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    One of the main reasons why the PC is still widely used today among users is for the convenience of surfing the Internet via computer screens, and in this sense it is noteworthy that comfort is important to users, while keeping most suitable mobile applications for use on PC.

    If you want to download Snapchat PC , you can do it in two main ways; One is by downloading the installation file and another is using any of the emulators available that allow you to run applications from your computer. If you choose the first option, be sure to download Snapchat PC only from sites that are duly authorized to do so.

    The procedure to follow to download Snapchat for PC, is the same as is done for any program that is downloaded from the Internet. That is, you should not execute the file directly, you must save the installation file to your computer and once the download is complete, proceed with the installation of the application.

    This also has great difficulty as it is done like any normal installation programs on the PC. It means that in a few seconds then start to use Snapchat from the PC without using your iPhone or Tablet. Now if you choose to download Snapchat PC via an emulator, the procedure is equally simple.

    Even if you have the apk file Snapchat, you simply need to drag and drop this file on emulator interface and wait for it to automatically install the application.

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    A large number of web sites have been affected by the recent Google updates Penguin. The owners and webmasters of websites are posing many questions and doing every bit to recover from the damage. In a few weeks , hundreds of blogs written about Penguin Updates , and some have even shared their experiences and strategies on how their websites were recovered and began to get the same or even better traffic.

    But before going further it is important to understand - What is Google Penguin Update?

    Updates Google penguins were launched to reduce search engine rankings of web sites that use black hat techniques to gain popularity and search violated webmaster guidelines . There have been 39 changes of search quality updates including penguins May 2012 , since it was launched .

    Now, we will not determine changes in search quality , but focus on recovery tips : -
    1. Spam Links - Remove all unnecessary spam links pointing to your website. Make a list of links, use Google Webmaster tools and scanner site such as Yahoo opensiteexplorer.org search or browser. Learn to recognize the good and bad links and remove them manually . Examples of links are getting spam spam links domain , article and forum spam , paid links sites etc

    2 . During Optimized Anchor Text - Analyze your website anchor texts , check if they are overly optimized or not. Change the name of the page instead of specific keywords. eg Intellectual Property Services Intellegenre.com

    3 . Backlinks - Your website can be affected due largely linked to internal pages . Check these inbound links are a bit of spam or focused on a few relevant pages . Understanding the value of link pages, re -link pages of your website and focus on link quality instead of quantity.

    4 . Footer Links - Does your web site contain lots of footer links point to pages that mainly classification ? If yes, then immediately remove these links , keep main links page in footer. Avoid using a targeted keyword links in the footer of your website.

    5 . Redirects - Stop temporary redirects you have set from the visibility of higher search engine . Penguin Updates have criminalized such website that were Spamming Google with these redirects .

    6. Broken Links - lets not confuse web crawlers and remove broken links on your website. Use online tools such as brokenlinkchecker.com and make a list of broken links. Set as many of them as possible and then use Google webmaster tool to request url removal .

    7. Spam Content - A large number of the web page were affected due to spamming content get link value and search popularity . It can be stuffed with keywords on your web site or use of same content to a large number of websites and web directories. It is highly recommended to make changes to your website by writing relevant content and removing those spam messages with links to your website.

    8. Doorway Pages - Make sure to remove all pages of low quality threshold on its website , is a violation of Google Webmaster Guideline .

    9. Technical SEO - Penguin algorithm looks deeply into the technical aspects of your site that include XML sitemaps , robots.txt and registration Google webmaster.
    10. Pagerank Sculpting - Practice Page Rank sculpture can be one of those reasons why websites harmed than benefited . Google has changed the way no follow link "rel =" nofollow " worked a year ago.

    11. During Optimization - Most webmasters are aware of the term called "Over Optimization" or " excessively SEOed " . For several years, Google has been working on penalizing websites that were overly optimized and finally came out with a tool called penguin update. Make changes in your website , such as reducing keyword anchor text , footer, keyword stuffing , etc.

    12. Quick & Easy Link - Link Building has been one of the crucial aspects of SEO for over a decade makes . The link popularity of your website depends on a number of relevant links pointing to your websites . Many webmasters practice primitive techniques of link building to get quick and easy access. These techniques include the submission of links to directories of low quality, spam comments , article spamming, forum signature spam , etc. Google has focused on all the websites that have participated in this kind of spam activities .

