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    "whatsapp Last Seen" The latest version of WhatsApp for Android presents a long-awaited new feature: an option to hide the last login to the application. This short tutorial will explain how to activate it.

    In recent months, anyone with an iPhone was sure to be the envy of all your friends, at least one indisputable reason: the ability to hide their WhatsApp contact time and date of last access to the app. Thanks to the latest version of the application, Android users will leave the owners of an apple mobile.
    how to hide whatsapp last seen in settings

    In the latest version of WhatsApp for Android you can not only  decide whether or not to show the last connection, it is also possible to choose from make it visible to everyone, just your contacts or anyone. Let's see the steps to configure this feature.
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    1. Access the configuration Settings of WhatsApp

    From the main screen of the app, go to Settings (Settings) . The location of this option will depend on your version of Android and your phone model. In my case, it is within the menu with three points in the upper right corner.
    block last seen in whatsapp

    2. Options to your account

    Once in the Settings menu, tap Account
    how to keep last seen hidden on whatsapp

    3. Privacy Settings

    Accesses options for managing your personal data by pressing  Privacy.
    where to change last seen on whatsapp

    4. Set the visibility of last connection

    In the new menu that opens, the first option is  Last Seen (Last accessed) . If you can read below  Everyone (All) , means that anyone can know the last time you opened the application. To use this option, you just have to click on it.
    whatsapp last seen settings
    A popup window where you can select if you want to show the time and date of your last access to all, only to all contacts (therefore, those who are not on your agenda will not see it) or anyone appears. Simply select the settings you prefer.
    Important: if you choose to hide your last login to anyone, you can not see your contacts. On the other hand, this does not mean that others can not see when you are online, because the moment you open the app your contacts will see the word Online under your name. Of course, you also will be able to know the status of your online friends.

    How it works in practice

    Below you can see what is going to modify the app. In the left image, reads the time and date of last access. The following clearly shows that, after changing you logged.
    the settings, contact your WhatsApp has no way to know when was the last time
    Source:Ndtv Gadgets

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    "DU Speed ​​Booster APK"is an optimization tool that will allow us to accelerate the processing speed of your Android device's memory and clean useless files that are just taking up space.

    The main function of DU Speed ​​Booster involves analyzing your terminal to rule out processes that are consuming too much memory, and thus attempting to accelerate the processing speed of our terminal ... something that the other side does not always work.

    The other interesting feature of DU Speed ​​Booster is your 'game improver module', which basically shut all processes you have in the background when you run a game, so that it can be more fluid.

    Other interesting features of DU Speed ​​Booster apk include the application manager or manager of permits and Call Blocker.
    download DU battery saver pro apk file free
    DU Speed ​​Booster is a powerful optimizer tool, thanks to which we can improve the speed of using your Android device. At least that's the theory.

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    If you're using WhatsApp, will surely interest a modified version, with more options and free, although of dubious legality, called "WhatsApp Plus". This is an unofficial app for Android, which is not on Google Play, with more options and allows users to chat with WhatsApp.
    download and install whatsapp plus apk file
    WhatsApp Plus offers the same functionality and interface as WhatsApp and also adds a number of options that do not exist in the original. Numerous customization options and the most accessible features are the main features of WhatsApp Plus, aside from their colors, because instead of green to which we are accustomed WhatsApp uses blue, both the icon and snacks for conversations.

    Of course, apart from the colors, the interface is identical since it is a modification of the original WhatsApp. So much so that each screen is the same and even windows and hyperlinks WhatsApp pay the official blog of the courier appear.
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    This application user Rafalense Alicante was developed by reverse engineering as Uptodown the moment has not received any notice of termination by the company WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, although a request to delete the APK forums XDA-Developers.


    The first step to download the application WhatsApp Plus is the standard uninstall WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is not an additional layer added or WhatsApp but a substitution of the original, which means we can not use both applications simultaneously. However, it is possible to reverse the process and uninstall the Plus and return to normal WhatsApp if the user so desires.

    The APK file WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded in different websites, as is the case with Uptodown for users with Android devices, since using iOS will not have the option to download outside the App Store applications unless they have released the 'smartphone'. Once downloaded the file, uninstalled the original and executed, it is possible to start using WhatsApp Plus.


    As we had, WhatsApp Plus features numerous customization possibilities it offers. Since the program itself can be accessed full twelve themes, which can also be removed at any given time. Also, you can vary from the transparency of each window to the appearance and duration of message notifications, and photo icon contacts, to name a few options.

    In other words, WhatsApp Plus you can change almost all parameters required for the application and get so service to suit your taste.

    Also, you can express yourself more broadly with friends, and with over a hundred new emoticons and not included in the original WhatsApp, among which are some popular hangouts, or memes. The problem is that these icons are visible between WhatsApp Plus users, but users of the original WhatsApp an empty line will appear.

    whatsapp plus for samsung mobile


    WhatsApp Plus also allows you to send pictures and videos in original resolution and large multimedia files, avoiding the high compression and a 16MB limitation of the official version.

    Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus has options to send more direct access files. For example, next to the button to send voice notes to the right of the box, the other appears to send pictures from the camera. Another novelty is that WhatsApp Plus lets you attach a shortcut songs that binds to the general "audio" of the original.

    On the other hand, like WhatsApp, the 'app' of the Plus version has the option to hide the last hour of connection, something built relatively recently, and it goes a step further by also allowing to hide the connection status .

    Finally, WhatsApp Plus the state of the user appears in the upper part of the conversation, just dejabo name we have assigned to that contact. WhatsApp normal we can only see the user state to access your profile.

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    Definitely one of the phablets that won a place in our technological ease during this year was the OnePlusOne, as one of the best handsets with excellent value for money. But that if, having a system of buying somewhat "unique" based on invitations, where only the lucky ones to have one of them could get one of these devices. Well, this is about to change with the system of pre-orders that One Plus implemented within a few days.
    oneplus one pre order system opens on 27th of october
     And is that while the firm had already given 20,000 invitations to acquire its OnePlus One  pre-booking system, yesterday on his official blog has posted an entry where he discloses all information to acquire This excellent device without the need for an invitation.

    The day marked for pre-order will be on October 27th , so all those lucky enough to book this terminal can receive the next batch manufacture company, although no precise date for the completion of shipments. This also limited by the single payment via PayPal and acquire maximum 2 devices.
    For faster, the invitation system is maintained that in case of having one available, can skip this process and order the "normal" way.

    The price remains at 299 dollars for the 16GB version and 349 dollars for the 64GB version, 230 € and 270 € to change respectively. In addition to the reservation, there will be a discount if you purchased the JBL E1 + Earphones As bonus for our One Plus One.

    On the official website of One Plus you'll find a countdown prior to the booking date and more details about this excellent terminal as limited production and coveted by many.

    One Plus | Official Website 

    And you, what do you think of the new system of pre-order? Do you plan to purchase a One Plus One by this method?

    Pre Order System Starts On 27th of  October 2014 Above is the link to place your oneplus one mobile order

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    I Tell you the secret to play without stopping and without erasing your friends you run Facebook.

    How many times have you had'reexcited playing Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone( iOS or Android ) and you had to stop because the message will appear Unlock more levels ? A few, sure. And you've had to spend precious gold bullion or, worse, send annoying messages to your Facebook friends to help you unlock the next world.

    Fortunately, there is a trick to unlock the next level of your game without paying money or ask your friends. It's as easy as doing the Quests or Challenges. Keep reading to tell you how.

    1. Go to the Facebook app and access to the Settings section

    Open the Facebook app on your phone and go to the option configuration , which is the icon furthest to the right, that of the three horizontal lines.

    Go down the menu until you find the option Account Settings and select it.

    2. Go to the configuration of Candy Crush Saga

    Within this menu select the option Applications . Then select the Session Initiated with Facebook.

    3. Candy Crush Saga Unbinds your Facebook

    Among the list of installed apps, search and select Candy Crush Saga .

    Once inside your tab, scroll to the bottom of everything and select Delete the application and press the button lugo Clear . Relax, this does not delete the game from your phone or your progress in it , simply prevents that is associated with your Facebook account.

    4. Play the "quests" to unlock free levels

    Now that you have disconnected your Candy Crush Saga Facebook not need to spend money or ask your friends to help you debsloquear levels.

    Simply log into your third option that you now appear to Play Challenges . Completing these challenges will unlock the next levels.
    Links and unlink your account whenever you need

    If you fancy relink anytime your Facebook account to play (for example, to play a PC) you can do it from the app itself at any time. You can then reapply the trick that I've told you to unlock new levels and keep playing.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    You could say that the smartphone is the smart device that has united all existing gadgets until the arrival of this market. One of these gadgets are the old music players like MP3, MP4 or Apple iPod. However, no one uses them to listen to music because, having the ability to enjoy music on your smartphone, not that makes much sense to walk with many tackles.
    top android music app player download and install
    To do this you can go to three alternatives: the first and most direct use YouTube, resulting in battery drain involved; the second is to go to paid services like Spotify, where paying a reasonable amount allows you to store in a particular cloud the songs you want, and finally manually download the songs and place them on your smartphone. Those who opt for the latter They realize that to play them is necessary to use a music player, which is not a problem because whenever one comes natively, although the chances of contracting Ebola is consuming them is very high. Therefore, I opted me for third-party applications to perform this function, and the best in my point of view is Rocket Player.

    Using Rocket Player

    There is no doubt that it is the best music player for Android is subjective, but for me a music player you need is to be simple, fluid and customizable, and who best combines these three concepts is Rocket Player.

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    The operation is very simple, when you open it, we appear to customizing default one, with multiple tabs and such. Afterwards, we will go to the player settings and enter interface settings where we can choose whether we want the view of a player run when you click on a song or whether we want the songs are played randomly. We then go to Settings interface and select the topic that we deem most appropriate, I have super dark highlight color pink. Finally, we would only want to set the tabs to show us, which I personally believe that only select songs and playlists is positioned as the most effective option. Then they have other options, such as setting the headphones and run nothing else we connect, but the main thing is to customize what is stated above.

