , with beautiful assistants help the magician and elaborate light or music cues that guides action . The illusions are mainly based on deception sense of shared vision .

    Mirrors held at precise angles between them can hide the houses under the table . An assistant can be seen entering a box , but both can be really visible head and legs . A blade may appear to penetrate the body of an assistant , but the box actually contains a lot more space . Even the disappearance of an incredibly large object like an airplane jet based on the perception of the object is still in the same position .

    Finally , some magic tricks are based gimmickry and real physical abilities . Getaways and extreme stunts require a higher level of physical strength and flexibility . Legendary escape artist Harry Houdini relied equally on hidden keys and locks gimmicked as it did on brute force . Escaping from a straitjacket standard , for example , requires knowledge of various restrictions and the ability to produce sufficient slack while strapped inside of his assistants . Hanging upside down really helps the process, even though the public may think that is a major complication . Extreme magic tricks take the basic techniques of misdirection and illusion to a higher level of dramatic performance .

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    Computer or pc jokes have become a fun and easy way to lighten the mood in the office for the day or make a memorable Loco April. As computers have proliferated homes, schools and workplaces in the last decade , computer jokes have become more popular and increasingly complex .
    Awsome Computer [pc] Pranks that You Can make Your Friends fool
    A joke of equipment that is easy to arrange for the Joker and disorient the victim of the joke is the joke of the screen upside down. This means hold down the Alt key and the Ctrl key at the same time with one hand and pressing the down arrow in the other. In most computers , the image of the screen then flip upside down, and can easily be reverted back to normal by pressing the Alt and Ctrl keys again , along with the up arrow key .

    Another joke that can result in a lot of frustration and hard errors is jest blank screen. This can be achieved by rotating configuration computer monitor brightness to the maximum level , while turning your contrast settings to the lowest level . The resulting effect is an enigmatic combination of a screen that seems to be judging by the light energy , but otherwise blank .
    By manipulating the computer mouse is a popular base for many simple computer tricks . A joke that will slow mouse operation can be achieved by changing the mouse function to lowest rate in the mouse settings . Another frustrating mouse joke involves placing a post-it note directly on the ball on the mouse background joke victim. This turns off the mouse , which connects differently and think it should be fully functional . Another joke mouse that almost makes the useless mouse involves changing the primary and secondary mouse buttons, so a set of mouse to use with the left hand is now ready for use right-handed , or vice versa.

    Computer pranks can also be downloaded from the Internet, but are not as popular as computer manuals jokes as downloads always carry the risk of containing viruses or spyware that could harm your computer. A downloadable joke that can be easily found in an online search replicates the infamous "blue screen of death " error message . Pranksters can start the program after downloading so that it runs when the victim of the joke comes to the computer, or change the name of the program used the victim after another program so the blue screen appears when the victim tries to open program

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    Although the exact method used may vary from one web browser to the following , which is usually quite easy to remove cookies from your computer. You can enter the "Options " from your web browser " tools " menu oy see what the controls and features provided . Most of them allow you to simply choose to remove some or all of the cookies on your system and then remove the push of a button. Some browsers also allow you to choose which cleared each time you exit the program , or just to keep cookies from certain websites.

    How cookies work

    Cookies are files on a computer that help websites know if you visited, what he did while he was there , and other bits of information that can help make your experience more enjoyable . You might not want a website to know you were there, however, and so may not want a trail on your computer what you did online. In these situations , it is usually delete cookies , thankfully , most modern web browsers are fairly easy to do .

    Returning all out

    One of the easiest ways to remove these files is completely disabled in your web browser , usually through a simple menu. Doing this , however , can lead to many web sites that do not work properly. For example , sites with shopping carts typically use cookies to track your browsing session , and disabling them can make an online store completely unusable . You may be preferable to keep it activated , and delete cookies periodically to remove unwanted data left on your computer.

    Site-specific blockade

    Some modern browsers actually allow deny third party cookies selectively, while allowing those particular websites to stay . You can usually make it through a menu on your web browser, although you may have to go to some " Advanced Options " to set the types of sites or specific files that are locked. This enables features such as shopping carts still working, also preventing advertisers from tracking your browsing sessions across multiple sites. In many cases, this eliminates the need to delete cookies altogether, but in other situations, you may still want to remove them.

    Clear types

    Modern browsers typically allow for disposal , both selective and complete. If you delete selectively, then you can choose cookies from sites or delete individual services , keeping others. Total or complete removal removes them all from your computer. You can also usually delete cookies from your computer manually , by going into the folder and delete are kept .

    Internet Explorer ®

    Recent versions of Windows ® ( OS) operating system use Internet Explorer ® as default web browser . You can easily delete cookies from the browser, if you use a modern Windows ® operating system, enter the " Start" menu , select "Control Panel " and then clicking on the "Network and Internet" options. In this menu, you can usually see "Delete Browsing History and Cookies " or similar option, which then lets you choose what you want to remove from your computer .

    Other web browsers

    In many versions of Firefox ® , by contrast , simply go to the "Tools" menu in the program , select " Clear Recent History " and make sure the box "cookies " is checked. A similar procedure can be followed for Opera ® , Chrome ® , and other web browsers through their " tools " or menu "Options" . You can also use special software designed specifically to eliminate cookies, you can find them all on your computer and delete them with a single application . While this may be more than you need , you can simplify the removal if you use multiple browsers on one computer .

    automatic deletion

    In many web browsers, you can choose to have the program delete cookies from your computer each time it is closed. This option is usually found in the same menu that allows you to remove manually. By using this, you can keep your home clean without taking the time to delete the files yourself kit . You can also set most browsers to keep the files for a period of time, for example , two weeks, and then delete them automatically .

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Although the Internet has made life easier in many ways, it is smart to be concerned about Internet crimes . Computer crime is becoming an increasing problem for officers law enforcement worldwide . Unfortunately , as Internet crimes typically involve people from many different geographical areas, the capture and punishment of the culprits is difficult.
    Different Types Of Computer,
    One of the most common types of Internet crime is identity theft . This offense is unscrupulous individuals who try to steal your personal information for profit . They can drain your bank account, make charges of unauthorized credit cards or open new accounts in your name and never pay the bills that result. Crimes Internet identity theft is often done through phishing or spoofing , the practice of creating fake websites and emails to trick the victim into divulging personal information. Certain viruses can also be used to harvest personal information for identity theft crimes .

