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    'Download WhatsApp for Samsung' Galaxy Note or Ace are only some of the sagas of latest phones offered by Samsung , and so the Korean emrpesa offers mobile products of different quality and price in order to reach the greatest number of users. One of the features of the brand is that Samsung has Android in the operating system, not to mention its not pretty and functional design.
    whatsapp for samsung and java mobile
    As it happens with all Android phones , such as the Samsung phones , many applications and games that we have at our disposal, this being an ideal way to add very useful and varied tools on our smartphone opportunity. In this area especially noted WhatsApp, the app will allow us to talk to our friends and exchange files conveniently, quickly and for free.

    If to all this we add that it is a simple and practical application usage through a very visually attractive interface is clear to us that one of the options more disputes by users is the free download whatsapp for Samsung, process that we can perform at no cost from the Android app store, where you can download free WhatsApp for Android devices (Google Play).

    Once you access to Google Play have to find WhatsApp and for this we can use the search engine located at the top of the screen, or access it through the category of most downloaded free applications.

    Within the page WhatsApp we can know useful information about the tool, especially please read the opinions of other users and, thus, we can have an objective assessment of what we will have if we install WhatsApp on your phone, find option on the top left of the screen and while the download process stands out as fast, so within minutes and can enjoy the extensive features of this tool.

    Download WhatsApp for PC Free Windows 7/8/XP/MAC

    Access to download: Free Download WhatsApp for Samsung

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    Remove Snapchat account? :That's it you are fed up pictures of 10 seconds (probably almost all of genitals anyway). THEN ONLY SOLUTION (not the event), but the deletion of your account Snapchat to do this simply follow these steps: Stop looking directly into the application that is hardly lost, and the uninstall will not change anything either (no beast in Snapchat to avoid losing too large numbers of registrants, it makes handling a little less obvious) . must log onto this page with your username Snapchat from a computer or mobile:

    https://support.snapchat.com/login?next=%2Fdelete-account ... If you like the difficulty (but hey you you still has chewed the work above I hope it is not for nothing ...) here is how to achieve this link for the application: 1 - Click the pink square at the bottom left to go in the settings:
    2 - Once in the settings, drag the screen down. You will see in the "More Information" in the field "Support". 3 - Touch support and you will come to this page in your mobile browser Internet. Select "Learning the basics" and on the page that appears made ​​slide the screen down.
    4 - Then tap "Delete an account"
    5 - On the page that appears, enter your username and password, then confirm by touching "Delete an account". ATTENTION THE ABOLITION OF ACCOUNT IS FINAL Snapchat .

    how to delete my snapchat account
    snapchat sign up
    ow do u delete snapchat account

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    The Event Viewer is a tool that displays the detailed information about significant events on your computer (for example, programs that do not start as expected, or automatically downloaded updates). The Event Viewer can be helpful when troubleshooting problems and errors with Windows and other programs. More information about Event Viewer, see What information in event logs (Event Viewer) to be displayed? .
    Open Event Viewer by clicking the>>Start"Start" button , clicking>>Control Panel , clicking>>System and Security , clicking>>Administrative click, and then click>>Event Viewer double.  
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or the confirmation. a.  Administrator permission required

    Event Viewer Logs Commend XP/Windows7/8

    You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps. If you are not logged in as an administrator, you can only change the settings for your own user account. On some event logs you can not access potentially.

    Event logs are special files where important events occurred on the computer to be recorded, for example, when a user logs onto the computer, or if an error occurs in a program. Each such event is recorded in the Windows event log that you can use the Event Viewer. The details in the event logs may for troubleshooting Windows and other programs are helpful for experienced users.

    In the Event Viewer information is recorded in various protocols. Windows protocols include the following:
    • Application events (program events). The events are depending on the severity of the event in error , warning information classified. An error is an important problem, such as the loss of data. A warning is an event that is not necessarily significant, but could indicate a future problem. Information events describe the successful execution of a program, driver, or service.
    • Safety-related events. These events are as monitoring referred to and depending on the event, such as the success of a logon attempt of a user in Windows, described as successful or failed.
    • Setup events. For a domain controller configured computers are displayed here other protocols.
    • System events. system events logged by Windows and Windows system services and classified as error, warning or information.
    • Forwarded events. these events are forwarded from other computers on this protocol.
    Applications and Services logs may have different contents. They include separate logs about the programs running on the computer as well as detailed protocols regarding certain Windows services.
    1. Open Event Viewer by clicking the Start"Start" button , clicking Control Panel , clicking System and Security , clicking Administrative click, and then click Event Viewer double.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or the confirmation. a.  Administrator permission required
    2. On the left pane, click an event log.
    3. Double-click an event to view the details of the event.
    Note:Detailed information about event logs obtained by clicking on the menu ? , and then click Help Topics button.

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      The 10 largest computer hackers of all time: You will find below two lists pirates . The first contains the name of people who actually lived or alive, while the other contains the name of fictional characters or novels or films that were pirates for their imaginary existence.
      most famous hackers in the world

      John Draper (aka Captain Crunch)

      He holds his celebrity to a cereal box, where at least the gift that was inside: a whistle. It allowed him to hack the phone lines through the sound frequency of the whistle, or 2600 Hz, the same frequency used to indicate the availability of a line. While pretending he hung up, John Draper was able to call worldwide free until it is spotted. The story cost him two months in prison

      Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are addressing the issue and put in relation with John Draper invent and eventually the blue box, a device that can detect and transmit frequency n 'any company to call for free

      Kevin Mitnick:

      college student in Southern California, he introduced into the databases of the pentagon and seized files from the American defense. Six months in jail in a detention center for young adults. Later another intrusion on the computer is programmed to Shimomura is also a hacker attack against it by exposing and delivering it to the FBI. Mitnick then scoop 5 years in prison.

      He returned a few years later by hacking the network of the research laboratory of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Near the book to the FBI and he is again condemned by one year's imprisonment.

      Robert Tappan Morris:

      the first "worm", a program that takes care of doing the work instead of hacker Author. With his first computer virus, Robert Tappan Morris in infected thousands of machines in just a few hours. It ECOPA 400 hours of community service and a fine of 10,050 dollars.

      Kevin Poulsen:

      The standard pirate radio in a sweepstakes where a Porsche 944 S2 was offered the 102nd caller, he is sure to win the prize. Some time later he was arrested by the FBI. This cost him four years in prison.

      Vladimir Levin:

      He embezzled more than $ 10 million by infiltrating the networks of U.S. bank Citibank. During the recovery of funds, his three accomplices are arrested. Eventually they go back on its tracks and stop at the airport in London.