    Something important to note is that if we do not recognize the songs, all you have to do is give the menu button and reexamine device, and so ipso facto we all appear.

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    "Download WhatsApp free for PC" and communicate with everyone A major revolution in communication has its own name: WhatsApp. Since he burst onto the world of mobile has changed everything when it comes to sending and receiving text messages, pictures and files. Which undoubtedly marked the millions of people who every day make use of its great features is the ability to communicate free, easy and fast. WhatsApp for PC puts in your hands the option to chat online with the entire community of WhatsApp without leaving your computer.
    1. Create your own group of friends.
    2. Free Chat with anyone.
    3. Send and receive instant messages

    Install WhatsApp for PC

    One of the most important issues for use WhatsApp for PC is the need for an external program called BlueStack. Through this complement is possible to use all features of WhatsApp as if you were from a Smartphone. Just decide and install WhatsApp on your PC.

    Import your Contacts

    WhatsApp for PC will not only make your communications more accessible, but also allows you to integrate your contacts you have stored in your GMail or add them from Dropbox. It's really full and not have to take a few seconds of your time. WhatsApp provides you a whole world at your fingertips.

    Send messages, photos and more!

    Once you have successfully installed WhatsApp for PC can perform a lot of actions to improve your daily communications and make your messages effectively reach all your contacts so. Through WhatsApp for PC have the ability to send not only text, emoticons or images, it can generate stakeholders up to 30 members. Download it now and enjoy it to the full
    how to download and install whatsapp for pc

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    Whether there is WhatsApp Plus for iphonewe explain in this practical tip. WhatsApp Plus: Is there a app for iOS? "WhatsApp Plus"gives you compared to the original version numerous customization options that let you customize almost every part of the app visually to your preferences. Contact names and their status, and backgrounds in chat and menu windows as well as the text color in the message window can be all the way customize your needs.
    download whatsapp plus for iphone mobile

    Download whatsapp plus for iphone here

    WhatsApp Plus Themes: Free to Download

    Who does not like himself lend a hand, but still want to provide variety in his messenger, uses the built-in Themes Store where dozens of Pre-designed surfaces are available for free download. Other WhatsApp Plus users have left here their creativity run wild and create themes in Windows Phone Ferrari or style that you can easily use.

    WhatsApp Plus: Send Larger files

    If you like to sent with the WhatsApp Messenger photos, music files or video files to friends, will have certainly ever been troubled by the fixed size limit. Content that is larger than 12 MB, sent WhatsApp not normally. "WhatsApp Plus" allows you more flexibility and gives you the ability to send up to 30 MB large files to your contacts. To install the APK file, the official WhatsApp version must be removed from your phone before. The official thread and the download of WahtsApp Plus at XDA had to be removed due to copyright issues - we have the APK for you to continue to download.

    WhatsApp Plus Update: Recent innovations

    "WhatsApp Plus" is replaced as the original regular updates with new features and bug fixes. About the latest changes informed the offizielel Google Plus profile . Conclusion: With a little time you made ​​with "WhatsApp Plus" a very respectable results that may appeal to many users optically better than the original design. Since it is a modified APK file, done install and use at your own risk. Note: In our practice article we show you how to install an APK file on your device.
    1. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular apps for Android and more than 8 million copies downloaded alone at CHIP Online. An exact counterpart of WhatsApp Plus for iOS does not exist, however.
    2. With WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, which is distributed not on the Google Play Store, but as an APK file. OS-related, you can use the app on iOS does not use so readily.
    3. If your iPhone undergone a jailbreak have, but you can install the Cydia extension "WhatsApp +". This is however not a copy of the Android app, but rather a separate add-on.
    4. The extension can be found in the BigBoss repo. Among the features include unlimited file sizes for photos and videos, changeable text colors and a night mode.

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    The "Google Play services" for Android is available here as an APK in current version for download.  To update apps you need the "Google Play services" on your Android smartphone. The application runs in the background and is also responsible for synchronization, authentication, and other operations on your smartphone.
    download the google playstore service apk
    With version 6.1 come some new features for developers, visual changes on the action bar and the own-profile games can now be better adapted.

    Conclusion: If you have not received the update on the Play Store, here is the latest version of "Google Play services" as APK file. 

    Note: In our practice article we show you how to install an APK file on your device. About the download button You will be redirected to the website APKMirror You can download the APK. The general rule is to consider third-party vendors always before, if you download the correct and genuine and files.
    Download Google Play services apk 

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    Google has surprised us once again with the launch of its new products in the Nexus line, this time with a business model and distribution quite different from last year, especially with its new Nexus 6. What is Google thinking?
    Google is one of the largest in the mobile industry, and although not present their products with great fanfare by the fan community are expected products. From the Nexus 4, Google decided to strengthen the family adjusting costs and creating its own distribution that would allow them to sell smartphones with very good performance at a very low price.

