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    The first users report that Android 5.0 rolled out for Moto X (2014), and that is fast, very fast. Is Even the Nexus devices have no update, but it appears only to a handful of users go.

    It seems that Motorola rolled out the update to the beta users, called a soak test  but they have this also included users that were not in the program. This worldwide, there are some lucky Moto X (2014) -visitors who already have Android 5.0. Motorola is thus faster than Google, where the update to Android 5.0 was postponed to November 12 because there are still several bugs were present. Earlier this week, was Android 5.0 can already be seen on the Moto X.
    upgradte from kikat to lollipop 5.0 motorola moto x


    The update will be rolled out to a small group of users, but the Internet the Internet would not be like the OTA file would appear online. This is known as pure-edition of Moto X (2014), more information at XDA. Knowing when your phone gets an update to Lollipop, please check our Android 5.0 update overview .source: arstechnica

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    "Snapchat for pc"Snapchat is an application that is normally only available on mobile for Android and iPhone OS.
    However, there is a way to use Snapchat on his computer.
    To do this, we'll use an Android emulator available on PC and Mac: BlueStacks
    1. Visit the website of BlueStacks and download the PC or Mac version depending on your machine.
    2. Install BlueStacks, leaving if you want all the default options
      download snapchat for pc

      snapchat for pc computer

      how to install snapchat on your computer
    3. Once everything is installed, synchronized and updated, you can access the software interface. 
    4. You must first synchronize emulation software Play with your Google account. Follow the steps to add your Google account.
    5. That is, looking Snapchat through search engine Google PlayStore, or if the application does not offer you, go first by the search engine it top left. 
      here is the guide to install snapchat for pc
    6. Once you have reached the Google Play Store and find Snapchat application, click on the install button.
      download and install snpachat for pc
    7. Once this is done, you can now use Snapchat on your computer! You can access your downloaded to your computer through the applications folder Apps which is normally created on your desktop. Like that you even have a shortcut on the desktop!

    This emulator is the safest access to snapchat on his computer way. For my part I would avoid other applications intended to give you access to Snapchat or web "Snapchhat online" like sites because you never know who is behind these applications, you require your password Snapchat course, and who can know what they want with.

    BlueStacks, however, is a mobile application emulator renowned and used by 5 million users. What already be a bit more confident! And logciel merely emulate somehow PlayStore Google and your phone, especially without access to your data.

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    You contact someone via WhatsApp and you have no more news of this person for some time? Wondering if the person has blocked you but you do not know how to control it? To find out, simply check the following three points:

    1. The last login time of your contact no longer appears. This date is visible at the top of the interface WhatsApp, just below the name of your contact.
    2. If it appears one check instead of two on the history of your messages with that contact (see image below). Indeed, in Whatsapp, it is two notches when sending your message to a contact. The first indicating that your message has been sent to the server for sending messages, the second confirming sending your message to your contact. If only one check mark appears, the message has been sent to the sending server, but it has not been sent to your friend.
    3. Finally, if you find that there is no change in the profile photo or profile information of your touch for some time. In this case, ask one or more mutual friends on WhatsApp certify that there has been or name changes on the contact profile in question. If this friend sees changes in the profile of your contact, then you not, that means you have been blocked.

    Warning :You must have these three checks be made ​​to be sure you've been blocked. One of these checks is not enough to say that you have been blocked by your contact.

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    WhatsApp use on the computer/pc? In this tutorial we show you how to get the popular messenger on Windows and Mac OS X to run.

    SMS are out. Exchange pictures and videos, send text messages, group chats: This is what we do today with WhatsApp. According to the popular Instant Messenger and can be found on almost any smartphone. Only on the desktop PC he has not arrived yet - there is no client. Does not matter. With our guide we show you a trick on how to WhattsApp also can use on your computer!
    Download WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1 Free

    The BlueStacks App Player brings Whats on your PC

    Since there is no client for Windows or Mac for WhatsApp, you can use on your PC, the messaging application only via a mobile operating system. The BlueStacks player is an emulator that brings you the Android operating system as a separate program on your desktop PC. The beta version is currently available as a free download.

    To install BlueStacks and Whats App on your computer

    1. Download the free BlueStacks player here.

    2. Insert the two hooks during installation and click "Install":

    3. Wait until the installation is finished. This may take a few minutes.

    4. After installing the BlueStacks player is started with the Android operating system. Now you need to install WhatsApp. Click on the Home screen, click the magnifying glass:
    WhatsApp for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8)
    5. Enter in the search field "WhatsApp" and click "Find".
    How to Install WHATSAPP on PC [2014]
    6. In the list of search results "WhatsApp Messenger" by clicking "Install" button.
    WhatsApp For Pc - Download WhatsApp for Pc Free

    7. If you have not yet created an account in the BlueStacks player, you must do it now. Either log in to your Google account or create a new account. This step must be carried out only once when first using the BlueStacks player.

    8. You now get one or more App Stores displayed, from which you can install WhatsApp. Choose best right outside the Google Play Store from by clicking on the WhatsApp icon.
    download whatsapp for pc windows

    9. It will open the Google Play Store. Click on the WhatsApp Messenger page, click "Download".
    whatsapp for pc windows
    10. Confirm the installation by clicking on "Accept / Download" button.

    11. After installation, you can find WhatsApp under "My Apps". Call the installed apps on by clicking in the bottom center on the "Home" button, then click on "My Apps"
    WhatsApp for PC Download (Windows 7/8) Computer/Laptop

    12. After WhatsApp installed, the chat app has yet to be set up correctly. Start WhatsApp by clicking on the icon. Then click on "Agree and Continue".

    13. WhatsApp would like to verify your phone number. Select in the window of your country and enter your mobile number without the leading 0 of the area code, a. Then click "OK".
    Download WhatsApp For Laptop/PC Windows 8.1/8/7

    14. WhatsApp now sends you an SMS to verify your phone number. Since this arrives not in the Blue Stack Player, but on your mobile phone, this operation is not successful. Wait until the screen WhatsApp "SMS verification failed" displays.

    15. You now get the option that WhatsApp your phone number verified by a phone call. Click "Call Me" and take the call on your cell phone against. A computer voice sent you a number code that you enter in the middle in the orange-bordered box. Once you have entered the code number, the registration is completed.

    16. After successful verification you supplement your profile with your name and optionally a profile picture. Then click top right on "Next".