    Employment or business opportunity Internet scams that pray on the desires of economically desperate people are becoming increasingly popular as well. These Internet crimes may involve asking the victim to resend goods illegally overseas locations , make fraudulent wire transfers, or advertise nonexistent merchandise for sale on behalf of a third party. Generally, if you see an advert promising large monetary rewards for minimal effort , it's smart to be cautious. It is possible to make money online , but legitimate business opportunities requires a substantial investment of time and skill.
    Cyber ​​bullying is a type of Internet crime that is of particular interest to teens and young adults. Social networking websites like MySpace make it very easy for criminals to learn private details about the victim 's hobbies , interests , friends , family and the daily schedule. Cyberstalking Internet crimes can also lead to sexual assault if the author is able to convince the victim to appear for a personal interview.

    To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Internet crime , it is important to remain vigilant when using your computer . Never give out personal information such as your full name, date of birth, address or Social Security number if you are not understanding what the information will be used for . Also, remember that people online are not always represent themselves truthfully. Be wary of claims that seem exaggerated or difficult to verify.

    If you believe you have been a victim of Internet crime , the best course of action is to file a formal complaint with the Internet Crime Compliant Center . Also known as IC3 , this organization is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. IC3 works with federal, state, local , and international law enforcement to identify patterns in Internet crime agencies.

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    The following article presents some of the best April Fools Day pranks . The best April Fool's pranks mentioned in article are a nice way to enjoy the first of April.
    April Fool's Pranks Ideas Play this Tricks On your Friends and Parents
    The origins of April Fool's Day delivery is unknown . However , some people believe that the Persian tradition of Sizdah Bedar can lead to the beginning. The Sizdar Bedar festival which coincided with the April Fool's Day of 2014 , celebrated to highlight the importance of joy and solidarity . Laughter and joy are said to remove the bad thoughts out of our minds , and this belief is certainly the basis for the celebration of this day .

    Best Pranks

    The pranks and jokes give us the opportunity to have some fun and make the most of this long tradition of April 1 . Here are some April fools prank ideas for adults and this article also lists pranks can be played with children as well. The pranks can be played at school , office and home. However , you should not try any hard pranks.

    office Pranks

    The pranks played in the office should not embarrass colleagues to the hilt . You should also be careful not to hurt anyone physically.

    Invisible ink : It is one of the harmless pranks to play on office colleagues . One can cover all ends of pencils and pens with clear - colored nail polish . It can not easily understand the presence clear nail polish tips that object. The acetone can be used to remove the varnish later .

    Strung Up:
    To play this prank , an order should be attached to the back of the desk drawer victim. The string should then be taken along the wire and attached to a container hung just above his chair person . The container should hold confetti in it ; When the person pulls drawer of the container should be inverted on his head.

    Receiver and glue : In this trick , glue used to stick the phone receiver . When a person tries to pick up the handset , the entire phone lifted.

    You do not understand :
    This prank is played on a colleague in the office . Someone has to borrow his ( colleague ) mobile phone for a bit and change the settings of the phone in a foreign language . It can be fun to watch him struggle with the instructions presented in a foreign language .

    Pranks for School

    Here are some of the pranks to pull friends at school .

    Call owner : It is one of the best April Fools pranks school day that almost always works. A call from the principal is the one thing that scared everyone . It would be great to watch a classmate goes to the principal's office only to witness a confused expression / the ( main ) view .

    Switch drawers : The act of changing drawers office of the teacher can be fun and entertaining . It becomes difficult to find the right drawers and the teacher can get really frustrated .
    Keyboard Switching: This April Fool's Day prank can be played on fellow students in a computer lab . One can change the positions of two adjacent keyboards computers without disconnect in this hoax computer . It can be fun to watch people typing on the keyboard to find the words onto the neighboring screens .

    Pranks On Parents

    Pranks played by the parents of the children can be taken in good spirit . So , you should not worry much and go for those best pranks April Fools day .

    Covering the nozzle Cuisine : In this farce, a rubber band is placed around this nozzle in the kitchen sink . When mom or dad tries to turn on the tap, you can get drenched in water . This is one of the common pranks played by their parents .

    Spilled Cup: The prank can be a very fun thing , because one needs to show that coffee spilled on a keyboard . In reality , however , a mixture of brown and buff paint white glue is ready to create a coffee - like substance . It is stuck with the keyboard in a manner that resembles the coffee to be poured on the surface. Seeing a coffee -like substance around the keyboard , your parents bound to get angry , which makes for one of the funniest pranks.

    Pranks for Friends

    Girls can play these pranks on friends.

    Adopting a Religion : In this prank played on friends , the girl must say that it has adopted a religion ; Giving a strange ( fake ) name of religion will make the matter even more interesting. Moreover , it may ask the friend to make some changes in his life to follow the rituals as provided in religion .

    Call from ex -boyfriend : The farce can play on your friend with the help of a close friend . The girl will have to ask one of her friends to call ; You must take the call when her boyfriend is around. Pretending to have received a call from her ex , the girl must occasionally lowered her voice. This will definitely create some concern in the mind of his friend .

    The various pranks mentioned in the article should be played only for those people who will get them in the right spirit . These are some of the best April Fools day pranks you can play on people . As mentioned previously , one should not go for harsh pranks can hurt someone

    April Fools jokes

    The following article presents April Fools jokes and pranks to play on friends, neighbors, and family members. Some popular jokes that caught the attention of the media, 

    The tradition of playing jokes and pranks April Fools' is long. On April 1, people indulge in pranks and hoaxes circulating. In countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, the jokes only played until noon, while countries like USA, France, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Japan and celebrate the whole day .


    Here are some of the funny jokes for friends and others that you can play on this day.
    • Water Ring: This is a ring with a sponge hiding in it. On shaking , the water present in it oozes out of hand and gets wet.
    • Change Labels for Cans: The signals in containers must be removed carefully using a knife and then neecd be mixed and pasted in different boxes altogether.
    • Fake snakes in cookie jars : Place fake snakes in cookie jars . The reaction of a person who gets the cookie jar later , it 's great to watch.
    • Toothpaste in stockings : Pour a little toothpaste on a friend's socks .
    • Clock Trick: In this trick , one needs to set a few alarm clocks in the house to hit at different time settings . Someone will definitely get surprised when all the alarms go off one after the other.
    • Do the splits : Place a dollar coin on the street and wait nearby. When people are trying to get the currency makes a sound of ripping cloth . Most of the people who bend will check whether their pants is broken .

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    Buying airline tickets is not simple. It is a bit like shopping for popcorn in a popcorn popper . Prices are always moving and changing shape. Sometimes it seems easier to solve the Rubik's column than to buy cheap airline tickets. You have to work at it . However , there are some tips for getting a better deal . Here are the best tricks for finding cheap airfare.

    Shop on Tuesdays and Fly on Wednesdays

    The best time to shop for flights are on Monday night or Tuesday morning . This is due to the fact that most sales flights start on Monday , and it's Tuesday morning ( Eastern Time ) , when their competitors start matching or beating these low prices . It is usually sold by Tuesday evening . Cheapest travel dates are Wednesdays before 10 am or after 10pm . So buy Tuesday morning and Wednesday trip ( more than one month later ) early morning or late evening .