    This has changed. No how to advertise, but the distribution strategy and margins. The Nexus 6 is still the best smartphone in market performance, as was once the Nexus 5; but unlike its predecessor it has material more "premium" and assume that a screen and excellent camera to justify the high price having free terminal

     Flipkart Links will Update soon 

    That is, Google has decided to change its model to offer the best at a great price SoC sacrificing aspects of the terminal to provide a rounded terminal and get finally a considerable margin . I do not feel bad strategy, but the Nexus had already established itself as one of the family of devices with better quality-price ratio, something that Google has decided to change.

    The problem with this strategy is simple: if you have a high price as the other flagships have to be the best. Errors in this range can be Expensive, is that the failures of the previous Nexus were easily forgiven by the low price of them and the great user experience they offered. Now, have a failure of this type in a terminal that competes head to head against the iPhone 6 and Note 4 to the same price (no difference, but I doubt those prices is decided only by this factor) is sentence death.

    We have to analyze the Nexus 6 and see if Google has created a rounded terminal with a justified price, or conversely fails in the attempt. Not bad compete against the big boys in the field, but Google was the only one who could offer such quality for so little money in the price range of the Nexus 5 (saving the One Plus). That is, leave your comfort zone to compete in an area that has not had good experiences he and Motorola . The Moto X is not large flagship contender in the industry, and has had much to improve their displays and cameras for the Nexus 6 is

    With the change in strategy in the mobile market is divided among Android  Moto G midrange to high-end Xperia, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and HTC One to name a few. Android loses this affordable smartphones with the latest hardware on the market. It is good news for those who like me wanted a more expensive Nexus fixing faults they had, but I'm not increase in the price of € 300 terminal is justifiable. What will be if the failures are minimal and the user experience is very good, but there are two terminals that price and screen size. IPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 Why compete against giants who just bring out the best They could draw? So confident are competing against them in quality?

    Google seems to want to do business not only advertising (that is what they live there because I maquillarlo) but also be a hardware vendor 's. They have the power to do, and want to distribute in stores in addition to its website, but still have a long journey. Android Lollipop (I tried the preview for months) is great and certainly, if you have severe shortcomings, the Nexus 6 also is. But it is a very difficult area of business, and Google has come at the worst possible moment with inch size very unattractive for most users.

    The Nexus has a fairly low sales figures , almost insignificant compared to the giants of the industry, but they were one of the preferred options for Android users. With the Nexus 6, but not sales rise much higher profits if they give more scope for that, but ... is the ideal strategy for the future?

    he consumer has many great handsets to choose from on the high end and each has its advantages, especially if you stick to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung has on the family Note a range of products phablets recognized and appreciated by the market , pioneers in form and software and in its last iteration (Galaxy Note 4) close to perfection. How compete Nexus 6 against him? And against the smaller ones like the HTC M8? What does different and add value to what we already know now that the price is not your ally?

    What is better the Nexus 6 compared to other flagships? Why buy a Nexus 6? In my mind those questions still have no answers yet, and I imagine in my head of a few people have it. Questions do not know if Google will be able to respond.
    Specifications of Google Nexus 6 (Black)
    Brand Motorola
    Handset Color Black
    Form Bar
    SIM Size Nano SIM
    Call Features Conference Call, Loudspeaker
    Touch Screen Yes
    SIM Type Single Sim, GSM
    Model ID Nexus 6
    Video Recording Yes, 3840 x 2160, 30 fps
    Secondary Camera Yes, 2 Megapixel
    Flash Dual LED Ring
    Other Camera Features Optical Image Stabilization, Aperture f/2.0, Epic Shots, HDR+, Pre-installed Google Camera
    HD Recording HD, Full HD
    Primary Camera Yes, 13 Megapixel
    Video Player Yes, Full HD, 4K - Ultra HD
    Sound Enhancement Dual Front Facing Speakers
    Music Player Yes, Supports MP3
    Internet & Connectivity
    Audio Jack 3.5 mm
    Preinstalled Browser Android
    Bluetooth Yes, v4.1
    Navigation Technology with Google Maps
    NFC Yes
    Internet Features Email
    Wifi Yes, 802.11 a/c
    USB Connectivity Yes, micro USB, v2
    3G Yes
    Other Features
    Sensors Ambient Light Sensor, Barometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
    Phone Book Memory Yes
    Call Memory Yes
    SMS Memory Yes
    Additional Features Qi Wireless Charging, Multi-tasking (Switch Between Editing Documents, Browsing the Web, Watching Movies and Listening to Music)
    Resolution Quad HD, 2560 X 1440 Pixels
    Other Display Features Corning Gorilla Glass 3
    Type AMOLED
    Size 6 Inches
    Weight 184 g
    Size 82.98x159.26x10.06 mm
    Warranty Summary 1 year manufacturer warranty for Phone and for in the box accessories
    Talk Time 24 hrs (2G)
    Standby Time 250 hrs (2G)
    Type 3220 mAh
    Memory and Storage
    Memory 3 GB RAM
    Internal 32 GB
    Operating Freq GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900; WCDMA - 2100; 4G LTE - Bands 1/3/5/7/8/9/19/20/28/41
    Graphics Adreno 420
    OS Android v5 (Lollipop)
    Processor 2.7 Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, Quad Core