      Jonathan James:

      A 16 years NASA hacker, breaking the password of a government server. This gives him free access to the network of NASA, he used it to recover the secret defense of a space base source code. The value of the file is valued at nearly $ 1.7 million. Being a minor he escapes prison if he had been leading this could cost him 10 years in prison.

      Gary McKinnon:

      Author of the largest attack against the U.S. Army where he sought information on UFOs, it pirate army, air, marine, defense ministry and the Pentagon. Arrested but released for lack of evidence, McKinnon escapes to 70 years in prison.

      Adrian Lamo:

      He managed to get into the network and the New York Times likes to change the log data confidential. Quickly unmasked, he gets two years in prison and 65 thousand dollars in damages to the New York Times.

      Jon Johansen:

      He is the creator of a software that can crack the CD, DVD, MP3 ...
      He is also the author of the first jailbreak on the iPhone. Apple subsequently hired to strengthen the safety of its product. Despite two trials, no evidence supports a detached condemn.


      Who is the author of an attack source code Windows 2000 (Microsoft operating system), it discloses information on P2P networks. At today nobody could identify the hacker.

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      'Best Alternatives for whatsapp' :Through the acquisition of WhatsApp through Facebook fear many users of the popular Messengers to your privacy or that WhatsApp will in future clogged with advertising. What if Facebook now is reading the messages and then sold? In order to offer these people a focal point, here we show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp.
      4 Free WhatsApp Alternatives
      The Messenger has in recent years become a popular service that has been installed on almost any smartphone shortly after commissioning. The fact that one can chat over the internet with his friends and also share voice messages, photos and videos, has people convinced of the application. Even group chats are easily possible with WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been released in 2009 and was one of the first mobile applications of its kind Meanwhile, there are countless of these services and it is hard to keep track. For her, however, still know which are the most efficient alternatives, here's a little

      Download WhatsApp for Samsung Mobile Free and Installation


      10 WhatsApp Alternatives For Your Smartphone
      Currently this application is on everyone's lips: While all common messenger attach little importance to security and privacy, Threema is trying to do to address this issue and to use for themselves. Unlike WhatsApp and Co. in this app all data is transferred completely encrypted. This is intended to neither the operator nor the parties have access to the data and can not be read along. Unfortunately, there is currently only the messenger for the two largest Android and iOS platforms.


      Best WhatsApp Alternatives NOT Owned by
      This belongs to Microsoft application can be found for many years on the PCs of various users and for some time also on smartphones and tablets around the globe. Using the app you can always and everywhere, chat, phone or even get in touch via video chat with his friends. Even the sending of photos, videos and data is easily possible. A great advantage over WhatsApp has the application is still: it is totally free and you do not you mess with various server failures.


      WhatsApp Alternatives-Only The Best And Perfect One
      Samsung also wanted to stay close to the Messenger-market somewhat and brought into a true WhatsApp clone on the market. ChatON is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Samsung Bada. Alternatively, you can use the messenger to the PC via the WebApp. However, here lies the major shortcoming of the application: The messages are not synchronized with the WebApp and displayed. This is correct but certainly not Samsung.


      Top 10 alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger
      2012 End of the Hike Messenger has come to the market. This has taken quite clear the WhatsApp service to target and tries to repress them. If the functionality of the app you look at that might have succeeded perfectly, because in the application, it is possible to set up group chats, send pictures, photos, videos or other files. Currently, there is only the messenger for the relevant platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Clients for the remaining operating systems shall be submitted later.


      Top 3 Best WhatsApp alternatives for FREE
      A very famous app messenger milieu is Viber. The application is not only an alternative to WhatsApp, but also represents a competitor to Skype, with the normal VoIP calls and video chats are possible. In addition, the developers offer a desktop client for Windows and Mac OSX. Also in the mobile applications to cover all operating systems.


      Best 3 cross platform WhatsApp alternatives
      WeChat currently has 400 million users - much of it comes from China. The number of users is thus nearly on par with that of WhatsApp (currently around 450 million users). Also WeChat has all common functions, which has integrated the top dog. There's also a kind of social network that (a mixture of Twitter and Facebook) can be seen as a message stream. Of course, this client is cross-platform, because clients available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian available. Alternatively, you can also access the web app.

      BBM 2.0

      Now we come to our opinion best competitors of WhatsApp, namely the BlackBerry Messenger. Since the summer of 2013, the application no longer exclusive to BlackBerry, but also for Android and iOS. With the opening of the Messenger service to other platforms is hoping the ailing BlackBerry manufacturer a larger fan base and makes indirectly of course also advertise its own operating system, BlackBerry 10, in which the service is deeply rooted.

      Download WhatsApp for Nokia Free Symbian OS Mobile Phones

      With the new update, which was released recently, the Canadian company has beefed up the Messenger tidy: VoIP calls, channels, location-sharing, new emoticons and more attachments make the messenger an all-rounder. Very interesting is the system with the personal PINs: Each registered user gets a personal PIN. This he can pass instead of a phone, communicating via BBM. The advantage is obvious: My counterpart knows except my PIN not my cell number or the like. Moreover, the data on BBM via the closed BlackBerry network will be encrypted. So it is not possible for outsiders to intercept and listen to the data.


      Also Line belongs to a number of users of 340 million people, one of the largest messenger. In terms of functionality, this app does not differ much from those of the competition. Only the feature that you can do directly from the Photos application, and these provided with stickers, emphasizes the app from the crowd.


      Last year, this application has come on the market and has made a full encryption talked about. Of course you can also set up group chats. The special feature is that up to 200 contacts can chat in a group - no other app offers this capacity. In addition, the chats are stored in the cloud and not on the device itself, this has the advantage that the conversations can be synchronized across multiple devices.

      Whatsapp Alternative Here is the top Messager For Iphone/android

      Since Telegram security is very important, there is also a feature name "Secret Chat". This function enables the messages to miss a kind of expiration date. After this time point, the message destroys itself and is therefore no longer visible. Big disadvantage: The app's currently only available for Android, iOS and the desktop. Users of Windows Phone, Blackberry or other operating systems fall by the wayside.