    21 Days

    Look for tickets more than 21 days in the future . Prices last minute may occasionally be cheap , but usually not . In most cases , you will pay a lot more if you have to fly this week , the last time .


    Add a city that connects , in particular through a competitive hub, and you will get a better deal . The fares are annoying is usually cheaper . Direct or indirect flights are more expensive . If you mix two airlines, the deal gets even sweeter .

    Taxes and fees

    Certain airports charge a much higher tax than others, so a connection through a low airport tax will be less expensive than a connection through an expensive airport like Heathrow in London , for example.

    Hesitant buyers always lose

    Seats sold quickly when reduced , so grab them quickly . Once you see a sale , you need to move fast. "Sleeping for the first time " may mean it will go away tomorrow . Decide now what dates you want to travel , how flexible you can be , and then get ready to buy your positions as soon discounted. You snooze, you lose.

    Check their own website airline

    Do not rely only travel sites . Also check the site every company on the airlines serving the airport you. Sometimes limited offerings will only be available there. Popular travel sites pay a fee, so that fee should be passed on to you . I avoid travel booking sites for flights.

    Traveling Light

    Click on baggage fees by traveling light . Much of what we pack is not necessary, or can be purchased at our destination for less than baggage fees . Do not place a huge carry-on bag . If he gets lifted, the fee could be as much as $ 70 for an extra piece of check-in baggage .
    Finally , the best money-saving travel tip of all: take the train . It's cheaper , very energy efficient , and has more legroom .

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    There are very few people who will not post an update on the status bar at Facebook, at least once a day . But your friends may get bored seeing the same boring Facebook status on your mood or what you do . So to jazz up your wall and provide some fun for your friends , you need cool tricks status on Facebook. By rotating your text upside down to change the color of your status update , there are many good Facebook status ideas that you can implement . Here we are going to show you some tricks status to Facebook.
    Awesome Facebook Tricks For Status update

    Adding a "Dislike" button

    You must have noticed the button "Like" at the bottom right corner of each post. It gives your friends the ability to "Like", photos or applications submitted your wall . But how about giving them the option to "Dislike" a status update . To add a button "Dislike" button next to the "Like", simply open the application for the Status Magic Facebook page and add a dislike button . If you want to experiment a bit , you can customize the button , adding a different feeling as " boring " , " funny " or " bad " . This will give your friends more flexibility and will have something more than just " like " post your . This is one of the most cool Facebook status ideas and is sure to please your friends .

    The Word Cloud Status Update

    A very cool Facebook status tricks that will impress your friends is to turn your status update in a word cloud. To do this , you need to open the Status Analyzer 3D, which is an application on Facebook. Once you start the application , it will go through all the latest updates on Facebook and then come up with a list of words you have used lately . A very colorful and animated word cloud consisting of some of the most used words in your updates , then created . You can publish this word cloud to your wall or your friend's wall .

    upside Down Text

    Would not it be cool to have your friends try to read upside down text your status updates . Although there is no Facebook application that will convert your text into an upside down one, even with the help of external internet sites is very possible to do . Just go to a site like upsidedowntext, fliptext or typeupsidedown and then type the status update us on this . The site will create an upside-down text that you can copy paste in your status bar in Facebook.

    Bubble Text

    Another Awesome Facebook status trick is to write each letter in your status update in bubbles . To do this, go to the website and enter bubbleballtext update your status in it. This will automatically create your text in bubbles . All you have to do is copy the generated text and paste it on your Facebook wall .

    adding Symbols

    Despite the fact that you can add symbols to your status updates on Facebook, not the yellow smiley faces . The only symbol you can add is the symbol of the heart by typing Alt + 3. This answers the question how do you make a heart on Facebook. To add other symbols , you have to copy paste the symbol ( s ) through external sites like web- happy and universal symbols .

    Tagging Friends in Facebook status updates

    Another cool Facebook status trick you can try is to identify a friend for your information. Anyone know how to tag friends in photos , but tagging someone in your status update is not so common. To do this , simply type @ followed by the name of the friend you want to highlight on your wall . Just start typing the name of a friend , a drop down menu will appear with all the names of your friends on Facebook. Select the name of the friend you want to highlight and press enter. Click the share button and your friend's name on Facebook will become blue , ie , in a hyperlink .

    Those were some cool tricks status on Facebook. As a social networking site , Facebook is immensely popular and with these cool apps , you can make your status updates more interesting and enjoyable .

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    These Days Facebook has really become a part of the online lifestyle . Everyone wants to be on Facebook and be in touch with their friends in the internet world . If you know of some fun Facebook tricks and secrets , chances are you're already aware of the basic things on Facebook. This includes writing a message on the wall , commenting on Facebook statues , becoming a part of the team , etc. So, you just delete these basic things here and go ahead and agree with some of the related fun Facebook tricks and secrets . Without wasting more time , let's get to the details in Facebook tricks and secrets below .
    Latest Facebooks Tricks and Secrets of Facebook

    Cool tricks and secrets of Facebook

    We all enjoy a launch of the Facebook and the wide range of interesting possibilities offered by this social networking site . As you can see, there are a number of friends added in your profile . They include members of your family , school friends , college friends , office colleagues , acquaintances, neighbor next door , someone who is a friend of a friend and sometimes you just add random people on your list . It becomes very annoying when sharing some silly family photos on Facebook would not want your office colleagues to see. Sometimes you do not want a particular friend to take a look at a particular position or status update. There are some albums of photos you want to share only with friends of your school and not someone else. This is where the cool tricks and secrets Facebook comes in. You can use some of these tricks and secrets and customize your profile the way you want it to appear to people who peep page. I'm sure you're eager to learn more about these tricks and secrets of Facebook. Then , go ahead and read some of these tricks that will prove very useful for you .

    How to Hide updates from your friends

    Suppose you have made friends with some really nosy people tend to turn any gossip in a rumor. You must be friends with them on Facebook, as it is a part of your social group . The best thing to do is to hide the updates from them to remain in bliss forever for online events. All you need to do is to click on Settings on your home page and go to " Privacy Settings " . You will be redirected to a page that contains four options : Profile , Search , News Feed, and Applications . All you need to do is click on the profile and you will notice a page that contains information on your profile . You will find the default settings saved for the content shared on Facebook.

    If you want to avoid certain people from examining the messages your profile , simply go to the section edit the list of information that you want to make private . For example , if you want your status update private, click Edit. Here you will have the option that says , " Who can see this." You can choose the options of either " Friends of Friends ". " Just friends " or "Special People" . Moving further down the page and you will find an option that says , "Except these people ". Enter the names of specific people who want to hide your status updates from . Click "OK " when done. That is , you will not have to worry about those unwanted eyes glancing to your personal information and updates.