    17. After you receive confirmation that you can use for free the WhatsApp Messenger one year. Click below on "Next".

    18. Now you can use WhatsApp on your desktop PC, thanks to the BlueStacks player. Your WhatsApp contacts are not transferred automatically, as these are always stored locally. You have the contacts so either in BlueStacks Player under "Settings"→ "Manage addresses" capture manually or synchronize via your Google account

    Use WhatsApp alternatively via the browser

    Often is described on the Internet that you can use WhatsApp through your browser and the online emulator Manymo. Basically this is - with great limitations - possible. However Manymo is very slow and the resolution is not satisfactory. You must also complete a paid subscription in order to use the emulator Manymo long term.

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    There are many ways to watch your favorite movies on TV series with a broadband internet connection for your computer and if you want to enjoy the big screen in your living room, you can connect a computer to your TV with an HDMI cable .On gudtricks.net we explain in detail how to connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable
    connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable
    1,Turn off the computer and turn to see the back. If there is a turn, find the cable that comes from the computer monitor and follow up the posterior part of the PC.

    The cable will be connected to the output of the video card, which will be a 15-pin port or VGA 29-pin DVI. If you're lucky, there will be just a second port side of the DVI or VGA variety. On the most recent screens, one can even find a HDMI port.

    2.If the device has an HDMI port , you just connect a HDMI cable of sufficient length between the computer and the TV.

    If there is no HDMI, it will be a little more complicated, but do not worry, we will. If your device has only a single video output that you use for anything else, it is possible that you had to buy a new video card. Buy one with a DVI or HDMI output, and install it in a slot available, according to the instructions provided. If you want to use the VGA output to a single display or dual output card to control the HDMI display, special equipment will be needed to convert VGA to HDMI.

    The price of the converter is actually almost the same as a video card. In this case, update the map to get a DVI or HDMI port can be a good idea. However, if your chosen output port is a DVI, a HDMI to DVI cable Economic can convert the video output of your equipment in the correct HDMI input on the TV.

    3.Connect the HDMI cable from your TV to your computer. Install the adapter for your device, if necessary. Unless your equipment has a HDMI output cables must also be connected to the output of the sound card to the HDMI video cable or adapter, because HDMI transmits video and audio signals.

    4.Connect your computer and configure the new screen, select Control Panel from the Start menu. Double-click the icon screen and click the Configuration tab.

    The manual for your HDMI TV will show the screen resolutions it supports, with renewal rates. Set the resolution of the configuration tab and then click on the "Advanced" button to set the frequency of update. If you use the HDMI TV as a second monitor, you must also configure how it is used by Windows, according to the instructions for the video card. Most cards offer a "clone" or "mirror", where both screens show the same content. As an alternative, the "extended desktop" mode allows each monitor operates independently.

    5.Restart the computer for the changes to take effect and be prepared to do with the best resolution movies and TV series through your TV.

    If you want to read more articles like how to connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    "Run android apps on your PC" :We read very often information about the most played games on mobile phones or utilities that revolutionize users and it makes us want to try them. Well now, that happens if we have the opportunity to do it? What happens if our motive is not compatible with these? What happens when the app in question is only developed for a different OS than ours? Y even if we do not have a laptop? It's not just for us.

    Fortunately, there are methods in order to benefit from our computer without our having to pay anything. So, we will have the opportunity to try any type of app before installing them on our mobile or use them that our product does not allow it. In today's article we will show you how to use apps on Android PC , which will give you access to some tools and most popular in the world of mobile entertainment.
    way to install or use all android apps on your pc
    Before you begin, it is necessary that you know why you must download BlueStacks , the program will do the magic necessary for you to run Android apps on your computer without any restriction or inconvenience. In fact, this tool is a "reader apps," that is to say that it is a kind of platform that can "run" for these apps to run on Windows . So now, let's see how to do this simple process.

    Download, installation and first steps

    The first step that you must take is downloading BlueStacks, you can do from the link a little above it. At the end of the download, you'll just run the installer and follow its very simple instructions for the reader app integrates with the system. Once done, you will open the program and look for a little bit.

    Why this recommendation? Because if you decide to do, you will see first that the application reader has some apps included by default in the program . But it is interesting to see that there BlueStacks integrating some Android shops that allow you to instantly download applications, in the same way you would on your mobile.

    However, this is not the only way to get the APK archives (that is to say, executable through which apps are distributed). So, on our website you will find many of them that you can use with the platform we offer here. The best is to use them as you will have only a few clicks.
    Click here to download bluestacks app player

    So after downloading the APK from our website, the installer will send you the file where the files are downloaded. Since the latter you can install the app in the drive, because the entire contents of the APK will be associated with the program. In other words, you will simply double-click the file to start installation in BlueStacks.
    play all your android apps on your laptop
    This process is automatic, which is the same thing as saying, once APK run, the installation will be completed without your intervention. When this is complete, you will only direct you to the app player and locate the My Apps tab . By will be listed all the applications you have installed, you will find those added recently. A click on the icon to run in the window where you can use it as if it were on a laptop.

    Additional advice

    Finally, it is important to note that it can take some small problems when using BlueStacks because this platform is still in beta stage , that is to say, it is in development and it takes some time to be finalized. This is at times, the platform freezes and does not respond.

    Also Read:Download whatsapp for pc and installation guide

    Thus, one can also say that there are some compatibility problems with some applications. This will make you can not try all the apps you want, because the system uses BlueStacks (the "Android structure" subjacent) is not the latest version.

    Finally, I suggest you install BlueStacks on a computer with a dedicated graphics card (that is to say, those that are not integrated into the motherboard). In this way you will ensure a smoother and higher performance. So you can enjoy all the most popular Android applications and try everything they have to offer.

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    "Kill Dil movie review" :Kill Dil  is an upcoming Romantic thriller directed by Shaad Ali and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film starrer Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra in main lead. It is Shaad's fourth film with the Yash Raj films. After 'Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl', Bollywood talented youngsters Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra have been paired up once again by the production house which launched them on big screens. 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' actor and pakistani singer Ali Zafar has also been offered to play a supporting character in the film. Shaad Ali, who gave hits like 'Saathiya','Bunty Aur Babli' and 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' is now coming up with Kill Dil.
    kill dill movie review and rating

    Music Review

    The incredible trio of Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy return with Kill Dil and this time they team up with the inimitable Gulzar. So get ready for some brilliant tracks. The Kill Dil title track is an ode to classic spaghetti-western film music by the likes of Ennio Morricone. It beautifully sets the tone of the film to come and is a cool throwback to the seventies. Sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam this is a nice peppy number sure to get into your head soon, specially the 'waw'-voice part.