    13 . Moving to a new domain - If your website is banned by Google after upgrade penguins , we suggest a fresh start and transfer the contents to a new domain .

    14 . Website Audit - Perform SEO Audit on your website that includes analysis of indexed pages , content, landing pages, keyword term orientation , format, duplicate content check , page URL , internal links, redirects, texts anchor , footer links and meta tags, etc.

    15 . Sale Link - Buying or selling links means the manipulation of search results is against Google 's webmaster guidelines . If you have done any way , take quick action and remove these links to recover your website worth penguin update .

    16 . Make user friendly content - content websites user friendly quality has given greater importance in updating penguins. These websites not only improved their search positioning , but also received more visitors. If your site was affected because of the keyword stuffed content of low quality, it's time to make the necessary changes .

    17 . Article Spinning - unwanted mail web team Google had already announced that the machine made content would be the main objective. Websites that have " Spun Content" usually generated by article spinning software were penalized in updating penguins. If you have content you generated with these tools, give them a human touch or change completely. Stop using these tools.

    18 . Dead Links - links dead can be damage to your website if it is above the average (over 20 %). If it is more than 40 % of their web site no longer be displayed on the second page of Google for a search query .

    19 . Request for Reconsideration - sure to go through Webmaster Quality Guidelines , understand what might be the real reason for it. Make every guideline changes violate Google and submit a request for reconsideration. However, if your site is affected by the algorithm ; send review does not do anything. Google search results are not manually updated.

    20 . Canonical URLs - Check Error canonical URL , and better remove and clean unnecessary links on your site.

    21 . Duplicate Title - Title Duplicate confuses search engines , but should be set to lift the ban . Create unique title for each web page , select keywords carefully and quotes no title search to avoid duplicate publication .

    22 . Build natural links - Try to gain natural links to the websites of the authorities that can improve your link popularity . Establish natural links for visitors seeking information rather than search engines . Some of the best examples of natural link building are contextual link , creating good content and viral videos . Avoid low quality directories , link farming , article link spam , etc.

    23 . Scheme - A lot of penguins have treated victims of this complicated HTML layout , you could be one of them .

    24 . Link Warnings - What links these warnings ? Ignored ! Many websites ranking crossing ignored these warnings sent unnatural links to their accounts by Google Webmaster . Retrieve these messages and fix the problem .

    25 . Negative SEO - Some people believe that the practice of negative SEO can retrieve it. But the reality is different and you should not keep anything beyond webmaster guideline

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    Now IRCTC  Tatkal ticket booking made easy with tricks belive me it working fine for me

    India's biggest e-commercial web site is IRCTC  site becoz every day from 10 to 12 am this site get  millions of hits. In Indian train  way is a most affordable way to journey, and hence over the season it’s practical to guide a solution from IRCTC official web page (www.irctc.co.in). So consequently IRCTC become India's major E-commerce Website with maximum 

    deal in journey classification. But unpleasant fact is arranging tatkal ticket from IRCTC web page is frustration now a day because website is start from 11 am for tatkal arranging and getting visitors from all over in Indian, consequently a while website is damaged (low bandwidth) or you are not able to sign in in first try. Currently it is said to offer 5 lakhs Tatkal tickets between 11 am to 12 am (or may be less time) so it is  organic that visitors is large between now, Lately IRCTC update its hosting server to 128GB RAM, This will allow 80 lakh tourists to accessibility IRCTC web page evaluate to past 10 lakh. Still we are experiencing same issue. So here I am for providing you a Guidelines and Techniques to guide Quicker Tatkal passes on IRCTC website

    IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick 2015

    I have observed that this is the most well-known keyword and key phrase which is explored on Search engines daily. This is the most successful tricks for all solution arranging shop owners they could generate about Rs500-1000 on each tatkal solution. We recommend you to do not use any H@cking application because you may reduce your cash with that resources or you may capture by the police for scams. We are discussing 100% legal and working proxy tricks which can help you to get tatkal ticket within moments using proxy servers in your firefox/Mozilla/Opera surf. I think you already know that IRCTC hosting server is depending on Delhi place and delhi use could accessibility there solutions quicker then us, if you modify your place to delhi you could also able to accessibility IRCTC website quicker then never before you just need to adhere to bellow easy actions. 

    IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick 2015

    How to Book Tatkal Ticket Faster? 

    step by step process how to setup proxy in your firefox browser
    1.Search live delhi based Proxies on Google (Proxies Must be SSL Supported)
    for live proxies Visit this link to find live proxies - http://spys.ru/free-proxy-list/in/
     first go to fire fox  options>>then select>>advaced>>network
    options>>then select>>advaced>>network
    now select the setting option
    now select manual prosy configuration and put proxy address in http page bar 

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    Top Best 10 Call Blocking Apps for Android Smartphones

    Top 10 Android Apps Call Blocking in smartphones 

    In today's world, we are always in contact with. One of us is always on our cell phones SMS, at any time, email, instant messenger and more, can be found on the phone with us.
    Sometimes, however, you want to talk to someone, and then you just can switch your phone off or gri
    to go into airplane mode. Other times, however, you do not want to talk about, and there are only a few people, and that there are applications for the call blocking.

    Call blocking, where there are a lot of Apps, but some are better than others. Apps in the Android call blocking are the top 10, and this should help you find one in your right to privacy.

    Top Best 10 Call Blocking Apps for Android Smartphones
    image soucre:google image search
    1.) Mr number. The application has gotten a ton of great reviews. By Mr No application letting you text and call, a call manager, but it can also block certain callers, or to everyone, depending on your mood. Is a feature rich application, a number of the call blocker is your best bet say.

    NQ Mobile
    2.) Call blocker. Almost any application where the application of privacy seems to have the most to offer. Beyond blocking unwanted calls, which helps to prevent spam emails and you can quickly and easily call or text message history to erase data from your phone.

    . 3) Call Control - Call Blocker. This Android app is free, and Google Play Store is almost a five-star review. It also allows you to block text messages, and it will automatically ignore the FCC's Do not Call list that blocks telemarketers is a feature rich call blocker. 4.) Extreme Call Blocker Droid. You are the makers of the most popular call blocker app is pretty confident in that, if it is not satisfied with the money back guarantee that comes with the paid app. A highly customizable application, you can only choose not to block calls or texts, you also can choose how they are organized. Plus, this application when you want to have blocked calls, calendar and timer are scheduled. 5.) Call & Message blocker. Receives four stars from users of the Android app stable. A perfect application, this is a feature rich and fully functional call and a number of options, including voicemail, to keep away unwanted callers is the best blocker of the message.

    6.) Blacklist Pro. This is all about is another Android call blocker. If you want to keep away from people who do not want to talk to, to help protect your privacy, has many features. No one you've seen on your phone to know that you may be trying to avoid them, and their calls, so this app will be hidden away from the launcher.

    7.) Blacklisted. Blacklist Pro is a free version of the Blacklist. This film is not rich, but if you met an efficient call blocker, it still gets a good job.

    8.), Root Call Blocker. This is a pretty straightforward application; properties can not be completed because it gets right to the point. It is the best and effective call and SMS blocker, and it is also making sure that they get a lot of position, was rejected in a text can be sent to them.

    9.) Call Blocker Gold. In many applications, the only payment is a free application that is dripping with features. Spammers, scammers, telemarketers to stop, and the best part of the community shared blacklist.By Embware

    10.) Phone call blocker. There is another free application that gets right to the point. You can not see the ads, such as password protection, some of the privacy features that will give you a call blocker If you are looking for

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    Hi frineds.I have already written a post on how to book an IRCTC  tatkal ticket fast still that  is working legal way so i step a head tried this trick working fine, so it is also safe way Now with this trick IRCTC tatkal ticket booking made very easy  

    So i want to present  a video tutorial how it works a great Indian professional blogger admit agrawaAgrawal  have had made a video tutorial on this trick
    IRCTC tatkal ticket booking tricks 2015

    Have you ever tried to book a tatkal ticket through online on booking Indians IRCTC web site if you then surly you know the importance of the time Especially when your going to planning to make a train ticket under tatkal reservation i think every indian guy knows about IRCTC website and what the hell of servers are very slow right because of no'of peoples opening single website  at a time so it goes slow process some time it may not be opens every indian have an experience of it Oftenly how use to book a ticket
    We all know that IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking system opens from  at 11AM all over india of each every morning. A.c Tickets are opens at 10 AM.