    How to Download Facebook Photo Album

    Do you want to download this photo album on Facebook and save it to your disk ? Then all you need to do is download FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader. This application helps you download all the photo albums , and even your friends album . Once installed the application , you will need to right click on a specific photo album . From the list of options select "Download Album with FacePAD». Once this is done , you will find your favorite albums stored on your computer .

    How to Hide Your Facebook Status of selected People

    Do not want to talk to a person ? Then all you need to do is try this cool tricks for Facebook chat. Just make a specific folder list by going to your buddy list . Just a group of friends you accordingly and then click the chat window. You will find the online friends are grouped according to your new list . Now , if you want to hide your online status from particular friends , you need to click on the green button towards any group of friends in the chat window. When you click it , you'll go to these specific group offline friends . This will help you stay online and chat with people interested and not get trapped by those who do not want to talk . You can try some more cool tricks for Facebook chat using smiley faces on Facebook

    How to add a tab to Dislike Your Status Update

    You must have the heart of the «Like», but know that it is possible to get a «Dislike» choice for your status updates ? Well , you can go to Status Magic, one of the Facebook app that helps you add a tab, aversions every status update that you send via this app. If you do not like the idea of ​​«Dislike» you can even add other tabs such as ' Love ', ' Hate ', ' Disagree ' , etc. You can try another fun Facebook trick and secret through the following article on how to write upside down on Facebook.

    How to get Magic Circles Facebook profile

    You get an interesting flare cycles in your profile , try this fun Facebook tricks and secrets . All you need to do is to type the following keys on your keyboard just just log on Facebook. You must enter «UP - UP - DOWN - DOWN - LEFT - RIGHT - LEFT - RIGHT - BA -». After pressing enter, you have to click around to your Facebook page and begin to move upwards and downwards . Soon , a series of magic circles will appear floating around your page on Facebook.

    How to Tag People on the situation Updates

    I wanted to say " I love Genny»; Or thank someone like " Thanks Alan for the wonderful gift " on your status updates ? If yes , then you have not only adding some names of people in your status message , but the label too. All you need to do type "@" in the status bar . then start typing the name of the person you want to tag. 'll notice a list is created automatically and simply select the name of the man or people. and not just people , you can even label a particular company , event , trademarks , etc. Once you update your status , the name will appear as a hyperlink .

    How to add Facebook symbols to your status and the Wall Post

    There are many smiling faces on Facebook that you can use to add to your profile page . However , do not expect to get turned into yellow smiley. You can even try making a heart symbol in your status updates .

    How to Auto Poke Friends on Facebook

    Looking for an easy way to poke your friends when you poke in Facebook; All you need to do is to try an application on Facebook called «Facebook Autopoke». This app will automatically push every friend sends you a poke on Facebook.

    These are just some Facebook tricks and secrets that you can try. There are many more fun Facebook tricks and secrets that I have failed to mention . Start with these cool Facebook tricks and enjoy a completely new experience of Facebook.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Have you ever tried to solve Rubik's cube? Wondering how to solve the Rubik's Cube easily? Scroll down to find ways to solve this attractive logic puzzles.
    Solve Rubik Cube Very Fast And Easily you'll see Instant Solution
    Anyone who has ever tried to solve Rubik's cube know how exciting it can be. This three-dimensional logic puzzle created by Erno Rubik, a professor of architecture. Originally called the "Magic Cube ". Rubik Cube realized that the Magic could be used as a challenging logic puzzles for kids and adults, and therefore , the Magic Cube entered the market and became famous as the cube of Rubik. This puzzle is a test of analytical skills of an individual, but will also test your patience sometimes. To solve the Rubik's Cube , one needs to perform certain sequences and rotate the tiny cubes so that each person of the largest cube is a uniform color. Let's learn how to solve Rubik's cube easily.

    Steps to solve Rubik's Cube

    The faces of the cube made ​​of tiny cubes of six different colors . These colors are white, red , blue , orange , green and yellow. To solve this puzzle , you should make sure that each person has a uniform color.

    First , you should know that each person is assigned a specific letter. To solve Rubik's cube easily , you need to understand the patterns or sequences . Regarding cubes in suitable layer of the layer sequence is the key to solving the Rubik cube . Sequences , R denotes the rotation of the cube clockwise and Ri means turning it counterclockwise . U represents Upper (Top) face , D for Down ( Down) face , L for left and R for right. Adding the letter «i» means you have to rotate this person or side in a counterclockwise direction .

    Let me make it clear by giving an example . Wondering what the sequence Ri Fi U Ui; Well , this means turning the right face clockwise a quarter turn , the upper face clockwise a quarter turn , the front face clockwise one quarter and upper face clockwise one quarter . Now that you know how to use these sequences , we learn more about how to solve the Rubik's cube easily.

    • Let's start with the block edge . Hold the cube and do the sequence Ri Fi U Ui piece in the upper right corner. This is to get the blocks in a row with the same color miniature cubes .
    • Now we have to move to the next block edge . You have to turn the bottom layer to the block at the bottom matches the one in the upper layer . Hold the cube with the piece in the lower front and the right position at the top right front . Then follow the D sequence Ri Di R. Repeat the sequence until that corner is .
    • Now the position of the cube with colored single face at the bottom. Now you must work for acne has two different colored blocks. If located in the middle layer , hold it so that the edge is in the front right. Follow the series UR Ui Ri Ui Fi U F. If that does not work , you could try Ui Fi UFUR Ui Ri. You can solve the block in the upper layer and the middle layer , following the directions given above .
    • Now your next task is to get a similar colored cross in the middle , which is why you should follow FRU Ri Ui Fi sequence on the top layer . Keep repeating the sequence until you get the desired result 
    • Follow turn RU Ri Ri URUU the upper layer . This is to ensure that every person cube aligned with similarly colored bottom row. If this sequence does not give the desired effect , add a U at the end of the sequence.
    • Now you need to solve the top corners . Hold the cube so that the properly positioned corner piece is placed over your right thumb . Without disturbing the upper layer , use the sequence UR Ui Li U Ri Ui a couple of times , so that other angles are placed in their proper place .
    • Now you need to turn the top layer so that each person has a uniform color on the bottom two rows and the center of the top line . To solve the angle on the front top right , follow the sequence Ri Di R D. not Repeat until you are able to solve the Rubik's cube completely.
    These were instructions to solve this logic puzzle . Now that you know these patterns and sequences , you can get your hands on the Rubik's cube and sharpen your mind to solve the mind game stimulation.