    Kill Dil: First up is the title track of Ranveer-Parineeti starrer which has been sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam, The track starts off with a dhansu shayari and from there on the song never loses its tempo.
    Happy budday: This one is not as engaging as Kill Dil. However, Sukhwinder Singh and Shankar Mahadevan have crooned this number nicely and we loved the way Happy budday starts off. Also, the music is upbeat and very vibrant making this desi dance number worth grooving to.
    Sajde: For this romantic-cum-rock song, Arjit Singh has lent his melodious voice along with Nihira Joshi Deshpande. Sajde will take you by surprise because it starts off as slow romantic number but suddenly the tempo changes and you get to hear thumping music.
    Bol Beliya: Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Siddharth Mahadevan and Shankar Mahadevan, this song is high on electrifying music. But somehow it didn't work for me.
    Sweeta: Adnan Sami is back and how! He has crooned this fun number too perfection. His voice is as always soothing to the ears.
    Daiyya Maiyya: This track is sung by Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan and Rasika Chandrashekhar.

    Ranveer Singh

    Sweeta, a recently released song from Kill Dil, features him and Parineeti. Aditya Chopra and director Shaad Ali had got Ganesh Acharya on board to choreograph the song. But when Ganesh heard the track and understood the part of the story it was in, he decided to hand over the reins to Ranveer. The song has Pari going through several activities in a day and a lovestruck Ranveer around her all the time. Ranveer can sure dance but this will be the first time he will be choreographging a song.


    Kill Dil the film is a action packed masala film filled with romance and thrill. The naming of the film was inspired by the 2003-2004 Hollywood film series Kill Bill. The story of the film is yet to be announce through this once again Ranveer Singh and Parineeti chopra will be seen romancing but for much more time rather than their last film Ladies Vs Ricky Behl. This will be fourth collaboration of Actors Govinda and Rani Mukerji. Instead of having opposite roles, Ranveer Singh and Govinda would share the dance floor in the movie.

    First Look

    Ranveer Singh is seen sporting a different look in the poster. Wearing a denim shirt teamed up with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, Ranveer looks like the Akshay Kumar of 90s with his quintessential hairstyle of that era. Parineeti looks extremely hot in a yellow tee and a black leather jacket. Ali Zafar and Govinda tell us that they will kill too, but for different reasons.
    Credits filmyfolks kill dill movie review and ratings will be update as soon as movie released. book mark this page

     Get Latest News & Movie Reviews, Videos, Photos
    kill dill movie review first on net
    kill dill movie flop or hit 
    Ranveer Singh kill dill film movie talk and rating reviews

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    Sometimes you want to block phone numbers because you by a particular person or party being harassed. If you "block calls in Android", and make you think you will be left alone.

    To block a phone number, you should first consider whether it is a private / unknown or normal telephone number. If it is a normal telephone number is concerned, you can store the number as a contact and the contact, press the menu button. You will arrive at an option menu where you can check that you want to send the phone directly to your voicemail. If you who are off, the caller can no longer reach.
    here is how to block unwanted mobile calls on android app
    If you do have a voicemail, the caller can still leave a message voicemails. When HTC phones can run this long press a contact and then 'lock' button. Voicemail deactivate you usually do when your provider and the method for doing this varies. Usually you have to call a number to deactivate your voice mail. This number can be found on the website of your provider.

    Block unknown numbers And Phone Calls On Android

    An unknown or blocked telephone number is harder to block. While you block all unknown numbers, sometimes even governmental agencies or other companies can be. If you still want to block such numbers, install the free app Mr. Number

    This free app lets you control who may call you and what phone numbers are blocked. In addition, you can prevent certain people or parties you can send text messages. Mr. Number works with almost any Android phone and requires a small 6MB of storage.

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    Backing up your text messages is pretty easy to do through various Android apps.

    We use the Free Application SMS Backup +, can be found in Google Play. With this tool, you can actually automatically synchronize text messages with Gmail. To use SMS Backup + you must enable IMAP in your Gmail preferences. This must be done on the desktop (in your browser in Gmail's settings).
    restore deleted messages back with appp

    Backing up your text messages

    After installing the application, do the following:
    1. Enter the credentials of your Gmail account or select your Gmail account.
    2. You then fill in that you want to automatically sync text messages. This is done wirelessly.
    3. Go to the advanced settings.
    4. Indicate that the text messages should be labeled "SMS".
    5. Also indicate how many text messages you want to synchronize, for example, up to 100 messages per backup.
    The backup starts. Then you go to Gmail, you'll see a new label text has been created. The text messages hanging underneath.

    Takes the backup for too long, then you can also stop and the next time, if you have more time, let's make a full backup. With SMS Backup + after you make a backup of your text messages also restore this backup, even on another phone.

    Download backup Messages App

    To make a backup of your text messages, you can use so it's best SMS Backup +. The app is free to download in Google Play. Would you like WhatsApp messages and phone calls to backup?

    Download back up messages app from playstore

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    If the Google Play Store updates are numerous, the latest nevertheless remain one of the most significant, and for good reason, since it introduced the graphical elements of the next version of Android , now known under the name of Android L and which will soon take the name of Android 5.0 lollipop  and "download google play store apk"

    The program for this new version of Play Store published it a few weeks ago, a more fluid and intuitive interface and always the best Android apps for phones and tablets . A major new version of the application store Google you will be able to download and install on your terminal with its APK file.
    google play store apk

    The Google Play Store will be donning the colors of Android L

    The main novelty of this new version of Play Store remains, of course, the arrival of Material Design , graphic Android L, within the application. While overall navigation does not change when you are in the heart of the application, the improvements made ​​the application pages side are remarkable.
    "download google play store apk"

    While the visual application consulting becomes Header, descriptions go into full screen mode. This header, a Play button allows you to launch the video application that is displayed in full screen automatically "download play store apk"
    google play store apk indir

    Scrolling elements is more fluid and related information such as the size or application version number or the +1 button switch places

    An update that brings so do not, strictly speaking, new features but reinvents and brings back the day the user experience of Google's application store by giving him a taste of the next major version the OS.

    Although you are likely to have received this update on your smartphone or tablet, this is not the case for everyone because, for which we will explain how to download and install it in the tutorial below below. to how to download and install "google play store apk"

    Download and install the Google Play Store APK

    1. Download the Google Play APK file with one of these links:

    2. If you did from your phone, go to step 3. If you did from your computer, copy the file you just downloaded (it should be in "Downloads") to your phone using the USB cable.

    3. On your phone, go to "Settings> Applications and check" Unknown sources " to allow installation of third-party applications from the phone.