      In principle, it is up to you, what messenger he or she used. It is important that friends, work colleagues, etc. follow suit. Because even if you have the only concerns about security and privacy, does it really make much, because chat with yourself is more meaningful free. One should themselves first to get an idea of ​​a new Messenger and then convince his contacts. Who puts great emphasis on safety is in good hands with Threema. A good all round package provides the BBM 2.0 BlackBerry. Emergency, but you can write a text message so still. ;)

      Download WhatsApp for PC Free Windows 7/8/XP/MAC

      Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
      Your IP : - Country : - City:
      Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
      PROTECT YOURSELF & SUPPORT US! Purchase a VPN Today!
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      'Make Your Computer Faster':Recommend this article logical steps to improve performance your computer if you are running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or even Unix / Linux as your operating system. If you go though each step, you will easily save $$  you would have paid a computer technician handle it for you.
      how to improve my computer perfomance better

      Instructions to Make your Computer Faster

      1.Determine the make and model of your computer. All computer manufacturers post information and files online that can be used to solve problems or improve performance. You also need to know which version of your operating system you have installed. For example, there are significant differences between Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Home Edition. You should also find out what hardware is installed on your computer. At a minimum, you should know what type of processor, amount and type of memory, hard disk type and capacity and video card you have installed in your computer.

      For computers running a version of Microsoft Windows, go to the computer properties. You can find information about the version of the operating system, processor speed, memory and other details. For most Macs, go to the Apple menu and choose Mac "on this. "This will tell you the version, processor and memory. Click the "Read more" for additional details.

      1.Apply updates to the operating system. Microsoft and Apple both free constantly updates to their operating systems. This is why it is important to have access to the Internet. You can download updates to a flash drive or any other portable storage device and then install them on the computer, but it is much easier to access the Internet from the computer you are working on. These updates improve performance and security.
      In Windows, click "Start,""All Programs" and select "Windows Update". For Mac, click the Apple menu and select "Software Update." Follow the instructions.

      2.Install and update antivirus software. Anti-virus is one of your main defenses against security breaches, which often affect the performance of a computer. Once you have anti-virus installed and updated, perform a full system scan. Understand that, depending on the amount of data on your computer, it may take a few hours.

      3.Install and update software anti-spyware/adware. While most intruders spyware / adware are not as malicious as viruses, they significantly reduce the performance of your computer. Once your anti-spyware program is installed and updated, perform a full system scan. Again, be prepared for it to take a few hours.

      4.Open Disk Defragmenter. Each computer running almost any operating system is faced with the question of disk fragmentation. Ideally, when a computer reading and writing data on a hard drive, it would take a pass on the hard drive to do so. What disk defragmentation is to reorganize how the data is stored on the hard drive, so your computer takes less time to find and retrieve information. As for the other steps mentioned above, disk defragmentation can take some time.

      5.After completing the previous steps, you may find that your computer is not just having enough hardware resources. If you like to play games that are focused on the video, your video card may not have a fast enough or enough memory dedicated to video processor. Depending on your operating system, you may have insufficient RAM, or physical memory. If you have less than 2GB of RAM, chances are good that you do not have enough memory to run faster on your computer. HDD is also a problem in terms of performance.
      Not only the speed of data transfer and the hard drive problem; thus the amount of free disk space. Recommendations range from 100 MB to 500 MB in the free space on the physical disk.
      If you find that your computer hardware must be upgraded, you can consider to buy and do it yourself or find a reputable store or it professional to help you.

      Tips & Warnings 

      Using the Internet as a resource. Microsoft Windows and Apple sites have lots of information and resources to help you improve the performance of your computer. Do not forget to go to the computer manufacturer's website as well. Update software that runs the hardware on the computer may have a significant impact on performance. All these sites have detailed instructions on how to implement their updates and patches.

      Different Types Of Computer,Internet ,Cyber Crimes

      Beware of websites that offer to perform security scans on your system free, or other services such as check that you are running the latest drivers for all the hardware in your computer. Chances are very good that these websites are not only looking to sell you something, but they are also install spyware, adware or worse, virus. Only visit sites that are trustworthy, such as Microsoft, Apple, legitimate Web site and computer security manufacturers. ?

      Event Viewer Logs Command XP/Windows7/8

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      1.The Great Wall of China.

      Top 10 Wonderful Historic Monuments
      Listed as UNESCO heritage, the Great Wall of China, called "the dragon ten thousand li" is a must for anyone passing almost comes to visit the country. About 6700 km, it ripples out of sight. It was built, destroyed and rebuilt several times and several places between the 3rd century BC. BC and the 17th century to mark and defend the northern border of China. This is the most important architectural structure ever built by man both in length, surface and mass.

      2.The Eiffel Tower

      100 Most Beautiful Monuments In The World

      3.The Taj Mahal. India.

      Top 10 Famous Monuments around the World
      It is not a palace but a mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his wife died giving birth to their fourteenth child in 1631. Monument to exceed in beauty all which had been built so far. The work took 17 years of hard work, from 1631 to 1648 that ruined the finances of the empire.

      4.The Statue of Liberty

      The Most Beautiful Buildings in the World, Ranked

      5.The Pyramids of Giza. Egypt.

      45 Awe-Inspiring Landmarks Around The World
      Pyramids of Giza symbolize all the greatness and genius of the Egyptian civilization. Built here more than 4,500 years, they remain a mystery to archaeologists

      6.The Bridge of San Francisco. San Francisco.

      symbol of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing the San Francisco Bay about 2 km long. The Golden Gate, which can be translated into French as "Golden Gate" is distinguished by its color called "International Orange '." This mythical color was chosen by architect Marrow due to its harmony with the bay Golden Gate.

      7.The Matchu Pitchu. Peru.

      Machu Picchu belongs to the family of the dead large towns and cities lost. This is the most spectacular South American pre-Columbian monument, as the importance of constructions by the incredible beauty of the place. Machu Picchu has retained its mystery is still not clear whether this is an old fortress, a city, a sanctuary or all at once

      8.Statue of Christ the Redeemer. Rio de Janeiro.

      Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, one of the new 7 wonders of the world, released, was able to reopen his arms. Inaugurated in October 1931, this sculpture of Paul Landowski - a French - had gradually lost its original splendor. This monument of 38 meters high, overlooking Rio de Corcovado mountain.

      9.The Tower of Pisa. Italy.

      Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the symbols of central Italy and emblem of the Tuscan city of Pisa. The legend says that the top of this tower, Galileo measured towards the end of the sixteenth century, the time of fall of various body and could show that the speed of their fall was the same for everyone, and not proportional to their mass as Aristotle assumed before.

      11.St. Basil's Cathedral. Moscow.

      At the center of the city hosts the Red Square Kremlin, built between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, it was the residence of the Great Prince and also a religious center. The name of the place does not come from the color of the surrounding red brick, or the link between the color and communism. A more accurate translation of his Russian name is also the "Beautiful Place".

      12.The Empire State Building. New York.