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    A bank is a dedicated microfinance in extending small loans , referred to as micro-credit , to individuals, businesses and organizations in low-income areas , including underdeveloped countries , where small amounts of money can go a long way. Some financial institutions entirely dedicated to microfinance , while others are part of larger companies , such as global investment banks . Ultimately , this type of bank provides credit to those who otherwise would not have access to this form of capital . These loans to foster the development of small businesses and provides tools for entrepreneurs to follow their dreams , all in an effort to alleviate global poverty in vulnerable areas.
    Functioning of Microfinance Bank How you Can Get Loan to Startup
    In most cases , a microfinance bank participates in social investment - that is, to promote growth and economic development in a vulnerable area with the extension of loans to families , businesses and entrepreneurs . These financial institutions are still intending to produce profits from microfinance investments , but also take interest in the social development of a country impoverished . During this process , the bank lends financial expertise , business resources , and skills related to deprived areas than financial support.

    The history of microfinance starts with a man and a village . Grameen Bank was the first bank microfinance , and was founded by Muhammad Yunus, a native of Bangladesh . It was justified by the fact that Bangladesh business owners had to return much of their profits on loan - Issuers . In 1976 , Yunus extended first microfinance loan from the personal account of a group of women in a village in Bangladesh , and the concept grew from there . His intentions were not to gouge borrowers , but instead to provide reasonable financing on terms that would not cripple the economy, but rather enhancing development.
    Microfinance loans are designed to provide funding to the most deprived areas of the world , including sub - Saharan Africa and the Democratic Republic of Georgia , where pockets of the population might have otherwise not have access to any kind of banking institution . Apart from small loans , people can gain support , including education and training for personal development , in addition to saving and insurance products . The aim is to break the cycle of poverty in an area.

    Loans for women living in poverty are among the most widely adopted forms of credit in the field of microfinance. This is due to the fact that 70 % of the world population struggling through extreme poverty are women , according to Opportunity International, a US-based non - profit organization that works with microfinance lenders . A woman is less likely to receive formal training , business training , or a prominent role in society in an underdeveloped area , and without adequate financial support , can never overcome these obstacles

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    A college education has never been more important, but , unfortunately , it has also never been more expensive . College costs have been steadily rising over the years , and continues to do so at an alarming rate. Price tags of anywhere between $ 10,000 and $ 60,000 per year can be huge obstacles to obtaining an education for prospective students. Few families are able to cover the total cost , so student loans are an important part of any financial aid packages . Student loans from the Bank , or private student loans are one way that parents and students can choose to help pay for higher education.
    Educational Loans Student bank Loans


    It is very common for students receiving financial aid to receive a portion of their financial aid in the form of federal student loans. These loans are from the federal government ; Loans include subsidized Stafford, unsubsidized loans Stafford, Perkins loans, PLUS loans and parent loans GradPLUS. If these federal student loans than any other aid received , do not cover the full cost of college, then students may receive financial assistance from external sources in the form of bank student loans . Banks , credit unions , and private financial institutions like Sallie Mae offer various types of student loans bank.

    What You Should Know

    When you apply for student loans from banks, should provide financial information to the bank : tax returns , income , assets , liabilities , etc. Another basic condition for getting a loan is to have a strong credit score ; However , bank student loans require the student to have a cosigner. This generally cosigner should have a good credit score as well because it helps the chances of approval. When applying for bank loans student we advise you to do your homework and research all options to figure out what suits you best .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are specific requirements for getting bank loans student there ?

    Bank student loans can be acquired from a range of lenders such as SunTrust and PNC. All banks have different types and requirements of the loan , and not all may be right for you . However , all bank student loans require applicants to provide a detailed description of their economic status , such as income , assets and tax returns , among others. When applying for bank student loans , lenders also require the applicant to have a good credit history and a cosigner. A cosigner with a good credit history can help the applicant to get a reduced interest rate on the loan .
    What is student loan banks ?

    These are really the only financial institutions that provide private student loans . These private student loans easier for students to seek out and pay for higher education. Banks loan student loans generally offer higher interest rates than federal loans , and also require students to have a creditworthy cosigner, or in rare cases , a very strong individual credit score. Student loans from banks should be used only as a last source of funding after all the awards "free money " and have federal loans have been exhausted .

    What are the benefits of taking student loans from the banks?

    Student loans from banks offer a number of advantages for the borrowers , the most important is the high borrowing limit . While federal student loans have relatively low credit limits , student loans from banks have much higher limits , with some even allow you to borrow up to the total cost of education minus any financial aid received . Moreover , if the debtor arranges a cosigner with a good credit history , borrowing costs can also be reduced .

    When applying for bank student loans, what this certification means ?

    There are some student loans that must be self certified by the students. Self Certification refers to the process of validating financial need . Candidates who require certification should be communicated during the application process .

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    IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick 2014
    I have already written a post on how to book a IRCTC  tatkal ticket fast still that  is working legal way so i step a head tried this tricks working fine so it is also safe way Now with this tricks IRCTC tatkal ticket booking made very easy 

    So i want to present  a video tutorial how it works a great indian professional blogger amit agrawal  have had made video tutorial on this tricks

    Have you ever tried to book a tatkal ticket through online on booking Indians IRCTC web site if you then surly you know the importance of the time Especially when your going to planning to make a train ticket under tatkal reservation i think every indian guy knows about IRCTC website and what the hell of servers are very slow right because of no'of peoples opening single website  at a time so it goes slow process some time it may not be opens every indian have an experience of it Oftenly how use to book a ticket
    We all know that IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking system opens from  at 10AM all over india of each every morning
    Also Read:Tips & Tricks [How] to Quick Book Your Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Website

    "Typing Speed Increases More Chances to getting your Ticket Quick"
    But today i am Ready to show you a method which works which  can helps you to book a ticket faster then  ever before.
    1.Well  IRCTC Website contained with lots of ads that means its keep om increase loading page timing. You have to disable all ads on your browser first to access website easier and fast loadin  it can be done with a simple and working  Firefox add on  named Adblock Plus. Before opening IRCTC website visit bellow link to install Adblock plus Extension it works not only in IRCTC website and also others sites too
    Must read:Tips & Tricks [How] to Quick Book Your Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Website
    2.Now first  Open IRCTC website and  it takes  lesser time to load pages because of very less ads on that page but still you guys  can not book ticket faster if your typing speed is not much well. Don't worry guys the trick is here just make it happen just do this. now you need to do some  little homework for 15 min before going to Tatkal booking Here’s how the tool works. Go to ctrlq.org/irctc it takes around ten minutes prior to the opening of the booking window and complete the form – its an almost process or offline mode you need to fiill all that details of the form that’s available on the Indian railways website. Once you’ve filled the passenger details, just hit I’m Feeling Lucky and the tool will generate a Magic Autofill button that you need to drag to your bookmarks toolbar.