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Download WhatsApp for Samsung? Welcome to www.gudtricks.net. Here you will find all useful information regarding WhatsApp for Samsung. Samsung is one of the most popular brands smartphone and tablet in worldwide. A billion people use WhatsApp. Because more and more popular in the world, leads to more questions about WhatsApp for Samsung. To WhatsApp also be There are many different operating systems Samsung, thereby going to download WhatsApp for Samsung often slightly different. Thus, for example, is to download WhatsApp for Android are a little different than WhatsApp for iPhone  On this page you will find a large database of all Samsung devices. These are now more than 200, and the database is constantly expanding. So anyone find an answer to his question about WhatsApp for Samsung.
    Click here to download whatsapp for all samsung mobile models

    WhatsApp download for Samsung Mobile

    Direct download free and fast WhatsApp on your cell phone? Then make direct use of our Samsung database below. Use the search function right and type the name of your Samsung device. Then click the download link to see if your cell phone is suitable for WhatsApp. On this page you will find moreover how WhatsApp exactly should download, install and verify specific to the selected Samsung device. Downloading WhatsApp for Samsung is completely free! Downloading WhatsApp costs absolutely nothing. Only after the first year you pay annually .75 cents. Furthermore, an Internet connection, all you need to immediately start sending free messages, photos, videos and much more on your Samsung with WhatsApp. Have fun and good luck with downloading WhatsApp foruse
    Samsung! And
    Model Download Link
    Samsung Galaxy Frame WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Frame
    Samsung Galaxy Young WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Young
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    Samsung Google Nexus S WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S
    Samsung Galaxy 551 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 551
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    Samsung i897 Captivate WhatsApp Download Samsung i897 Captivate
    Samsung Epic 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung Epic 4G
    Samsung I909 Galaxy S WhatsApp Download Samsung I909 Galaxy S
    Samsung Acclaim WhatsApp Download Samsung Acclaim
    Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone WhatsApp Download Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone
    Samsung M110S Galaxy S WhatsApp Download Samsung M110S Galaxy S
    Samsung Vibrant WhatsApp Download Samsung Vibrant
    Samsung Galaxy WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy 2 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 2
    Samsung Galaxy S I9000 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S I9000
    Samsung I6500U Galaxy WhatsApp Download Samsung I6500U Galaxy
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    Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
    Samsung T939 Behold 2 WhatsApp Download Samsung T939 Behold 2
    Samsung Wave Y S5380 WhatsApp Download Samsung Wave Y S5380
    Samsung S8600 Wave 3 WhatsApp Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3
    Samsung S8530 Wave II WhatsApp Download Samsung S8530 Wave II
    Samsung S5750 Wave575 WhatsApp Download Samsung S5750 Wave575
    Samsung S7230E Wave 723 WhatsApp Download Samsung S7230E Wave 723
    Samsung Ativ S i8750 WhatsApp Download Samsung Ativ S i8750
    Samsung Focus WhatsApp Download Samsung Focus
    Samsung I8700 Omnia 7 WhatsApp Download Samsung I8700 Omnia 7
    Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5 WhatsApp Download Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5
    Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4 WhatsApp Download Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4
    Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO WhatsApp Download Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO
    Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani WhatsApp Download Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani
    Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE WhatsApp Download Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE
    Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO WhatsApp Download Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO
    Samsung I8000 Omnia II WhatsApp Download Samsung I8000 Omnia II
    Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO WhatsApp Download Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO
    Samsung C3780 WhatsApp Download Samsung C3780
    Samsung C3310 Champ WhatsApp Download Samsung C3310 Champ
    Samsung E1200 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1200
    Samsung E2600 WhatsApp Download Samsung E2600
    Samsung Champ 2 C3330 WhatsApp Download Samsung Champ 2 C3330
    Samsung C3350 WhatsApp Download Samsung C3350
    Samsung C3520 WhatsApp Download Samsung C3520
    Samsung Omnia W I8350 WhatsApp Download Samsung Omnia W I8350
    Samsung B2100 WhatsApp Download Samsung B2100
    Samsung B3410 WhatsApp Download Samsung B3410
    Samsung B5702 WhatsApp Download Samsung B5702
    Samsung c3050 WhatsApp Download Samsung c3050
    Samsung C3200 Monte WhatsApp Download Samsung C3200 Monte
    Samsung C3530 WhatsApp Download Samsung C3530
    Samsung c3560 WhatsApp Download Samsung c3560
    Samsung Chat 350 WhatsApp Download Samsung Chat 350
    Samsung E1050 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1050
    Samsung E1080i WhatsApp Download Samsung E1080i
    Samsung E1150 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1150
    Samsung E1170 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1170
    Samsung E1180 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1180
    Samsung E1190 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1190
    Samsung E1230 WhatsApp Download Samsung E1230
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    "WhatsappAndroid":Makes your smartphone or tablet using the Android operating system? Ongudtricks.net we explain in detail how you can download and install Whatsapp for every Android device. Together with the Apple iOS Android was the first operating system that WhatsApp could be. Used to WhatsApp Android is now used by millions of people worldwide. WhatsApp Download for Android? The app is 15MB in size and is suitable for Android 2.1 and higher. You can download WhatsApp for Android directly for free in the Play Store. The first year the app is completely free. After that you pay an annual  $ 0.99 (about € 0.75). However, these costs are not charged at this time because WhatsApp still searching for a proper payment.
    android download whatsapp for android
    Apart from the fact that probably many of your friends, family, classmates or colleagues WhatsApp use, WhatsApp Android still has some advantages. First, there are no snakes in the grass. Apart from the annual cost of  $ 0.99 (about € 0.75) and any Internet subscription  you pay nothing else. You can use WhatsApp for Android easily messages, pictures, videos, smileys, locations and send a lot of flour. When you download Whatsapp for Android you can also use group discussions. Moreover, no account or password, Whatsapp Android just uses your current contact list.
    Today many phones and tablets using the Android operating system. Especially WhatsApp Samsung and WhatsApp HTC phones that are in most cases run on the Android operating system.