      The Empire State Building is the most famous of New York but also the highest (448 m) skyscraper. Built in the 1930s, in the midst of economic crisis, it is the affirmation of belief in American capitalism. Today, some 15,000 people work in the Empire State Buiding and thousands of tourists every day take the elevator to the incredible view from the 86th floor terrace.

      13.Mount Rushmore

      National Memorial Mount Rushmore (English: Mount Rushmore National Memorial), located near the city of Rapid City in the state of South Dakota in the United States, is a monumental granite sculpture located within presidential memorial in the United States that traces 150 years of history. Sculptures, 18 meters high, represent four of the most important presidents in American history. It is left to the right of George Washington (1732-1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) and Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 1. The memorial covers an area of 5.17 km ² and is located 2 1 745 meters. It is managed by the National Park Service under the Department of the Interior of the United States and attracts over two million visitors each year.

      14.The rock pierced

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      New Android users are thrown into the deep end. It all works somewhat differently to a computer, and the OS does not allow everything. We put seven tips/tricks for you in a row with Android soon to start learning.
      Android Tips & Tricks - Android Apps on Google Play

      1 Automatic Updates.

      If you work with Android, you will soon find that you have no control over the system updates that wishes to implement. This is done by the provider or the manufacturer of your smartphone. So you get to a certain point, indicating that the system is updating. You can keep pressing the cross behind the update button, this has no effect. Applications contrast display a notification when an update is available. This you can decide whether you want to carry yourself.

      2. For Play Store!

      While we're talking about apps, where do you download them. The simplest option is to just your apps from the Play Store to pick from Google. Also music, movies and books here are available for any Android user. Just choose the application from which you want , free or paid, and start downloading. The app will then end up on the desktop of your smartphone. You can also download the applications via a home computer. If you are logged into the same Google Account on your smartphone, then the download also start there. There are other options such as Amazon Appstore, but sometimes you make it unnecessarily difficult.
      Hide applications you are not using and download secure applications in the Google Play Store.

      3. Apps stop by itself

      A common mistake with new Android users is that they think they can put out. Apps No application has a shutdown icon or button. This is because it is not possible to conclude. There is no need for the man, because the Android system keeps control of your apps. These are automatically closed when you are not using them for a while. Do not worry, it will not happen that the memory crashes. If an app needs more memory , close other applications on Android.

      10 Reasons not to Buy a Smartphone Must Read

      4. Hide preinstalled apps

      When starting your Android will immediately notice how much garbage there preinstalled by providers and manufacturers. Many of the applications that you encounter during your encounter with Android, you will never use. Some of these apps can be removed, others do not. You can get them or hide and then only see applications that you want to use.

      5. Customize your home screen

      You can completely customize menu to your own style. Not everyone is aware of this, but you can choose where you're looking at. So experiment with the possibilities . You can just delete the preset apps and widgets, and instead put away items that really matter to you.
      32 essential Android tips and tricks
      Choose your own style and make your Android personally.

      6 Flash. Inaccessible

      Your Android is not a PC. Since many web pages use Flash, and these are disabled by Android, the web is not all content is always visible. There is no possibility to have access to the Flash website's access. Applications which are said to be able to, you should avoid. These are probably applications other than what is stated about it on the help page.

      7. Sharing with Android

      Android devices are meant to share information., Photos and videos It is not for nothing that there is a special section icon is created. If you have taken a picture, you see that icon will appear. You can send immediately via WhatsApp or photo. The share icon is not only meant for social media, you can also use it to store web pages on applications or to store in the cloud videos.

      Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile Procedure

      50 really useful Android tips and tricks news

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      Are you traveling with the tablet, you do not have internet access - except with a 3G device. Find a WLAN Hotspot but you can also go without 3G go online.
      how can i trace the free wifi signal wifi hack trick
      A mini-tablet like the Nexus 7 is ideal for traveling: It is light, compact and yet has a larger screen than a smartphone. Then especially movies and games are impressive. And also makes web surfing more fun with it. But especially with cheap Mini Tablets only WLAN models are preferred bought, for the versions with 3G are much more expensive.

      Alternatively, you could bring tethering online access via smartphone via Wi-Fi to the tablet. But the cost of battery life. With the Android App Open Signal Maps make the move fixed easily, where WLANs are in the vicinity - for example, freely accessible hotspots that provide Internet access via Wi-Fi. The app analyzes wireless networks in the vicinity and is wearing a their location on Google Maps.
      The yellow marked WLANs are accessible from your current position, Open signal therefore shows simultaneously on their signal strength: With a touch of the Wi-Fi icon on the map, you can immediately connect to the WLAN. Encrypted networks marked the app by a lock icon. however, the app also transmits data such as the reception strength of the detected wireless networks and the current position of the tablet to the App providers - according to Open Signal is done so anonymously:

      The data is in the hotspot database the app a. You can prohibit the app data transmission by selecting "Settings> Data transmission" and then "No data transmission".

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      Every company at some point in their business reaches the point at which you should consider an additional source of acquiring new customers. Most start-ups immediately puts on Internet marketing based on web service and its positioning in the search engines. But there are companies in the market that exist for a long time and did not yet have its own website. In this article we will try to describe the items which should be followed when choosing a cheap web hosting, which will be website.
      inexpensive web hosting
      Talking about having a website hosting we have to mention that is an integral part of the whole. Ideally, it was a cheap web hosting, but it's hard to find something that is both cheap and professional. But it is not impossible - this article proves it. Hosting is a place on the network, or a shared surface on the server, which will be located our website and e-mail (e-mail).

      Home cheap web hosting - a good solution?

      Some may say that the launch own hosting on your home computer and there will be the one side and the post office. Of course, such a possibility exists, but you should be aware that our website and web hosting should be available 24 hours a day. What makes the launch of hosting at home will generate large costs associated with electricity consumption, not to mention the additional costs associated with software licenses and additional Internet connections, which should have a professional web hosting. Therefore, a solution based on domestic little cheap web hosting and professional hosting companies that have just created are not a good choice.

      Therefore, how to find the cheap web hosting that is both good?

      The task is not easy. As previously mentioned, appeared on the market a new hosting company, usually carried out by minors who have no business of trying to earn some extra money. Their offer is very attractive because offer cheap hosting services for the buck, even below the cost of profitability in the major hosting companies. In an environment of people versed in the topic and who know a lot about the cheap web hosting companies like these are called "bushes". 99% of these companies will disappear after 1-6 months of starting operations. Most often disappear without a trace along with customer data (web pages, e-mail) so it's important to not hit for this type of company.

      First rule: Check the details of which services you want to use.