    Now when you want to book a  tatkal ticket  on Indian Railways website to book tickets, just click the same Magic Autofill button on your bookmarks toolbar! The reservation form is filled automatically and you can directly proceed to the payment screen.

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    A way to pay for college can be a very difficult task, but scholarships can be a nice way to can ease the burden for the students and their parents. In other high school graduates and those who can not afford college, scholarships are the only way they can entertain the thought of attending a decent school itself. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to find you and get in scholarships. Some will require a lot of work, and others may require extensive preparation. How much do you get back on how much you put in. depend
     Easiest Way to Find Scholarships For Your College Fee
     Easiest Way to Find Scholarships For Your College Fee
    Fastweb.com is the perfect way to find scholarships. All you need to do is fill out a profile and Fastweb are the scholarships that provided the best fit criteria. The great thing about Fastweb is it takes the work out of finding scholarships. However, Fastweb scholarships essay scholarships tend to get the more difficult to be merit and financial need scholarships righteous in comparison.

    If you are a strong writer, you are one step ahead of the rest. However, if you are like the vast majority of students there, the writing may not be your asset. Do not let it get you down. Writing, like anything, takes practice and, just like everything else, there are certain rules to be followed in order to create something that the judges deem appropriate for the competition.
    When writing a scholarship essay , read the instructions or direct attention . An important part of the decision-making process will be whether or not to answer every part of it and whether or not it will be removed from this anyway . Once you decide how to answer the question , create an outline . Make sure each item you put on your outline addresses every part of the question. Do not try and get fancy with your tongue . Regardless of how smart you are, you should make sure that you have written in a simple, concise and intuitive way . You do not want your meaning be lost just because you tried to use sophisticated vocabulary and complex sentences . On the same note , you do not want to write flowery sentences filled to the brim with transport and similes , because this will also hide the importance of your proposals . Once you have written your essay , provides one with the prompt and then make them fix your essay , preferably someone with strong writing skills and processing.
    You can also talk to your counselor about scholarship opportunities . Local colleges , universities , scholarships , and scholarship funds will report directly to your high school counselor . These are the kinds of scholarships will not be websites like Fastweb. As local students priority , drastically increases your chances of receiving aid scholarship. It's all about numbers . The more scholarships you apply for the better your chances of receiving one! Create a profile for all scholarships sites like Meritaid.com, Scholarships.com, Finaid.org, and others like them will help you find scholarships that fit you .

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Many Americans today are paying unnecessarily high interest rates, and carry their credit lines and trying to pay their debt. The hidden secret of all this is that often, if you're looking for the interest on your credit card to reduce the credit card companies are more than happy to oblige. What debt-ridden consumers often forget that the credit card industry is cutthroat and competitive, and that the credit card companies are in the business of trying to win over new customers and their competition to collect what is owed on behalf of creditors. For this reason, credit card companies are often more open than you think to work with a client that would otherwise be transferred into a credit card company that offers a lower interest rate to maintain. Learn from the experts how to lower your credit card interest and pay off your debt faster.
    Tricks to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rates With Your Banks

    Pick up the phone

    The old adage applies here that if you do not ask the question , you will never know the answer. Various surveys show that consumers often more frequently than that , if a client requests a reduction in the rate of credit card should be granted such a reduction of at least 50 percent of the time , and . And often the reduction is significant , with consumers reporting drops in interest rates in the double digits . Although there are times when the credit card company may be reduced if you ask to speak to a manager , or just hang up and call back later to speak to a different customer service agent , you may find that " no" is changed to "yes " . Often , if a credit card company begins to believe that you are serious about canceling the card and transfer the amounts due on a credit card with a lower interest rate or offer zero interest balance transfer will move mountains to try to keep your business . At the end of the day , the customer service agents credit card score based on how many customers will keep , not how much they lose .

    Have a strategy

    When you make the call , it may be useful to have a strategic position , and a new rate you have in mind . Some callers even use a scenario , explain why they want to reduce interest rates , because it is in the interest of the credit card company to give it to them , and what you intend to do if the application is rejected .

    Get a new card

    If all else fails , the competitive credit card industry is always churning out new credit cards with new , attractive deals like zero interest balance transfer and a low introductory annual percentage rates (APRs). Before canceling your old card , especially if a balance remains , make sure you have a new card in place ready for use . Be careful not to apply for more than one credit card at a time, too many open credit applications can affect your credit score , and can make you look desperate and so attractive as a customer for future applications .
    credit card companies with low interest rates

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    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Trick  There was probably a moment - sandwiched somewhere between the ninth you check-in at PF Chang and disturbing image of you drunk rocking a huge sombrero - where you wonder : Facebook is really worth it ? Maybe it's the aforementioned positions leaving you wondering , or perhaps imminent threats looming in every corner, or even more likely , the growing skepticism about privacy issues of Facebook. Either way , just because it's been almost a decade , does not mean that the social networking giant is right for you . Alas , such is life.
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks
    Fortunately , deleting your Facebook profile can be done in minutes without complicated procedures that you can consider accompany the process . Considering that the deactivation of your account , you just put some of your information on the temporary cessation , remission indefinitely to permanently rid the region of your data from the photo album and likes status updates and schedule information , not option for recovery . Facebook gave a disclaimer basically says some of the items that may remain in the area for technical reasons , but will no longer recognizable or search as your own . And after 14 days , it will be like they were never there to begin with

    Backup your data on Facebook

    Much like something you do not necessarily need to do, but the desire to do, there is always some hesitation before pulling the trigger. You may create a wealth of content from Facebook once stumbled onto all these years , a good deal in the form of candid photos, messages and other content that speaks well ( or not so much) like one person. Luckily , Facebook allows users to download archive volume of your data for offline use, such as photos , messages that you share , your ads clicks and many other data is not accessible simply login to your account . It's fast and easy to download , and although it will not look as beautiful as you navigate your timeline , at least there should be essentially want stroll down memory lane .
    Step 1: Navigate to the settings of Facebook - Click the dark blue arrow in the upper right corner when viewing any Facebook page and select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks
    Step 2: Leave Facebook to collect your data - Select the General tab in the navigation column on the left and click the blue Download a copy link located at the bottom of the window General Account Settings . Then , click the green Start button my file in the middle of the resulting page , retype the password in your Facebook pop-up window and click the blue Submit button in the lower right corner. Click the blue Start button my file again , when prompted, noting Facebook will send you an email when the information collected is ready for download
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks
    Step 3: Download your data on Facebook - Once you receive the email showing your data on Facebook is ready for download - a process that can take up to three hours depending on the amount of information the site should work - click on the link provided to access the download page . Then , click the green Download File retype the password in Facebook, select a location to save the resulting file and click the Save button in the lower right corner of the window . Chances are , the data you want now will be housed inside the folder .
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks

    Remove Connected Accounts

    Period of grace Facebook is a double-edged sword . When you request to delete your account , you will be given 14 days which you can log in and reactivate your account immediately . While this may sound easy you should change your mind during the two weeks , is not the most convenient if you try to delete your account , once and for all . Utilizing third-party applications that you have already connected your account on Facebook - like Instagram, Spotify and Twitter - will automatically connect to Facebook, regardless of whether you choose to delete your account . That said , it is best to remove any online accounts of the social network before deleting . Just make sure to log on next time the app using the same login credentials , not soon - to-be - deleted in Facebook your information .