    4. Use a file manager, like this one , then look for the file to run on your mobile.

    5. Once found, tap it to install. If you have trouble, you can go to our tutorial to learn how to install or uninstall an APK file.

    You just download the latest version of the"play store apk" and will be able to benefit from its new! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask them in the comments.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    We told you about the new 5.0 version of Google Calendar that signs a revival at Google. The Mountain View company intends to revolutionize the calendar smartphone with this new version. Good news, now you can download the APK version of Google Calendar 5.0.

    Remember, Google Calendar 5.0 interface changes to adopt the look Material Design , sleeker and marked by transparency effects, which signals the advent of Android 5.0 Lollipop. But that's not the only change proposed by Google.
    download google calander app apk file

    Google has indeed listened to the critics of its users who felt that the timing was not particularly beautiful, some would say it was ugly, and above all its features had nothing extraordinary leaving the field open to developers third parties.
    In this new version, Google Calendar is marked by the new view in list mode . On this last events of the day are displayed chronologically throughout the day. Other significant new features, the automatic creation of appointments and personalized suggestions .

    These two features really revolutionize the use of the calendar. For example, if you receive an email which contains a date and time of appointment, it will be recorded directly into Google Calendar with the contact name associated and the venue if you told him Also in the mall. It is really stunning and it saves a lot of time. A real productivity advantage.
    install new google calander app apk file

    You now know all the new features of the Google Calendar 5.0, and you're eager to test all of this, of course. Good news, the APK file is provided to have a smartphone running Android 4.0.3 or better . To download it here:

    Download the APK Google Calendar 5.0
    Mirror Link 1
    Mirror Link 2
    Mirror Link 3
    The application should be available now in its final version on Android Lollipop . It will take a few weeks to see happen on the other devices. As tradition dictates, feel free to leave us your impressions and comments on this new version in the comments.

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    BlueStacks is an Android emulator executable applications on PCs and tablets. This program creates an environment that allows you to activate all utilities within Windows Android and synchronize various contents with your mobile.
    "Manage your Android to your computer and tablet with BlueStacks"

    BlueStacks Features

    This software is in charge of running any app currently most successful mobile operating system. No matter if it comes to games, instant messaging or any other functionality, since the tool will process perfectly. To not miss anything new, BlueStacks puts the best recommendations based on your searches and preferences at your fingertips.
    download and install bluestacks offline installation
    Thus, to the left of the screen you will find proposals related to your usage habits and, at the top, you will find a menu with popular applications. If you look for a particular utility, you can use the navigation box and in seconds you'll get what you need. Finally, note that with BlueStacks enjoy all your tools in full screen.


    Is it possible to synchronize the contents of my Android to the PC?

    Yes, with this program you have the option to download all you want from your PC and immediately also appear in your phone. It is only necessary to pay to install BlueStacks and enable the function that gives you perform synchronizations in the future.

    There you will enter your contact details and send you an identification code with a set of instructions. Then you follow three simple steps and you will take advantage the benefits of synchronization and updating content on your phone.

    • Performs any Android application on your PC
    • Allows synchronization with the phone
    • Make multiple application downloads

    • Nothing

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    WhatsApp for android: Whatsapp Messenger is an instant messenger that allows you to exchange messages with your friends extremely objectively.
    One of the main revolutions brought by smartphones is the fact that such devices can keep us connected almost all the time.  As a result, virtually interact with others also turns out to be a much easier task. "whatsapp for android"
    free download whatsapp messanger for android
    Inspired by the old model of sending SMS, Android WhatsApp Messenger has as main function as a tool that allows you to send text messages quickly for virtually all of your contacts.


    Talking to everyone with whatsapp using android mobile

    To facilitate this, it uses the actual phone number as identification, that is, here is no need to create accounts or connect using Facebook, for example. Just that you register your number, please have your phone that is the destination of messages and, of course, that this contact also use the messenger.
    To increase its use, WhatsApp Messenger brings several tools that allow its best use. You can create groups with multiple contacts and turn the conversation into a true permanent chat room, for example.  For those who think that the texts are not enough, the program allows you to send images and files, record videos and send through its interface or share your location with anyone.

    To please those with little time of typing, the service has also recently entered the recording and sending voice files. Thus, instead of typing instructions on how to update your device to your father, for example, you can simply record audio all the tips, which facilitates and speeds the deployment of more complex messages. *download whatsapp for android*

    Remember also that WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform tool, that is, it has versions for the most famous mobile operating systems market, as Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. So you are sure you can talk to all your friends! #whatsapp messenger for android#

    Enabling service

    After you install WhatsApp Messenger on your android mobile you need to register your gadget in service. Simply enter the number of your device in the appropriate field, including without area code 0. In moments you will receive a message confirming the registration and can use WhatsApp normally.

    WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging developed for smartphones coming to make it easier and faster the task you exchange messages with all your contacts. With over 300 million active users, the application appears as one of the most complete and simple options available in the market.

    The number of people making use of the service is based on its huge range and compatibility, since it is available for almost any platform, whether you're using Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry or iOS, for example. [downloadwhatapps android]

    By its own number

    One of the positive points of WhatsApp Messenger is that it use your own phone number as identification. Thus, their use is very similar to the traditional SMS, with the difference that it uses the internet and still has several more ornate features. {whatsapp para android}

    The program interface is friendly and extremely easy to operate. In its first access, he can pull all contacts from your address book who also use the service, so that so you can already know who can talk using WhatsApp Messenger.

    Whatsapp Messages Faster than a SMS

    Exchange messages is easy, and you can use any other feature of the program. The file-sharing functions, images and videos, for example, can be accessed by a shortcut positioned at the top right of the screen. So, everything happens dynamically and without any difficulty.

    In formulating the messages you may resort to several interesting tools, such as a huge list of emoticons of various types, for example. Break, links and shortcuts can also be shared easily.

    Conversations in groups

    The conversations in groups are extremely useful, especially for companies with external teams and need to be in constant contact. Groups of friends can also make use of the tool and, to boot, you can send photos and videos to everyone without any restrictions. (free download whatsapp for android)

    The new version of the program also aims to make it easier to exchange audio messages. To do so, simply hold the button with the symbol of a microphone and start talking, that is, developers followed the successful range of other applications to stop sending audio as easy as that seen in text messages. 
    whatsapp for android free download  

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    While applying most popular instant messaging world, it is normal that you want to download Whatsapp on your tablet. Although installation is associated with a smartphone, with a few steps you can also have it on the iPad and the iPad mini from Apple.
    instll whatsapp for ipad

    For now, you can download free Whatsapp two ways to iPad jailbroken, or with the support of an iPhone . Then I will discuss the first, that is, with the iPad hacked though, as we noted in another article, the jailbreaking carries risks for your device.