      Important in this case is about:
      best web hosting company
      • The time that the company exists on the market. We propose the use of cheap web hosting services only companies that operate in the market for at least 5 years. These companies have already experienced.
      • The type of business. Activities legally or not. If you do not find the tax identification number or mention of the company is a VAT payer is immediately reject the offer of the company.
      • Changes made on the page. Here, have a look to the "news", most companies have podstroję, which presents information on the changes that are being introduced in the company. If the last news older than a year, we reject the offer. This indicates that the company did not make any changes, the offer becomes unattractive. A probability that a company offering cheap web hosting, and being a bush growing.

      Second rule: Pay attention to the parameters chosen for cheap hosting.

      Parameters in a cheap web hosting are important because they define the limits, which will have our cheap web hosting. Most large companies surpasses the values ​​of the individual parameters that the statistical client are not used even 10%. Do not decide on the services of the company only after these parameters, because you can hit the company, which will be a huge number of customers, and for the time to support your queries will be extended. Besides, why buy a package with huge limits, which will not use. Keep in mind that the size of these values ​​has no effect on the speed of service under cheap web hosting.

      In the case of the parameters for the newly created service we offer to have a minimum of:
      - 3GB of disk space (FTP) 
      - 50GB monthly transfer (which is the sum of incoming and outgoing traffic), 
      - no limits to: the number of connected domains / subdomains and mailboxes.

      These limits allow for maintenance of the newly created service for a very long time without generating additional costs. In addition, we check whether the selected cheap hosting has the ability to free and without obligation to test the service. This makes no commitment can run on cheap hosting service and by example 14 days and free of charge to test the service. If you will meet our requirements it will remain on the selected option

      In conclusion which company to choose?

      All described in this article meet the criteria for services offered by the company " Hoste.com ". So if you're looking for a service provider that offers cheap web hosting , have a look at their website ( www.xyzhost.com ). There you'll find an accurate description of each web hosting package. And if you have any questions, ask them to contact by phone or email. Employees of the company will be happy to answer all your questions.

      You can also look at our own information on cheap web hosting and make the choice yourself. We hope that the above information significantly easier for you to choose a cheap web hosting.

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      Your IP : - Country : - City:
      Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
      Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
      PROTECT YOURSELF & SUPPORT US! Purchase a VPN Today!
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      The blog is a means of communication and can also become a good source of income. It simply requires compliance with some conditions for it to be profitable.
      how to create a blog in easy way
      To create a successful blog, you are given three pillars. Firstly, it is important that the blog contains good articles related to your market or your theme to be able to promote your products or those of others.
      The banners will be used to expose them and play a very important role in the effectiveness of your blog.

      Publish blog posts to value

      To get traffic to your blog, you must first have one. Buying a domain name is essential to demonstrate the credibility of its audience. can get suggestions through site  -Your idee.net . You will find different ideas of domains available and know exactly where to get it.

      Then you must understand that your blog articles must be of quality, interesting for your readers, but also the search engines. Besides keywords, articles are already a type of SEO which the life of a blog depends This is why they have to be more communicative and optimized while remaining honest.

      Integrating banner

      The banners have always been the basis for monetizing a website, whether by membership, payment for clicks or selling your own products. Ideally will always offer products and services connection with the subject of your blog. In this way, the conversion rate will increase gradually as you develop a relationship with your audience. And to increase the proximity effect with your audience better than nothing ...

      Using the playlist

      The search for new players and maintaining a value-added relationship with your current audience is a recipe for a successful blog. This requires the construction of a list of persons likely to become consumers of products and services you have to offer.

      The ideal is to capture the email of its visitors in exchange for a free gift. This can be an ebook, a training video or a free software. Then, it will develop a strong relationship with your prospects. It is not necessary that they must receive from time to time quality information on your part not to forget the existence of your blog.

      In summary, the implementation of these three pillars will allow you to build a blog of great authority, a traffic and therefore a privileged relationship with your readers what is called a successful blog

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      YouTube Unblocker for Firefox unlocked blocked YouTube videos without having to resort to a proxy server.
      youtube videos blocked
      If you look at videos on YouTube, it is often the case that these are blocked. This is because YouTube has not yet been agreed in many cases with the collecting society GEMA. Since it is in the stars when that will happen and blocked videos are extremely disturbing, there are now many programs that you can bypass the lock of YouTube videos. Most of these tools use for this purpose proxy server, but not so YouTube Unblocker for Firefox . The add-on uses on their servers through which the blocked YouTube videos are then retrieved. This method has the advantage that the videos will load faster than via a proxy server.

      Installation and operation of YouTube Unblocker for Firefox Download Extension from Below

      YouTube Unblocker is for Firefox installed directly, you have to only allow the installation and then restart the browser is already working the add-on. Now, if you call a video on YouTube, which is blocked, YouTube Unblocker for Firefox raises the lock on and plays the video after a short message directly from. In addition to the extension for Firefox YouTube Unblocker is also available as an add-on for Chrome available, Opera and Safari.
      After clicking on the download link

      Watch Youtube Videos Without Any Buffering Struck On Mobile And Slow Internet Connection

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      Nokia's mobile division has recently unveiled its new smartphone based on android called Nokia X. It was not really a surprise because rumors already spoke for some time; what was a surprise is rather that this
      Nokia mobile division which was acquired by Microsoft launches smartphones with the operating system (android) of its competitor. In terms of appearance, the Nokia OS X has nothing to do with android and a little closer to Windows phone. Another important fact, the operating system does not come with Google applications such as store play, application launcher, etc. ... We will see later how the rooter and install the Google applications. This will allow you to customize your phone by installing third-party applications such as themes, games and custom ROM.
      However, remember that the root of your smartphone may void the warranty and can potentially damage your device if not done correctly. In addition, the Nokia X bootloader is partially blocked and therefore there is no solution for the functional recovery time. Use this tutorial at your own risk, GUDTRICKS.NET not be liable for any damage caused by this manipulation for
       This hack comes from a senior member of XDA Developers Kashamalaga.


      Download and install the application Framaroot .
      Download Root Explorer for the file explorer.
      Download and install NokiaX_ Gapps.zip .
      Download NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps.zip .