    Step 1: Navigate to the settings of Facebook - Click the dark blue arrow in the upper right corner when viewing any Facebook page and select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

    Step 2: Remove online accounts - Select the Applications tab from the navigation column on the left and click the Show All Apps at the bottom of the list of connected applications . Then , click the "X" button directly to the right of the app in question , check the box indicating you would like to delete all activities of the app in the resulting pop-up window , and click the Remove button in blue bottom right corner . Repeat the process for all online accounts .
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks

    Deleting your account on Facebook

    Once you download your data and disconnect all third party links to Facebook, it's time to actually delete your account . Again , there is no turning back after the grace period expires 14 days , so make sure your account deleted is the right decision for you . I note this birthday and ask your friends for online communication outside of Facebook. Deleting your account on Facebook, should not mean that you will fall off the face of the Earth .
    Step 1: Go to Help Facebook - Direct navigation on Form delete account on Facebook, or search for " delete account " in the Help Center, Facebook and click the resulting link to start the deletion process .
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks
    Step 2: Deleting your account on Facebook - Click the blue button Delete My Account in the lower right corner of the warning, enter your password on Facebook and fill in the CAPTCHA test with appropriate text before pressing the blue button on the right bottom right corner. Then click the blue OK button in the resulting pop-up window, acknowledging your account will be permanently deleted in 14 days.
    Delete Your Facebook Profile Permanently Tricks
    Step 3: Avoid Facebook - Now just avoid Facebook at all costs for the next two weeks. Do not connect to the website through your browser, mobile device or through any third party app that can be logged with Facebook, but forgot to log out. Your account will be permanently deleted after a specified period. If you login error, repeat the deletion process and ensure you disconnect all third party software.

    Article Source :Digital Trends 

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    Booking train ticket in India is all set to get a major facelift. Taking into account the needs of «tech-savvy" traveler, and embrace some modern techniques, the same methods of the new era, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have unveiled new swanky mobile portal them - irctc.co.in/mobile, reports Times of India.
    Book IRCTC Tatkal And General Tickets From Mobile Version
    In simple words , the users now can book railway tickets from your mobile phone itself , clicking the link to the mobile portal , mentioned above. Considering that a major chunk of the masses in India is well connected through the internet on their mobile phones , this move by IRCTC seems practical. After completing the initial registration and subsequent software download , users can get down to make rail reservations. Once the reservation is in, users receive rail ticket booking details , such as the number of data PNR, travel date and number of the train , among others.
    Book IRCTC Tatkal And General Tickets From Mobile Version
    Interestingly , users are requested to not get a printout of e-ticket, as if prompted to do otherwise . The report confirms that the virtual message that users will receive once you're through the reservation will be equivalent to the printed e-ticket will reproduce when asked for . The report states , "Therefore , with the virtual message , passengers would not have to take a printout of the e- ticket to be carried with them. Showing the reservation message of the confirmed ticket on their mobile during travel will be sufficient . Internet is required on mobile phones to book tickets through mobile . "
    Book IRCTC Tatkal And General Tickets From Mobile Version
    The service has rolled out a huge chunk of users , and those who were not able to access should be able to do so soon

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    Snapchat Tricks In SnapChat you can share images with friends. The images destruct after a short time itself This is SnapChat. Are you a user of Snapchat; Did You know that Snapchat is a daily dispatch numbered 400 million messages; This is one of the most popular messaging applications today makes clear. If you enjoy using Snapchat well, there are actually some hidden features and tricks that will make you love it even more.
    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    In this article, we have for you 6 tips and tricks to get the most out of Snapchat. By using filters for your photos to see the same Snap once again, you're bound to get some useful advice from the list. So let's jump right in and Snapchatting!

    SnapChat is a new photo sharing app for iPhone and Android, which has experienced a truly massive growth since its launch in September last year. The users love SnapChat easy.

    SnapChat is easy to use. You're doing a photo, it sendest to a friend and decide how long your friend can see the image (between one and ten seconds). Thereafter, the image is gone. Forever.

    That sounds like a good way to send photos that are perhaps a bit "shaky" and share them with friends, right? Sure, that just makes a lot of fun. But beware, the images are automatically deleted when SnapChat though, but of course there are always ways to record images before deleting.

    A good advice: Do not send "sexting images" by SnapChat

    While it is true that SnapChat tries to prevent screenshots of images, but it is possible in any case to do it.
    In SnapChat the recipient of an image must hold your finger on the photo. But all who have two operable hands, it can create, make a screenshot of your photo before it disappears anyway.

    In this case SnapChat tells you about it, but it's too late, because the screenshot was already made and the image can be distributed freely now.

    1. Edit Pictures on Snapchat

    Pictures taken with the Snapchat are a bit grainy, and it used to be without filters in-camera app to help improve the quality of images. But this is another story, as you can now activate the filters inside Snapchat to slightly improve the quality of your photos.

    Also, Snapchat previously only allowed users to add captions to photos in a regular font size. But now you can use a large font size and allowing a special text.

    Enable Dynamic filters and visual filters

    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    To enable dynamic visual filters and filters, go to Settings> Manage and check on dynamic visual filters and filters.

    With dynamic filters enabled, when you take a picture with Snapchat, you can add one or the other time, temperature or speed in your image by dragging left or right.
    You can also try the visual filters, which come with a black and white filter and a vintage style.

    Snapchat Trick: Filters

    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    Instagram is not the only one eyeing the competition. By adding filters , this Snapchat hidden feature brings in basic photo editing application. While some may poo poo the use of filters to photos, for some images that can give a more interesting look . With the new sepia tone and black and white filter , users are able to get some functionality from small Instagram Snapchat. To access this Snapchat hidden feature , just snap a photo and then drag it to the left . Passing will allow you to cycle through the various filters available for Snapchat.

    Snapchat Trick: Replay

    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    The new Snapchat hidden Replay feature allows you to see an image for an unprecedented second time! While normal images had this feature since the beginning of photography, Snapchat users will eventually be able to go back and see a picture once again. To enable Snapchat hidden feature, navigate over to Settings, Manage, and then verify that Replay is.