    WhatsApp for ipad, the popular messaging App

    Whatsapp Messenger was created by two former executives of Yahoo in 2009, in California, USA. Since then, its popularity has grown to currently reach 250 million subscribers worldwide, covering 7 out of 10 smartphones in some countries.

    The compatibility of application with multiple operating systems phones like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbiam, with his initial download, led her to compete very well with traditional SMS and multimedia messages.

    With WhatsApp you can chat with friends or create group chats, share locations, send and receive photos and videos, send emoticons and much more, all for free, sometimes, or a minimum payment of $ 0.99 per year other.

    WhatsApp on iPad. The first step: install iFanBox

    As I said before, is supposed to have made a jailbreak your iPad and downloaded Cydia. Now is the time to install iFanBox, an alternative to missing Installous, it will allow you to download applications "You crakeadas" iPad at an acceptable rate. It is with this application that will download Whatsapp

    You can download iFanBox from Cydia, in the iphoneame.com/repo repository. Another option is to download it directly from the web application using the following steps:

    Click on the blue button below the device, and a dialog box in which you must accept the installation of the application will appear. The version appears below the button you pressed and reports that supports iOS 4 to iOS 6.X (ie, iOS 4, 5 and 6). After installation, iFanBox icon appears on your desktop.

    The following: a first tweak download

    But before opening iFan Box, return to Cydia and download a tweak that the app needs to function. This is the AppSync for 5.0+, which also works for iOS 6. You'll find it in the repository iHacksRepo. If you have not already downloaded, go to Sources / Editor / Add and transcribes the URL: http: ihackrepo.com and click on "Add Source".

    At this point I must let you know that the application is in Chinese, but is easy, intuitive and can guide you through the icons.

    Download Whatsapp

    iFanBox has a simple interface, easy to follow: divide the applications available categories listed at the top: iPhone, iPad and both; click on the tab iPhone and search for "Whatsapp", then click the button to the right of the icon of the app and start downloading immediately.

    A second tweak and cell

    Already have Whatsapp downloaded to the iPad, but still need more of a tweak to work well. It's called WhatsPad and you can download it in Cydia.

    Now you can set up your profile Whatsapp for which you need a cell phone for verification message and receive the code transcribirás the app to start chatting with your friends on Whatsapp.

    So you can download the application successfully, it is important that you follow the steps accurately and that correspond to tweak repositories have recommended.

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    "Best Amzon Black Friday deals 2014"
    Contrary to some assertions organized the Black Friday of any official or "original" location. Each trader is of course free to offer his own Black Friday promotion. We at AMAZON Black-Friday, USA longest-serving Black Friday Portal, collect all actions and would also report on your Black Friday Deal! And that already since 2012 UPDATE: Black Friday not operate any e-mail or telephone acquisition resellers. To avoid confusion, we would like to emphasize that a listing of your deals on Black-Friday free , provided that you have submitted all the required information to the November 14, 2014 at us. For more information about the shooting conditions can be found

    amazon black friday deals 2014
    On the 28th November 2014 It's that time again. Black Friday 2014 many online shops offer 24 hours unique discounts and special offers and to celebrate the start of the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday .com find usa bargain hunters all Black Friday deals at a glance and never miss an offer.
    What to buy on black friday 

    Amazon Black Friday in the United States [USA]

    In the US, Black Friday is an institution for decades and brings millions of Americans each year to early in the morning to gather in huge queues at the doors of the retailers to secure the best deals of the year. Traditionally, the Black Friday every Friday after the American Thanksgiving, known as Thanksgiving, instead. Although it is not an official holiday, the Black Friday has a shopping holiday, as many employees use it as something Brückentag between Thanksgiving (which always falls on a Thursday) and the following weekend. In some states, including California, Florida, Texas and Washington, even government officials have the "Day After Thanksgiving" officially released. Traders use this to lure the purchase and willing customers increasingly early in your stores, sometimes even at midnight. It is hardly surprising that the Black Friday has for years been the most profitable day of the year for the US retail.

    Regularly occurs during Black Friday in the United States tumultuous battles for the best bargains.

    Best Black Friday deals And Offers 2014

    Other than the name might suggest, Black Friday has no relation to the famous in Germany "Black Friday" - in the US "Black Thursday" - that describes the New York stock market crash of 1929. On "Black Thursday", October 24, 1929, it was on the New York Stock Exchange to massive losses, then a day later, on Friday reached the European stock exchanges.

    In its usual form today the term Black Friday appeared in the US for the first time in the 60 years and described the traffic jams and crowds on the sidewalks that formed usually on the two following days of Thanksgiving in the cities. This attracted like a "Black Mass" at the shopping center.
    Another explanation assumes the "black" Friday was a synonym for "black" figures who write the business year after year from that date. Because due to the enormous revenues that are made ​​on Black Friday, bring on that day many dealers in your balance sheet profit and same with the sales losses from the previous months.

    Black Friday in usa

    What works in America, also works elsewhere. Covered at least Apple and brought the Black Friday in 2006 for the first time in Germany. The cult brand from California offered their known from the US Black Friday deals also in the united states of america USA Apple Stores and Online Shop and thus generated enormous revenues. Attracted by the success of Apple, organize since more and more online retailers special Black Friday Sale Discounts and offer 24-hour period to a number of bargains and special offers. Including Apple dealer as arktis.de, GRAVIS or Cancom, electronics stores like EURONICS and Conrad.de but also brand stores like Teufel.de and RWE-Smarthome.de. The online retailer Amazon.de offers around the Black Friday even a whole week thousands of products by up to 50% off cheaper to. In the daily-changing program is guaranteed for everyone.

    This year, Black Friday falls on 28 November and plans are already in full swing. It will be interesting to see what special offers Apple, Amazon, and other high-caliber industry will have in store for their fans. However, one should be sure that Black Friday is pay back for the customers in 2014.

    amazon is the Black Friday portal for USA. Here you'll find cutting-edge all-Black Friday Deals on one web page. You want to never miss a deal? No problem: Sign up for our Newsletter, will Facebook fan or follow us on Twitter and we will inform ümgehend of any new deals and promotions.

    blackfriday sales
    blackfriday deals
    blackfriday ads
    2014 blackfriday deals
    blackfriday deals 2014

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    Surely you know that Black Friday (also known as the black come), is the best day of the year to shop and get discounts and offers unparalleled. Some users have asked us: What are the best things to buy the black Friday? In this article we show how buying Black Friday and how you can get the best prices.