    Whatsapp Download for Android

    Are you convinced of the benefits of WhatsApp and want to download Whatsapp for Android? Below is a brief explanation of how Whatsapp directly download and install on your Android device!
    1. Open the Play Store App and tap the search button

    2. Enter "Whatsapp", and select the first search result

    3. You will see a brief description, technical details and reviews. Click the Download button to download directly Whatsapp for Android.

    4. In your notification center you will find the progress of the download WhatsApp. Once the download is finished you open WhatsApp.

    5. When you open WhatsApp for Android is the first time you have your phone number verification. You can use a text message or a phone call. Enter your phone number and verify your number immediately.

    6. WhatsApp for Android is now downloaded, installed, verified and ready for use! Have fun with WhatsApp Android!

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    "Whatsapp for PC"WhatsApp download and use on your PC? For many people the answer. All your WhatsApp chats right on your PC, fast typing with your keyboard and the battery on your phone once empty you can continue What Juices. WhatsApp for PC has enough advantages. WhatsApp WhatsApp has no PC Yet as yet released version. Unlike WhatsApp tablet version, go there are no rumors that WhatsApp will soon be available for PC. Yet you will, when you search on WhatsApp PC, find enough options to still download WhatsApp on your PC and install. First, download WhatsApp for PC at your own risk since it is not officially from WhatsApp. Plus, you must often pay for vague instructions where the only question is whether WhatsApp for PC really works.

    WhatsApp Download for PC

    In addition to these manuals are on Youtube also find lots of videos explaining how to download WhatsApp for PC. The most common explanation can be found below. The BlueStacks program used in this video. The video takes 5 minutes and many Youtube users claim that this has helped to download WhatsApp for PC and install them. Good luck and have fun using WhatsApp PC! mostlyindians like to install whatsapp on therepc's

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    "Whatsapp for Symbian"Regularly ask users of older devices, such as Nokia's, or WhatsApp is suitable for the Symbian operating system. The short answer is Yes, devices running on the Symbian operating system can use WhatsApp. Whasapp for Symbian can be downloaded in different ways. However, it is easiest to go with your phone to the website http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/ and downloading .sis file and install it. Not all Symbian devices are suitable for WhatsApp. Below is an overview of the Symbian devices suitable for WhatsApp. Are Downloading WhatsApp for Symbian is sometimes a bit more difficult than, for example WhatsApp iPhone or Android WhatsApp , but it is definitely possible!
     Download Whatsapp for Symbian

    Whatsapp Download for Symbian or java phones

    Surf with your phone to the website http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/. Click the green "download now" button. Is automatically a .sis file is downloaded and installed. After Symbian Whatsapp installed you open the app. You have WhatsApp now only verify. You do this through your phone number. That way you can immediately send free messages to all your contacts who also use WhatsApp. Symbian WhatsApp is free to download. The first year is a trial year and pay nothing. After the first year, you pay $ 0.99 each year (about € 0.75). Have fun with Whatsapp Symbian! And success

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    "Download Viber For Samsung" :Those familiar with the Skype program will surely enjoy Viber. The apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry  and also mobiles like ,samsung,nokia,windows phones have been around a while but is the desktop version now launched. This means that you can send from now on your PC or laptop messages and make calls to a mobile phone. And this completely free of charge. Actually Viber program which is a combination of Skype and WhatsApp Messenger. Is so your here to download viber for samsung mobile 
    viber for samsung
    Viber can also download for Windows or Mac. The desktop version is still in its infancy, and here and there are therefore still find hiccups. However, we are convinced that this change will get in. one more thing is that viber works great for samsung mobile phones
    • You can now use Viber from your desktop:
    • Video calls between desktops have mutually
    • Send messages from desktop to mobile phone to deskto
    • During Viber phone calls to switch between desktop and smartphone
    Follow the 200 million people already use the program and find out that you never want to be without Viber.