    Snapchat Trick: Black / White Ink

    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    For artists Snapchat out there , you will now have two new colors available . OR 2 colors without color . Or anything else. Touching the color strip Snapchat then holding and dragging it all the way to the left , you will be able to access the white brush after taking a picture . To access the black on Snapchat, hold the bar the color and make your way to the bottom right of the screen . This Snapchat hidden feature can come in handy if you prefer scribbling , if you are more of persuasion typing messages .

    Snapchat Trick: New Font

    Snapchat Tricks you Might Not Be Know
    The white text in black transparent box has become an iconic part of the experience Snapchat. While those looking for something a little more to change the font itself Manage jury , where the function is Replay . The font used is reminiscent of the popular impact font meme.

    Snapchat Trick: View Best Friends

    Snapchat was always a very twelve fifty-nine service. Although this hidden feature Snapchat trying to change that . Clicking on the icon in the bottom right panel , and selecting a name friends, you are able to see the 3 people who send snaps for most. Of course , your friends Snapchat to be able to see what you snap with the most as well. Although there is no way to disable this feature, you are now able to amp up the number of his best friends shown on your profile from 3 to 7. So no funny business!

    What Snapchat hidden tricks and  feature is your favorite ? Should make use of filters or Replay features? Let us know what you think in the comments !

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    Flappy Bird Tricks And Tips Cheats: Flappy Bird is the most hot game on the App Store - at least for now - and above every gamer in mind is how to get a higher score than their friends ... and without crashing the phone into pieces in the process . A fantastically awesome game , its design is derivative , engineers maddening , and its popularity is no doubt the result of rage incredible marketing word of mouth . However , despite all this (or perhaps because of it) ... I can not. Stop . Playing . So how can you get better at Flappy Bird faster? For some games are simply a matter of finding the right advice , tips, and cheats . Flappy Bird, however , is so simple that there is little or no way to hack the system . But that does not mean you can carve yourself

    1. Bigger is better

    Flappy Bird Tricks And Tips Cheats
    Flappy Bird may be an iPhone game , but that does not mean you can not play on your iPad, if you have one. At 2x for iPad, Flappy Bird is literally twice as big and it means that you not only have a great field of play, but an easier way of discerning detail, and less of a chance your finger will obscure your view and get in your way .

    2 . Stay out of your own way

    If you play Flappy Bird on an iPhone, take a smart place to build and stick with it. If you are right-handed, in the lower right corner works well . They are comfortable , but also will not overshadow the upcoming pipes so you can see the layout as early as possible . If you're left-handed, there is little risk of obscuring the tubes , but you still want to stick to the bottom corner to make sure the bird stays in focus. ( I know some people who use a thin stylus instead of your finger into the game for just this reason. )

    3. Do not Disturb is your friend

    Flappy Bird Tricks And Tips Cheats
    There is no feeling in the world worse than getting close to your high score only for the phone to ring and go directly out of the game . Or for your iPhone - or iPad! - To pop up a message , an alarm sounds , or otherwise shock the faucet - trigger pipe smashing doom . Do yourself a favor and enable Do Not Disturb before you start playing .
    You might also want to take a moment to force quit all other applications before restarting play . Flappy Bird is so glitchy, as it is annoying, and a crash is so bad call or alert while you are tying to beat your high score .

    4. It's all in the timing

    The most important skill in Flappy Bird is timing your taps . The game is entirely about getting his dick through the tubes without touching any part thereof. This means that you should learn to keep it as level as possible . Since the bird is always coming up or going down, the trick is to time your taps so that the width of these peaks and dips are as short as possible - small enough to fit through the tubes . Quickly press , press regularly.

    The next trick is to learn to come back at this rate soon after increased or decreased at the correct height for the pipeline . You have to press one or two times up, down or pause, then get stable again very quickly . If you're a natural , you swear . If not , you're going to have to practice . A lot.

    5. Manage Your Stress

    Your body does not know the difference between the actual stress - note the car ! - And virtual stress - note , tube ! Games cause a physical reaction. The rush . This is why you play . But it is also why they can make us crazy . Fortunately , because the body does not know the difference , the same things that can keep us calm in the real world can keep us calm in the gaming world too : Slow , steady , breathing . Sounds silly , I know, but there is a reason why the best fighters , the best shooters , and the best surgeons all learn to manage their breath . Creates calm. Creates focus. It puts you in the zone. And this means that when you start getting close to your high score - or friends' high scores - you are less likely to freak out and fly right into a tube .

    Bonus tip: Fly low!

         If you come into the tubes on the low side and tap right before , there is less chance of touching too hard and crashing on the high side. If you come in the middle or high and hit a bit too hard, you're crashy bird. I kept crashing on the high side , so switching to this technique helped me to triple my score quickly

    Best advice you Flappy Wing, tips and tricks ?

    If these tips Flappy Bird, tips and cheats to work for you , be sure to let me know if you come up with other ways to do something better , faster at Flappy Bird, absolutely let me know . And, as always , include your high score !

    After giving myself a migraine from playing with my phone two inches away from my face , I decided to turn on my tablet . Turns out playing on a larger screen makes dodging pipes a whole lot easier ! You have a device Android; Even better . The life ruiner and Flappy Bird breeder Dong Nguyen wrote recently that the game is easier on Android than it is on iOS. The game is still causing anger , but the flapper does not, like a bag of bricks are the way iPhone users are accustomed to. Take advantage while you can ; An update that will level the playing field is coming soon .

    Tune out distractions

        Lock yourself in your room .
        Turn off the sound.
        Go to airplane mode .

    Nothing will ruin a friendship (or your high score ) like receiving a text in the middle of a game Flappy Bird. Activate the plane will also prevent those annoying ads from sneaking into your field of vision .

    Close all other applications

    Among all the other annoying things Flappy Bird does, it crashes . A lot.

    To prevent this from happening right as you are about to launch a new high score, make sure you shut out any applications that are running in the background . In iOS, simply double click the home button and swipe up to close apps . Android users can look under device settings app and select " Force Stop" .

    Develop a rhythm

    It Flappy Bird blow across the screen? Try to touch with a rhythm. This will keep the bird steady and make it easier for you to control where it goes next . I like to use clouds as an initial guide , the bird bouncing along the top .

    Aim for the middle

    As you approach your first obstacle , accelerates bugging you until the bird is the same height as the vertical axis of the tubes. Once the bird is between two tubes , do not jump again until the bird has reached the horizontal center . This will help you avoid those bumping into these deadly elbows .

    Take a break

    If you get very little aggravated and have resorted to calling Flappy Bird a pale imitation of offensive names , perhaps it's time to take a break . Take a deep breath . Take a snack . Switch to Candy Crush. Once you clear your mind , you'll be ready to avoid these pipes like you've never before be avoided !

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!

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