    What should I buy on Black Friday?

    The wonder of purchase with Black Friday deals is that many products have a one-time discount prices that are not repeated for the rest of the year.
    Black Friday (the black Friday) and Cyber ​​Monday are the best days of the year to shop and find the best discounts
    Note: Although we have written this article primarily for black friday, these rules also apply to Cyber ​​Monday and Cyber ​​Monday  (the best day to shop online).

    Although we have already talked about how to buy Black Friday  and we've seen the best strategies for Black Friday buying these items should not miss on your list if you really want to save this season:

    1. What to buy on Black Friday: Clothes, clothes and more clothes

    Where to buy cheap clothes on black friday: According to our analysis of prices on clothes in the past 5 Black Friday, the best discounts on clothing are available in Amazon , offers eBay , AliExpress  and in stores like Macy's , JCPenney  and Sears .

    You know what we sell on Black Friday? It seems incredible, but most black Friday is sold clothes. Prices in womenswear, menswear and children's clothing usually fall so low on Black Friday this is definitely better to buy this season.

    When looking Why buy on Black Friday, clothes should be your first choice. Take advantage of discounts to revive your closet and have the latest in fashion at super low prices. We have seen discounts on popular brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Polo, Nautica and more.

    We have also noticed that perfumes lower price on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, so you can use to buy gifts for the rest of the family.

    2. What to Buy on Black Friday: Cellular and electronic Tablets

    Where to buy cheap phones and tablets on Black Friday: Best prices on Apple products (iPhone or iPad) as well as in other phones and electronic tablets on Black Friday have seen in the Amazon , Wal-Mart and eBay . Another site you should also might check is Buy.com.

    Best amazon Black Friday Deals 2014

    According to our analysis of the last five years, the black Friday has been a great day to buy iPhone or Android phones and electronic tablets. This means that if you are waiting to buy an iPad or Android tablet Samsung or other brand, this is the best time of year to do it.

    More ways to save on Black Friday with products refurbished  and Buy a cheap iPhone

    When analyzing prices and discounts for stores to shop at Black Friday , we realize that cell phones and tablets are one of the best things you buy Black Friday. In fact, we have seen discounts of up to 50% on the regular price of tablets Android and Microsoft and 30% on the most popular phones.

    Although iPhone iPad tablets or cell not much lower price as compared to other brands, we have seen an average discount of 10% compared to the regular price. Best Deals on Apple products, however, are not in the Apple Store but on sites like  eBay  and Amazon .
    Take this black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday to buy cheap electronic tablets

    3. What to buy black friday: TV / TVs

    Where to buy cheap televisions on Black Friday: Best prices HD or 3D TV we have seen in section TVs Amazon , the Daily Deals (daily deals) from eBay Store and Best Buy .

    Other Things to buy the black Fridays are the TVs. If you want to get great discounts and deals on a new TV for your home, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the best days to do so.

    As the price history to analyze, TVs have an average discount of up to 35% on the regular price on Black Friday. Other months that have discounted prices of televisions are December and January, but have not been as big as black friday discounts.

    If you are planning to buy a HDTV or a plasma TV, the black Friday is the best time to buy. You can see our article on cheap televisions  for the best price now.

    4. What to Buy on Black Friday: video games

    Where to buy cheap video games: The section sets Amazon  and deals eBay games  are a good starting point to buy cheap video games and consoles. If you are looking games we suggest specific offers Best Buy  and GameStop .

    Another of the best things to buy on Black Friday are video games. If you've waited all year to buy a PlayStation or Xbox to buy or if you want to save money on Christmas presents for your children, you can save big with coupons Black Friday.
    Video games are not the only ones who enjoy the unusual discount black friday, have also seen great deals on Blu-Ray  and DVD movies. These make great gifts for Christmas for the rest of the family.

    5. What to buy black friday: Houseware

    Where to find the black friday deals on items for home: One of the most prominent sites with great deals was Walmart , followed by Amazon discounts  and eBay . Sears , Target  and Kohl's  also noted for its discounts on appliances.

    In analyzing why buy the black Friday we also realized that the household items such as kitchen utensils, appliances, pots and pans enjoyed incredible discounts. If you wait to buy these items, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the best days to do so.

    It is a good idea to take advantage of discounts of black Friday appliances to buy gifts for a mother  or your wife in what they want at super low prices. These are perfect gifts for someone who loves to kitchen

    In addition to cookware, we noticed that the prices of major appliances in Black Friday also fell. We note deals on items like dishwashers, ovens, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers.

    6. What to Buy on Black Friday: Toys

    Where to buy cheap toys on Black Friday: The section of toys for Walmart , Amazon  and eBay  is full of great discounts on toys. We also realized that Target  is offering toys at low prices this year.

    The little ones are not left behind and are one of the most enjoy Black Friday discounts. We note that the season come black and Cyber ​​Monday are accompanied by deep discounts on toys.

    We suspect that the discounts on toys should be due to Christmas Eve, so the black Friday is a great opportunity to buy gifts for children and the best toys to be delivered in December.

    We have seen discounts of up to 50% on the popular toys that last from weeks before black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday week or Cyber ​​Monday. Find discounts on brands like Lego  and children's toys Fisher-Price.

    However, we also note that the toys will sell quickly because these low price black friday, so if you want to surprise a little boy with a new toy, you must move quickly.

    Best things to buy on Black Friday

    We hope our guide on what to buy on Black Friday has helped you find the best things to buy on black friday. Please visit our Black Friday strategies where we show you what to do to find the best prices.

    For questions about how to get good prices on Black Friday or Things to buy black friday, leave us a comment at the bottom and help you find the answer to your concern.

    What could you buy with huge discount on Black Friday? If you've succeeded in buying other things the blackfriday, let us know in a comment at the bottom and your answer could be part of our article.

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    Did you know that there is a day when you can get the best deals black friday ? We are not saying that the black friday is a fraud rather we are saying that Cyber ​​Monday and Cyber ​​Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving or  Thanksgiving ) is a continuation of savings, with many improvements. This article will explain the advantages of Cyber ​​Monday and how to save money like a pro.

    Cyber ​​Monday: Is it true that you can save?

    The advantage of Cyber ​​Monday is that you get best deals on Black Friday, without the lines and crowds that come every year the day after Thanksgiving.