    "Typing Speed Increases, More Chances to getting your Ticket Quick"
    But today i am Ready to show you a method which works which  can help you to book a ticket faster than  ever before.
    1.Well  IRCTC Website contained with lots of ads that mean its keep om increase loading page timing. You have to disable all ads on your browser first to access website easier and fast loading  it can be done with a simple and working  Firefox add on  naming Adblock Plus. Before opening IRCTC website visit bellow link to install Adblock plus Extension it works not only on IRCTC website and also other sites too
    Must read:Tips & Tricks [How] to Quick Book Your Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC Website
    2.Now first  Open IRCTC website and  it takes  lesser time to load pages because of very less ads on that page, but still you guys  can not book tickets faster if your typing speed is not much good. Don't worry guys the trick is here just making it happen just do this. Now you need to do some  little homework for 15 min before going to Tatkal booking Here’s how the tool works. Go to ctrlq.org/irctc it takes around ten minutes prior to the opening of the booking window and complete the form – its an almost process or offline mode, you need to fill all that details of the form that’s available on the Indian railways website. Once you’ve filled the passenger details, just hit I felt Lucky and the tool will generate a Magic Autofill button that you need to drag to your bookmarks toolbar.

    Now when you want to book a  tatkal ticket  on Indian RailwaysRailways the Indian Railways website to book tickets, just click the same Magic Autofill button on your bookmarks toolbar! The reservation form is filled automatically and you can directly proceed to the payment screen. IRCTC tatkal ticket booking time is from morning 11:00am
    whatsapp for pc

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    irctc tatkal
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    irctc reservation

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    IRCTC Train "PNR Status" Online
    Enter The 10 Digit PNR Number 
    Do you Know what is PNR? Today we will know about PNR Number. PNR means Passenger Name Record. PNR is a unique 10 digit number which is issued by the indian railways when a passenger books a train ticket. It is the number that has generated by Computer Reservation System (CRS) it can be said as the index of the passenger in the railway database of the passengers. PNR number will be printed on the printed on the train ticket at the upper left corner. The number can be used to track the status of the ticket booking. If the passenger has booked E-Ticket the number will be mentioned on the separate cell of that ticket.
    train passenger name record (PNR) status

    How to Check PNR Status Online

    The next question we will get immediately is how to check the PNR Status Online?  IRTC Site has facilitated to track the PNR Number easily by logging on to its official website. To check the PNR Status you just login to the main page and find the appropriate link to check the PNR Status and enter the 10 digit PNR Number and click on submit button. By entering the PNR Number you can know the travelling details and whether your ticket is conformed or not and other details.

    Indian Railways [Train] PNR Status Enquiry Methods

    You can also track the PNR Status using various methods of voice enquiry, SMS to IRCTC. Let us check the details below,

    Ways to Check Train PNR Status

    1.    Dial 139 from your landline or mobile number and follow the instructions.
    2.    An SMS enquiry to fetch the PNR status: "PNR-NUMBER " to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747
    3.    The PNR status can be checked online.

    Indian Railway PNR  Status

    The PNR Status is being tracked by the passenger it will let you know the present state of the ticket that is Waiting List, RAC etc. Let us know what are the terms related to the :PNR Status: and it will be helpful to us in future for PNR Tracking.
    •     WL : Waiting List Number
    •     CNF / Confirmed : Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
    •     RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation
    •     GNWL : General Wait List
    •     RLWL : Remote Location Wait List
    •     PQWL : Pooled Quota Wait List
    •     CAN / MOD : Cancelled or Modified Passenger
    •     REGRET/WL : No More Booking Permitted
    •     R# #RAC : Coach Number Berth Number
    •     RELEASED Ticket : Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
    How to check ticket reservation status ( Detailed Process )

    You can check your train PNR status by following ways:

    Through SMS:
    •     PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 139
    •     PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 54959
    •     PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747
    •     IRPNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 57886
    Through Call:
    •     Dial 139 and talk to operator.

    Online Website to check "Pnr status":

    1.     Login to the Official Page of IRCTC, https://www.irctc.co.in/eticketing/loginHome.jsf
    2.     Login with the User ID, Password
    3.     Enter the PNR Number in specified column
    4.     The details will appear on the screen.

    Indian Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations

    •     SL - Sleeper Class
    •     3A - AC 3 Tier
    •     3 E - AC 3 Tier Economy
    •     2S - Second Sitting
    •     FC - First class
    •     2A - AC 2-tier sleeper
    •     1A - First class AC
    •     GN – General Quota
    •     DF - Defence Quota
    •     CK - Tatkal Quota
    •     SS – Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
    •     LD – Ladies Quota
    •     HP - Physically Handicapped Quota
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