      Steps to Rooter Nokia X:

      • Run Framaroot application, you will rooter device through one or more exploits .
      • Use one of the exploits available to try rooter device. A screen will appear to tell you whether it was successful or not. Otherwise, try again but using another exploit available.
      • Once the root is complete, launch a file explorer of your choice allowing you to modify the permissions of system files.
      • Download and unzip the contents of the file NokiaX_ Gapps.zip APK and copy all files in the archive to the / system / app using File Explorer.
      • Change the access of APK files in playback mode for everyone and write only for the landlord as shown in the following screen capture rights.
      • Restart your device and install all APK files NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps.zip, as you usually do.
      Source: XDA-Developers

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        With "SuperOneClick" switch user to root privileges freely on their Android smartphone. This allows direct access to the system files of Android. In addition, users can install by some especially exciting apps that would not run without root privileges. However, users should be careful what files they delete if they have root access to your Android smartphone.

        This can include the software

        The root access on the Android smartphone are practical and allow the user to many exciting opportunities. First, can thus functions disabled and system files are deleted, had no access to the user under normal circumstances. However, this is also a risk: users with root privileges should only delete files that they can estimate the function. Otherwise there is a real opportunity to make the smartphone unusable.

        Get Android Look for Your Windows 8 Mobile Procedure

        Download Super One Click from below

        A fast and usable for many smartphone software for rooting is "SuperOneClick". As the name suggests, users can get with just one-click access to root privileges. On request, a root shell with "SuperOneClick" possible and can, if necessary with the unroot function, root access again block.

        "SuperOneClick" is free of charge. However, users should also be aware that the rooting is done at your own risk.

        This means the net world editors to SuperOneClick

        The rooting of Android smartphones with "SuperOneClick" unlocks many opportunities, but also carries a certain risk. Because the rooting in principle also possible, for example, provides the processor clock speed to change, the activation of the root privileges in the worst case can even negatively affect the warranty impact of the manufacturer.

        7 Tips/Tricks for New Android Users You Must Know to Master In android

        "SuperOneClick" can be run on Windows computers with XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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        The number of credit card offers is enormous and it is very difficult for a consumer to find the appropriate credit card. But if you follow some principles you can choose the right offer. First of all you have to be aware which features of a credit card you value most and thus get your priorities right.
        Keep in mind
        • Check your local bank's offer and ask for a special customer offer. Start comparing this offer with other available credit card terms and conditions. 
        • You can find different credit card offers on bank's or credit companies' websites. Ask about the approval time since most credit cards can be approved within seconds and you don't have to wait for long.
        • Take a thorough look at the cardholder agreement where you will find a lot of information necessary to get the best deal. Look for hidden information and the strings attached. 
        • Compare the membership or annual fees the credit card company charges you. 
        • For new customers these drop mostly out for a limited period of time. But don't get tricked and compare the regular membership fees afterwards. The best way is to compile a spreadsheet with all the fees and charges. 

        Tricks to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rates With Your companies

        Step by step:

        • Examine the restrictions to credit. Sometimes there is a requirement to deposit a certain percentage of the credit line on an account. 
        • The most important step is it to compare the annual percentage rate (APR) which the credit card company charges you for outstanding balances. 
        • Usually there is a grace period which varies from offer to offer and allows you to pay back the outstanding balance without interest charges. 
        • Check if there is it the possibility for automatic payments to be deducted from your bank account. 
        • Thus you can avoid unnecessary interest charges. Keep in mind that the annual percentage rate is frequently very low at the beginning to lure new customers. 
        • You can find special calculators on the internet to compare and simulate different interest rates. Therefore compare the regular APR of various offers. 
        • Don't get tempted by the numerous rewards and benefits packages (like extended product warranties, free loss coverage, points for cash etc.) which are very hard to compare but mostly don't offer any value added to the customer. 
        • Finally take a look at charges for exceeding the credit limit, for cash advances and convenience cheque's and for transactions in foreign currencies. 
        • Make sure that no travel restrictions are part of the credit card terms.

        The Best Way to Find Home Insurance Quotes online

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          Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
          Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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          Managing the customer relationship, which bears the acronym CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategy to identify its customers to improve its retention strategy. Software vendors have developed specialized software that simplifies tracking customers.
          find right crm software for your business
          This software, used properly, allow to increase company profits, save time by promoting the automation of certain tasks, improve business responsiveness face some problems such as declining numbers of sales and increase the loyalty of existing customers. However, the plethora of software available on the market do not make the easy choice. Here are 10 tips for choosing a CRM software for your needs and your financial capacity

          1 - Evaluate your needs

          Should not engage in the purchase of CRM software as a fashion or because a business has you convincing demonstrations. Do not imagine that just buy a CRM software to massively increase the number of its customers. The first step is to assess your needs in terms of customer relationship management . The goals you set for yourself to improve the management of your customer relationships are clear . Assign each of your goals a coefficient depending on the importance you give him. It is upstream we must ask the question of whether there is a CRM software that can meet your expectations.

          2 - Choosing a software with easy handling

          Some publishers offer CRM software tailored to certain sectors . These programs therefore require less customization, compared to some more general software that adaptation requires extensive IT knowledge. Moreover, it should be ensured that the provider supports the customization. This precaution has the advantage of reducing the cost of deploying the software .

          3 - Check that the selected software is scalable

          This is very important in the current context that is marked by a very rapid evolution of information technology and communication. It should be able to choose a CRM be operational for several years by adapting to changes in your competitive industry and economic environment . CRM able to interact with the web has become nowadays essential . Ideally, these changes can be made ​​internally by your staff. Ignore these tips and choose a CRM could cause improper changes recurring CRM devices.

          4 - Make sure that the CRM software is compatible with your system information

          A good CRM software should be able to s' integrate with the computer system of the company . It must be compatible with the software messaging and managements of the company. The selected software should therefore accept data formats produced by different management systems of the company. This integration will avoid re-keying and formatting tedious.

          5 - Slice between the internal mode and external mode when installing a CRM

          In the external mode , the application is installed on a remote server. The company employees are accessing via the Internet. The choice of this mode will be free of maintenance tasks and duties related to the use of the software . In the internal mode , the application is installed on a server internal to the company. The main advantage is then increased protection of confidential data .

          6 - Opting for a publisher that offers a free trial

          CRM software will administer a strategic sector for your business. We must therefore ensure (through the test period) that the selected software is that you expected. It would be unfortunate to choose a suitable CRM to your structure. Some publishers allow you to try their software for periods of up to six months .

          7 - Choose a vendor that offers several CRM solutions

          The disadvantage with a seller who has only one CRM software is that it will try by all means (without commercial arguments) to sell you their product. By choosing a vendor that offers multiple solutions and many uses, and you have the advantage of comparing before choosing .

          8 - Choose a software adapted to the size of your business

          At the first level of customer relationship management, is managing contacts. At the second level, there is a contact management associated with a shared database. The last level includes, in addition to the features already mentioned, monitoring sales and opportunities. The first level is sufficient for very small businesses, while the last level will provide a broader multinational institutions and functional scope.