    It seems that the Monday after Thanksgiving ( Thanksgiving ) are the new way to save. Only on this day are sold from $ 1.5 billion to $ 2 billion worth of products, thanks to the deals that can be found, making it the biggest online shopping day in history. This is your chance to buy everything you want and save big!

    amazon blackfriday deals 2014

    Cyber ​​Monday: Sites where the best get discounts

    If you want to find the best cyber monday special, these sites are your best friends. Remember that the deals do not end in cyber monday, but also offers many sites still running until the end of week.

    1. Cyber ​​Monday: Amazon

    Amazon is the king of Cyber ​​Monday. The best day to buy on Amazon's Cyber ​​Monday, since practically exploit this online store special in all kinds of items. Whether you want to buy clothes, shoes, underwear, auto parts, Android, iPhones phones, tablets, televisions and cameras, this site has it all special.

    2. Cyber ​​Monday: eBay

    eBay is another place where you can shop online to unusual price Cyber ​​Monday. The special is eBay you will not see in any other store, as this place really has many exclusive discounts. If you really want to save on all kinds of products, you should visit eBay this Cyber ​​Monday.

    3. Cyber ​​Monday: Walmart

    Walmart is another recommended to save on Cyber ​​Monday sites. Walmart offers give much to talk about since this company is the largest store chain in the United States. This means you can buy many products at competitive prices that can not give you. Remember that Walmart has Cyber ​​Monday specials throughout the week, so be sure to visit your site every day. You can also visit our article to see and buy at Walmart .

    4. Cyber ​​Monday: Best Buy

    Another highly visited site to find special Cyber ​​Monday is Best Buy. This is the electronics store US and saves your online discounts and offers for this date. If you're not in the mood for the long lines that form black Friday and want to buy cell phones, televisions, laptop computers, computers and more, you'll love this site.

    More shops to buy on Cyber ​​Monday: Clothing
    Another reason why the Cyber ​​Monday has a good track is special clothing. In fact, many people save to buy all the clothes you can on this date. Some of our users call it "the best day to buy on Amazon or on the Internet", because their clothes are massive discounts.

    If you want to buy clothes in Cyber ​​Monday, you can use these sites:

    1. Macy's
    Macy's has a lot of discounts on clothing many prestigious brands at ridiculously low prices. Also, you can buy perfumes and accessories at cheap prices that are only available on this day of the year. If you want to buy cheap clothes on Cyber ​​Monday, you will not regret visiting Macy's.

    Click here for Cyber ​​Monday specials Macy's

    2. Sears
    We like Sears as this company has put the effort required to create a page 100% in Spanish. When shopping you can take advantage Sears Cyber ​​Monday discounts on clothing, accessories, appliances, video games, tools and more. With its easy returns policy, you can buy what you want at Sears and return it for any reason at any nearby store.

    Click here for Cyber ​​Monday Deals Sears

    3. JCPenney
    JCPenney is also famous for its discount black friday and cybermonday. This store has a great selection of prestigious brands of clothing and comfortable prices, especially on this day. You also have the freedom to order something online and return it at any store if you do not like and get your money back.

    Click here for special Cyber ​​Monday JCPenney

    Advantages of Cyber ​​Monday

    Cyber ​​Monday has many advantages. You probably already know that in most cases, buying online is much cheaper than buying in the store. When buying Cyber ​​Monday, you get most of the best Black Friday deals without having to get up early, take long lines, waiting outside in the cold or go home disappointed to see that the special black friday had already been finished.

    Cyber ​​Monday is the day that millions of people shop online and take advantage of online offerings. In fact, this day is becoming so popular that special starting a week before or last all week (as we saw with the "Amazon offers" Cyber ​​Week "or Walmart" National Week Offers ").

    Want more special Cyber ​​Monday?

    If you are looking for a particular product or want to see more shops to buy cyber monday, leave us a comment at the bottom and help you save money on the product you're looking for. Also, if you want to save money on all kinds of shops or products you want to buy, subscribe to our emails or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Similarly, if you would like to suggest another place to find deals on Cyber ​​Monday, leave us a comment at the bottom and we will work to add it to our list.

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    Yosemite OS X is still one of the best experiences I've ever had with an operating system. Apple has done a fantastic job and it is clear from the moment you start working with him. A level of performance can not be faulted, and that we are in the first version, although there are still things to improve. As I said in my review after upgrading to the new OS X , I felt released a new Mac but with all my files available.
    Yosemite OS X slow and hard, how to fix

    OS X slow Yosemite and back to OS X Mavericks

    But not everyone shared my experience. More than 100 complaints have received through comments and emails from users who are Mac had become terribly slow in every way (including on and off).

    Computers responding perfectly with Mavericks and now Yosemite no. Why ?, What's going on?

    So these days due to travel've been more disconnected've had time to think about it and I think I found the solution. All or most of the slowness that has caused many users coming back (or want to) to OS X Mavericks was the FileVault.

    OS X FileVault Yosemite and happy

    Before writing anything more I have to give him a slap on Apple. Let's see, when it introduced the iPad Mini 3 was talk of scam and I, however, I approached the issue from another perspective so it did not look like this.

    What I can not understand and I can not stand is the reason why Apple has decided to give the option to activate FileVault to install OS X Yosemite . It is assumed that when you install a device should not encounter obstacles and everything should be intuitive, which on this occasion has not happened, nor happened to iOS 8 where you were asking questions about privacy that more than one picked offside but hey we'll talk another time.

    What sense does that users faced with the decision to activate or not FileVault to configure a new OS X? None, especially when you consider that a high percentage they sound like Chinese and do not understand what it takes to make use it.

    The description given on the screen was very similar or the same (I do not remember now) that can be read on the tab Security and privacy within System Preferences :
    ileVault disk protects data by automatically encrypting the contents. If you forget your password and the recovery key data will be lost.
    So I understand that less experienced users, and after news that are read on the little security we have in our mobile devices and computers, have enabled this option and have set up FileVault on your Mac.

    Am I saying it's a mistake to do? No, only if you are not 100% sure which implies use this, do not do it and you save problems. Even if you have photos and videos to your computer you do not want anyone to see, really, technological life is too complicated to make it even more difficult, is not it?

    In fact, everyone who asked me said they thought this option was another novelty of the system.  FileVault is not new to OS X Yosemite and users who wanted to encrypt your information did with previous versions without problems (from 10.3, and we go through 10.10).

    When enabled FileVault then? That depends because of data each containing on your Mac, but I would if I worked professionally with my bank details to third parties, on a secret project for a company or government, if I keep information that compromises stability a family or a country ... And there are always alternatives as secure notes  that we could serve.