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    Film lovers can indulge since the release of Popcorn Time. Indeed, it was never so easy to just fast, free and a movie to search and view. Wait until the film finally finished downloading is no longer required, when you click on "Watch Now" the movie will start in 30 seconds.
    watch movies online on your android phone

    Pros Popcorn Time:

    • Offer of thousands of national and international films in top quality
    • Available for Windows, Mac and Android
    • Super user friendly interface similar to that of Netflix
    • Using Popcorn Time:
    Immediately after downloading and short installation you have direct access to all content. You will immediately see a list of suggestions and you movies and series search by category and popularity. Do you know the title of a film already, you can this via the 'Search' to find immediately.
    You can read more about the film, watch a trailer, determine image quality (up to 1080P HD =) and select Dutch subtitles. This so you do not have to download it separately, as in Spotnet often needs to be done!

    Direct begins Popcorn Time your movie using peers (divisors of these torrents) to download the content. A small buffer is saved so that the film smoothly and quality starts to play. During movie playback, you share it again automatically with other users. That makes this software so perfect for everyone.

    Additional Information:

    It is not legal to use this software, both viewing the content as well as parts of it is prohibited under Dutch law. All connections go through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which makes the users remain anonymous. Everything you download is stored in a secret folder and view after deletes automatically. Are you still determined, try and enjoy the following:

    • For use on all Android Smartphones and Tablets (use WiFi)
    • Content sharing Chromecast
    Popcorn Time is a new alternative - created in Buenos Aires - to see new movies in high quality, without having to wait (or find) downloads. That's the idea behind the service is to give us a simple search engine with a nice interface. But behind all this? We have a client Torrents that are looking at known trackers (like Piratebay) for the latest movies. And hardly count on a piece of film, the application will start stream
    watch movies online directly from toreent
    Yeah, maybe not much differs from a conventional torrent client in features, but the presentation and ease of use is what differentiate the app from the rest. Simply just click on the movie we want, then click "Watch it Now, "wait a minute

    In my tests - you know, "for science" - the wait time was 30-45 seconds per movie, but rather depends on the quality of each connection. This initial time is required to download the initial parts of the torrent. 
    watch movies directly on your android phone with torrent
    For the "knowledgeable" source is Yify videos. Not the best quality, but it explains the fast download / buffering in general.

    As mentioned at the beginning, it's all in the presentation. This is something you get with torrents, torrent sites and downloading subtitles manually. What sets Popcorn Time, is that this sums it two clicks: one to play the movie, another to enable subtitles.

     Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux:

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      Getting ready for jailbreak iOS 8.1 and 8 with the Pangu tool for iPhone, iPod and iPad. After a few issues of the latest versions, the store to tweak and mod unofficial Cydia is now available and a fully stable version in English will be distributed in the next few hours, according to the official information of the developer. Meanwhile, there is the Chinese language version, 1.0.1, before the last stable and free of major problems for iOS 8.1 and 8.
      ios 8.1 jailbreak online service
      The new version of the tool to jailbreak iOS 8.1 and 8 developed by Pangu, the team of reference for these operations for the past few years, is ready. At present, however, the Pangu version of the jailbreak for iPhone, iPod and iPad is only available in Chinese, but, as confirmed on Twitter by those directly responsible, the 1.1 version also contains the English language will be released "in the coming hours." The latest stable version is available then the 1.0.1, which fixes the lack of Cydia, the virtual shop model for other programs to customize your iOS device 8 and 8.1. "If you've done the jailbreak with Pangu 1.0, you can install the app through Cydia 1.1.14 Pangu. It will work fine on iOS 8.1. We appreciate the hard work done by Saurik. In addition, if all goes as planned, within the next 24 hours we are going to release Pangu 1.1 will include support to English and install Cydia. A little 'patient' has said the team from the social network.
      ios 8 jailbreak with pangu
      Although iOS 8 was launched by Apple in mid-September, up to now there was not a version of the jailbreak, the operation that "unlock" the iPhone, iPod and iPad allowing the installation of programs otherwise unofficial otherwise unavailable, it was just good due to the absence of Cydia. Not that now the situation is perfect: many unofficial applications have yet to support iOS iOS 8.1 and 8, but this should be improved in the next few weeks as the developers will make the necessary changes.
      how to jailbreak ios8.1 version online
      To install the jailbreak iOS 8.1 and 8 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod require a Windows PC or virtualize Windows on Mac. Downloading the latest version of Pangu8 from the official website of the developer, you can throw in a few "free" your iOS device and customize it more than Apple allows by default. Just connect your device to your PC and follow the onscreen instructions.