          9 - Prepare staff

          Task automation is often seen by staff as a threat . It would be regrettable that you would take the trouble to choose the right software and the latter is boycotted by the staff. It is therefore evangelize minds before confirming any purchase .

          10 - Controlling costs

          CRM software requires various interventions before being fully operational . Should not only focus on the cost of acquiring the software. There must be a budget that includes estimated costs of customization, maintenance, training and all the necessary operations deployment of CRM. The estimated budget will be spread over three years. It is only after this stage that can be compared objectively different solutions on the market .

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          "Best SEO Companies": There are over 14 billion online searches every month. This number is not likely to decrease anytime soon. Does your website have one of the driving action research? If not, chances are you need the help of a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company.
          How do you choose the best SEO company for your site? What do you look for in a successful business SEO? The online world is constantly evolving. He seldom remains static. This is why you want a company that offers continuous customer support and make adjustments to your SEO plan, whenever necessary.

          If you want your website on top of all relevant research, it must contain trustworthy information. This is what the search engines are looking for, and the top is where you want to be.

          The best SEO companies build strategic relevance of your site to all major search engines know this website offers what people want. The result is a first position on their results page, which means more traffic for your site.

          What can you expect to receive the best SEO companies?

          • An account manager who will have a real interest in your business, from products to services. This person will know your target market and work to reach the goal.

          • An evaluation of your site, structure the content of the keyword density and other factors critical to SEO success.

          • An assessment of the competitiveness of your site keywords, including the development of a strategy to target search phrases that will bring business to your site.

          • A detailed flowchart describing necessary to build successful business.

          • An implementation in a timely manner of all tasks to ensure a rapid rate of success.

          The best SEO companies deliver a significant increase in website traffic and return on investment (ROI). Before choosing a company, be sure to ask for references. Do not be afraid to ask a curriculum vitae of their success of the site, which should include a note on various search engines. In this way, you separate those who just talk the talk, those who talk the talk and walk the walk.

          If your site appears to be an under achiever, it may be time to call in a professional, an experienced SEO company. And do not settle for anything but the best. It will be reflected in the success of your site.
          Best SEO company 

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          "E-Commerce" is short for electronic commerce, which means translated from English electronic commerce or trade. This electronic trading takes place on the World Wide Web. Thus, under E-commerce is generally understood to internet commerce - Advertise, Buy or Sell without leaving the house, from the comfort of your own computer.
          best wordpress ecommerce website
          But not only the buying and selling process falls under the broad concept of E-commerce - including any services are used for example in the area of customer service and online banking instead of under the guise of e-commerce. His focus is electronic commerce, however, certainly in the field of B2C and B2B businesses.

          The advantages of e-commerce

          But what benefits does the topic of e-commerce companies or the customers? One of the most important properties of digital commerce is that purchasing processes can be activated almost without any delay. The customer can browse online catalogs of his couch, pay online and the product of his desire will be sent to him at best a very timely manner. The buying experience is quick and convenient. The company can provide customers already online and the best advice before making purchase decisions.

          In e-commerce, there is a huge opportunity for a broad exchange of information between customer and service provider or providers. This means that the customer in advance all information can be provided that he needs - and that without a customer service representative must, thousands of times to answer the same old answers the phone.

          The issue of e-commerce has gained much with time complexity and has become one of the core business models on the Internet. In the business model of e-commerce, it is very much on a good performance of marketing measures, such as affiliate marketing, search engine marketing ( SEM ) and search engine optimization ( SEO ) to - because only then can the supply side are also found by the customer.

          Was that e-commerce business earlier still weak, at least since the advent of commercial giant Amazon to recognize an increasing professionalization, which makes itself felt in the ever-growing range of pre-shop systems.

          0 0

          Easy to sell on the internet? This is a very common misconception, but the dream to reality, it is better to prepare ahead for a successful e-commerce project! By answering our 12 questions, you get a scoring your project live which will direct you to the type e-commerce solution for your needs. We also give you a range of budget to predict.
          how do i start a e commerce website online

          1.I want to sell a few items or thousands of items?

          The solution should allow management more or less advanced product based catalog of its importance: number of hierarchical levels of the catalog, possibility of clusters of cross products by themes such as news or promotions, etc.. One of the main purposes of an e-commerce solution is to allow the user to find the product they are looking for as quickly as possible. This involves ergonomic navigation menus but also effective keyword or search criteria. More your product catalog will be deeper and the notion of searchandising should be developed in the chosen solution: search filters or faceted search comparators, adapting the navigation behavior of the user, etc..

          2.My articles are they simple or complex to describe?

          To reduce the pitfalls of the physical distance between the user and the internet channel-specific product, we recommend that the e-retailer to provide as much information and pictures of its products to the visitor. The solution should ideally allow multiple photo management and provide quality zoom so the visual aspect is important, as in the case of clothing sites. In some situations you can also choose to insert video or PDF documents to enhance the product description. If your products have specific technical properties, such as appliances or computers, for example, the solution should allow advanced property management section. In addition, if your items require choosing a size, a color, a volume, etc.. you need a solution that is multi-dimensional articles at risk of ending up with catalogs indigestible products. Finally, if you want to associate related items or accessories to your products to increase your average shopping basket, you must provide in advance.

          3.How do I organize my inventory management?

          Initially, when the e-retailer has few orders to deal with, most e-commerce solutions suitable for managing inventory. But soon, this question becomes serious consequences if it was not properly prepared. Payment of unavailable items caused by users repayment obligations and strong discontent. In case your items fall out of stock, would you allow control and display longer delivery time? Would you prevent payment of the item and alert the user by email at its next availability? Do you want to display the number of items in stock? etc.. These questions concern the front office part of the solution, that is to say, the translation of inventory on your e-commerce site.

          Inventory management back office may need to answer many features: replenishment, purchasing management, supplier relationship management, multi-tabling, drop shipping, etc.. The complexity of inventory management is closely linked to the rotation of products and therefore the number of orders to be processed compared to the number of stored products. Beyond about 300 orders per month, we recommend choosing an e-commerce solution that integrates advanced management of stocks or synchronize its e-commerce solution with dedicated software.

          4.What methods of payment can I make available to my visitors?