    Cases where the majority of users who have activated do not really need. Especially since it's FileVault, which sounds fantastically well " My taped information to anyone if stolen can make use of it "has a huge drawback: The Slowness .

    Why does the slowest FileVault Mac? As a matter of logic operation once it is understood, as the data is being encrypted and decrypted continuously. So ordinary users, who are all day watching things on the net, downloading, moving files from one place to another etc noticed that FileVault turns our team on a turtle, regardless of the speed we have in the processor, gigas RAM ...

    So if your computer after installing Yosemite is slow is not because Apple has done a worse OS X Mavericks or because they want you to buy a better computer, nothing like that. It has to do with FileVault box.

    Yosemite OS X is fast and it's great

    I do not remember reading much criticism with an Apple operating system, and see that when all hell broke out Lion of God, for it is quickly dubbed "Apple's Vista".

    The breakthrough brought Yosemite OS X over its predecessors is admirable and worth than any apple user enjoy the experience that this involves all levels.

    If I write this article is to prove to you that is not unique operating system problem, but there are two "guilty":

    Apple complicate things by adding the possibility of FileVault during installation without the possibility of skipping the step if you do not know what it entails and the user will not be clear which means their use and not worry about knowing more detail.

    To deactivate or check if you are using it is as easy as going to the System Preferences and then click on Security and Privacy. In the FileVault tab see if we have it or not activated.

    Remember to make any changes you must click on the padlock that you have in the bottom left and enter your password.

    I have FileVault enabled and Yosemite is slow

    Can also occur. The solution here is to reset the PRAM. If you are noticing that when zooming, press the key to raise and lower the volume etc there is a small delay in response or lag , so I do it.
    Immediately after turning on the Mac have to let down the keys: cmd + alt + p + r
    If you did it correctly you will hear a second time on computer startup sound. At this time you lift your fingers and expect to boot normally.

    OS X Yosemite goes well but the applications are very slow

    It may be that despite having removed the FileVault and have restarted the PRAM, some applications, especially Safari, do not go quite right. In that case you must do one thing.

    Launch Disk Utility, or from the Applications folder ... Spotlight and Repair Disk permissions . We'll talk about in another article in detail about it, but this practice should be taken out of habit. I'm not saying it done once a week but at least once or twice a month.

    In the case of Safari from the Safari recommend yourselves tab click Clear History and data websites and then seleccionéis "All History".

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    The company has taken a first step allowing Android users can now configure whether to display ads read or not .
    It is expected that the feature will come soon to iOS and Windows Phone .
    As in other cases, this has resulted in a number of scams and scams on the Internet.
    The blue double check WhatsApp, a story that is giving himself
    It has managed to become very little time in one of the most hated features of the popular messaging app, we speak of course double check WhatsApp blue. This is the way to know if anyone has actually read your message through the app, something that until now could not tell. Yes, we could go to the user profile and see if you had recently connected or see if he had reached his device (with standard double check), but yes actually I had read. But now we have acknowledged and that has not finished like many who feel their privacy is being violated .

    If in many ways in our lives and we have controlled the truth is that we just had to ask for explanations may also like: "I sent you a message, read it, but you did not answer me, why?". In addition, this new option messaging app has sparked a lot of tricks , such as those here you have,  to avoid giving the read receipt as activate airplane mode before reading the messages.

    Well, to the relief of many WhatsApp has backed away and backtracked . The latest version of the instant messaging application for Android (02/11/44) allowed in the fixture Privacy disable the blue double check to avoid  showing our contacts if we read or messages. You need the version from the website WhatsApp , since you will not find in the store of Google or provide you with the system itself.

    With respect to other operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone , it is expected that the company IM app also enable this option to disable read receipts in such systems, but is still unknown when it will be available. Do not worry, in due course notify you and give you all the details.

    Now everyone is happy. Those who so wish may inform your contacts that they have read and those who do not want to have to do that

    WhatsApp con and double check

    Such events tend to walk most of times that cybercriminals make a killing. For example, some of the scams that emerged calling the telephone number in order to disable the blue double check WhatsApp . Obviously, it was a scam and they alerted the police through his Twitter @ police.
    But it is not the first time that WhatsApp is the target of a scam. Now something similar happened with the supposed gold edition App , which involved a charge on the bill of € 36.25.

    Given these scams is only one possibility: maximum use common sense and be well informed before giving according to what steps.

    What do you think the reaction of WhatsApp? Is it too much control double blue tick?

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    "Download whatsapp for iphone6 and iphone6 plus" :With the arrival of the iPhone in June and iPhone 6 Plus , the developers of applications for iOS is having something to do with two resolutions of all new and larger than theprevious used by Apple for its iPhone . It is no coincidence , in fact, most App Store apps still not being optimized for the new screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus .However , the developers of software more important not are losing time and are finalizing testing new application optimized for the iPhone 's largest . Among them are those of the developers of WhatsApp already working to optimize your application . We have been testing with the new WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and continue to share with you some photos of the new software.
    "downlad whatsapp for iphone6 plus"
    WhatsApp unfortunately there is known to be one of the updated application more often and more quickly. Apparently , even for the update to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus , the developers of the famous communication software if you are taking it a little convenient. Not too well . If the release of WhatsApp for iOS 7 needed a month , it seems that the version iOS 8 or new , big , iPhone not wait much longer. We have already tested the new WhatsApp and that's how it is running iPhone in June .
    Compared with the public version available on the App Store, with the characters and the interface in general are magnified significantly , the beta we tested maximizes the available space on the screen of iPhone . This means that with the iPhone 6 - and more even with the iPhone 6 Plus - you can see more chat, messages, and multiple attachments without scrolling within the application . After a few days of use , we can confirm that , once updated , the new app will be very rewarding for Whatsapp on the screens of 4.7 " and 5.5 ".CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP FOR IPHONE6 AND IPHONE6 PLUS
    Even in landscape mode change anything : just as the iMessage , the status bar disappears when we use our iPhone horizontally . In this way , we can benefit from space further to show our chat messages comprehensively and without having to scroll through the screen. A feature not only for those who frequently use WhatsApp in landscape mode !

    Unfortunately , so far no sign of the rapid response to messages - one of the new iOS popular after eight - and integration with other applications through the extensions .

    According to information in our possession , should not Mancar much to the release of WhatsApp for iOS 8 and 6 for the new iPhone on the App Store . As usual , we will inform you as soon as the new WhatsApp will be available to the public for download.

    WhatsApp , WhatsApp August ios , iphone 6 WhatsApp , download WhatsApp for iphone 6 plus

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