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      Facebook login is one of the most searched keywords on the web both for the ' direct access to that as far as the password and ' username. All this confirms that the social network world's most famous has long been at the center of the browsers on Facebook the network, together with the output of the new generation of cellular phones known as smartphones have changed the way people communicate around the globe. Between friends you organize, play and chat almost exclusively on Facebook thanks to the many services that it offers and the chat that was present. Even the age of the photographs in the albums bulky paper has faded with the arrival of Facebook. In short,we can say that this social network has been replaced almost entirely to the traditional communication models, we are facing the 'phone' of the twenty-first century. In this article we will talk about the log and the various ways to do so
      The Facebook login page is very simple to do, just use the password and ' username cos'ì chosen as the recording. We open the official page of Facebook login and insert your login information in the spaces provided at the top left on the top bar. In the first field you can enter as username the email address with which you registered or phone number if you have registered with Facebook for mobile devices. Then we go to enter the password and click on the 'sign in', the login is completed.

      Facebook login, direct access

      To make the login to Facebook can use the ' direct access without having to enter the data each time. After we have clicked on the 'sign' the first time on our web browser should display a message that asks us if we want the password to be remembered. Click on 'remember' and from this moment on, the password will be entered automatically with your username. There only remains to press the button 'Login' whenever you want to perform the login. In addition, if you select 'Remember' in the input field of the ' username on the page to log in, then you will always remain connected even when you close the window of your browser.

      Facebook login, password reset

      If you find yourself doing the login to Facebook and you do not remember the password no fear because it's possible to reset the latter. To access the procedure is necessary to click on the 'Forgot Password?' that found in the input field of the same page to login. It will then present a screen that prompts you to enter the ' username (email, telephone number or user name) and then follow the instructions and click on 'Search'. On the next screen you can select between three modes to recover the password. In particular, we have the possibility via Hotmail, or by email to receive a link and finally getting a code via SMS to the phone number set at the time of registration.

      Facebook allows the use of the information available to it from other sites. Basically is a login via a button, in English ' button ', inserted into the source code of sites and web apps . This allows you to log into your site without having to enter all the data but simply importing a single click those already provided in the recording of Facebook. A quick way to register without requiring time-consuming and irritating procedures. The usability of this service, however, is reserved for experienced users who have extensive computer knowledge.
      Income Search Terms:
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      "Amazon Appiness Day offers"Amazon has hit the nail with their greatest ever Amazon Appiness Day Deals . Online shopping today has become one of the best ways to shop and get products at much greater discounts. And with Amazon Appiness Day offers just a couple of weeks away what’s better option to shop at Amazon Amazon Appiness Day Deals   Starting from november11 to november12, 2014, Amazon will be featuring some of the best deals that you have never seen before.


      Amazon, one of the biggest and reputed international e-commerce website opened its online store for the first time in June last year. Ever since then this shopping portal has won many hearts with its amazing products, offers, discounts and service. Now, completing a year in the Indian market, Amazon is well acquainted with the Indian audience and is all set to shower great deals for the shopaholics on this festive season. amazon india happiness sales and offer on smartphones and computers

      Amazon India today features more than 60 categories and sub-categories on its website. And with their Amazon Appiness Day Deals  week they have ensured to provide great deals on almost each and every product listed in their database. So, what are you waiting for? Hope you are already done with your Amazon Appiness Day Deals shopping list and all set to buy them all at a great price you will find nowhere else.

      Now let’s take a look at some of the most trending deals from Amazon during this Amazon Amazon Appiness Day Deals
      amazon india appiness sales and offers

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      Amazon Echo challenges the virtual assistants to smartphones and tablets. It looks like a device from the living room and can be used, such as competition, through voice commands that are recorded by the seven built-in microphones. The solution of the US company is aimed at a wide audience, that can use the services of Echo operations are mixed, add items to the list "to buy", ask questions and listen to music.
      new amazon echo virtual assistant
      Siri, Google Now, Cortana and BlackBerry Assistant now have a new contender. Amazon announced Echo, his living room device that integrates a virtual assistant that can answer most general questions, concerning various fields: dictionary, weather, news sports, music playback. The retailer has surprised everyone with a commercial venture unexpected. Amazon has tried to "attack" the drawing room of consumers already with Fire TV, set-top-box that allows you to view your library of Amazon Prime, and the key Fire TV Stick, proposed as an alternative to proprietary Chromecasts , Roku and other keys to stream video files from your PC to your TV.
      amazon echo review and features
      " Amazon's Echo is developed around your voice. It is always on, just ask for info, music, news, weather, and more. Echo starts to work as soon as they hear the word 'Alexa'. In addition, it has an efficient speaker that can fill a room with surround sound. " Amazon's Echo is a black cylinder that is constantly active. It can be used by voice commands that are recorded by the microphones, seven in total. According to the promises of Amazon, you can give voice commands to Echo from anywhere in the room.
      amazon echo review features and price details
      As for the remote management of smartphones and tablets, there is an ' app for Android and Fire OS, the operating system of Fire Phone and Kindle Fire tablets, and from a PC or iOS will be temporarily accessible only from the browser. The Seattle company has, however, confirmed that dedicated app for iPhone and iPad is coming soon. At the time, Echo is available by invitation only, and only in the United States. The base cost is $ 199, but Amazon Prime subscribers can buy it for $ 99.

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