          Crucial issue to maximize your number of sales on the site! Initially, a solution that includes a payment by Paypal is enough to test your model. It requires no special contract with your bank as payment by credit card. But very soon it proved to be a real drag, because this payment method is not yet used by all users. You offer more payment options and you facilitate the act of purchase: payment by check, bank transfer, secure payment in installments, with or without credit, payment on delivery, etc.. Payments in installments are particularly recommended for sites with average basket - ie the average amount of orders - is high. In this case, it is often useful to have software tools to fight against fraud, as Fia-Net for example.

          5.How do I ensure my delivery?

          Delivery costs are still very often an obstacle to the act of buying on the Internet. It is also a source of important issues for e-shopping: poorly filled addresses, inconsiderate guests who say they have not received the product, etc.. To increase the attractiveness of products, offer delivery to a certain amount, offer various carriers - deliveryman deposit - or various types of mail - sending simple tracking, quick - all of which are have an important effect on the success of an e-commerce project. The ecommerce solution should be able to provide these treatments when buying and when processing orders. Advanced solutions offer more automatic qualification delivery addresses or integrated carriers of various labeling.

          6.How do I process orders from my customers?

          Another crucial question! From a hundred orders per month, processing customer orders is very time consuming and a source of significant errors without adequate solution. At this point, if you want to grow and monetize its processing time it is essential to have an efficient back office or its interface with a dedicated software solution. I begin. How to estimate the number of my order? Consider that on average 3 out of 100 will place an order on an e-commerce site. If a site generates 10,000 visits per month, it can reasonably expect to get 300 orders.

          If the cost of acquisition for this visit (marketing costs) is 25 cents, it will provide 2,500 euros for the 10 000 visits. These figures are provided as an example. They obviously vary depending on the quality of the site, sales and many other factors such as industry and competitive pressure. It should nevertheless remember that the number of command is strongly related to marketing investment budgets.

          7.Do I want a custom graphic?

          Key issue for the choice ofe-commerce solution. If your answer is "Yes, it is a key point! "Are you saying that your wait more customization or graphic ownership of your site, the greater the time spent by designers will be long ... and the bill will be high. This is the case for all those who wish to impose a brand or product with a target identified by a mature marketing thinking.

          And this is particularly true in some sectors (fashion, jewelry, clothing, etc..) Or to stick to a demanding target (community of enthusiasts, specific age, etc..). The concept of template, customizable or not, indicates that you need to follow a general structure of e-commerce, more or less flexible site. As part of a graphic custom, your freedom of artistic expression will be greater.

          8.Do I want to develop commercial activities on the site?

          Price management by customers, coupon codes, sales campaigns, discounts of all kinds, etc.. If you want to perform this type of marketing campaigns, think before choosing your solution! If you are in a highly competitive sector of activity, you will have certainly develop marketing campaigns regularly to differentiate yourself. They are also an important tool for your customer loyalty base, to bring back order on your site. Sometimes, in a multi-channel logic, you can be tempted to combine promotions via paper catalog or mailing your dealer site. Finally, if you have a logical selling B to B, will you allow your connected on your site to benefit from preferential rates customers?

          9.Is what I want to retain my customers?

          Make sure the e-commerce solution provides at least one management module of the customer relationship. In the current context of increasing qualified traffic acquisition costs, retention is often a key to success. In case you want to perform advanced segmentation of your customer base and send them promotional emails, newsletters, etc.. also planning a possibility to interface with a dedicated solution or advanced back office functionality on the subject. Beyond a few hundred contacts, you will need to use professional solutions for efficient routing of your emails.

          10.How will I bring traffic to my website?

          This question goes beyond the issue of the choice of e-commerce solution. However, some subjects must draw your attention because sometimes the type of platform chosen can have a significant impact on the potential traffic that the site will be able to capture naturally. The solution must meet the technical requirements for SEO: URL rewriting, HTML content valid, etc..

          The ability to add content in the form of news, blogs or counseling records is also very significant because it is in this way that increases its visibility in the search engines. If the solution is directly interfaced with the price comparison is a plus for e-traders who use them. This however is not essential as there are now dedicated solutions for this type of service that are sometimes better suited. Also be careful not to choose too limited in terms of traffic permitted solution. Nowadays, these e-commerce solutions are avoided.

          11.How do I efficiently manage my business?

          There are no preconceived model to effectively control a business online. However, it is important to take into account the main indicators of the power drive. Among the usual rules we consider the number of visits, conversion rate and average basket. If we define a conversion rate of 3% for an average 90 € basket, we can determine that it will take about 400 visits to make € 1,000 CA (CA Web Nb = VU * rate * Amount Cart transformer).

          Beginning of turnover, it is essential to know its gross margin to whether the cost of traffic acquisition has enabled a return on investment. In our example, $ 1,000 CA emit eg 500 $ gross margin for 100 $ of purchase traffic (25 cts visit). Will I manage to reach a net margin to ensure the profitability of my project? Blind on these indicators, while e-commerce project is doomed to failure in the long term. Your solution must at least provide reporting on key business indicators and able to interface with a powerful tool webanalytics.

          12.The solution is it scalable?

          And last but not least, the e-commerce solution is it scalable? If you are just starting a project with limited resources, you can test your model with free or low-cost solution. In case of failure, the impact is limited. But if successful, it will very quickly through the stages we have described in previous chapters. However, many e-commerce solutions do not provide.

          As part of a more successful with larger investments, or as part of an overhaul and a change of platform project, we strongly advise you to measure the stakes on the choices made: total outsourcing developments or internalisation of skills in ASP, SaaS or license mode, proprietary or free software solution? There are no wrong answers. There are only answers to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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          Virtual Office Answering Service : No company would become effective only if it does not have good communication. It is important that their partners and their clients would contact them easily in particular to the sales department. Each call is vital. Therefore, you should make high quality services to your customers each time they give you a ring.
          how to find best virtual offices answering service
          Unfortunately, with all the work that you have to face, there comes a time that you would be able to attend some calls. This is why you should get a virtual office answering service to do the work while you are away. Some of the features included in the operator answering service include the following:

          Toll free number 1 -There will be a designated toll free (800) number if you use the service that you can include in your ads and even business is stationary.

          Custom Home 2 -.Customers will be greeted with a custom message that includes your company name.
          3 professionals to answer calls -. Outside to greet incoming calls personally, they must also provide excellent customer service, details of your product and company information when asked by the appellant .

          4 Fax -. It can be very expensive fax messages to you especially if it comes from another part of the globe. The virtual office answering service would not only answer calls, but also e-mail you all fax messages using the PDF format. However, this is optional for more suppliers. You could pay less than $ 15 each month for the fax service.

          Taking command. 5 - you should be able to provide the operator answering service to essential information about your company. In this way, they would not just serve you virtually, but also can be your effective sales force as well.

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